Is Jesus God, and are Muslims more Christian than ‘christians’?

Zionism and Secularism takes it tolls on the Christian flock in Norway too. As everywhere else. Who do Jesus say he is? What is the Old Testament foretelling he should be? By making Jesus God, is the worshipping idolizing crowd taking Jesus real role away from Him, and make him only one more of the thousands of pagan gods mankind […]

Rejoice; Jesus Christ is here to take us home

It is very important to understand and differantiate the outlook of Jews, humanists, catolisism and savages of the satanic impuls and the Christian belief system (all Babylonians, the Sodom and Egypt). They believe there is only this World of sorrows, evil and pain, so they need to reserve it for themselves with murder and greed. Do NOT believe them.

Villdyrets Merke

Introduksjon til video preken (nedenfor) Året 1983 prekte John S. Torell en preken som hette «VILDDJURET.» Det har nå gått 28 år sida det og mye har hendt både i de kristna forsamlingene og i verden. Forutsigelsene som ble sanne! Den 29 april, 1982 fant et historiskt møte sted i byen Närpes, Finland. Den velkjente svenske pinsepastoren Kjell Sjöberg møtte […]