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Lion is Judah, the Lamb is Israel, united in Jerusalem

In New JerUSAlem. None of us of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, white people in Europe with their religion Christianity, learned how to hate as the false Jews and anti-Christians hates everyone but themselves in Sunday school anyway, as Rune Larsen says in the song. Germans are Judah, the Southern Kingdom (The Lion; Judahs Scepter and Joseph’s birthright, Caucasian leadership), rest of Caucasian nations is the other Ten Lost Tribes of Israel (Northern Kingdom).

There are actually no peace in the physical Jerusalem until Jews and Muslims and all others have accepted the Messiah, Jesus Christ, or let his flock live in peace there, deported the Satanists who stay there now …

Rune Larsen – Jerusalem

The madness and misunderstandings arise when people who call themselves Christians accept that the false Jews (Revelation 2.9 & 3.9) creates conflicts and never ending wars in order to promote their cause, perpetual war for perpetual peace, and renounce the Christian faith to please the Jews, Budhist, atheists , Muslims and satanic Popes. They are too afraid to speak against the Jews, who want Christianity abolished in the hearts and minds of the People of the West. Many people are so weak, both in spirit and in faith, and falls for the satanists deceptions.

The Good Shepard?
The Good Shepard?

Hehe, no it’s not him. He (‘The Vicar of Christ’) has set himself in Jesus Christ’s place. Peter should go to the Jews, while Paul received a mandate to reach the heatens (the fallen Israel tribes that were spread throughout the world, «on the other side of the Jordan») first and foremost. Then when we look at what he that sitteth on the throne of Peter has done (the Pope), he kisses the hand of the Anti-Krists .. He have been so unsuccessfull he possibly could be, not gotten them back to the fold of Christ, the Messiah, but rather adopted THEIR carnal humanistic worldviews.

Chrislam, in full adorance and subordinated judahism, the New World Order religion
http://worldtruth.tv/historic-first-ever-islamic-prayers-at-vatican-signals-start-of-one-world-religion/ [1]

There were already many Anti-Christs at the same time as the first Christian church. It’s in the Bible, 1 John 2,19.26. «They are liars who denied that Jesus is the Messiah». It’s in the Bible, 1 John 2.22. And who is the liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. Peter through the Pope should get the Tribe of Judah back to God, he has truly failed, he has adopted THEIR worldview; mysticism and occultism, seduction and deception.

What is the sign of end times? «Beware of not being deceived», said Jesus Christ.

The spiritual King of the wordly kingdom of Jerusalem, the jewish utopia, anti-Christs kingdom…. He will sit 3,5-7 years, than he is done. Jesus and his angels will soon start taking out this people..

Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are right and God isn’t ‘a magician with a magic wand’
http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/pope-francis-declares-evolution-and-big-bang-theory-are-right-and-god-isnt-a-magician-with-a-magic-wand-9822514.html [2]

Last time I checked the Bible, God would forever have ALL power in Heaven and on Earth.

«About the time of the End, a body of men will be raised up who will turn their attention to the prophecies, and insist upon their literal interpretation in the midst of much clamor and opposition.»
-Sir Isaac Newton

The Christian jew Henry Makow write here that cabbalistic talmudist false ‘jews’ (Edomites, Kenites and Khazars) are setting up themselves to be worshipped instead of Jesus Christ [3], because while the Christian symbols is becoming more and more forbidden in public, their symbols is every day becoming more rampant, and they Wonder why there is anti-semittism (if they only were semities at all, what they are not, they are not from Shem, they are from the ‘Devil’ as Jesus claimed, John 8:44, Rev. 2.9 & 3.9)…

http://henrymakow.com/2014/10/CMHR-disguised-holocaust-temple.html [4]


But it is actually the intention that people of all faiths and races should be tested in the Endtimes. The Bible says this is the only reason that the Jewish and Catholic renegades of some Satanists should be allowed to do as they do, and the reason that Satan himself as spiritual power was created and exists, to find out who is stupid enough to be fooled by their lies about human political utopian world kingdom without Christ be it Bolshevik USSR/USSA or the New World Order, a unified religion Chrislam, humanism and Christianity has become Judaism (Jewish Zionism) and has become satanic, all of which are secular and carnal.

Satanism in humanism
http://www.riksavisen.no/?p=4454 [5]

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Christians do not worship the Jews as the world messiahs. They do not worship people, ONLY Jesus Christ.
Christians do not worship the Jews as the world messiahs. They do not worship people, ONLY Jesus Christ.

Kingdom of Love

Christ’s Kingdom of Love and Life, not of hatred and death

Those who claim and deny that Jesus Christ has not the power in the world to transform peoples souls if he so wish and they are in The Book of Life, will not have any hope for a better world, that he has no power to repent satanic Jews and other people as Muslims, Budhist, Hindus, atheists, occultic satanists, this unbelieving souls is then also lost, and they are not Christian. Because no Christian can deny that Christ is not having such powers, without beeing part of the Spirit of Anti-Christ, and going with the main False Prophet; The Pope.

Christ (The LION of Judah, symbol of POWER and RULER) has all authority in heaven and on earth, and both Jews and false Christians who instead is joining ranks With the Anti-Christ movement goes down the drain when the time comes.


It is not to accept other religions when the spiritual Jerusalem becomes a reality, it is to maintain the hope that Christ will one day have destroyed the enemy who is fooling his primary group in the downfall of their civilizations, which he sent to the primary, and that the Apostles were told to go to, «go to Israel, on the other side of the Jordan», ‘Israel’, the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel, the white people in Europe .. «on the islands in the Northwest».

«The modern Jews and the Israeli state are the «citizens» who hated Jesus, saying, «We will not have this Man to reign over us» (Luke 19:14). Jesus said they were to be brought back to that land for destruction (Luke 19:27). For the past 2,000 years, the remnant of Judah known as Jews have operated without the King, for they rejected His rule over them (Luke 19:27), slew Him in order to seize the inheritance for themselves (Matt. 21:38), and turned the Temple into a den of thieves (Matt. 21:13). This does not sound like a call for Israel to unite with the remnant of Judah that rejected Jesus’ rule. Thus, for anyone to convert to Judaism would be to take on the curse that has been laid upon that nation. The solution is not for Israelites to unite with Jews or convert to Judaism, but for Jews to acknowledge their national sin and proclaim Jesus King.»

«Tracing those Israelites is no longer a historical problem. The archeologists of the past century have unearthed all the evidence needed to link the lost Israelites with the Caucasian nations of the world. »

«This, then, is why God picked America and Britain to reenact the time of Jacob’s trouble from 1776 to 1986/96»

«In the great parable of the nations, we see the European nations representing the sons of Jacob. Britain stands at the head of those nations, geographically pictured as Jacob himself. In fact, their flag is called the «Union Jack.» Jack is a shortened form for Jacob.»

«America started out with 13 states and has grown now to 50. We started out with the same number of tribes as the original House of Israel. (Jacob had 12 sons, but Joseph’s sons became two tribes, Ephraim and Manasseh; this made a total of 13 tribes in all. Yet there were only 12 land-owning tribes, because Levi was not given a land inheritance.)»

«The point is, someone must be around to fulfill these distinct prophecies for Israel and for the cursed fig tree. The lost House of Israel must exist to be remade into another vessel; the remnant of Judah must exist to be smashed in gehenna. The problem comes when people think that the smashed vessel is going to be rebuilt into a vessel fit for God’s use, and when those same people think that the original House of Israel is lost forever. Such erroneous assumptions make for huge blunders like we saw in 1948 and 1988.»

http://www.gods-kingdom-ministries.net/teachings/books/secrets-of-time/chapter-15-jacobs-trouble-fulfilled-in-the-modern-nations/ [6]

Israel is not in Judah. Judah was only one of the tribes. Israel is 10-11 tribes in addition. Under Judah, Khazars, Edomites and Kenites, the violence will and is increasing constantly, until everything collapses in a flash.

Under ISRAELs lead, what is the white people «on the islands in the Northwest,» which is Gods chosen people in the world, to set an example of leadership for the rest of the world’s people by the showcasing of their culture and religious basis which is Christianity (before that culture was dismantled by the ‘jews’), would have shown that there could be peace in the physical Jerusalem too.

Currently, the false Jews and Satanists Edomites, Khazars and Kenites have the upper hand, but ISRAEL, the correct Israel’s spirit and leadership will win, eventually …. Jesus Christ with His word and His promises is the guarantor of that will happen .. the Gentiles and Satanists are also promised they will sit in power for a little while, to show for all the world’s people which system is best, so that they will reveal themselves, actually expose themselves. Jesus Christ won over them already 2000 years ago. The victory is assured. Mt. Sion means Salvation.

And all these children of different colors in Rune Larsen’s song would have received Christ … For it is the only real Jerusalem and Sion that exists, for real Christians. For those disturbed by false Jews and Zionists Zion, the song could create confusion, but to us who see ONLY the Christian Sion, where Jews are not Jews anymore, they have become Christian, and those who have not become Christian is in hell, for us there is no confusion … Sion is Christianity, nothing else, and in the correct Sion, which is inhabitated actually by ONLY Christians, of all races, since Sion is a Christian dream and hope.

Anti-Christs go to Hell

Retrograde Talmudic Jews have not any place in the spiritual Jerusalem with their present mindset, without beeing born anew in Christ, the Christian dream .. only the wisest of them, who have figured out who their Messiah is, as he was for Israel, us. Only those of Abraham, the righteous, as Rune Larsen sings, and that is spiritual circumcised on the heart more than the physical, will be in Sion.

Israels Shephard
Israels Shephard

But first a fake player will sit on the ‘throne’ (meant to be the leading spirit) in the ‘New Jerusalem’, profane, politically, their anti-Christ kingdom shall be pushed through with war, murder and terror …. And everyone will believe this fool who puts himself in Christ’s place will be able to make peace with the use of politics … politic does not create peace. Peace in the hearts of man create social lasting peace.

The Mashiach
The mashiach will be a great political leader descended from King David (Jeremiah 23:5). The mashiach is often referred to as «mashiach ben David» (mashiach, son of David). He will be well-versed in Jewish law, and observant of its commandments (Isaiah 11:2-5). He will be a charismatic leader, inspiring others to follow his example. He will be a great military leader, who will win battles for Israel. He will be a great judge, who makes righteous decisions (Jeremiah 33:15). But above all, he will be a human being, not a god, demi-god or other supernatural being.
http://www.jewfaq.org/mashiach.htm [7]

It has probably went by the apostate Jews occult hearts and minds in the past, but Jesus was the greatest man who ever lived, he was really the one who most and best know the mosaic law and judge fairly with righteous decisions, as Abraham. He was just the charismatic leader they have waited for, and he WILL win the spiritual battle that unfolds for ISRAEL, the real Israel, not the deception of Theodore Herzl and Baron Rothschild. He WILL inspire others to follow His example. And who believes that Christ has no power, ‘military’ power in the spiritual sense, to throw out the Satanists and the false Jews from Jerusalem, and introduce THEIR Christian Sion, and not an anti-Christian Jewish Zion, they will not have much hope in the world today. Then there will be reason to have a dark perspective of the future for mankind, given the conditions we live under now, as In the Days of Lot.

The Hope is Alive and Well

Jesus is alive! They tried to kill him and thought it would help, but he rose the third day and sneer of those benighted souls from his throne in the New Jerusalem. I have HUGE hopes, because I put my trust in the promise of the Messiah of Israel, our Messiah, that Satanists and anti-Christian renegades shall be cast out, the enemy will be defeated and Sion will be the Christian dream it was meant to be, before the dream was hijacked of thieves, both the theft of the dream and the Israel identity. And that became a Jewish nightmare for humanity, more than a Christian ideal.

Israeli president’s diagnosis — ‘Israel is a sick society’
http://www.jta.org/2014/10/19/news-opinion/israel-middle-east/rivlin-violence-an-epidemic-in-israeli-society [8]


Stanly Frodsham prophesy on the Endtime, 1968;

Righteousness servant shall be wise.
Their life shall be in accord with the Word, and
their lips to preach what is right
and there shall be no compromise with them.

When a mixture of truth and falsehood are preached
you should know that he is not of Me.
When you are persecuted, depressed and rejected by
your brethren then you will turn unto Me with
all your heart and look for me to give you the
spiritual life that you so desperately need.
when tribulation comes you will be able to stand.
When they have won the hearts of the people, then
and ONLY than shall they bring forth their
heresy. Therefore I say unto you. Do not give your
heart to any man, and do not be carried away
of admiration. For through such people
shall Satan enter into My people.
Beware of deceivers. Do you think a seducer
loudly will proclaim the obvious heresy?

No, he will speak words of justice and
truth, and will appear as an angel of light
apostle. He will proclaim the Word. Peoples
hearts will be won. Then, when the hearts are
won, the doctrines that are contrary to my word
will be preached, and the people shall be deceived.
Look to Me and I will enlighten your
spiritual eyes to see what is lurking in
darkness, things that can not be seen with
the human eye. Let me guide you
so you recognize the forces of darkness and get
the power to combat them. It is not a fight
against flesh and blood, so it is of no
use if you fight with carnal weapons.

But if you let Me take over and you let Me lead the
fight, than darkness must surrender and freedom will
come to you and my people. »

http://www.filabirk.no/Stanly%20Frodsham.pdf [9]

I personally am waiting in excitement every day, if it is today it happens, or slightly later. Every day I look for signs in the politics of mankind if the winds are about to turn, that Jesus Christ has started with his angels to defeat Satan and his troops here on Earth. To cast satanists out of the spiritual Jerusalem, so that the true Sion can be realized and manifested on earth, not the Anti-Christ’s ..

«When the Lion and the Lamb lie down together in Jerusalem»
Lion = Tribe of Judah.
Lamb = Israel (I)Saacs Sons, Saxons. White Caucasian people in Europe.


When they are united the Fallen Ones of them will be able to receive the presence of God Almighty (Tanchuma, Nizavim, 4).

But first, thus satanist carnal apostate Jews of the tribe of Judah and some of Israel also, who spits on the Mosaic tradition of righteousness, Jesus – the root and the descendant of David, the bright morning star, Edomites and Kenites accept Jesus Christ, and satanic Khazars go home to Mongolia.

No Messiah. No Kingship. No Priesthood. No Prophets.

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