Petter Amundsen: Shakespeare’s Secret

The Norwegian freemason Petter Amundsen disclose that Shakespeare texts was written by another Freemason namely Francis Bacon (and Neville). Making Shakespear a fraudster. Extraordinary documentary of Shakespeares identity (english speaking) and connection to secret societies. Original title: «Seven Steps to Mercy». Is this an attempt for the Jews and the Freemasons to make themselves interesting and whitewash their doctrines – doctrines they want to become universal, or is it a real disclosure of any value?

Shakespeare’s Secrets (Available for limited time)

Very interesting to notice how Petter Amundsen had the ‘sceptic’ Robert Crumptons (Jewish? 2:00:00 «my Jewish roots») head roll to start with. Please note how important is was for the ‘sceptic’ historian Robert Crumpton that Jewish Shakespeare was «a brilliant genius», or as Petter Amundsen contra him (00:52) «or a brilliant strawman» (?). But where are they leading the masses by deliberately one Freemason disclosing another Masonic (Bacon) persons deceptions?

Stanley Wells, and other people in the movie that the ‘sceptic’ Robert Crumpton mention as «the most intelligent person in the universe» is all who agree with him, and the gatekeeper for Shakespeares ‘genious’ who is calling all who question this ‘fanatics’ (00:44) look by the way Jewish. Look how IQ 192 is boosted, ‘sceptics’ and ‘rational’ people (Ref. The Age of Reason, A New Secular Order) always admire that, way more than kindness and goodness, maybe it is a fraud Mensa test? But they cool down all of them when they are faced with the Masonic arguments, geometry and astronomy, and maybe then find out this is to the favour of international Jewry. A setup. All becomes so co-operative and understanding suddenly.

What is the reason for the hiding of who really wrote Shakespeares works, the researchers ask at about 1:00:00.

The real reason is to establish the Jews as more intelligent than others, and to establish the Jews as a special race, worthy of worshipping by the masses. Freemasons perceive themselves as ‘spiritual jews’. It is all all about the perceptions. Some perceive the lack of Adam – the father of our flesh – when the Serpent cast down to Earth tainted Adam and Eve’s DNA, to be of the mind and seek ‘gnosis’, seeking knowledge, the illumination of the mind, but Christ offered ‘illumination’ of the Heart (circumcision of the Heart), just to be good (Godly). Knowledge will not help them at all, on the contrary it will destroy them/us, if they are not good (have been circumcised on the Heart, ref. Deuteronomy 30:6, Romans 2:29). This peoples of the ‘gnosis’, the Freemasons and alike Babylonians, are the ‘Egypt and Sodom ‘. They have plenty ‘knowledge’ as themselves percieve it, but lacks in goodness. Worshipping ‘science’ without God, is the sure thing to self-destruct any nation, even the World.

But why has ‘the Establishment’ been so afraid that the real writer of the Shakespeare books is to be known to all men throughout the centuries? Why was Shakespare using ghostwriters? Is the Jewish Shakespeare a fraud, let gentile men as for example Bacon write his books? Maybe Jews are not so brilliant anyway?

Since the Jews are fraudsters in so many other areas it wouldn’t surprise me the least, especially calling themselves decendants of Jacob-Israel, what they are not, they are at the best Edomites after Esau (than they are after Shem & Abraham, but NOT Israelites after Jacob-Israel), or converted Khazars after turkey-mongol stock (askeNazis).

They even admitted to Jesus this, they have never been slaves in Egypt: «But we are descendants of Abraham,» they said. «We have never been slaves to anyone. What do you mean, ‘You will be set free’?» (John 8:33). Edomites after Esau is decendants of Abraham, but NOT from Jacob-Israel. Only Isrealites was in Egypt in slavery. Esau is the one Israels God hated (Romans 9:13, Malachi 1:2-3), of the Edomites, later mingled into Judah, more or less became Judah (Obadiah 1:18).

To be (Jew) or not to be?

Claiming that Shakespeare was Jewish is based on my own theories, developed during years of writing nonsense. I discovered that this peculiar family name, which started with William’s grandfather, whose real name was Jaco (Jacob) Spiro, a Marano Jew, living in the London area.

The local people changed Jakospiro in Shakespeare. Shakespearewas born in 1564, his parents were John (Jochanan) and Maria (Miriam), his father a wool dealer and money lender, can you think of a more Jewish profession?

But, as you know, you are only a full-blood Jew, if your mother belongs to our Jewish tribe, and indeed William Shakespeare’s mother Maria Arden was in actual fact, Miriam Ardon (Ardon means fugitive) from a rich secret Jewish family which in order to safeguard their religion changed their name (in those days, only the very rich had family names) to Arden, a very prominent and branched out aristocratic British family.,7340,L-3309633,00.html

By beeing decieved by the Jews and their religion of iniquiti (Babylonian Mystery Religion; Kaballah, Talmud), it is not Gods mercy they will harvest. It is Gods wrath, as in Ezekiel 28:1-19, destroying their own nations, by signing up to the Jewish mystery religions of Talmud/Kabbalah and other iniquity, it’s agendas and partakers in evil.

«Author Ghislain Muller has suggested that Shakespeare himself was a crypto-Jew with a grandfather named Shapiro in “Was Shakespeare a Jew?: Uncovering the Marrano Influences in His Life and Writing.” And in “Shylock Is Shakespeare,” author Kenneth Gross argues that the key to understanding the character of Shakespeare’s most notorious Jewish character is to view him as the voice of the playwright himself.»

Sweet Swane of Avon (1:17:00). «Cygnus. It is called the Nordic Cross. It is placed there as a prophesy of Christianity and as a sign for ‘Christ’ to come«, says Amundsen.

It’s a pity that some Freemasons inspired by Jews of iniquity and Madam Blavatski have replaced ‘Christ’ with Lucifer, the Light Bringer, suppossedly bringing knowledge and ‘illumination’. What kind of ‘illumination’ will the Light Bringer (of Albert Pike) promote? Light of the mind, or light for the heart?

«Because Christ – from the Greek “Christos” – is simply a symbolic term and name for the purely impersonal and universal Divine Principle of Spirit which is present in everything in the Universe.»

«For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus,» – 1 Timothy 2:5

Jesus became the ‘universal Divine Principle of Spirit’, but first He was a man.

Some believes this; Christians, other believes it not, the Anti-Christs, ref. Anti-Christ, the Zeitgeist of Our Times.

Head of the Scothish Rite of Freemasonry Albert Pike laid the plan:

» – and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will from that moment be without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view. This manifestation will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.»

But what will they replace Christianity with, in the ‘age of reason’ and secular order?

The Seven Stadiums To Get ‘Gods Mercy’

The Seven Steps to Gods Mercy. OK. What and which god is that? Are the Jews afraid it should be generally known that their ‘brilliancy’ is for the most part fraud, as Einsteins theories mostly was theft from other peoples writings, or ghostwriters on their behalf?

Petter Amundsen, a passive freemason himself, says the freemasons quest is to reach the seven stadiums to get ‘Gods Mercy’ (1:02:00). But what most of the Freemasons don’t know is that the Jews hijacked Freemasonry, putting the sole jewish B’nai Brith (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9) as the top of the pyramid with the all seeing eye, and from there it is ‘Satans Mercy’ they are aspiring towards. Their egregore godhead.


So when somebody says ‘Gods’ mercy, I would like to ask; What god is that? Is it really the God of Abraham, Moses, Jacob-Israel, Jesus?

Seven Steps to Mercy

While Ezekiel warn the United Israelite Kingdom of the Twelve Tribe adressing the King of Tyre (Ezekiel 28:2, A Prophecy Against the King of Tyre), us also today, that we are mere men (Ezekiel 28:1-19). «The last set of seven steps allude to the seven liberal arts and sciences» () «As you enter, you see great light emanating from the letter G which is hanging at the Eastern side. The light is so intense that you find it difficult to see any other thing. As your eyes slowly get accustomed to the dazzling light, you notice King Solomon standing on the East together with Hiram, the King of Tyre, and Hiram Abif holding the registers in their hands. They inspect the register and calculate the wages due to you. The wages are paid to you in theform of corn, oil and wine. Corn to feed you, wine to help you charge your energies, and the oil to apply on your body. Having taken your wages, you salute King Solomon [THE LATER OCCULTIST], and withdraw from the Lodge, with a promise to return again whenever summoned.» Source.

I have still not been able to see any gods in humanity, despite 7 last steps to enter the Temple, or 100s of steps. I see deceived impuls based closer to animals peoples (‘Mark of the Beast’), much more than I find any godlike attributes. Of everything they do best, in the highest echolons of power and influence, is to promote the anti-Christ zeitgeist and iniquiti of Albert Pike, Madam Blavatski et al, they will invoke Gods wrath on our nations, showing we’re going down, like Ezekiel prophesized against The King of Tyre (Ezekiel 28:2).

«Therefore, behold, I will bring strangers upon you,
The most ruthless of the nations.
And they will draw their swords.
Against the beauty of your wisdom.
And defile your splendor.
They will bring you down to the pit.
And you will die the death of those who are slain.
In the heart of the seas.
Will you still say, «I am a god‘,
In the precence of your slayer
Though you are a man and not god»
– Ezekiel 28:1-19.

There was allegedly a winding stair of three, five and seven steps in King Solomon’s temple. «Gould says that during the same period these seven «sciences» were thought of as «a number of steps leading to virtue, and finally to heaven». () «The third group of seven steps is interpreted as referring to the liberal arts and sciences; in other words, we are told that right learning and culture of the mind will lead us up and on.» () «When we remember how superstition, crime, fanaticism, disease, poverty, and kindred evils grow out of ignorance we can well afford to study again the lessons of the Winding Stairs.» () «Do you not believe that Masonry has a leading rôle to play in this real progress of man? Can you think of a better recipe for advancement than Masonry’s—to unite with others for co-operation, to control the passions and discipline the faculties, to enlighten the mind, and to keep ever before one a great ideal». Source.

There might be an easier The Way: be good, of God, as per Jesus Christs Gospel. It is better, easier and more honest than to ‘control the passions’ of the masses, by deceit and brainwashing.

Ark of the Covenant

Petter Amundsen confirms that the Freemasons is pre-occupied with the Temple in Jerusalem, a Temple I have described here:

Freemasons, Jews and King Salomos (Third) Temple

Frimureriets Hemmeligheter og Menneskerettigheter fra Kong Salomons tempel

Some claims the ‘Ark of the Covenant’ (real or fake, physical) will be setup in the 3rd temple (the first two of them was demolished by God for Israels/Judah’s sins and transgressions, about the 2nd Jesus said it «shall not be sone upon stone of«, Matthew 24:2) as the Ark is needed there to make the Masonic-Jewish manmade worship sites ‘of clay’ complete (Jeremiah 19, Smashing the Clay Pot) when it’s finished built, as the Ark is needed for the desolation of abominations spoken of in Revelations to occure. «We will rebuild«, they say (Isaiah 9:10), in childish stubbornness. Ron Wyatt said he did not want to start WW3 to take the Ark out of there in Israel, he claim it is still there. The spiritual side of the Ark will be missing though. Carnal peoples needs physical manifestations, often fakes «but their hearts are far from me» (Isaiah 29:13, Matthew 15:8).

Temple Institute
Temple Institute

In the movie ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark‘, all the peoples who tried to look inside the ark were struck dead. The two cherubim on the mercy seat stood as guardians of God’s righteousness and holiness.

The mercy seat is also the place where the blood of the sacrificial lambs, and finally the blood of Jesus Christ was sprinkled.

The ‘mercy seat’ or atonement cover was the lid of the ark. That means the ark can only be reached through Jesus Christ, who was the atonement for our sins (Hebrews 4:16, Exodus 25:22). Carnal people who will try to steal the ark and see it, will die says Leviticus 16:2, like the carnal revolution leader Aaron (Numbers 17:10) of the dance around the golden calf is prohibited to look inside. Means wordly carnal people should be careful, so maybe Freemasons and Jews should be careful what they do.

The three articles placed in the ark throughout Israel’s and Judah’s history was a constant reminder of man’s sins and shortcomings, not to believe they in any ways is ‘gods’ of their own domain (The World), a reminder of how they rejected God’s provision, authority and right standard of living. Signalling to them they are all, high and low, all of them only helpless sinners, very human more or less unaware and unconcious of the fact, not anything at all ‘like gods’ as the Serpent promised them.

Above the ark and the atonement cover, God appeared in His glory in “unapproachable light” (1 Timothy 6:16) (Shekinah glory, tabernacle).

Petter Amundsen confirm to me in a chat that his findings confirm Shakespears project was a ‘humanistic’ one, a Secular New World Order (Ref. The Age of Reason, Novus ordo seclorum, Ordo Ad Chao), and I questioned if this secular ‘humanistic’ project was compatible with a ‘Christian project’, as I have decribed before that I regard ‘humanism’ as satanism; Satanism in Humanism.

Jesus Christ was first and foremost bringing ‘illumination’ to the Heart (circumcison of the heart. Romans 2:29, Deuteronomy 30:6 ). The Jewish illuminated ones is ‘illimunation’ to the brain (knowledge, tree of Knowledge). Leading us to the Serpents deceivement of Adam and Eva: «You shall be as gods» (Genesis 3:5).

We really needs Gods Mercy, but it seems to me His wrath is upon us, due to transgressions and sins of all peoples, but ecpecially by the leaderships and the secret societies hijacked by Jews for their own carnal agendas; The New World (Jewish) Order.

The prophet Isaiah 8:20 said, «To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them«.

Not so much «light for the Nations‘ in their priorities, flooding our nations with savages and barbarians.

Alleged ‘refugees’

That’s all of the ‘universalism’ they are are able to create, by interbreeding and racemixing the people of the Nations as dogs (mongrelization) in their New Babylon – Tower of Babel, not common bond from the heart. The luciferian ‘Covenant’ of UN.

Religion of iniquiti

Petter Amundsens exploration ended on the Tree of Life, Sephirot, in the Jewish iniquity religion (Micah 2:1, Psalm 51:2, Micah 7:18).


BTW: I noticed Skull & Bones (322) on Petters raincoat (at 1:41:33). Didn’t like that so much.


There might be deceptions hidden in the uncovering of other deceptions here, and this was a signal to his brothers. Beware that they find Christianity, the ‘illumination’ of the heart, more than the brain, or it is only a refreshment of the Judaic Freemasons religion from iniquity, the Mystery Religions (of the secret societies, the religion of ‘reason’ made ‘universal’ aka secularism, as the Freemason leader Albert Pike promised it would be). One of aspirations to find a treasure of ‘gold and silver’ is of the Jewish religion, not the Christian. In Christian mythology only our eternal life (‘plant treasures in heaven’, Matthew 6:19-21) is the real treasure.

Since this ‘disclosures’ is promoted by jewish people, NRK, History Channel and all mass media on the planet, I am sceptic, as it is a successfull containment of the conspiracy research communities energies and attention, leading everyody in their imaginations directions with deceptions (fragmentation), so no-one is getting strong enough to counter them. It is not that big for us who is familiar with the occult, but for the masses and the novises to the art of the occult it will looks as big important disclosures. What is disclosed actually? Nothing new we didn’t know before (Bacon as writer). There is no disclosure of fake Jewry claiming to be Israelites. The rumors have been there for ages about Francis Bacon (first book about 1786). The occult societies have known about this codes for ages, since freemason Bacon knew it, so this is not any ‘Wisdom from North‘ (text under video), what exactly is the wisdom from North in this? Is there truth in it? Is there any truth in the secret societies at all any more? Did they survive the book burnings, and the washing of the mind (brainwashing) of the Jewish propagandists in Europe the last 200 years?


«Why do the heathen rage , and the people imagine a vain thing? 2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed, saying, 3 Let us break their bands asunder , and cast away their cords from us.» – Psalms 2:1-3

«Aarons Gold», under the tree (01:47:00). To find the Menorah is one thing (1:49:30), exchanging the symbol for the satanists (Star of Repham, Star of David, Amos 5:26) to the real symbol of the Tribes of Judah and Israel’s menorah, and not the symbolic of the occultists «seven lights burned before the Altar of Mithras, the Goths had seven Deities; Sun, Moon, Tuisco, Woden, Thor, Friga and Seatur or Saturn, from which we derive the names of the seven days of our week«..() «In the Gothic mysteries the candidate met with seven obstructions». Source. But we are to remain sceptic until we see the resulting religion coming out of this disclosure. I reserve judgement if this is «Wisdom From North» or masonic wisdom in service for worlds occult Jewry. Than I mean the substance of the religion they are going to be using this for. If it is in favour of the occult ‘Jews’ and the religion of iniquity we know it is deceptions. If this is finding the real Judah and Tribes of Lost Israels heritage, than it is good. The difference is lies, or truth.

Saturn Worship
Saturn (Lord of the Rings) Worship. To the left the Islamic Kaaba. To the right a Jewish Rabbi

Saturn has also been associated with Satan/Azazel, many authors argue that the word Satan is derived from the word Saturn.

“Saturn is the opposite to Jupiter; his symbol is the cross above the sign of Luna. He is the Satan, the Tempter, or rather the Tester. His function is to chastise and tame the unruly passions in the primitive man.”
– J.S. Ward, Freemasonry and the Ancient Gods


Ark (Arch/Arc) of the Covenant, is that on Oak Island? (Canada) (1:51:00)

This remains to be seen, if the Ark is the Jewish fake or the Christian Israelites real Ark of the Covenant. It remains to see if the Rosecrusians aspirations for ‘spiritual awareness’ is a crucifiction and re-birth of the heart (to be good, from God), more than an re-birth and illumination of the mind (gnosis, to be ‘intelligent’, from Man, knowledge by men, by the Serpent).

Occultists believe it came from Egypt, with Moses, created by RA (Revelation 11:8), they regard Egyptians as of ‘higher intelligence’ (09:45), the Atlanteans (gods); ref. Bacons ‘New Atlantis’.

They want the gold of the housing of the Ark, but they do not want the real secret of the Ark, and take it to heart, actually follow it.

The Truth about The Ark of The Covenant

«The esoteric wisdom [A.comment: Occult] contained in the Rosicrucian philosophy, traces back to traditional Mystery of Ancient Egypt and Babylonia» NOR: Den esoteriske visdommen som finnes i Rosenkorsfilosofien, spores tradisjonelt tilbake til mysterieskolene i det gamle Egypt og Babylonia». –

The victims of mystery religions of Babylon, ‘Sodom and Egypt’: «And their dead bodies will lie in the main street of Jerusalem, the city that is figuratively called «Sodom» and «Egypt,» the city where their Lord was crucified.» – Revelation 11:8

Gnosis is the illumination of Lucifer and Madam Blavatski’s ‘christ’, not the one by Jesus Christ, the Israelite King of the World. Absolutely nobody will claim that Madam Blavatsky was in even any remote spiritual sense was dedicated to Jesus Christ.


There is plenty of resources, money and efforts placed in this disclosures around the Shakespeare works and the real identity of the writer(s) of the works published in the name of Shakespeare. Will Petter Amundsen end up in his search worshipping and confirming Jews as the People of the Covenant, and their religion of iniquity to be more and more mainstream and ‘universal’, not the Christian religion, on the contrary to the detriment of Jesus Christ’s ‘The Way’ (of initiation, Acts 9:2) as Christianity was called initially? It remains to be seen.

The Nordic Cross
Cygnus, The Nordic Cross

If the Northern Star, Northern Light OR the Nordic Cross have anything to do with this, than it is a deeper level transformation needed than a search and satisfaction for finding a treasure of ‘gold and silver’. I can think of a much better treasure, a treasure that will really lead to Gods Mercy (Matthew 6:19-21), and a place in the Heavely spheres, the real Seven Steps to Gods Mercy, which I must reserve to describe in a later article.

Do I believe in knowledge? The Freemason and the Jews last trick around the codes in the Shakespear texts, showed on History Channel..THEY worship knowledge.

A good heart is better than knowledge and lies. That is Truth. MOST manmade ‘knowledge’ is lies… The Seven Steps To Knowledge (gnosis). Science is corrupt, ‘Scientific’ research is paid to get a desired result..

«And a good heart, these days, is hard to find (a good heart), () my childhoods dreams, () it is a dream I am willing to defend, it will all be worth it in the End»

«Love a little every day«; to care. Picking up the pieces of our Hearts, shattered and crushed in this World; The Way.

A Good Heart

Was Shakespeare’s biggest Secret that he was a Jewish fraudster?

Relevant study materials

Petter Amundsen website:

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