Personlig Utvikling

Hell is Real, I’ve Been There

It seems to me when I analyze the headlines in mainstream media nowadays that the atheists will be invited into the New World Order ecumenical religion project via the 2nd thermodynamic law, a principle they will not dare to challenge, they will get a deceitful lie of The Serpent, to believe that there is no Hell and no death for […]

Love Thyself; Struggling with the Demons of Fear

Cancer question might be solved, and the cancer industry can be put to rest, by people free themselves from Fear. That is the root of the cancer problem, says Anita Moorjani. I have reviewed the book and given an Christian interpretation of her NDE, and discussing the consequenses of putting Fear in the drivers seat, both individually and collectively.

Kjærlighetens Rike

Kommentar til en imaginær ateist. Min venn; Vi lever i forskjellige verdener. Du lever på jorden, og tror det er alt, og hvor du tror at alt makthaverne gjør er helt fint og greit, at alt er en naturlig utvikling i verden slik den er nå, tror du. Du tror på teknologiens evige utvikling, og på naturvitenskapen som verdens håp, […]