German guilt complex; The beginning of Jacobs Trouble

Shift in blame, from Jewish guilt killing Christ; from Jews to Germans. Jews created guilt complex in Germans (The Lion; Judahs Scepter and Joseph’s birthright, Caucasian leadership) to Holocaust the Lost Tribes of Israel and Judah in Europe, and their ancestry in USA and elsewhere.

Judah and Israel was united in Europe long time before the imposters try to fake it in the nation of Israel. Later on they was united in USA (1776) when the Jews had overrun Europe and started corrupt our nations. And Judah was to be the leader of our nations in diaspora. The beginning of sorrows and Jacob’s Trouble (Jeremiah 30:7, Jeremiah 30:10-11).

The Jews needed Hitler to produce the guilt complex in the German people, as representatives for the highest cultural, religious and spiritual people representing Gods Chosen People (Lost Tribes of Israel, Caucasians, and Germany as Judah) – the leader of the Christian nations, the ‘light to the Nations, competing with the British that became ZOG early on from 1656, Bank of England established in 1694. Hitler was godsend to the Jews. We shall look at how they are about using this guilt complex they have created by occult satanic means. Hitler cooperated with the Jewish Zionistic leaders. That’s a fact; called the ‘Transfer Agreement’.

I have covered it in this article, prima facie evidence by 36 Biblical markers who is the Lost Tribes of Israel (Caucasians):

Evidence of real Israel in Bible Prophesy, and end times Holocaust


It is very important everybody understand what the Jews have done. They have shifted the guilt complex from themselves to the white people of the Christian nations. Their guilt from them killing Christ and the Christians through the ages, to us Caucasians killing Jews.

So we see the Jews collectively have taken the Messianic position of Jesus Christ. Christian nations white populations will ultimately be almost extincted by this reason. Pure genocide of an minority in the World. Satanists war on Gods People (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9). This people of fake ‘Judah’ (Khazarian converts to Judaism aka askeNazis and Edomites from Esau, NOT Jacob-Israel, the Edomites who killed Christ have shifted the guilt away from themselves. It is elegant and cleverly done, a conspiracy that only possiby can can be invented by Satan, and heeded by those who allow Satan to occupy their hearts and minds (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9).


First they took Russia (bolshevics from 1917), then they took Germany, and today the rest of the Lost Tribes of Israel’s nations. Make no mistake about it; they still controls Russia and the political leaders there (false opposition).

In order that this guilt complex to be shifted, they needed some of their ‘lesser brethren’ sacrificed.

«The Zionists brought us to the Holocaust. It is well known that it was possible to redeem Jews from the Nazis with money, and save many hundreds of thousands of Jews in Hungary . . .

Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich (circa 1954)


In my last article I covered this in length, how they require worship instead of Christ.. How their Holocaust temples are sacred, how the blasphemy law of today is «holocaust denial» and not worshipping the Jews as gods, etc.

«I have written about the People who requires worship, both of themselves and of their religious symbols, like the Holocaust Temples throughout the World. All the Worlds peoples must do ‘pilgrimage’ with ‘white buses to Auswitch’, but there is no white buses to Calvary, to remind us of the Christian Messiah (?), Jesus Christ. Why? (obvious, because they have replaced Christ and God as object for worship).

People now worship carnal symbols ‘of clay’ (Jewish temples) instead of God. Actually they have not just replaced Jesus Christ, they have made themselves gods. Not just making judgements (ADL of Foxman and similar Sanhedrins) of other people, they also execute the death sentences. They sacrifice the lives of people on the altar of their ‘temples’ and their egregode god. Outright killing their perceived spiritual enemies (Exodus 20:13), ecpecially caucasian Christians.»

Anti-Christ, the Zeitgeist of Our Times

Using the guilt card

Guilt based on lies? When speaking about the Holocaust, it is completely the other way around, blaming others what they themselves do (projectiv identification).


«Background: (Jewish) Gregor Gysi is the current leader of «The Left» party, currently the 3rd biggest party in Germany. The party formed from parts of the Socialist Unity Part of Germany before the reunification. In 2013 they have achieved almost 4 million votes or 8.6% of all votes. Germany currently has the lowest birth rate of the world, ranking in at 0.9 to 1.1 for the native population. This means they are soon to be a minority and, if trends do not change, are destined for extinction.

In this video, released on his Facebook page regarding the protest «Live better without the Nazis» he tells Germans they are responsible for the refugee’s well-being «because of their history between 1933-1945». He goes on to urge other European countries to accept more refugees and make immigration & asylum easier. Germany is expected to take in 500,000 «refugees» this year, although this number will likely rise.

Finally, he calls the native Germans «Nazis», ridicules them for having a birthrate below replacement level and is visibly happy about their extinction as he seems to have trouble suppressing his smile and joy.»

German politician Gregor Gysi calls native Germans «Nazis»

Miscegenation. So now they promote ‘muliticulturalism’ and invading our nations with barbarians and savages.

Norway is TOO WHITE! According to the President of the Jewish Community in Oslo

VIDEO: Germany Funds Classes To Teach Migrants To Pick Up German Girls

I was describing why they bring the savages and barbarians to our shores here, to corrupt the DNA of the Israelites (Lost Tribes of Israel), to assimilate the Caucasians into the savages and barbarians:

Why do the Synagoge of Satan bring infidels and savages to our shores?

Jewish Power and Armageddon, the Kingdom of God is Near; Christ is Here

As in the Days of Noah, with the perversions and Jewish filth destroying our nations as in the Days of Lot, controlling mainstream media and the porn industry.


Backing up Livingstone – they need to maintain the guilt complex, by law, terror and defamation, unless they are finished.

The Jews will use this guilt complex to completely destroy the Lost Tribes of Israel and Judah, the Caucasians. The real Holocaust. They started it in WW1 & 2, will try to finish it in WW3.

Martin Luther was creating Jewish guilt complex for the Jews forefathers killing Christ.

The table turned and the Jews made white (german) guilt complex in the Germans. The difference of Luther and the Jews is that Luther was basing his allegations that the Jews killed Christ on Biblical truths, while the Jews produce the guilt complex based on lies and deceptions.

Edvin Black - The Transfer Agreement
Edvin Black – The Transfer Agreement

Enabling Act false flags terrors for the Fourth Reich

After the Reichstag’s fire the National Socialist Party crushed every political opposition, including 600 newspapers was overthrown. Excluding the Zionists and their newspapers. On every street corner, they was beeing sold, edition of 38,000 pieces. Zionism was the only separate political philosophy at the third Reich that was tolerated.

Zionism and the Third Reich

Without Hitler, the Zionist Jews could not have established the religion of transferring the guilt complex from themselves to the white Christians. Hitler was a paid zionist boogeyman to scare the lesser brethren to the nation of Israel, and to create the long awaited shift in the guilt commplex, to extintion of the white Caucasians of the Lost Tribes of Israel and Judah (Germany), so the ‘Jews’ could establish their New World Order religion and be their own messiahs.

«With ‘hate’-laws and anti-‘semitism’ laws to protect their godlike status, the blasphemy laws of our times. The first law Lenin (Blank) and Trotksy (Bronstein) signed in, was death sentence against anti-semitism. They make murder, their murder, ‘legal’.»

Thoughtcrimes in the Jewish New World (anti-Christ) Order

They have been awful successful.

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