Kikes; I would NOT mess with the Irish people if I was you

Robert F Kennedy Jr on the way out of this agenda for humanity. The Kennedy’s have irish roots. Ireland is almost the epicentre of the caucasian Israelites. Problably our people emigrated there from Assyrian captivity before Scandinavia. We know Jesus’ uncle had mines in Glastonbury UK 2000 years ago.

«There is a theory that the Celts are descended from one of the ten lost tribes of Israel, the tribe of Dan. Some maintain that the tribe of Dan, known for its seafaring, conducted sea voyages to Ireland and colonized it as early as the period of the Judges in the 7th century BC under the name Tuatha Dé Danann. Scholar Janet Moser writes: «There are certain facts that suggest that the Celts might have derived from a Jewish tradition from the East. The Celtic body of ecclesiastical and civil knowledge was Druidism. Their system can be traced to about 1800 B.C…”

In the USA the Irish mafia have at times been more powerfull than the Italian, even sometimes more than the Jewish mafia.

Why is Ireland the most anti-Israel country in Europe?

The answer to that is the Irish have intuitive if not cognitive knowledge THEY and US are the REAL_Israelites, not the impersonators and satanic atheists and soviet barbarians in the Middle East UN nation of Israel. See the book ‘The Great Impersonation: Jews Pretending to Be Israel’, by Eli James.

“Irish annals and history show that the new settlers of Ireland, at just this time, were the ‘Tuatha de Danaans,’ which means, translated, ‘Tribe of Dan.’…And in Ireland we find they left these ‘waymarks’: Dans-Laugh, Dan-Sower, Dun-dalk, Dun-gloe, Din-gle, Dunsmor (meaning ‘more Dans’). Moreover, the name Dunn in the Irish language means the same as Dan in the Hebrew: judge.”

Jews, angry the Irish and you are toast !

Never Forget – The Riksavisen Karma Crash Course :

Robert F Kennedy Jr

Robert F Kennedy Jr is one of the main leaders of the opposition against the Covid-hoax, the road to the Jewish tyrannical New World Order prophecised in the Bible (Rev. 18:23, «decieve all nations by sorcery, pharmakia»), the antiChrist agenda. He says that «life is not worth living if you are a slave«:


Melissa Ciummei

Here is another one…Melissa Ciummei. Stay low Kikes, the Irish is after you !

At the same time both the irish and us will be happy God will give us revenge for the talmudic edomites killing JFK.

In my youth I was going all in for beauty, in the opposite sex. When there is both beauty and intelligence wov, just wov.. Melissa Ciummei see this clearly.. Listen to her, what (((them))) antiChrists are up to !

My advice to (((them))): Do NOT mess with or threaten the Irish… to start on their children with your poisonous vaccines.

Talmudic Babylonians loosing power

The talmudic maniacs are psychotic and are losing control of the people. They have ruled for 100 years.. now they get desperate to hang on to power. Heard on twitter: «They will do anything to reign everyone back in. We have to keep exposing them at all costs. They are so desperate. The walls are closing in on them and after thousands of years of control, they can’t believe they’re losing. I would not be surprised if they spread the bubonic plague at this point.»

Not much worshipping of the babylonian Jews as gods there 🙂

Do NOT worship this sorcerers as gods. This «philantropes» that CONTROLS YOUR GOVERNMENT are sorcerers, thieves, murderers and hardcore satanists

See the film «Mass Psychosis — How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill”, and worships MAN (666) as gods… They do not thrust God to care for their health and survival anymore….

Two groups; The Rulers and the Ruled.

Rulers and ruled

This is the Babylonian system of the Jews. Like Herod, killing all two-year old boys for the hate of Jesus Christ. In the Christian system of nations of the white race, the Israelites, there the Government is our Servants not our Rulers. WE are their rulers. The People is the bosses.

Rulers are elevated to an almost godlike status in ZOG. The Babylonian sorcery Jewish owners of the Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex as Bill Gates, Fauci, Klaus Schwab et al will be be seen as Saviours of the World…. satanic Jews will be worshipped as gods, much more elevated and worshipped than Jesus Christ. this corrupt and satanic people, some and many of them are (((askeNazis))), will be elevated and recieve more adoration than Jesus Christ.

Do NOT worship this askeNazi trash. Put their photo on the wall, and spit on them each time you pass by the photo:

Jewish leadership of Destruction (tikkun olam of everything Christian)

Jews or Jesus ? Take your pick. Who’s blood do you put on your doorpost (Exodus 12:13) ?

Replacing Messiah with themselves as Masciachs

The askeNazi jews if YOU adore and worship them have than become their own Maschiachs, as promised by Baruch in his letter to Mordechai Karl Marx Levy.

The mind of the masses will worship the Jews more than Jesus Christ. «It is finished», the worshipped babylonian Jews will repeat Christ holy promise on the Cross in His last breath.

«Mene, mene, tekel ufarsin» – the end of the Babylonian Sovjet-Israel empire (Daniel 5:25). Daniel saw the end of the Babylonian empire. I welcome the Babylonian Talmudics loose this battle again, they have usurped the throne of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem as the King of the kings of the World (Isaiah 9:6), as per the Bible; Rev. 18:23. They must pay of this hijacking of power. NOT representing the King of kings anymore.

The jewish King and Crownprince of Norway in the Synagogue of Satan worshipping the Jews

antiChrist Israel will go up in Flames

antiChrist Israel will go up in Flames

Build you faith in the Jews (on sand) or on Jesus Christ (on Rock) – New World Order. One in Christ, or One in Worldwide Jewish satanic Socialism :

Che Sara Sara

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