(I)SaacsSons (Saxons)

Kalergi-Planen, og hybridiseringen av den hvite rase ved innvandring

Allerede i år 1925 definerte Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi fremtiden for et nytt Europa i sin bok «Praktisk Idealisme». Hans plan: Å skape og etablere en ny rase med nye funksjoner og egenskaper ved å blande hvite europeere, asiater og svarte afrikanere for å forandre og endre egenskapene til det europeiske folk på «positive måter». Det nye Europa skal styres under den åndelige veiledningen av jødedommen og jødene som skal være Europas åndelige lederskap. Den jødiske feudal-adel!

Pagan Soldiers of Odin with Oedipus issues

In the times of Odin, the people were more or less exactly like we are today; Some people were spiritual inclined, some where pagans, like Moses brother Aaron leading his people astray, was carnal inclined, I am sure there was lots of people like Vikernes in Odins closest surroundings also, choosing the pagan approach before the spiritual approach.

Jacobs Trouble, The Holocausting of the Caucasian Israelites

A very good book of where the Caucasian Israelites comes from. It is in the very name of our race; Caucasian, to where the Assyrians brought our forefathers into captivity in 740 B.C., as punishment for their sins (repeating today). The origin of the North European race. Highly recommended book linked below intro.

The One and Only Biblical Law to Keep

This is nothing new under Locke’s philosophies. It was The Way back then under the Scepter of Judah (ruler blessing) and of the Israelites (the land blessings to Javob-Israel). But the Israelites had to revoke the contract du to the evils of Judahs Sceptre, their Social Contract was broken, by Judah (Salomon/Rehoboam) after all Israelites good years under Davids righteous and godly leadership, the Israelites had to flee from Judahs terror and unrighteousness.

From the Welfare State to the One World Tyranny (NWO)

In the Christian Identity movement research we have seen that Odin was for the Nordic Israelites (Lost Tribes of Israel) what Moses was for our forefathers in captivity in Egypt, Odin leading them out of the Assyrian captivity, from Caucasus to the North, as Thor Heyerdahl traces those tracks in his last book before he died.

Caucasian Israelites; The People Who Shall Dwell Alone

In the Christianity Identity movement there seem to be a colllectivistic spirit, that all is saved because they are Israelites. Some seem to believe that salvation is a collective thing and not an individual blessing. So this is a mind trap, and we will see that most of the people what is promoting the collectivistic view, is attracted to collectivistic […]

The Bible confirms that Charles Darwin was right

At least partly right, that some people is closer to monkeys than others. A Facebook discussion on the distinction of CREATURES (neanderthals) and MAN (the Adamic Race). The mystery of those with the image of the Beast and those who worship them is solved maybe, because there had to be some ‘creatures’ that Cain married ‘East of Eden’, the whom […]

Multiculturalism; Trojan horses in our midst

There have never been done any risk assessment if we are heading into a World War 3, how the multiculturalism will work out in our nations, the probabilities of be shot in the back from the modern variant trojan horses in our midsts, by our treasonous politicians, serving their internationlists Masters of the 4th Reich.

Satan is set loose on the World

What is spirutual warfare actually? What does it mean? The Synagogue of Satan, consisting and thriving under the leadership of fake Talmudic Babylonian Jews from the mystery religions have got their time in the World to be dominant, so the wheat is to be separated from the tares (Matthew 13:29-30). By choosing what they believe and act acordingly, people choose […]