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Assorted inportant books for Christians researching Christian Identity subjects and the Satanic conspiracies

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Christopher Story The New Underworld OrderLink
Eustace MullinsThe Curse Of CanaanLink
Eustace MullinsSECRETS of the Federal Reserve Bank (Jewish usury)Link
Harold RosenthalThe Hidden TyrannyLink
NNThe Sabbatean-Frankist Messianic Conspiracy Partially ExposedLink
NNJewish Communist Brainwashing Techniques. A synthesis of the Jewish-Communist Textbook of PsychopoliticsLink
Sidney Warburg Hitlers Secret BackersLink
Willie MartinCommunism A jewish Talmudic Concept. Know Your Enemy Link
Edward HendrieSolving the Mystery of BABYLON THE GREAT. Tracking the Beast from the Synagogue to the VaticanLink
Edward HendrieThe Israel of GodLink
Edward HendrieAntichrist: The Beast Revealed Link
Edward HendrieThe Anti-Gospel: The Perversion of Christ’s Grace GospelLink
Edward HendrieAntichrist Conspiracy. Inside the Devil’s LairLink
Inquire WithinThe Trail of the SerpentLink
Alexander HislopThe Two BabylonsLink
David AstleThe Baylonian WoeLink
Ben WeintraubThe Holocaust-Dogma of JudaismLink
Joshua TrachtenbergThe Devil and the JewsLink2001
Henry H. KleinZionism Rule The WorldLink
Albert PikeMorals & DogmaLink
Bernhard LazareAntisemitism; its History and CausesLink
Rabbi Harry WatonA Program for the Jews and HumanityLink 1939
Harvard UniversityThe Black Book of CommunismLink 1999
EnochThe Book of EnochLink
Jean RaspailThe camp of the saintsLink
Carroll QuigleyTragedy And HopeLink
Stephen SizerChristian Zionism, and the roadmap to ArmageddonLink
Jacob Elon ConnerChrist was not a JewLink 1936
Vicomte Leon De PoncinsFreemasonry and JudaismLink
James W. Von BrunnKill The Best GentilesLink
NNNew Order of BarbariansLink
Martin LutherOn the Jews and Their LiesLink
Victor OstrovskyThe Other Side of DeceptionLink
Madison GrantThe Passing of The Great RaceLink
Elisabeth DillingThe Red NetworkLink
Seymor M. HershThe Samson OptionLink
Bilderberg Policy CommitteeSilent Weapons for quiet WarsLink 1979
Stephen SizerIsrael and the Church: Who are God’s Chosen People?Link
Brice TaylorThanks for the memoriesLink
B.F. JacksonThe Mystery of The SerpentLink
L. MarschalkoThe World Conquerors Link 1958
Charles A. WeismanThe Origin of Race and CivilizationLink1990
Victor E. Marsden (transl.)The Protocols of the Learned Elders of ZionLink
Ariel ToaffBlood Passover. The Jews of Europe and Ritual MurderLink
Isayevich (Aleksandr) SolzhenitsynWest's Betrayal of CivilisationLink1976
C.F. KearyThe Vikings in Western ChristendomLink
Prince Michel SturdzaThe Suicide of EuropeLink1968
James E. WiseThe Seed of the SerpentLink
Major General Count Cherep-SpiridovichThe Secret World GovernmentLink
Carlyle B. HaynesSatan, His Origin, Work, and DestinyLink
Sheldon EmryRussia Will Invade AmericaLink
James PetrasThe Power of Israel in the United StatesLink
R.M. BallantyneThe Norsemen in the WestLink
Michael Collins PiperThe New BabylonLink
Eustace MullinsMy Life in ChristLink
Eustace MullinsMurder by InjectionLink
Eustace MullinsMullins' New History of the JewsLink
Oren F. PotitoJesus Christ Was not a JewLink
Rev. H.A. LewisChrist in Cornwall?Link
Erst La FlorThe Betrayal of the White RaceLink
Eustace MullinsThe Biological JewLink
Eustace MullinsThe Secret HolocaustLink
Pastor Peter J. PetersA Double-Minded People Link1991
Pastor Peter J. PetersWarning: Vaccinations Are DangerousLink
William Guy Carr, R.D.Satan, Prince of This World Link1959