New World Order

Kristne og Muslimer; Foren Eder

Strategisk forene krefter mot verdensjødedommen, med sin anti-Krist i det Tredje Tempel i Jerusalem. Du vil aldri høre meg skrike opp og være enig med de forførte og lett påvirkelige massene som er sosialt konstruert for å hevde at muslimene er roten til verdens ondskap. Jeg sier at de er sosialt konstruert for å si det, de er lett å […]

Islam is Closest to Christianity

Muslims and Christians may strategically unite against Jewry, and against the anti-Christ in the Third Temple in Jerusalem. You will never hear me agree and scream as the gullible masses that is social engineered to claim the Muslims are the root of the World evils. I say they are social engineered to say so, easy preys for the Builders (Freemasons […]

Pave Francis: Kristne må avvise suverenitet og omfavne globalisme

Kristne må omfavne Satans anti-kristne Verdensrike, er vel egentlig hva Pave Francis sier. Det må jo ha tørnet for mannen. Kristne kan selvfølgelig ikke avgi suverenitet til noen andre strukturer for verden eller nasjonen, enn hvor Jesus Kristus er kongenes Konge (Isaiah 9:16) og grunnsten (Luke 20:17, Ephesians 2:20, Psalm 118:22). Langt ifra det er det for hverken EU eller...

Resten av denne artikkelen er kun for Jarle Johansen and Redaksjonen (Protestanisk Union) 's medlemmer.
The rest of this article is for Jarle Johansen and Redaksjonen (Protestanisk Union) 's members only.

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The Art of Jesus Christs War against the Jews

We live in perilous times (2 Timothy 3:1-3), but also very interesting times, when the Biblical ultimate war between good and evil is reaching its epitome. The words of 2. Timothy 3 were written nearly 2000 years ago but they perfectly describe the times in which we are presently living in. At no time in history were times more perilous...

Resten av denne artikkelen er kun for Jarle Johansen 's medlemmer.
The rest of this article is for Jarle Johansen 's members only.

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The Freemasonic Method of Dialectics Shaping Peoples Opinions

The freemasonic lodges connected to the mother lodge B’nai Brith, a pure jewish freemasonic lodge, what is most everyone today, is luciferian in their modus operandi. They promise ‘the People’ ‘heaven’ if they do as they are told, but it will always have the opposite of good as a result, because the luciferian mindset is corrupted, they are not able […]

ISIS Works For Israel

ISIS is making upheaval and mayhem in the Middle East on behalf of Israel so Europe and USA will be occupied with their own problems with the ISIS soldiers the crypto-Jew Erdogan in Turkey is sending our way, too big problems internally to stay in the way of Israels agenda.

The Kingdom of God is within You

This latest statements by Count Tolstoy, the great Russian novelist and reformer, was written for the Finnish journal Progress. The book was first published in Germany in 1894 after being banned in his home country of Russia. It is the culmination of thirty years of Tolstoy’s Christian anarchist thinking, and lays out a new organization for society based on a […]

How to become a Sovereign Individual

Satan is the lord of the physical material Universe (2 Corinthians 4:4), the ‘god of this World’, as Paul states it. Many Bible prophesy students see part of the Beast, but lack to see the big picture. In this article we shall uncover it in its full scope as a teaser for Biblical students and others for deeper and wider […]

CPS demonstration April 16th in Oslo for Freemasonic ‘Human Rights’

Hegelian dialectic, the ‘People’ demand the solution the people controlling the Deep State already have decided shall be the Solution. This is the occult in practise. People do not know that they are led as lambs to the slaughter, that the only viable option available, it seems, to get out of this, is to choose the pre-planned Solution.

Jewish Power and Armageddon, the Kingdom of God is Near; Christ is Here

I think I have to say as Jesus Christ in person, His last word on His cross: «It is finished» (John 19:30). Because the Jews and their agenda are so exposed and laid bare naked now, that is must take a miracle for Lucifer / Satan to save them them out the Wrath of God (what the Prince of this World can’t), so they will ultimately fail.

Hva media ikke forteller dere om KhazarJødene med makten i Ukraina

KhazarJødene (askeNazier) trenger å bli frelst. Alle kristne må be for dem og at de melder seg ut av Satans Synagoge (Åp. / Rev. 2.9 og Åp. / Rev. 3.9) og blir frelst for sin latente ondskap. Hvorfor støtter alle vestlige land de jødiske opprørerne og kuppmakerne i Ukraina, og ikke de lovlig valgte av landets innbyggere? Det er Holodomor […]