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Battle The Beast; William M. Cooper

The night came quicker than usual, and it caught me by surprise
Before I found some shelter, the blackness dimmed my eyes

My panicked heart was pounding, my legs instinctively took flight
I aimlessly ran in circles, in the horror of blackest night

In the distance I could hear it, the sounds of a terrible beast
I could hear its claws scratching, I could see the flash of its teeth

There was no way to outrun it, for it traveled on all fours
So, left with just one prospect, I turned and faced the noise

The blade I held: had a faint sparkle, illumined from distant stars
The beast knew I would use it, as it stalked me from afar

My wait drug on for eternity, as I firmly stood my ground
But soon it would be over, for I heard approaching sounds

Throughout my life, I purposefully planned, to never travel by night
It was the only way to miss the beast, and avoid a deadly fight

Yet, life has a sense of justice, not willing to let me cheat those plans
From facing the beast who stalks me, from facing what haunts a man

A silhouette sprang out of the blackness, striking hard the first blow
I volleyed back with the tip of my blade, causing the beast to moan

Collapsing together, mortally wounded, the dawn began to break
I saw the beast that had attacked me, it was myself, in whom, I faced

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