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The New World Order


The New World Order is a great threat to American Sovereignty. The following reading is essential to combat the socialization and subjugation of America by The New World Order.

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Trilateral Commission: World Shadow Government?
Strange Views of Group’s Founder
Carter Filled Positions With TC Members
TC Agenda Carried Out
Three Front Groups Compared
Here’s How Trilaterals Deal With Press
Opinions Shaped
Vets Want Inquiry
Spotlighters Not Surprised at Eastern European Events
Trilateral Candidates in the Stable
Council on Foreign Relations Membership List
Trilateral Membership Revealed
List of Global Elitist at 1991 Bilderberg Conference
(End of special report)

Education or Indoctrination? – Educational Restructuring of America
Wipeout – (Economic Prognosis)
The New World Order (Plain Truth Magazine)
President Bush and His ‘New World Order’
Internationalists Want Open Borders
Who’s Behind the New World Order?
Cult-Owned ‘Conservatives’ Advance One-World Agenda
Shadow Government Reached Its 1990 Goals
Search For Real Enemy Centered In Washington
Liberty Lobby Reports – Bill of Rights
Leading Iraq War Advocate Has Internationalist Agenda.


The SPOTLIGHT Special Edition – February, 1990


The Trilateral Commission was established in 1973. Its founder and primary financial angel was international financier, David Rockefeller, longtime chairman of the Rockefeller family-controlled
Chase Manhattan Bank and undisputed overlord of his family’s global corporate empire.

Rockefeller’s idea for establishing the commission emerged after he had read a book entitled «Between Two Ages» written by an Establishment scholar, Prof. Zbigniew Brzezinski of Columbia University.

In his book Brzezinski proposed a vast alliance between North America, Western Europe and Japan. According to Brzezinski, changes in the modern world required it.

«Resist as it might,» Brzezinski wrote elsewhere, «the American system is compelled gradually to accommodate itself to this emerging international context, with the U.S. government called
upon to negotiate, to guarantee, and, to some extent, to protect the various arrangements that have been contrived even by private business.

In other words, it was necessary for the international upper class to band together to protect its interests, and to ensure, in the developed nations, that political leaders were brought to power who would ensure that the global financial interests (of the Rockefellers and the other ruling elites) would be protected over
those of the hoi polloi.


Although the initial arrangements for the commission were laid out in a series of meetings held at the Rockefeller’s famous Pocantico Hills estate outside New York City, Rockefeller first introduced the idea of the commission at an annual meeting of the Bilderberg group, this one held in Knokke, Belgium in the 1972.

The Bilderberg group is similar to the Trilateral Commission in that it is funded and heavily influenced by the Rockefeller empire, and composed of international financiers, industrialists, media magnates, union bosses, academics and political figures.

However, the much older Bilderberg group’s membership is strictly limited to participants from the United States, Canada and Western Europe: k.e. the NATO alliance. For more on the Bilderberg group, keep an eye out for future stories in this paper.

The Trilateral commission was unique, though, in that it brought the Japanese ruling elite into the inner councils of the global power brokers, a recognition of Japan’s growing influence in the world economic and political arena.

A succinct summary of the commission’s intent has been outlined by Holly Sklar who has conducted extensive research into the history and background of the Trilateral Commission.


«The Commission’s purpose is to engineer an enduring partnership among the ruling classes of North America, Western Europe and Japan – hence the term ‘Trilateral’ – in order to safeguard the interests
of Western capitalism in an explosive world. The private commissions attempting to mold public policy and construct a framework for international stability in the coming decades.

«To put it simply, Trilateralists are saying: The people, governments and economies of all nations must serve the needs of multinational banks and corporations.

«In short, Trilateralism is the current attempt by ruling elites to manage both dependence and democracy – at home and abroad.»

Another Trilateral critic, now-retired Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.), views the commission as a Rockefeller family operation through and through. According to Goldwater:

«The Trilateral organization created by David Rockefeller was a surrogate – the members selected by Rockefeller, its purposes defined by Rockefeller, its funding supplied by Rockefeller. David Rockefeller screened and selected every individual who was invited to participate.»


David Rockefeller and Brzezinski then began the process of selecting from among the «Trilateral» nations the several hundred elite power brokers who would be permitted to join in Trilateral policy making in the coming years.

One of the commission’s primary goals was to place a Trilateral-influenced president in the White House in 1976, and to achieve that goal it was necessary to groom an appropriate candidate who would be willing to cooperate with Trilateral aims.

Rockefeller and Brzezinski selected a handful of well-known liberal Democrats and a scattering of Republicans (primarily of the liberal-internationalist bent) to serve on the commission.

And in an effort to give regional balance to the commission Rockefeller invited the then-obscure one-term Democratic governor of Georgia, Jimmy Carter, to join the commission.


Rockefeller had longtime ties to the local Atlanta political and economic Establishment. In fact, much of Rockefeller’s personal investment portfolio is in Atlanta real estate. (According to David Horowitz, co-author of «The Rockefellers, «atlanta is Rockefeller Center South.»)

And Rockefeller himself had once even invited Carter to dine with him at the Chase Manhattan Bank several years before, as early as 1971, the year Carter began serving as governor.

Carter very definitely impressed Rockefeller and Brzezinski, more so than another Southern Democrat, Florida Gov. Reuben Askew, also selected to serve on the commission and viewed, like Carter, as a possible Trilateral candidate.

In fact, according to Brzezinski, «It was a close thing between Carter and Askew, but we were impressed that Carter had opened up trade offices for the state of Georgia in Brussels and Tokyo. That seemed to fit perfectly into the concept of the Trilateral.»

Carter, in fact, like Askew, did announce for the 1976 Democratic presidential nomination, but because of Rockefeller’sinterest, Carter had the inside shot.

So much so that in a speech at the commission’s first annual meeting in Kyoto, Japan in May of 1975, Rockefeller’s man Brzezinski promoted the then-still obscure Carter to his fellow Trilateralists as an ideal presidential candidate.


From that point on, it was all cut and dried. According to Goldwater: «Rockefeller and Brzezinski found Carter to be their ideal candidate. They helped him win the Democratic nomination and the presidency.

«To accomplish this purpose they mobilized the money-power of the Wall Street bankers, the intellectual influence of the academic community – which is subservient to the wealth of the great tax-free foundations – and the media controllers represented in the membership of the CFR and the Trilateralist.»

(The aforementioned CFR – Council on Foreign Relations – is another Rockefeller-financed foreign policy pressure group similar to the Trilateralists and the Bilderberg group, although the CFR is composed solely of American citizens.)

(In his book «The Carter Presidency and Beyond,» published in 1980 by the Ramparts Press, Prof. Laurence H. Shoup devotes an entire chapter to demonstrating how the trilateral linked and Trilateral controlled Establishment media promoted the presidential candidacy in 1976 of the then obscure Georgia Gov. Jimmy Carter.)
Carter of course, campaigned as a «populist» – as a «man of the people» – as an «outsider» with not= ties to the Establishment. The fact is, however, Carter, who said he’d never lie, was an elitist, an insider, the Trilateral Commission’s man on the white horse.»

And with the power of the commission and the Rockefeller empire and its media influence behind him, Carter made his way to the presidency, establishing the first full-fledged Trilateral administration, appointing numerous Trilateral administration, appointing numerous Trilateralists to key policymaking positions and carrying out the Trilateral agenda to the hilt.*


The SPOTLIGHT Special Edition – February 1990


The strange views of the Trilateral Commission’s founding director, Columbia University Prof. Zbigniew Brzezinski, say much about the unusual political orientation of the commission and its leadership.

Brzezinski outlined his views in his book «Between Two Ages,» published shortly before, in 1973, he set the Trilateral Commission in motion at the instruction of his patron David Rockefeller.

Rockefeller had read Brzezinski’s book and was impressed with its contents. It was this book that inspired Rockefeller to create the trilateral Commission.

Here are a number of selections from the book that proved to be the genesis of the commission:
* «Though Stalinism may have been a needless tragedy for both the Russian people and communism as an ideal, there is the intellectually tantalizing possibility that for the world at large it was, as we shall wee, a blessing in disguise.»
* «Marxism represents a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man’s universal vision. Marxism is simultaneously a victory of the external, active man over the inner, passive man and a victory of reason over belief.»
* «The Soviet union could have emerged as the standard-bearer of this century’s most influential system of thought and as the social model for resolving the key dilemmas facing modern man.»
* «The approaching 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence would justify the call for a national Constitutional convention to re-examine the nation’s formal institutional framework.»
Brzezinski, of course, went on to serve as perhaps the most powerful man in the Carter administration (1977-1981) serving as the president’s national security adviser, responsible for maintaining America’s national security (despite his written views favoring world communism).*


The SPOTLIGHT Special Edition – February 1990


The election of Trilateralist Jimmy Carter to the presidency in 1976 marked the first formal Trilateral Commission takeover of the executive branch. Here is a lengthy (but by no means complete) overview of the Trilateralists who served under the first Trilateral administration:

* Jimmy Carter, president of the United States.
* Walter F. Mondale, Vice president of the United States.
* Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security adviser.
* Cyrus Vance, secretary of state.
* Harold Brown, secretary of defense.
* W. Michael Blumenthal, secretary of the treasury.
* John Sawhill, federal energy administer.
* Robert Duncan, secretary of energy.
* Goseph Califano, secretary of health and human services.
*Stansfield Turner, director of central intelligence.
* Rovert R. Bowie, deputy to the director of central intelligence for national intelligence.
* Warren Christopher, deputy secretary of state (and later sec.of state).
* Lucy Wilson Benson, under secretary of state for security assistance.
* Richard N. Cooper, under secretary of state for exonomic affairs.
* Richard Holbrooke, assistant under secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs.
* Gerard C. Smith, U.X. ambassador at large for non-proliferation matters.
* Anthony M. Soloman, undersecretary of the treasury for monetary affairs.
* Paul C. Warnke, director, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.
* Andrew Young,U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.
* Paul Volcker, chairman of the Federal Reserve System.
* Sol Linowitz, special negotiator for Panama Canal Treaties.


The SPOTLIGHT Special Edition – February 1990


Within months of assuming office as the first member of the Trilateral Commission to be elected to the White House, President Jimmy Carter began implementing major policy measures that went hand in hand with the agenda of the commission. According to investigative reporter Craig S. Karpel, among those  measures included:
* Supporting restraints on freedom of the press.
* Raising the price of new natural gas.
* Refusing to place import controls on shoes.
* Inserting a growth clause in the import regulations for textiles permitting clothing imports to rise by 6 percent annually.
* Allowing the dollar to be devalued against foreign currencies as a step toward its replacement in international trade with «Bancor,» a worldwide paper money to be created in unlimited amounts by the International Monetary Fund.
* Pushing through the House and Senate the largest contribution in history to the World Bank and other international lending institutions (to be disbursed as foreign aid loans without country-by-country by Congress) to enable the less-developed countries to pay the interest on the $70 million owed to private
banks in the United States.
* Surrender of the American canal in Panama to Panamanian dictator Omar Torrimos and his right hand man and successor, Manuel Noriega. Trilateral-linked banks (including the London branch of the Rockefeller family’s Chase Manhattan Bank) had lent large sums of money to the Panamanian government and were anxious to obtain interest on their loans. The banks believed interest payment would be possible only if Panama had access to profits from the canal.

These and other measures were part and parcel of the Trilateral strategy as implemented by Jimmy Carter and his Trilateral-dominated administration.*


The SPOTLIGHT Special Edition – February, 1990


Three distinct Rockefeller-created and Rockefeller-financed international policy power blocs are often confused by their critics.

A reason for this confusion is that, aside from the fact that each is controlled – fully or in part – by the Rockefeller empire, the groups ar very similar in intent and have a largely overlapping membership, usually working in direct concert toward the same goals.

The membership in each of the groups is always composed of members of the Rockefeller family, their paid employees and consultants, allied international financiers and industrialists, academics from the major universities and tax-free foundations, high-ranking union leaders, key media personalities and controllers, and selected political figures.

But each of the three – the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg group and the Trilateral  Commission – is very different, as this chart demonstrates.

THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS. Based in New York and comprised solely of U.S. citizens.

Publishes the quarterly journal FOREIGN AFFAIRS and conducts regular meetings and seminars. Key meetings are strictly confidential and off the record.

Created in 1921 with Rockefeller funding and emerged as the American branch of the British Royal Institute on International Affairs (RIIA), succeeding an earlier, less organized entity already established in the role.

The RIIA was the brainchild of English financier Cecil Rhodes (founder of the Rhodes scholarship) and devoted to the concept of reuniting the United States with the British Empire.

CFR members, beginning with the Republican Herbert Hoover administration on through the present day in administrations Democrat and Republican alike, have continuously been appointed to key policymaking posts.

David Rockefeller himself served as a longtime chairman of the CFR and remains its virtual master.

THE BILDERBERG GROUP. Takes its name from the hotel in Holland where it first met in 1954. Meets regularly (presumably on a once-a-year basis) at various locations around the world, always in extreme secrecy, often at resorts controlled by the Rockefeller family.

Has a revolving membership of several hundred participants composed of elites from the United States and Western Europe, Primarily – almost exclusively – from the NATO countries.

The Rothschild family is the leading European force within the Bilderberg group, sharing its power with the American-based Rockefeller empire.

Maintains an extremely low profile and seldom, if ever, publishes reports or studies under its own official egis.

Bilderberg participants denied the group’s very existence for decades until forced into the open by the glare of media publicity, generated largely by The SPOTLIGHT and its newsletter-format predecessors, «Liberty Letter» and «Liberty Lowdown» (the latter publication is now defunct).

TRILATERAL COMMISSION. Organized exclusively by David Rockefeller in 1973. Holds an official regular annual conclave closed to the independent press, but conducts seminars and other gatherings that are less exclusive.

Membership is limited to elitists from the united States and Canada, Western Europe and Japan, several hundred in number. (Sources report that the commission may begin extending membership to elitists from Mexico in the near future).

Issues periodic reports known as the «Triangle Papers» and press releases and published a journal called Trialogue (now defunct).

David Rockefeller has continuously served, since its inception, as «North American chairman» but is acknowledged as its primary mover.*


The SPOTLIGHT Special Edition – February 1990


Critics of the Trilateral Commission (TC) often make the mistake of saying that the commission has never been publicized in the Establishment media.

The fact, however, is that the Establishment media has indeed publicized the TC, as the commission itself is quick to point out.

The problem is this: News coverage of the commission’s pronouncements and activities falls into one or more of these categories. The reporting:

* Is undeniably biased in favor of the commissions;

* Plays down or underestimates the significance of the Trilateral meetings;

* Presents commission influence as being unimportant or unrelated to developing world events; or

* Simply repeats the official Trilateral public relations line with no background investigation of its impact or global affairs.

In one of its official public relations handouts, the commission brags that it «has been covered in major articles in major American newspapers and news magazines including, among others, NEWSWEEK, TIME and U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT and the NEW YORK TIMES, WASHINGTON POST, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR, CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, and SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE.»

The commission even claims that it «welcomes coverage of its activities.»

That the TC «welcomes coverage of its activities» is just not true, however. As even one of its own press releases from its March 29-31, 1981 meeting in Washington states clearly: «The commission’s meetings are as usual private and off the record.»

Journalist – unless they are commission members are denied any access whatsoever to the commission’s meetings. Even then, of sworn to absolute secrecy.

Access to the inner circles of the power elite as represented by the commission if granted few journalists.

Therefore in order to maintain their entre into the well-heeled world of the global masters, these journalist are not about to violate their oath of secrecy.

Any news coverage of the commission’s meetings that does ultimately appear in the wake of the meetings constitutes either rewrites of the Trilateral press releases or reports summarizing tightly controlled press conferences orchestrated by the Trilateralists and their well-paid support staff.

In fact, as the aforementioned Washington meeting, the commission held three separate and widely attended press conferences. However, as usual, the published reports that appeared
afterward presented the commission meetings as , at the least,
boring and, at the most, unimportant this despite the fact that
some of the world’s most wealthy and powerful financiers,
industrialists, trade unionists, journalists and media magnates,
not to mention political leaders, held private, closed door
sessions discussing major global issues.


As veteran Washington investigative journalist Jim Tucker (who has followed the Trilateralists for years) has noted: «If the world’s most popular film stars, or football players, gathered for a closed-door meeting over the weekend, the press would go crazy, demanding to know what was discussed.

«But when the world’s most powerful private citizens gather in the company of key political leaders, there’s not the slightest cry of outrage.»

What coverage of the Trilateralists there has been in the major press has been favorable.

And what’s more, much of the coverage of the commission has been focused on its critics, with the evident purpose of discrediting their complaints about the secretive nature of the global power bloc, (See accompanying illustration.)

The only newspaper of consequence to report, in detail, on the intrigues of the Trilateralists has been The SPOTLIGHT.

In fact, it was The SPOTLIGHT (in the person of investigative reporter Tucker) which actually infiltrated several closed conclaves of the commission and brought its readers in-depth reports about the TC’s plans for America’s and the World’s future.*


The SPOTLIGHT Special Edition – February 1990


A major part of the Trilateral Commission’s agenda is shaping public opinion in North America, Western Europe and Japan.

This so that the voting public will accept the internationalist agenda laid forth by the Trilateral planners behind the scenes – and support the candidates for public office that the Trilateralists are promoting.

According to then-U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for Non-Proliferation Matters Gerard C. Smith (writing in the Atlantic Community Quarterly, fall, 1974 edition):
«The purpose of the Trilateral Commission is to seek a private consensus on the specific problems examined in the Trilateral analysis. Consensus seeking must be a central element in the Trilateral process. The commission will seek to educate attentive audiences in the three regions, so that public opinion in Japan, North America, and Europe will come to reflect the private consensus.»

In other words, the power brokers who control the Trilateral Commission will seek a consensus among themselves regarding what approaches to take toward major international issues – and the issues affecting people within the individual nations of the world.

After such a «consensus» of the power brokers is reached, they will use their influence, through the Trilateral-influenced and Trilateral-controlled media and academia, to «educate» lawmakers and local elites in the «Trilateral» nations as to what is «best» for the people.

The lawmakers will carry out the Trilateralist agenda, and the local elites will promote that agenda in their own regions.

And the people will be made to accept the Trilateral schemes, whether they like it or not.*


The SPOTLIGHT Special Edition – February 1990


The members of America’s major non-partisan veterans
organizations, the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign
Wars, have formally called upon congress to investigate the
Trilateral Commission.

This is most appropriate considering the fact that it is
America’s veterans who have fought the wars and «police actions»
staged by the Trilateralists and their allies in similar «one
world» planning groups.

Here’s the partial text of a resolution approved at the 63rd
national convention of the American Legion held in Honolulu,
September 1-3, 1981.

(WHEREAS, the American Legion in national Convention assembled
in Boston, massachusetts, August 19-20 1980, did adopt Resolution
773 wherein it was demanded that the Congress of the United States
launch a comprehensive investigation into the Trilateral Commission
(TC) and its parent organization, the Council on Foreign Relations
(CFR) to determine what influence has been and is being exerted
over the foreign and domestic policies of the United States; and)

(WHEREAS, the Honorable Larry McDonald, of Georgia, introduced
Resolution 773 on February 4, 1981 in the House of Representatives,
applauded the initiative of the American legion, commended the text
of the resolution to his colleagues and gave his strong support to
this effort; now, therefore, be it.)

(RESOLVED, by the American Legion in National Convention
assembled in Honolulu, Hawaii, September 103 1981, that we demand,
once more, that the Congress of the United States launch a
comprehensive investigation into the TC and the CFR to determine
what influence has been and is being exerted over the foreign and
domestic policies of the United States; and, be it further)

Here is the slightly edited text of a similar resolution (No.
460) approved by the Veterans of Foreign Wars in its 82nd nation
convention in 1981.

(WHEREAS, the New York City based Council on Foreign relations,
a private organization founded in 12921 and the Trilateral
Commission (the U.S., Europe and Japan), formed in 1973, have as
members, and often as overlapping members, literally scores of top
U.S. officials of the executive and legislative branches of
government; and)

WHEREAS, the core beliefs of the CFR/TC – detente,
«interdependence,» muting of strongly held American nationalism,
security through arms control, stable money markets etc are often
at variance with the uncommon sense of the American people . . .
now, therefore)

(BE IT RESOLVED, by the 82nd national Convention of the Veterans
of Foreign Wars of the United States, that a Joint Congressional
Select Committee, drawn from the Judiciary and Foreign Affairs
Committees of both Houses of the Congress . . .be called into bring
to assess the influence of the CFR and TC «network» upon the
foreign and domestic policies of the United States and to report
their findings to the American people.)

Congress has yet to launch any such investigation as urged by
the members of America’s two largest veterans organizations.*

The SPOTLIGHT Special Edition – February 1990


By Michael Collins Piper

World watchers who regularly read The SPOTLIGHT have not been
surprised by Soviet dictator Mikhail Gorbachev’s peace overtures,
perestrioka and glasnost, or by the revolutions in Wastern Europe.

All of this actually stems from deals between the commusnist
bosses and their business partners: Laurance and David Rockefeller
and their allies in the highest echelons of the Trilateral

All of this was literally predicted in a front-page SPOTLIGHT
exclusive published on April 24, 1989, describing how the
SPOTLIGHT’s crack investigative reporter James P. Tucker Jr.
infiltrated the annual meeting of the Trilateral Commission in
Paris on April 8-10, 1989.

In its exclusive, which was headlined: «Tralateral Goal: Make
Soviets ‘Full Partners in the Global Economy’,» The SPOTLIGHT
revealed the commission’s agenda, one which The SPOTLIGHT aptly
suggested would require «some artful juggling»:
* Ther must be enough movement toward peace so that Americans will
tolerate massive transfusions of their tax dollars into communist
countries to help the internationalists economically mine the lands
behind the Iron Curtain; and
* There must remain enough fear of war so that the military-
industrial complex, especially the strategic defense initiative,
continues to be immensely proftable.
Look for dramatic advances in the ‘peace process’ in Europe in
the months ahead – it has already started in poland, with the world
shadow government taking credit.
The Trilateral goal is to make the Soviet Union and the
communist East-bloc countries «full partners in the global
economy,» with membership in the World Bank and the International
Monetary Fund (IMF), both majorconduits of American tax dollars
into Third World countries.
* As a reward for the East-bloc countries loosening their ties
with Moscow, Americans are to support those countries so the
communists can better afford to buy the materials when the
internationalists build the factories to produce them.

As The SPOTLIGHT noted additionally:
* David Rockefeller, through direct comments and those of
other members



First-term Sen. Charles Robb (D-Va.) son in law of late former
President Lyndon Johnson, has the inside shot at the Democratic
Party’s presidential nomination in 1992 or beyond.

Here’s the primary reason why: Not only is Robb a member of the
Rockefeller family’s Council on Foreign Relations, but he’s also a
member of the Trilateral Commission and already being promoted in
Trilateral circles as the commission’s next choice for the

You see, when investigative reporter Jim Tucker infiltrated the
Trilateral Commission’s annual conclave held in Paris, April 8-10
1989, Tucker overheard a commission member say to another, «We may
want to make Robb president.»

According to Tucker, who was standing nearby among a group of
commission members, «Several in the group nodded assent»

It was only when they recognized Tucker (who was ultimately
ejected from the meeting) that they fell silent.

Tucker remarks: «The run Robb for president comment was not
jocular, locker room joshing; the commission members were talking

The Trilateralists want to be sure that both major parties
nominate candidates who, if they are not Trilateralists, are at
least amenable to the commission’s demands.


Thus, if he wants to be the Democratic Party’s candidate against
«former» Trilateralist George Bush in 1992, Robb can have the
honor. And it would set him in line should he lose to be the front-
runner for his party’s nomination in the next election.

Interestingly, at least one Rockerfeller linked source (the
WASHINGTON TIMES newspaper, published by Korean industrialist and
cult leader Sun Myung Moon, whose operations have been financed by
the Rockefellers for decades) has already trumpeted the possibility
that Robb has considered changing, or is being pushed to change,
parties and running for president on the Republican ticket.

This is not altogether out of the realm of possibility. After
all, Robb, a self-styled «moderate» who is out of step with the
very liberal elements in the Democratic Party, has been a major
critic of the more extreme forces which dominate his party.

Whatever the end result, Robb is very much on the front lines as
a potential Trilateral «man on the white horse» in the future.

Another favorite of the commission is another of its members,
Arkansas Democratic Gov. Bill Clinton who has been touted as a
presidential possibility by the Rockefeller controlled media for
many years even in fact before he was actually elected governor.

(Clinton, interestingly, is also a former Rhodes scholar. As
noted elsewhere in this special report. the Rhodes scholarships
were established by British financier Cecil Rhodes who hoped for an
ultimate reunification of the United States and Britain. The young
academics awarded Rhodes scholarships are indoctrinated with this
philosophy and charged with the responsibility of promulgating its
ultimate aim. Indeed, as also noted elsewhere in this report, one
leading Trilateralist has said that an «ideal» would, in fact, be
the establishment of a single politico-economic entity composed of
a merger of the United States and Britain.)


It might be added that there is yet another Trilateral
presidential possibility, like Clinton a Rhodes scholar.

This is former basketball star Bill Bradley, a New Jersey
Democrat now serving his second term in the Senate. Again like
Clinton, Bradley was actually being promoted for the presidency by
the media even before he even won his first election to public

It would, of course, be a drastic disservice not to mention
another prominent commission member who, like his brother
Trilateralists, was also widely Promoted as a possible presidential
candidate even before he was first elected to public office.

This is Sen. John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV (D-W.VA.), heir to
power and money and his late uncle Nelson’s hunger for high office.

These are just a few of the potential Trilateral favorites
being mentioned for the White House. There will no doubt be several


The SPOTLIGHT Special Edition October 22, 1990

Prepared by F.R.E.E., P.O Box 33339, Kerrville, Texas 78029 (Reprints avail.)
1. The United States Government Manual 1989/90 Office of the Federal Register-
National Archives and Records Administration Revised July 1, 1989
2. Standard & Poor’s Register of Corporations, Director and Executives 1989
3. The CFR Conspiracy, By Phoebe Courtney, Littleton, CO., 1989

David Rockefeller: North American Chairman of The TRILATERAL COMMISSION
58 E. 68th St. New York, NY 10021 (212) 734-0400 and

345 E 46th St. New York, NY 10017 (212) 661-1180


GEORGE BUSH: President of The United States……………….Former member TC


DAN QUAIL: Vice President of The United States………………….Non-member
BRENT SCOWCROFT: National Security Advisor…………………………CFR/TC
JAMES BAKER: Secretary of State……………………………….Non-member
RICHARD B. CHENEY: Secretary of Defense………………………………CFR
COLIN L. POWELL: Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff……………………….CFR
WILLIAM H. WEBSTER: Director Central Intelligence Agency……………….CFR
DICK THORNBURGH: Attorney General……………………………………CFR
NICHOLAS F. BRADY: Secretary of Treasury……………………………..CFR
RICHARD G. DARMAN: Dir. Office of Management of Budget…………………CFR
JAMES B. WILLIAMS: Department of Education……………………………CFR
HORACE G. DAWSON, JR.: US Info Acy, Dir. Off.of Equal Opportunity/Civil Rights


BRADLEY C. HOSMER, Lt. General USAF Board of Directors…………………CFR
WILLIAM R. KINTNER, Board of Directors……………………………….CFR
JOHN NORTOM MOORE, Chairman…………………………………………CFR
ELSPETH DAVIES ROSTOW, Vice Chairman…………………………………CFR
W. SCOTT THOMPSON, Board member……………………………………..CFR
W. BRUCE WEINROD, Board member………………………………………CFR
SAMUEL W. LEWIS, President………………………………………….CFR


ELAINE L. CHAO, Dep. Sec……………………………………………CFR


STEVEN G. BREYER, U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circut, Boston…………..CFR
RUTH B. GINSBURG, U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circut…………………..CFR
LAURENCE H. SILBERMAN, U.S. Court of Appeals, Wahington D.C. Circut……..CFR


ROY M. GOODMAN, Member……………………………………………..CFR


Helen B. Junz…………………CFR Richard Fisher………………….CFR
Roger Altman………………….CFR


Richard E. Bissell…………………………………………………CFR


John C. Duncan, Bd. of Directors…………………………………….CFR


Mario Cuomo, New York………….CFR Bruce Babbitt, Arizona…………..CFR


James H. Billington, Librarian, Chmn. Trust Fund Board…………………CFR
Ruth Ann Stewart, Asst. Librarian National Programs……………………CFR


Frank H. T. Rhodes, Bd. of Directors…………………………………CFR
James B. Holderman, Bd. of Directors…………………………………CFR
D. Allen Bromley, Bd. of Directors…………………………………..CFR


William R. Graham, Jr., Science Advisor to President & Director…………CFR


Thomas Graham, Jr., General Council & Special Advisor………………….CFR
Edward L. Rowney, Special Advisor to President & Secretary of State……..CFR


Reginald Bartholomew, Undersec. for Security Asst.,Science & Tech……….CFR
Lawrence S. Eaglebarger, Deputy Sec………………………………….CFR
Brandon H. Grove, Dir, of Foreign Service Institute…………………TC/CFR
H. Allen Holmes, Asst. Sec. Bureau of Politixo-Military Affairs…………CFR
John H. Kelly, ASST. Sec. Near East-South Asian Affairs………………..CFR
Robert M. Kimmitt, Under Sec. for Political Affairs……………………CFR
Rozanne L. Redgway, Asst. Sec. for European & Canadian Affairs………….CFR
Ivan Selin, Under Sec. for Mngmnt……………………………………CFR
Richard H. Solomon, Asst. Sec. East Asian & Pacific Affairs…………….CFR
Herbert S. Okun, Dep. Rep. United Nations…………………………….CFR
Thomas R. Pickering, UN Representative……………………………….CFR


Morton K. Abramowitz, Turkey…….CFR Michael H. Armacost, Japan………CFR
Henry E. Catto, Great Britain……CFR Henry A. Grunwald, Austria………CFR
Deane R. Hinton, Costa Rica……..CFR Jack F. Matiock, USSR…………..CFR
John D. Negroponte, Mexico………CFR Edward N. Ney, Canada…………..CFR
Ronald D. Palmer, Hungary……….CFR Edward J. Perkins, South Africa….CFR
Nicholas Platt, Phillipines……..CFR James Spain, Maldives & Sri Lanka..CFR
Terence A. Todman, Argentina…….CFR Frank G. Wisner II, Egypt……….CFR
Warren Zimmerman, Yugoslavia…….CFR


Timonthy E. Wirth, Sen. CO………CFR Howard E. Wolpe, Cong. MI……….CFR
Les ASpin, Cong. WI…………….CFR Rudy Boschwitz, Cong. MN………..CFR
William Bradley, Sen. N.J……….CFR Daniel F. Burton, Jr., Cong. IN….CFR
John H. Chaffee, Sen. R.I……….CFR Peter B. Smith, Cong. VT………..CFR
Robert F. Smith, Cong. OR……….CFR Stephen J. Solarz, Cong. N.Y…….CFR
Charles S. Robb, Sen, VA………..CFR John D. Rockefeller IV, Sen. W,V…CFR
William Roth, Sen. DE………..TC/CFR Warren B. Rudman, Sen. N.H………CFR
Terry Sanford, Sen. N.C…………CFR Jim Moody, Cong. WI…………….CFR
Daniel P. Moynihan, Sen. N.Y…….CFR Clairbome Pell, Sen. R.I………..CFR
Larry Pressler, Sen. S.D………..CFR Bill Green, Cong. N.Y…………..CFR
Christpher J. Dodd, Sen. CT……..CFR Mel Levine, Cong. CA……………CFR
John Lewis, Cong. GA……………CFR Robert T. Matsui, Cong. CA………CFR
Frank B. Horton III. Cong. N.Y…..CFR Dante B. Fascell, Cong. FL………CFR
Thomas S Foley, Cong. WA, Speaker..CFR Sam Gejdeson, Cong. CT………….CFR
Bob Graham, Sen, FL…………….CFR William S. Cohen, Sen. ME……….CFR

U.S. MILITARY (Past and Present, partial listing)


49-52 Eisenhower………………CFR 63-69 Lemnitzer………………..CFR
52-53 Ridgeway………………..CFR 69-74 Goodpaster……………….CFR
53-56 Gruenther……………….CFR 74-79 Haig…………………….CFR
56-63 Norstad…………………CFR 79-87 Rogers………………..CFR/TC


57-59 McElroy…………………CFR 75-77 Rumsfeld………………….CFR
59-61 Gates…………………..CFR 77-80 Brown………………….CFR/TC
61-68 McNamara……………..CFR/TC 80-88 Weinberger……………..CFR/TC
69-73 Laird…………………..CFR 88- Carlucci………………….CFR
73-75 Richardson……………CFR/TC 88- Cheney……………………CFR


Fred Ikle…………………….CFR Gen. Stillwell (Ret.)……………CFR


Frederic J. Brown, CG Fourth Army.CFR


Gen. Chain SAC………………..CFR


Army LG S. Berry………………CFR Army BG Z. Bradford……………..CFR
AF Col E. Foote……………….CFR Army LG R. Gard…………………CFR
AF MG R. Ginsburg……………..CFR Mavy CAP R. Kurth……………….CFR
AF Lt. COL J. Levy…………….CFR AF MG W. Usher………………….CFR


VADM Thor Hanson………………CFR LG Paul Gorman………………….CFR


60-63 Westmoreland…………….CFR 70-74 Knowlton………………….CFR
63-66 Lampert…………………CFR 74-77 Berry…………………….CFR
66-68 Bennett…………………CFR 77-81 Goodpaster………………..CFR


Lt. Gen. Hosmer……………….CFR


John Lehman, Jr……………….CFR


Donald B. Rice………………..CFR


Gen. Welch USAF……………….CFR Admiral Trost Navy………………CFR


MG R.C. Bowman………………..CFR BG F. Brown…………………….CFR
LT COL W. Clark……………….CFR ADM Wm. Crowe…………………..CFR
COL P. Dawkins………………..CFR VADM Thor Hanson………………..CFR
COL W. Hauser…………………CFR MAJ R. Kimmitt………………….CFR
GEN W. Knowlton……………….CFR VADM J. Lee…………………….CFR
COL D. Mead…………………..CFR MG Jack Merritt…………………CFR
GEN E. Meyer………………….CFR COL Wm. E. Odom…………………CFR
COL L. Olvey………………….CFR COL Geo. K. Osborn………………CFR
MG J. Pustay………………….CFR LG E.L. Rowny…………………..CFR
CAPT Gary Sick………………..CFR MG De Witt Smith………………..CFR
BG Perry Smith………………..CFR LTG Wm. Y. Smith………………..CFR
COL W. Taylor…………………CFR ADM S. Turner…………………..CFR
MG J. Welch…………………..CFR GEN J. Wickham………………….CFR

FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM (Past & Present – Partial Listing)

Alan Greenspan, FED Chmn…….CFR/TC Andrew R. Brimmer……………….CFR
E. Gerald Corrigan………….CFR/TC Sam Y. Cross……………………CFR
Robert F. Erburu………………CFR Robert P. Forrestal……………..CFR
Gerald D. Hines……………….CFR Bobby R. Inman……………….CFR/TC
John B. James…………………CFR Robert H. Knight, Esq……………CFR
Steven Muller…………………CFR John R. Opel……………………CFR
Donald C. Platten……………..CFR Emmett J. Rice………………….CFR
Anthony M. Solomon………….CFR/TC Edwin M. Truman…………………CFR
Cyrus R. Vance………………..CFR Paul Volcker…………………CFR/TC
Henry Wallich…………………CFR George Weyerhaeuser…………..CFR/TC
Henry Woodbridge, Jr………..CFR/TC



Willard C. Butcher, Chmn & CEO….CFR Thomas G. Labrecque, Pres & COO. CFR/TC
Robert R. Douglass, V. Chmn…….CFR William T. Coleman, Jr. Dir……CFR/TC
James L. Ferguson, Dir…………CFR Richard W. Lyman, Dir……………CFR
Joan Ganz Cooney, Dir………….CFR David T. Kearns, Dir…………….CFR
David T. McLaughlin, Dir……….CFR Edmund T. Pratt, Jr., Dir………..CFR
Henry B. Schacht………………CFR


Walter V. Shipley, Chmn………..CFR Thomas S. Johnson, Pres………….CFR
Robert J. Callander, V. Chmn……CFR Richard S. Simmons, V. Chamn……..CFR
Donald C. Platten, Dir…………CFR Rawleigh Warner, Jr., Dir………..CFR
Richard D. Wood, Dir…………..CFR Franklin H. Williams, Dir………..CFR
Martha Redfield Wallace, Dir……CFR W. Micheal Blumenthal, Dir……….CFR
Michael L. Sovern, Dir…………CFR Lawrence G. Rawl, Dir……………CFR
George V. Grune, Dir…………..CFR Charles W. Duncan, Jr., Dir………CFR


John S. Reed, Chmn…………….CFR Hans H. Augermueller, V. Chmn…….CFR
John M. Deutch, Dir……………CFR Juanita M. Krepe, Dir……………CFR
C. Peter McColough, Dir………..CFR Charles M. Pigott, Dir…………..CFR


Lewis T. Preston, Chmn…………CFR


Charles S. Stanford, Jr., Chmn….CFR Alfred Brittain III, Dir…………CFR
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Dir……..CFR Richard L. Gelb, Dir…………….CFR
Patricia Carry Stewart, Dir…….CFR Patricia Carry Stewart, Dir………CFR


Barry F. Sullivan………………TC


Hart Fessenden, Gen Coundil…….CFR


Cyrus Vance…………………..CFR G. Robert Durham………………..CFR
George B. Munroe………………CFR Marina V. N. Whitman………….CFR/TC
Charles J. Pilliod, Jr…………CFR


Ellen B. Futter, Barnard College..CFR Michael K. Sovern, Columbia U…….CFR
Frank H.T. Rhodes, Cornell U……CFR John Brademus, New York U………..CFR
Joshua Lederberg. Rockefeller U…CFR Alice S. Ilchman, Sarah Lawrence C..CFR
Theodore Hesburgh, Notre Dame..CFR/TC Donald Kennedy, Stanford U……….CFR
Benno C. Schmidt, Jr., Yale U…..CFR Edward T. Foote, II, U of Miami…..CFR
James T. Laney, Emory U………..CFR Hanna Holborn Gray, U of Chicago….CFR
Steven Muller, Johns Hopkins U….CFR Nanneri O. Keohane, Wellesley U…..CFR
William Danforth, Wash.U.St Louis.CFR William G. Bowen, Princeton U…….CFR
Donna E. Shalala, U of Wis…..CFR/TC Hans M. Mark, Chancellor, U of Tex..CFR
Wesley W. Posvar, U of Pittsburg..CFR Howard R. Wwearer, Brown U……….CFR
James Holderman, U of S. Carolina.CFR John D. Wilson, Wash. & Lee U…….CFR



William Paley…………………CFR William Burden………………….CFR
Roswell Gilpatric……………..CFR James Houghton……………….CFR/TC
Henry Schacht………………CFR/TC Marietta Tree…………………..CFR
C.C. Collingwood………………CFR Lawrence LeSueur………………..CFR
Dan Rather……………………CFR Harry Reasoner………………….CFR
Richard Hottelet………………CFR Frank Stanton…………………..CFR
Bill Moyers…………………..CFR


Jane Pfeiffer…………………CFR Lester Crystal………………….CFR
Lester Crystal………………..CFR R.W. Sonnenfeldt………………..CFR
T.F. Bradshaw…………………CFR John Petty……………………..CFR
David Brinkley………………..CFR John Chancellor…………………CFR
Marvin Kalb…………………..CFR Irving Levine…………………..CFR
H. Schiosser………………….CFR P.G. Peterson………………..CFR/TC
John Sawhill……………….CFR/TC


Ray Adam……………………..CFR Frank Cary……………………..CFR
John Connor…………………..CFR T.M. Macioce……………………CFR
Ted Koppel……………………CFR John Scali……………………..CFR
Barbara Walters……………….CFR


Daniel Schorr…………………CFR


Hartford Gunn…………………CFR Robert McNeil…………………..CFR
Jim Lehrer……………………CFR C. Hunter-Gault…………………CFR
Hodding Carter III…………….CFR Daniel Schorr…………………..CFR


Keith Fuller………………….CFR Stanley Swinton…………………CFR
Louis Boccardi………………..CFR Harold Anderson…………………CFR
Katharine Graham……………CFR/TC


H.L. Stevenson………………..CFR


Micheal Posner………………..CFR
David Rogers………………….CFR


Henry Trewhitt………………..CFR


Arnaud de Borchgrave…………..CFR


Richard Gelb………………….CFR James Reston……………………CFR
William Scranton……………CFR/TC A.M. Rosenthal………………….CFR
Seymour Topping……………….CFR James Greenfield………………..CFR
Max Frankel…………………..CFR Jack Rosenthal………………….CFR
Harding Bradford………………CFR Amory Bradford………………….CFR
Orvil Dryfoos…………………CFR David Halberstram……………….CFR
Walter Lippmann……………….CFR L.E. Markel…………………….CFR
H.L. Matthews…………………CFR John Oakes……………………..CFR
Adolph Ochs…………………..CFR Harrison Salisbury………………CFR
A. Hays Sulzberger…………….CFR A. Ochs Sulzberger………………CFR
C.L. Sulzberger……………….CFR H.L. Smith……………………..CFR
Steven Rattner………………..CFR Richard Burt……………………CFR


Ralph Davidson………………..CFR Donald M. Wilson………………..CFR
Louis Banks…………………..CFR Henry Grunwald………………….CFR
Alexander Heard……………….CFR Sol Linowitz…………………CFR/TC
Rawleigh Warner, Jr……………CFR Thomas Watson, Jr……………….CFR


Katharine Graham……………CFR/TC Philip Graham…………………..CFR
Arjay Miller…………………..TC N. deB. Katzenbach………………CFR
Frederick Beebe……………….CFR Robert Christopher………………CFR
Osborne Elliot………………..CFR Phillip Geyelin…………………CFR
Kermit Lausner………………..CFR Murry Marder……………………CFR
Malcolm Muir………………….CFR Maynard Parker………………….CFR
George Will…………………..CFR Robert Kaiser…………………..CFR
Meg Greenfield………………..CFR Walter Pincus…………………..CFR
Murray Gart…………………..CFR Peter Osnos…………………….CFR
Peter Osnos…………………..CFR Don Oberdorfer………………….CFR


William Agee………………….CFR J. Paul Austin…………………..TC
Charles Mayer…………………CFR Robert Potter…………………..CFR
Karen House…………………..CFR


Wm. F. Buckley, Jr…………….CFR Richard Brookiser……………….CFR



Lawrence G. Rawl, Chmn…………CFR Lee R. Raymond, Pres…………….CFR
Jack F. Bennett, Sr. VP………..CFR Jack G. Clarke, SR. VP…………..CFR


Alfred C. DeCrane, Jr. Chmn.


Philop M. Hawley………………CFR Hannah H. Gray………………….CFR
Donald M. Kendall…………..CFR/TC


John F. Bookout


Allan E. Murray, Chmn………….CFR Richard F. Tucker, V. Chmn……….CFR



Robert H. Hanson & CEO…………CFR


John F, Akers, Chmn……………CFR John R. Opel, Chmn, former Chmn. Fed
Reserve Bank of New York…………CFR


William S. Norman, Exec. V.Pres…CFR


Micheal Novak, Member………….CFR Lane Kirkland, Member……………CFR


Peter E. Haas…………………CFR Juanita M. Kreps………………..CFR
Donald F. McHenry……………..CFR Henry B. Schacht………………..CFR
Micheal I Sovem……………….CFR Franklin A. Thomas Jr,…………..CFR
Rawleigh Warmer, Jr……………CFR Thomas H. Wyman…………………CFR


Joseph A. Califano, Jr…………CFR Juanita Kreps…………………..CFR
Peter A. Magowan………………CFR J. Paul Sticht………………….CFR


Anne L. Armstrong……………..CFR Marvin L. Goldberger…………….CFR
Edmund T. Pratt, Jr……………CFR James D. Robinson III……………CFR
Leon H. Sullivan………………CFR Thomas H. Wyman…………………CFR


Donald E. Peterson, Chmn……….CFR Philip Caldwell………………….TC
Roberto C. Goizueta…………CFR/TC Drew Lewis……………………..CFR


John F. Welch, Jr. Chmn………..CFR David C. Jones………………….CFR
Lewis T. Preston………………CFR Frank H.T. Rhodes……………….CFR
Walter B. Wriston……………..CFR Lawrence A. Bossidy, V. Chmn………TC


Robert McCormick Adams, Secretary CFR………………………………..CFR
Amme L. Armstrong, Bd. of Regents……………………………………CFR
William J. Baroody, Jr. Chmn, Bd of Trust,Woodrow Wilson Inter.Cnt.Schlrs..CFR
William G. Bowen, Bd of Regents……………………………………..CFR
Ralph P. Davidson, Chmn, J.F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts………..CFR
Murray Gell-Mann, Bd of Regents……………………………………..CFR
Daniel P. Moynihan, Bd of Regents……………………………………CFR
John R. Stevenson, Pres. National Gallery of Art………………………CFR

««The Council on Foreign Relations is the American Branch of a society which originated in England and believes national boundaries should be obliterated and one world rule established…

The Trilateral Commission is international and is intended to be the vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking interests by seizing control of the political government of the United States.»
Senator Barry Goldwater


Influence or control of Money, Mail, Media, Military, IRS/Tax Courts, Commerce, Energy, Unions, Domestic and Foreign Policy, etc. provides an apparent opportunity for massive fraud, robbery and control of the American people!*The SPOTLIGHT Special Edition February 1990



Edited by Holly Skar

«TRILATERALISM,» an in-depth research study of the history of the Trilateral Commission, is available for $18 from Liberty Library, 300 Indepence Ave., SE Washington D.C. 20003

JOHN D. ALLAN, Chief Executive Officer, Stelco Inc., Toronto
ROBERT E. ALLEN, Chairman of the Board, American Telephone & Telegraph Co.
DWAUNE O. ANDREAS, Chmn. Bd. & Chief Ex. Off., Archer Daniels Midland Co.
ROBERT L. BARTLEY, Editor, The Wall Street Journal
C. FRED BERGSTEN, Director, Institute for International Economics, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs.
CONRAD M. BLACK, Chairman, Argus Corporation, Ltd,. Toronto; Chmn., President and Chief Executive Officer. Hollinger Inc.
LAWRENCE A. BOSSIDY, Vice Chairman of the Board, General Electric Company.
GERALD K. BOUEY, Former Governor of the Bank of Canada
TOM BRADDLEY, Mayor of Los Angeles
HAROLD BROWN, Chairman, Johns Hopkins Foreign Policy Institute, Washington D.C.; former U.S. Secretary of Defense
*ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI, Counselor, Centerfor Strategic and International studies; Herbert Lehman Professor of Government, Columbia University; former U.S. Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs
JAMES E. BURKE, Former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Johnson & Johnson
SOL C. CHAIKIN, President Emeritus, International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union
HENRY G. CISNEROS, Mayor of San Antonio, Texas
BILL CLINTON, Governor of Arkansas
WILLIAM S. COHEN, Member of United States Senate
*WILLIAM T. COLEMAN, JR., Senior Partner, O’Melveny & Myers; former U.S.
Secretary of Transportation
RICHARD N. COOPER, Maurits Boas Professor of International Economics, Harvard
University; former U.S. Under Secretary of State for Economic Affairs
E. GERALD CORRIGAN, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
RAYMOND CYR, President, Bell Canada Enterprises, Montreal
LYNN E. DAVIS, Fellow, Johns Hopkins Foreign Policy Institute, Washington D.C.
ROBERT W. DECHERD, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, A.H. Belo Corporation
PETER C. DOBELL, Director, Parliamentary Centre for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Ottawa
MARIE-JOSEE DROUIN, Executive Director, Hudson Institute of Canada Montreal
CLAUDE A EDWARDS, Former Member, Public Service Staff Relations Board, Ottawa
DIANNE FEINSTEIN, Former Mayor of San Francisco
MARTIN FELDSTEIN, President, National Bureau of Economics, Harvard University; former Chairman, U.S. Council of Economic Advisors
THOMAS S. FOLEY, Majority Leader of U.S. House of Representatives
LOUIS V. GERSTNER, JR,. President and Chief Executive Officer, RJR Nabisco, Inc.
JOHN H. GLEN, JR., Member of United States Senate
ROBERTO C. GOIZUETA, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive officer, The Coca-Cola Company
NEIL GOLDSCHMIDT, Governor of Oregon; former U.S. Secretary of Transportation
ALLAN E. GOTLIEB, Former Canadian Ambassador to the United States
KATHARINE GRAHAM, Chairman of the Board, The Washington Post Company
MAURICE R. GREENBERG, President and Chief Executive Officer, American International Group, Inc.
ROBERT D. HAAS, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Sevi Strauss & Co.
ALEXANDER M. HAIG, JR,. President, Worldwide Associates, Inc.; former U.S. Secretary of State
ROBERT A. HANSON, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Deere &Company
DAVID J. HENNIGAR, Chairman, Crownx Inc.; Atlantic Regional Director,Burns Fry Ltd,. Halifax, Nova Scotia
THEODORE M. HESBURGH, C.S.C., President Emeritus, University of Notre Dame.
RICHARD C. HOLBROOKE, Managing Director, Shearson Lehman Hutton, Inc.; former
U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs.
ROBERT D. HORMATS, Vice Chairman, Goldman, Sachs International; former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs.
JAMES R. HOUGHTON, Chairman of the Board, Corning Glass Works.
WILLIAM G. HYLAND, Editor, Foreign Affairs; former U.S. Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs.
*ROBERT S. INGERSOLL, Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State and ambassador to Japan.
BOBBY RAY INMAN, President and Chief Executive Officer, Westmark Systems Inc.; former Deputy Cirector, Central Intelligence Agency.
W. THOMAS JOHNSON, Publisher and Chief Executive Officer, Los Angeles Times.
THOMAS V. JONES, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Northrop Corporation.
BARBARA jORDAN, Lyndon B. Johnson Centennial Chair in National Policy, Lyndon
B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas; former member of U.S. House of Representatives.
VERNON JORDAN, Partner, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld.
GEORGE M. KELLER, Former C hairman of the Board, Chevron Corporation.
DONALD M. KENDALL, Chairman of the Executive Committee, PepsiCo Inc.
JEANE J. KIRKPATRICK, Resident Scholar, American Enterpise Institute; former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.
*Henry A. Kissinger, Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.; former U.S. Secretary of State; former U.S. Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs.
THOMAS G. LABRECQUE, President, the Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A.
JIM LEACH, Member of U.S. House of Representatives.
FLORA lEWIS, Foreign Affairs Columnist, The New York Times.
JAMES T. LYNN, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Aetna Life & Casualty Co., former U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
BRUCE K. MACLAURY, President, The Brookings Institution.
*ROBERT S. MCNAMARA, Former President, The World Bank; former U.S. Secretary of Defense.
RUBEN F. METTLER, Former Chairman of the Board, TRW, Inc.
JOSEPH S. NYE, JR., Director of the Center for Science & International Affairs and Ford Foundation Professor of Government, Harvard University; former U.S. Deputy Under Secretary of State for Decurity Assistance, Science and Technology.
CHARLES S. RANGEL, Member of U.S. House of Representatives.
DONALD B. RICE, President and Chief Executive Officer, The RAND Corporation.
CHARLES S. ROBB, Member of United States Senate, former Governor of Virginia.
*CHARLES W. ROBINSON, Chairman, Energy Transition Corporation; former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State.
DUFF ROBLIN, Member of Canadian Senate; former Premier of Manitoba; former Government Leader in the Senate.
JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER IV, Member of United States Senate; former Governor of West Virginia.
FELIX G. ROHATYN, Partner, Lazard Freres & Co.
*HENRY ROSOVSKY, Lewis P. & Linda L. Geyser University Professor, Harvard University.
WILLIAM V. ROTH, JR., Member of United States Senate.
WILLIAM W. SCRANTON, Former Governor of Pennsylvania; former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations.
DONNA E. SHALALA, Chancellor, University of Wisconsin at Madison.
ALBERT SHANKER, President, American Federation of Teachers.
GERARD C. SMITH, Former Head of U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency and Chief Negotiator -Proliferation Matters.
RON SOUTHERLAND, Deputy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ATCO Ltd.,
S. FREDERICK STARR, President, Oberlin College.
FRITZ R. STERN, Seth Low Professor of History, Columbia University.
DAVID STOCKMAN, General Partner, The Blackstone Group; former Director U.S. Office of Mamagement and Budget.
ROBERT s. sTRAUSS, Partner, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Houer & Feld; former U.S. Special Trade Representative.
BARRY F. SULLIVAN, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, The First National Bank of Chicago.
STROBE TALBOTT, Washington Bureau Chief and Foreign Affairs Columnist, Time.
PETER TARNOFF, President, council on Foreign Relations, New York.
LESTER C. THUROW, Dean, Alfred P. Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
WILLIAM I.M. TURNER, JR., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, PCC Industrial Corporation, Montreal.
G.A. VAN WIELINGEN, President and Chief Executive Officer, NuGas Limited, Calgary.
*PAUL A. VOLCKER, Chairman, James D. Wolfensohn Inc., New York; Frederick H. Schultz Professor of Public & International Affairs, Princeton University; former Chairman, Board of Governors, U.S. Federal Reserve System.
*J.H. WARREN, Principal Trade Policy Advisor, Government of Quebec; Canadian Ambassador to the United States.
GLENN E. WATTS, President Emeritus, Communications Workers of America.
CLIFTON R. WHARTON, JR., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association/College Retirement Equities Fund; former Chancellor, State University of New York.
MARINA V.N. WHITMAN, Vice President & Group Execuitive, General Motors Corporation.
GEORGE F. WILL, Columnist.
KAREN HASTIE WILLIAMS, Partner, Crowell & Moring.

* Executive Committee


GEORGE BUSH, President of the United States
RICHARD C.DARMAN, Director, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State.
LAWRENCE S. EAGLEBURGER, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
ALAN GREENSPAN, Chairman, Board of Governors, U.S. Federal Reserve System.
CARLA A. HILLS, U.S. Trade Representative.
WINSTON LORD, U.S. Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China.
LOWELL MURRAY, Government Leader in the Senate; Canadian Minister of State for Federal-Provincial Relations.
BRENT SCOWCROFT, U.S. Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs.
WILLIAM C. WINEGARD, Minister of State (Science and Technology), Government of Canada.

Space limitation prohibits publication here (in the SPOTLIGHT) of the entire international membership list of the Trilateral Commission. But suffice it to say the membership includes some of the biggest names in Western European and Japanese politics, finance, industry and the media. A sampling: Giovanni Agnelli, chairman of FIAT; Garret Fitzgerald, former prime minister of Ireland; Walther Leisler Kiep, treasurer of the Christian Democratic Party of Germany; Andrew Knight, editor-in-chief of London’s Daily Telegraph; Gerhard Schrøeder, West German minister of defense; Thorvald Stoltenberg, Norwegian minister of foreign affairs; Takashi Ishihara, Chairman of Nissan; Yohei Mimura, chairman, Mitsubishi Corp.; Yutaka Saito, president of Nippon Steel; and Eiji Toyoda, chairman of Toyota.

For a complete list of the members of the commission, as of May 8, 1989, send $3 to The SPOTLIGHT, 300 Independence Ave. SE, Washington, D.C. 20003.*


The following article is from the Concerned Women for America of Colorado News Digest. Comments regarding the article should be made in writing to the CWA of Colorado News Digest Editor, P.O. Box 1987, Arvada, Co 80001-1987.


Educational Restructuring of America by Carol Belt

A new wave of education reform is sweeping the country. This reform, being promoted by such national figures as Theodore Sizer, Ernest Boyer, John Goodlad, Mortimer Adler and others with the futurist perspective is call restructuring. The futurist perspective that these people have is a combination of a One World Government and a One World Religion which, combined, would create a New World Order. Education leaders are dismantling traditional schools and transforming them into alternative models for the future. These alternative models touted as new creative, and being exclusively developed by individual districts, are in fact clones of national programs introduced by progressive educators years ago.

I have been following these educational trends for several years.
I became aware of them back in the early 1980’s when I was asked to
be on a committee for strategic planning for our schools district.
At that time i did not belong to any organized group, nor did I
have any political ambitions. As I began to see the non-
competitive, antinationalistic approach that was being promoted in
these programs, I became very concerned. i was not able to receive
any straight answers to my questions regarding these programs. i
decided to run for the school board in our local district. As a
result of being on the school board, I was able to go to meetings
and have received publications that have given me access to first
hand information on things that I had only suspected before. After
years of research, I decided to begin to write reports on some of
the things that I have discovered.

This first report, entitled Educational Restructuring of America
Education or Indoctrination, was written from material supplied by
the Littleton High School, Littleton Colorado District #6 to
promote their Direction 2000 project. Their reform package calls
for a new criteria for graduation. These criteria include
assessment of the students’ social, ethical and emotional
development. They also include doing away with traditional grades
and the Carnegie Unit (which determines who gets into college).
Emphasis is placed on attitudes, self-esteem, and critical thinking
skills rather than academic, cognitive (i.e., three R’s) skills.
The thinking skills referred to are nothing more than another
deceptive term to introduce a way of changing students’ values. A
curriculum reflecting these skills is necessary for ‘willing’ or at
least ‘passive’ citizenship in a socialistic one-world government.

Thousands of taxpayer dollars are being spent on this project.
The reason for changing the basic and traditional methods of
measuring student success has not been made clear. Outcome based,
mastery learning and re-learning are one and the same. Names are
changed where these programs are introduced and re-introduced in
order to gain acceptance and present them as the cure all for our
sick educational system. Theodore Sizer’s Coalition of Essential
Schools, believes that «student progress relies more on
demonstration of thoughtful habits of mind and less on memorization
of facts.» This technique, when first reviewed, was said to result
in gains of up to one standard deviation in student achievement.
Such a gain would push a student at the 50th percentile on a
achievement to nearly the 85th percentile. A report by Robert E.
Slavin from Johns Hopkins University, critical of the results of
this technique, states that Mastery Learning failed to increase
student scores on standardized tests. The results were that this
technique benefits low achievers, while holding back the high
achievers from progressing to higher levels. Although these
programs have been rejected by school districts in Chicago,
Montana, Tennessee, Michigan and New Mexico, outcome-based
education is being currently popularized by Theodore Sizer and his
Coalition of Essential Schools.

In the 1990 annual report of the Colorado Department of
Education entitled «Reaching for the Future,» page 13 states: «The
Re:Learning Project is a national effort to redesign the total
educational system in cooperation with the Coalition of Essential
Schools and the Education Commission of the States.» Colorado is
currently participating in Re:Learning as a networking state, which
involves a state planning/study group composed of policy makers and
representatives of schools, districts and higher education
institutions who meet on a regular basis to explore the feasibility
of the Re:learning Project of Colorado.

Participating schools are Chatfield high School, Jefferson
County; Lamar Middle School, Southeast Colorado, Montrose School
District, Western Slopes; High schools redirection,Denver Public
Schools; the Lab School of UNC, Greeley; and Horizon High School,
Adams 12.

Since this report. was released, there are several other schools
that have been added. They are: Akron High School, the entire Aspen
School District, Douglas County High School, Castle Rock Junior
High, Larkspur Elementary, Douglas County, Fairview High School,
Burbank Junion High, Martin Park Elementary, Boulder Valley
District, the entire Fort Lupton School District, Hinkley High
School, Aurora School District, Evergreen High School, Jefferson
High School, Wheat Ridge Junior High, Lumberg, Molhom, Edgewater,
Martenson, Stevens Elementary schools, Jefferson County, Lincoln
High School, Denver, the entire Pagosa Springs School District,
Roaring Fork and Basalt High Schools, East Junior High, Palmer and
Adams Elementary, El Paso II, Pueblo 70 High School, University
High School, Greeley. For more information, contact: C. Belt, PO
Box 2244, Englewood, Colorado 80150.*


«WIPEOUT» was receive from a financial advisor newsletter
publisher, The «Insider Report», P.O. Box 84903, Phoenix, AZ 85071
1-800-528-0559. Although it was basically an advertisement for the
news letter, it emphasizes the fact that The New World Order is a
very real threat and isnot an imaginary conspiracy. Those who
truly understand The New World Order and are not a part of it are
everywhere trying to warn others. This should mean something to you
if you are concerned about the future. Listen carefully! We will
eliminate the newsletter advertisement and stress only the details
on The New World Order.


Are you ready for a world turned upside down? You need to be.
Because we’re facing a tidal wave of gut-wrenching upheavals that
will make it seem our world’s is being ripped apart.

Bank failures … business collapses … international terrorism
… wars and rumors of wars … all much worse than anything in
human history.

Is the whole world going crazy? No! But it is being transformed
in what will be the most massive shift of power and wealth in over
two centuries. Call it the «end of history,» the «age of
apocalypse,» or the «New World order.» Amidst the chaos, it’s vital
you understand two things:

(1) None of this is accidental. It’s all been planned.
(2) You can take steps to protect yourself.

In fact, you must – or you too will be swept away in the

Dear Concerned Investor,

As you read this, a handful of Americans are becoming much, much

For most of them, reaping truly extraordinary profits is virtual
child’s play. Not because they can «see» into the future — but
because they can manipulate the future.

I’m talking about a small group of super-powerful,
superinfluential businessmen and government advisors (we call the
«the Insiders») who know what’s about to happen, because they were
in on the planning.

These «Insiders» don’t break the laws — they make the laws!
They rig the rules others must follow … orchestrate national
events and international crises. And believe me when I tell you,
they’ve got market-manipulation down pat.

But there’s a second group of people who are also about to see
their fortunes rise.

These sharp investors will take profits on a scale once reserved
only for the Insiders. And they’ll do it the easy way — by copy-
catting every move those master manipulators make.

When you know who these «Insiders» are … learn their signals
… know how to match their moves … you can follow the super-rich
Insiders to the pot of gold. Let me show you how.


If you think we’ve been living in chaotic, confusing times,
I’ve got bad news for you. Things are about to get a lot worse.

There won’t be one crisis to face in the coming months. I’m
afraid there will be a lot more than that.

We’ve seen falling real estate prices, bank and S&L failures, a
recession that is already a depression for many Americans, and
300,000 troops stationed in the Middle East.

It’s enough to make Pollyanna bite her nails, isn’t it?

But we are just on the edge of the storm. The full, lashing fury
is still to come.

And there’s something even more incredible than the huge scope
of this series of mega-disasters-to-come. What’s more amazing is
that THIS wipeout has been PLANNED.

The coming crises are not just normal market corrections … not
just a symptom of a declining dollar … not just a reaction to
chaotic world events.

No the world is being prepared for crisis, and America is being
set up to take a fall, for a simple but incredibly evil reason …

We call the schemers behind all this «the Insiders.» And they’ve
been playing this dangerous but very profitable game with world
finances and world politics for generations.

They’ve got it down to a science … a very lucrative science.
And now they think they’re about to take total control.

The Insiders have various names for their grand design — «the
end of history» … the «age of apocalypse» … and ultimately,
«the New World Order.»

Whatever they call it, it means bad news for us. And for every
other human who values freedom.

What these Insiders don’t know (or in some cases, don’t care) is
that a small minority of people understand their schemes … oppose
their dreams … and plan to match their investment strategies all
the way up.

In a moment, I’ll tell you how you can be one of them.

But first … more about the people we call «the Insiders.»


The people we mean by «Insiders» — the ones who use their
huge fortunes and considerable power to rig markets and promote
conflicts — are all members of a small but immensely powerful

You’ll find them in such institutions as the Roundtable, the
Bilderburgers, the Trilateral Commission, and the Council on
Foreign Relations.

The unholy alliance exists for one reason …

These Insiders are the movers and shakers who are in charge of
each country’s central bank … who control their governments. Who
run the world’s multinational banks … the communications media
… the educational systems… and tax-free foundations.

You’ll find these Insiders in the corridors of power in New
York, Washington, London, and Zurich … even Moscow itself.

You know the type — wealthy, well–connected international
businessmen (and a few women), politicians, bankers, media moguls,
and the like.


These Insiders are not petty operators. They’ve been referred to
as the «secret government» of the United States.

But the fact is, they wield more power between them than the
governments of the U.S. and U.S.S.R combined! They’re bigger than
governments! They are what one prominent European politician

*** control what you see and hear (and spike what they don’t
want you to know).

*** choose who will be nominated for important political office
(including the Presidency) and often, who will win.

*** decide which companies will prosper, which will be saved
from disaster, and which will sink without a trace.

*** determine the value of the dollar, the price of gold, the
rise (and fall) of interest rates and the stock market (remember
the Planned Crash?), and much more.

With power like that, they can do almost anything they want. So
they do. And there is …


Why can’t the Insiders —people with more money than they could
spend in ten lifetimes … more luxuries than they could ever find
time to enjoy — resist the temptation to rig events?

Two reasons. The first, surprisingly, isn’t greed — it’s an
almost unbelievable arrogance. They do it because they can. Because
they enjoy it. And because, believe it or not, they think they have
the right to rule or ruin our lives.

These twisted souls take an almost obscene pleasure in the game
itself. Every nuance of the play, every shared signal, brings them
pleasure. Every flex of their muscle or demonstration of their
power brings them a wicked delight.

But the Insiders greatest satisfaction will come when their true
goal is finally reached … when they’ve successfully steered the
markets and the world into place for their ultimate power grab.

and that’s why the second reason for their actions is much more
serious … with potentially horrifying consequences for you and
your family.


The Insiders actually believe it is their «responsibility» to
rule the world. And they and their predecessors have dreamed and
schemed for decades to bring this about.

That’s why they have combined their considerable talents,
wealth, and connections for so long. Their goal has been nothing
less than the creation of a NEW WORLD ORDER, with themselves in
total and absolute control.

They have been doggedly pursuing this awful plan for many years.
They tried it with the League of Nations (after they engineered our
entry into World War I), They tried it with the United Nations
(after they did the same thing in World War II).

They pushed us into no-win wars in Korea and Vietnam. They put
their dreaded blue helmets» to work in Katanga, Africa and the
Middle East as part of the same evil scheme.

And along the way, they’ve managed to amass more profits for
themselves and more power for the governments they control.

There is just one major failure they’ve endured: they were never
able to get a majority of Americans to go along with their «one-
world government» schemes. Until now.


After decades of seeing their «New World Order» plans scorned
and rejected, the Insiders have silently and secretly changed

They’ve hit on the one way they believe will finally let them
seize total world power.

They believe they’ll face barely a whimper of protest.

In fact, they’re confident the overwhelming majority of
Americans will actually applaud their plans.

If you understand the dramatic switch that’s taking place, you
can turn the planned WIPEOUT into dramatic profits for yourself. if
you don’t, you’ll fall right into their trap.

Here’s that all important change:

Instead of striving for total political power, the Insiders have
decided to go for total financial power first. They know that once
they achieve control of the world’s finances. Political control
will follow.

So instead of building a world government first, it will be
regional banks, followed by a world bank. Regional currencies,
followed by a world currency. And regional governments, followed by
a true world government. By the time their trap is closed, they
believe, it will be too late for anyone to oppose them.

You’re probably asking yourself, How can they possibly hope to
get away with it? What could ever persuade Americans to surrender
financial sovereignty to a «New World Order»?

The Insiders have the answer to that one, too.


Crisis. In fact, dozens of them. Create enough emergencies at
home (from bank failures to bread lines) and engineer enough
conflicts abroad (the Middle East is a classic case), and what

The Insiders believe it will send us rushing to embrace their
«solution.» Instead of «wars and want,» the Insiders will promise
«peace and plenty.»

The price will be accepting their one-world controls … their
one world currency … their New World Order.

So what if this means losing a little sovereignty? Sacrificing
a few of our freedoms? Agreeing to merge some of our government
with the rest of the world?

You should shudder at the prospect.

But I’m afraid most of the world will applaud.


For decades the Insiders practiced the art of «patient
gradualism.» Their favorite dance was «two steps forward, one step

Now they appear to have put their plans on «fast forward.»

Why the almost obscene haste? I’m very much afraid it’s because
they think they’re nearing the goal line.

In their long campaign to build a New World Order, the Insiders
believe they’re rounding the final turn. So they’re increasing the
pace in a mad dash for the finish line.

You can see how events are accelerating. Remember the panic of
the «Planned Crash» of «87? Then come the «collapse of communism»
and the building of a «united Europe.»

Anyone who dares oppose them is a target. Margaret Thatcher
resisted their plans for a unified Europe. Zap, she’s history. Lech
Walesa embraces the «new realities.» Guess who’s the new prime
minister of Poland?

Saddam Hussein gets tricked into invading Kuwait, and we respond
by rushing in half-a-million troops. Not under U.S. command, by the
way, but under the control of the United Nations.

Our special report on the whole charade, «Countdown to the New
World Order,» Will make your blood boil. But it could save
everything you’ve earned. In a moment I’ll tell you how to receive
a free copy. Before I do, here’s some good news.

There is a way to protect yourself from the disasters to come.
You don’t have to be wiped out by the coming convulsions.

How can you insulate yourself and your family from the planned

By knowing in advance what the next Insider moves are. And
getting out of the way of danger … while you get in position for


The following is from The Plain Truth magazine, March 1991


It Could Backfire On Those Who Want It Most!

Last August, Iraq did more than occupy Kuwait. It transgressed
international law and threatened the world’s collective security.

It was a first test of a new world order that has come into
being following the collapse of European communism and the end of
the Cold War. Whatever the eventual outcome of the Kuwait crisis,
progress may have been made toward a world regulated by
international consensus.

This seems good news for democratic nations who need peace and
stability to prosper. But it could lead to some nasty surprises.

International law is, in general terms, the mutually agreed-on-
rules by which nations conduct affairs of State with each other. It
has been a rather hazy concept in international relations.

it is widely accepted that a government can behave in almost any
way it pleases within its own borders. others may not like it, yet
nations generally accept that they do not have the right to
interfere in each others’ internal affairs.

But what if a national policy has negative repercussions beyond
a sovereign nation’s territory? Are some actions «crimes against
humanity,» to be intercepted and perhaps punished? If so, who
decides what is acceptable and what is not?

The concept that such matters become legitimate concerns of
international law has seldom been put to the test.

The League of Nations, formed after the First World War, was a
genuine attempt to provide a forum to resolve international
conflicts. But the League could not stop Imperial japan, Mussolini
or Hitler planning and waging aggressive campaigns that led to the
Second World War.

When it was over, a number of the vanquished leaders were
convicted of «crimes against humanity» by war crimes tribunals a
first in the history of international law.

International law remains, however, a vague ideal. As U.S. Judge
Robert Bork noted: «There can be no authentic rule of law among
nations until nations have a common political morality or are under
a common sovereignty.»


Without a commonly accepted code of behavior, military superpowers
are the key to enforcing international law. Without them, smaller
nations might be left muttering that something must be done, but
little can be.

Superpowers tend to react only when their own interests are
threatened. International law becomes, DE FACTO, what the most
powerful nations agree is in their best interests.

The unprecedented international reaction to the Kuwaiti affair
has put nations on notice that naked aggression will not be
tolerated in the developing new world order. That is good news. But
it raises some interesting questions.

Is planning and waging aggression the only threat to collective
security that should bring the wrath of the world down on a nation?


When the Gulf crisis is resolved, other international issues need

We have to find a way to live on a more and more crowded earth,
and our collective welfare is becoming ever more interdependent.
Scientists and other environmentalists warn that we must more
carefully manage our resources for humanity to survive.

Surely rain forests are an international resource and their
destruction threatens the will being, and maybe the existence of
much of mankind. Could a future world consensus put more than just
moral pressure, sanctions for example, on Brazilians to stop
slashing and burning rain forest?

What about atmospheric pollution? Or toxic waste disposal?
Managing the noxious by-products of advanced technology has become
expensive. Nations tend to be concerned only after they have their
industrial base.

Developing countries argue that they must first be allowed to
follow the cheap and dirty path to industrial development before
pausing to clean up themess. So could should international law be
invoked to force newly industrializing countries, Thailand and
Mexico, for example, to sacrifice national progress for
international good?

Then there is the question of economics. The prosperity or
poverty of billions hangs on the health of a few big league
currencies the dollar, yen, pound sterling, franc and deutsche

Does such currency constitute a global resource? Since
mismanagement has international repercussions, should an economic
superpower like the U. S., which persists in financial
irresponsibility, be accountable under international law?

If American’s free-spending, debt-happy government and people
won’t discipline themselves, could a world consensus impose trade
sanctions or other forms of discipline?

Nations treat international agreements in a very cavalier
fashion if in their own best interests to do so. To work, the new
world order must have sufficient power to maintain control. The
Kuwaiti affair has shown that. The economic superpowers, like
Germany and Japan, who face serious consequences if anything
happens to Middle East oil, found themselves essentially powerless.
They needed America’s military muscle.

How long will the world be willing to live with this situation?
Though more and more nations are now wanting to embark on a course
of democratic free market economy, not everyone is comfortable with
the United States’ experiment in democracy. Can the world afford
the American model of development to be repeated in one after the
other of the newly industrial countries?

A world that must manage a growing population and dwindling
resources may decide it cannot afford Waster-style economic
profligacy after all. Jesus Christ once pointed out (Luke 22:25)
that many people prefer stern authoritarian systems of government
than the unpredictability of free market democracy.

It might seem unlikely now, but a future generation, with its
back to the wall over population and environmental pressures, might
opt for stricter control, even at the expense of personal and
economic freedom. Conjecture?

Perhaps, but the Bible has warned us to expect something like
this to happen. The Appoclypse or book of Revelation describes a
future world in the grip of a strong confederation of nations. They
have combined under a charismatic leader to form an economic,
political, military and religious superpower bloc.

This superpower effectively controls the world. It decides who
controls the world. It decides who can trade, with what
commodities, and with whom.

The curtain has not yet risen on such a world. But the script
has been written, the cast may be assembling. Listen carefully, and
you can hear ominous sounds backstage. When the time comes for this
prophesied stern superpower to impose its will upon the world,
those who now look for order and security in international law and
collective security may find themselves in trouble.

Some of today’s free-wheeling, free-market, freedom-conscious
and liberal nations might well be the victims of the new world
order. Others may welcome its rule. For a while, it may seem
mankind has at last found a common political (and economic and
religious) morality, and even a common sovereignty.

The Bible, however, shows this new world order turns into a trap
one last desperate attempt of mankind to solve his problems without
the written revelation of God. But it will fail catastrophically,
with consequences so devastating only the intervention of God can
save humanity.

At that critical point God will intervene, and save humanity
from itself. The Bible shows this is how our dream of a world ruled
fairly by international, spiritually based law will be realized.

That law, given to humans by their Creator at Mt. Sinai, is
summed up by Jesus, statement: «You shall love God with all your
heart» and «you shall love your neighbor as yourself» (Matthew

That this will happen is the good news in a frightening and
uncertain future.


The SPOTLIGHT Editorial October 15, 1990 Data Entry by Fran


Say it once. Say it twice. Say it three times. «New world
order.» You might as well say it since you’re going to be hearing
a lot about it in the days to come. It;s nothing new. The world-
improvers have been working on it for a long time but they’ve never
admitted it publicly before. Now, the


and you can thank your conservative Republican president and his
chorus of yes-men for it.
In his book, THE WORLD CONSPIRACY, author Nicola M. Nicolov
describes this old conspiracy and succeeds very well. The evidence
proving a plot to impose world government is there and it cannot be
To usher in this «new world order» a good war is needed. Well,
not exactly a good war, any old war. and the war that Bush and his
superiors have fashioned is war enough. It’s a lousy war, with no
war aims that will stand up to examination – which is exactly what
the rest of the media are making sure of. But let;s examine what
this war is all about and what to expect from it – and what not to
expect from it.
Like all wars this country has been slickered into since the
Civil War, it is presented as a do-good-for-others war with no
thought whatsoever being given to the advantages supposed to flow
for us. Isn’t the world mission for the internationalists to
improve the lot of everyone else while ignoring the problems at
home? But


let’s examine all of the magnificent results to be logically
expected for the Great American Suckers who are expected to fight
and pay for Mr. Bush’s war. Let us look at things – for a change-
from the standpoint of the interests of the American nation and the
people who inhabit it, not the interests of the Israelis, the
British, the Arabian oligarchies, the international oil companies
and bankers. We realize this is a unique outlook, but let’s make a
stab at it.
Let us ask some questions, very specific. Let us consider the
major and vital issues facing the American people – which
happen to be exactly the issues the politicians wish to avoid:
* Will Mr. Bush’s war lower Federal spending?
* Will it lower the Federal Budget?
* Will it decrease the size and power of the meddling and
wasteful Federal bureaucracy, including such
freedom-expanding and
helpful agencies as the IRS, FDA and CIA?
* Will it diminish political corruption?
* Will it lower the interest burden?
* Will it fight inflation?
* Will it lower the price of gas, Diesel, hating oil etc?
* Will it fight the drug plague?
* Will it make it safe for people in cities to walk the
streets again without being mugged or killed?
* Will it help to uncover the crooks who perpetrated the S&L
SCAM OF $500 billion or so?
* Will it aid the American farmer or wage-earner or retired
worker or the homeless and destitute?
* Will it clean up our slums, fix up our highways, provide
cheap public transportation and give the unemployed honest
labor producing for society instead of the waste of war?
* Will it clean up our smutty media and entertainment? Will it
replace pornography with art and cure the disease of
homosexuality rotting our society?
*Will it improve or even server to maintain your quality of
life in any way unless you are of a favored class of
profiteers or own an oil well?


are evident by asking them. War always increases the size and
power of the government. It always enriches the sleazy profiteers
and tends to keep the politicians in office. It always diverts the
attention of the public from the real issues, centering their ardor
on unattainable chimeras and will-o-the wisp rhetorical flourishes,
a sure and certain recipe for domestic disaster. And in this case,
the worst chimera of all is the new world order of the
international mattoids, carefully designed to separate the
American people not only from their money and their blood but also
their Constitution, because what war are talking about is world
government, nothing less.
It wasn’t too long ago when the conservatives of America were
often heard sounding their opposition to the socialistic, leftist
world planners who made the mistake of actually saying what they
meant when they said they were for world government, they made no
effort to hide it but the conservatives and libertarians now
working for world government are not the frank. They are only
working for free trade, a world money transfer system without any
encumbrances, the letting down of all immigration barriers, the
elimination of passports, even and international money system, and
they profess not to understand that the culmination of their
desires would result in the end of American sovereignty, the
Constitution and everything identifiable as American. Can they
really be that stupid? Or do they just expect the American people
to be stupid enough to swallow the bait?


for American sovereignty, you can be certain of that. Loss of
sovereignty means loss of everything Americans have built; it is a
repudiation of every American who has died for his country – as
certain a repudiation as this government now gives to the many POW
‘S and MIAs lost in Korea and Vietnam – and the ones who will
certainly be lost, forgotten and repudiated in the war Mr. Bush is
trying so hard to get started. (Remember that in case you’re
thinking of enlisting.)
As Theodore Roosevelt said, real patriotism consists of
speaking the right and doing what is right, even if the president
and the Trilateralist/Israeli lobby don’t like it.

IT’S TIME TO SPEAK UP.r enough. It’s a lousy war, with no
war aims that will stand up to


The SPOTLIGHT October 22, 1990 Data Entry by Mark McDonald

THE FREE_TRADE internationalists are at it again. This time, in order to
more perfectly shape the United States into the perceived ideal of a
borderless, cultureless, unrestricted market for foreign goods, the
elitists are working to open up our borders to all comers.

The House of Representatives has outdone the Senate in passing yet
another immigration «reform» bill, one that would provide amnesty to more
millions of people already in this country illegally, and sharply increase
the number of immigrants permitted into the United States each year.

Yet to be decided is whether the House plan H.R. 4300, introduced by Rep.
Bruce Morrison (D-Conn.), or a Senate version, S.358, introduced by Sen.
Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), passed earlier will prevail as a conference
committee irons out differences in the separate measures.

The House wants to hike by nearly a quarter of a million the number of
immigrants allowed into the country annually-to 775,000. Right now, the
ceiling is 540,000 a year. The measure also would boost so-called
«family-based» immigration from 436,000 to 520,000 and employment-based
immigration from 54,000 to 188,000.

Family-based immigration reform entails liberalizing the rules allowing
family members of legal residents-or illegal aliens granted amnesty-to join
them in the United States. Employment-based immigration would admit
foreigners with special skills perceived to be in short supply in the U.S.
labor pool.

By contrast, the Senate version would raise total immigration to
630,000-family-based immigration to 480,000 and employment-based
immigration to 150,000. The White House has indicated President Bush
favors the Senate version, but has refused to state definitely whether he
would veto a final bill following House guidelines.

Supporters of the legislation, particularly in the House, contend that
there’s a shortage of skilled workers in America and that the special
employment-based category would enable certain jobs to be filled. But
critics have pointed out how ridiculous this contention is. The U.S.
labor pool is larger than ever, with more wives than ever being forced to
work to maintain a middle-class standard of living. Even if the skills for
certain jobs were in short supply, it would be much better for the country
for government and industry to train American worker, rather than allowing
foreigners to further aggravate the tight job market and deprive Americans
of these coveted jobs.

The only other rationalization for allowing an increased number of
foreigners into the country is to provide the sort of labor that Americans
are alleged not to want anymore-farm labor, minimum wage service jobs and
unskilled, low-paying factory jobs.

Oddly, business leaders and internationalist think tank economists are
joined by labor leaders in welcoming increased immigration. Although one
would think the rank-and-file union membership would oppose opening the
floodgates to aliens for the express purpose of taking the decreasing
number of good jobs remaining in this country, they all claim that the U.S.
cannot compete internationally without foreign skilled workers.

But others, including LIberty Lobby, the populist institution on
Capitol Hill, argue that there is no shortage of people in this country,
and that the perceived shortages are a result of a woefully deteriorating
education system. The government has a responsibility to try to improve
education for its own citizens (which in most cases means simply staying
out of it altogether, and returning control of education to the
communities, where it resided in the past), rather than simply giving up
and saying we’ll let foreigners do the hard stuff for us from now on.

The conference committee that is dealing with the House and Senate
immigration bills is working under the gun. Congress wants to adjourn no
later than Oct. 19, meaning a new immigration law must be hammered out and
resubmitted to each chamber for a vote by then. However there has been
talk of a lame duck session after the November elections to deal with a
number of issues that have been put on the back burner because of the
dispute over the federal budget. A new immigration law and other
legislation presumably could be dealt with at that time.

Attempts have been made, so far unsuccessfully, to moderate the effects
of the proposed immigration legislation. Rep. john Bryant (D-Tex.) has
pointed out that it is very difficult for most Americans «to accept the
premise which is offered to members [of the House] that we have a labor
shortage in this country that must be remedied by allowing an additional
300,000 persons a year to enter this country. If we have a shortage, it is
a shortage of jobs and a shortage of training. It is not a shortage of
people. The fact of the matter is we can’t take care of the people we have

Bryant also criticized the costs of the legislation, noting he was
«astonished to see this Congress come forward and advocate it in a time
when we cannot even pay our bills, we cannot educate our children, we
cannot fight crime.»

To be more specific, contended Rep. Tom Lewis (R-Fla.), the House
immigration proposal would result in the settlement in the United States of
more than 1.6 million immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and parolees in
1991, the first year it would take effect. Lewis pointed out that the costs
of public primary and secondary education programs alone for this number
would total $1.5 billion for that year. And, «this estimate does not
include the costs attributable to illegal immigrants.»

Lewis said conservative estimates project the new immigration figures
would swell Florida’s population by 500,000 people over the next five
years, boosting the costs of providing state and local government services
by $1 billion. Yet, he noted, Congress has made no provision to aid the
states in paying for the burden of federal immigration policy over which
the nation’s governors and legislatures have no control.

Lewis said that unless the immigration bill is amended there is doubt
«whether or not states can continue to administer the basic education and
medical programs that must be extended to the citizens of the states as
well as the immigrants in that state.»

Rep. Bill Richardson (D-N.M.), one of the bill’s supporters, said that
«the reason this bill is important is because it’s good for American
business and it’s good for global competitiveness.

«Are we going to allow outdated assumptions and nativism to hinder our
growth?» he asked. This is one of the biggest frauds contained in the
drumbeat of propaganda to force public acceptance of opening up our borders
to unlimited immigration; that the «new world order» we are entering into
is one of unrestricted free trade, and that to successfully compete, our
immigration policy must mirror our trade policy. To argue that the United
States should preserve its cultural identity and take care of its citizens
before accepting any more, is to labeled a «nativist,» as if loving one’s
country and one’s own people is distasteful and old fashioned at best, or
racist and hateful at worst.

The provision granting another amnesty to illegal aliens in the latest
proposed legislation also demonstrates the duplicity of Congress. When the
1986 Immigration Reform Act took effect it was vowed that never again would
amnesty be extended to the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who
cross U.S. borders each year. Yet amnesty is again at hand.

Under the 1986 law Congress extended amnesty to more than 3.1 million
illegal aliens; all they had to do was ask for it, and more than half that
group did so. At that time, Congress stipulated it was a one-time-only
proposition, but four years later the offer is once again about to be made.

Public opinion surveys have found Americans strongly opposed to increased
immigration. In fact, 67 percent of those surveyed recently by the Roper
Organization though immigration ought to be reduced.

Meanwhile, the Immigration and Naturalization Service reports that more
than 1 million undocumented aliens were apprehended trying to cross the
U.S. border with Mexico during fiscal year 1990. It is sage to assume that
those caught are only a portion of the aliens actually crossing the border.
The much-vaunted «enforcement provisions» of the original 1986 immigration
bill, which was to trade a massive amnesty for increased Border Patrol
efforts and sanctions against employers who hire illegal aliens, have been
a massive failure. And the problem of uncontrolled, illegal immigration
has not been alleviated on bit.

Let your lawmakers know that this bill exactly the opposite of what
should be done in regard to immigration at this time. And let them know in
a hurry.




Who’s behind the so-called «new world order» which President
George Bush and his Establishment allies have been promoting?

First things first. It’s not really a «new» idea. The grand
design for a new world order has been in the works for decades; It
was the original premise upon which the ill-fated League of Nations
was conceived and, later, the basis upon which the United nations
was established.

only now, however, as a result of the crisis in the Middle East,
have those who have been scheming for a new world order begun to
talk publicly of their ultimate aim: one world government.

This is because it has taken them until now to see their
globalist dream placed within their reach.

A lot of key players in global affairs have been in the
forefront of the drive for a new world order, but foremost among
them are the members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

As early as 1974 the CFR launched its «1980s Project» which had
as its aim «nothing less than the creation of a new global
political and economic system to replace the existing one.» That
is, a new world order.

This is the assessment of Professors Laurence H. Shoup and
William Minter, writing in their landmark study of the CFR,
«Imperial Brain Trust: The CFR and United States Foreign Policy.»
(monthly Review Press, 1977).

To understand how U.S. foreign policy is conducted, you have to
understand the CFR. Some go so far as to say that the CFR is
«America’s secret government.» What is the CFR?

Formally headquartered in New York, the CFR’s membership
constitutes a wide-ranging array of powerful individuals (including
members of the Rockefeller family) who operate in the Rockefeller
sphere of influence.

These include major figures in the media, academia and the
corporate, legal and financial worlds. There is also a significant
number of government officials (both elected and appointed) who
serve as CFR members.

According to author Ferdinand Lundberg, writing The Rockefeller
Syndrome (Lyle Stuart, Inc. 1975): «The people associated with the
CFR include just about all who have a direct ownership stake in the
external economic and financial instrumentalities that service the
American market.

«They know long before the average citizen does when these
instrumentalities are being threatened or interfered with. The
maintenance of peace, of course, is important. But there comes
times when one may have to fight for one’s vital interests.»

As shown by this quote, the CFR plays a major role in deciding
whether America goes to war. Today, as the United States stands on
the brink of catastrophe in the Middle East, it is members of the
CFR who are deciding when – and if – America should go to war.

As the chart on the inside of this special report demonstrates,
the key policy making positions in the Bush administration
(particularly in the realm of foreign policy) are occupied by CFR

The CFR publishes the quarterly journal FOREIGN AFFAIRS and
conducts regular meetings and seminars. Key meetings are strictly
confidential and off the record.

Created in 1921 with Rockefeller family funding, the CFR emerged
as the American branch of the British Royal Institute on
International Affairs (RIIA).

The RIIA was the brainchild of English financier and imperialist
Cecil Rhodes. It was devoted to the ultimate goal of restoring
British hegemony over the United States.

It is this British link that leads many critics to charge that
the CFR is, in effect, the U.S. office of Whitehall (the British
foreign ministry).

As a consequence, the CFR has never failed to advance U.S.
foreign policy measures that prop up Britain in one fashion or
another: most notable, engineering U.S. intervention into the
European Conflict that evolved into World War II.

It has been this way since the establishment of the CFR. CFR
members, beginning with the Republican administration of Herbert
Hoover, on through the present day in administrations of both
parties, have continuously been appointed to key policy making
posts, steering the course of America;s engagement in world

Leading figures from within the CFR played the primary role in
creating the UN, the global body that – at least under the so-
called new world order would function as the DE FACT «world

(No surprise, then,that it was the Rockefeller family itself
that donated the land upon which the United Nations headquarters
building occupies.)

According to Shoup and Minter, «The planning of UN can be traced
to the ‘secret steering committee’ established by Secretary [of
State Cordell] Hull in January 1943.» All of the members of this
secret committee, with the exception of Hull – a Tennessee
politician were members of the CAR.

«They saw Hull regularly to plan, select, and guide the labors
of the [States] Department’s Advisory Committee. It was, in effect,
the coordinating agency for all the State Department postwar

These CAR figures «were most responsible for the final shape of
the United Nations.»

Today the UN the CAR creation is playing a pivotal role in
President Bush;s design for a new world order.

The president has cast his war against Iraq as part and parcel
of the plan for a new world order. Once Saddam has been vanquished,
Bush promises, the new world order can come to full flower.

However, for the Establishment to successfully foist its new
world order onto the American people, it will first be necessary
for the powers-that-be to propagate its «party line» to the masses.
The mechanism is there for the CAR to do this.

Although the CAR in Manhattan-based, its reach is coast-to-
coast, and beyond. The CAR has affiliated entities (dozens of them,
in fact) in major cities across the country: Locally prominent
figures in politics, society and academia are invited to
«exclusive» membership in the CAR affiliates.

These entities bring to their forums well-known global figures
and conduct policy seminars which promote the new world order
propaganda line of the CAR on the local level.

A major part of the Establishment’s drive for the new world
order is shaping public opinion – this so that the voting public
will accept the internationalist agenda laid forth by the planners
behind the scenes.

According to one leading CFR member, the planners of the new
world order «seek a private consensus» on major issues. «Consensus
seeking,» he said, «must be a central element.»

The power brokers «will seek to educate attentive audiences so
that public opinion will come to reflect the private consensus.»

In other words, the CFR power brokers will seek a consensus
among their own particular elite regarding what approaches to take
toward major international issues.

And after such a consensus» is reached, the power brokers will
use their influence to «educate» local elites (such as those who
make up CFR affiliates around the country) as to what is «best» for
the people.

As a result, these influential local groups will then propagate
the CFR’s new world order propaganda line «in the public interest.»

In this way, a small clique (such as those operating in the
Rockefeller-CFR sphere of influence) is able to propagate its views
to eager local audiences who then spread globalist, anti-national
thinking in their own communities.


The SPOTLIGHT DECEMBER 17, 1990 Data Entry by SYSOP

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his army of well-paid shills in the
media and in the so called conservative movement are embarking upon
the last great item in their agenda for world domination: the
elimination of nationalism.

By Oscar Boline

Hundreds of guests from all over the world will descend upon
Washington on Friday 14, to take part in what may well be the most
sinister Christmas celebration the world has ever known. For three
days the guests will attend the «American Leadership Conference» at
which speakers will expound upon the theme of the «dying» American
dream and the inability of Americans to lead even them selves.

This conference will be followed by two days, December 17 and
18, observing the goings-on in and around Washington. Then two
days, December 19 and 20, in New York where special emphasis will
be made to show the guests the life of the «street people,» slum
housing, evidence of «social injustice» and the «decadence» of the
«dying» American dream.

This is a Christmas gift that will convince many of the guests
that the peoples of the world cannot trust American leadership.


That is the message that the «Santa Claus» who is footing the
bill for their all-expense trip wants to convey. His name is Sun
Myung Moon.

Moon, the South Korean Businessman who says he is the Son of
God, told his Unification Church followers on New Year’s Day 1987,
that his aim from then on would be the subjugation of the American
government and people to his will. This subjugation, according to
the boasts of some of his right-hand men, would be so profound
«…that no one can run for office in the United States without our

Targeted for destruction are conservative and nationalist
political parties as well as conservative religious groups that
have potential political clout. For its purpose a number of new
organizations have been founded, such as the American Freedom
Coalition. This group contends that politics cannot be separated
from religion and plans the establishment of a third, nominally
christian party that would attract those who are repulsed by the
«atheistic and non-religious» Republican and Democratic parties.

Former leaders of the Unification Church with intimate knowledge
of Moon tell this writer that in this Christian Party – which Moon
will found and lead – the ideas of freedom, rule of law and dignity
of the individual which we hold sacred will not exist.

AS for the American Leadership Conference, the chances are the
public will be kept in the dark and the Establishment media will
ignore it completely. As this writer has been told, nothing has
appeared in the press, let alone the Washington Times and the
weekly newsmagazine Insight, both owned by the Unification Church
and edited by Arnaud de Borchgrave.

It appears that these hundreds of guests will descend upon a
city unaware of their arrival, let alone their important mission.


Though de Borchgrave was spotted by a number of this reporter’s
sources, and even engaged in conversation with one, during the
meeting of the World Media Association, another Moon front group,
in Moscow last Easter week, not a word about the meeting appeared
in the Times, Insight or the New York City Herald, another Moonie

This meeting in Moscow was the group’s 11th annual meeting.
Moscow had been the chosen meeting place to commemorate the
beginning of the detente between Moon and Moscow and tour the
Soviet Union, as well as hobnob with Borbachev’s top men.

Among those invited to Moscow was former Argentine president
Raul Alfonsin, three former presidents of Costa Rica and thirty-one
other heads of state, mostly from South America. Jihan Sadat, widow
of the assassinated President Anwar Sadat of Egypt, Allen Neuharth
of USA Today and some prominent members of American conservative
groups – such as Arnold Beichman of the Hoover Institution and Reed
Irvine of Accuracy in Media – were also on hand.

At the fourth annual meeting of the World Media Association in
the autumn of 1984, Irvine was the main speaker and chaired the
discussions on the responsibilities of the media. It is reported
that he is closely associated with the Moonies and that the Moonie
meetings is carefully woven by Irvine. There are also reports that
he is receiving financial support from the Moonies.

If so, Irvine is just one of many who enjoy the Moonie handouts.
Lists of those getting these handouts include congressmen,
senators, governors, presidential candidates, publishers of
influential newsletters etc. it is reported that the late Rep.
Lawrence P. McDonald was one of these and because of his closeness
to the Moonies chose to travel by Korean Air Lines in a flight that
cost him his life (he was aboard KAL flight 007, which veered off
course and was shot down over Soviet territory).

His former aide, the shadowy John Rees, publishes Information
Digest which is reportedly receiving financing from the Moonies.
Ree’s mysterious activities have been reported on extensively in

These handouts are mere peanuts to those who control the purse
strings of the Unification Church’s financial conglomerate. Since
the mid 1970’s it has diversified and expanded into almost every
profitable field. Now it promises to get its share of the
privatization going on in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.


Their interest in the Soviet Union has given rise to speculation
that the Moonies have now dropped their «conservative» mantle and
have become part of a plot cooked up by the KGB and what is left of
other East European intelligence organizations to destroy
conservatism and nationalism worldwide.

Members of Germany’s nationalist Republican Party accuse the
Moonies for the events which caused the internal dissension within
their party just days after the Moscow meeting of the World Media
Association. In October, 1989 the Republicans were riding the crest
of a victory on the state of Baden-Wurttemburg. After the most
recent elections, they no longer occupy a single seat in Germany’s

The Moonies’ plan for global domination is not a very well-kept
secret. Moon himself makes no attempt to hide his ideology and his
ling-term goals. But his army of well-paid retainers in the United
States and around the world lend him a respectable veneer that the
Establishment media takes at face value.

The upcoming meeting in Washington will no doubt enjoy the same


The SPOTLIGHT January 7 & 14, 1991

By James P. Tucker Jr.

It was a banner year for the world shadow government in 1990: They raised
your taxes in the United States and drummed Margaret Thatcher out of No. 10
Downing Street in England.

«Bilderberg orders tax hike,» SPOTLIGHT readers learned on May 28.

«The Bilderberg group [is] plotting the political assassination: of the
British prime minister «because of her refusal to yield British sovereignty
to the European superstate that is to emerge in 1992,» The SPOTLIGHT
reported on May 29, 1989.

«The Bilderberg group is bringing its considerable pressure to bear on
President George Bush to increase taxes,» The SPOTLIGHT reported. «The
group is confident he will comply-albeit with public expressions of

Thus, readers knew months in advance that Bush was programed to break his
«no new taxes» pledge. This Bush did on cue, in the budget deal with
Congress in October that resulted in increased taxes and higher spending as
a means of «reducing the deficit.»

A massive plan to offset and expected reduction in war profits-caused
by the demise of communism and the end of the Cold War-by pressuring
governments, most notably, the United States, into massive spending on the
environment was uncovered at the meeting of the Trilateral Commission (TC’
SPOTLIGHT, May 7, 1990).

The Trilateralists called for a new global bureaucracy to direct a world
wide fight, ostensibly for clean air and water, with the American taxpayers
bearing the heaviest burden through World Bank handouts.

The world should similarly respond to the threat to the environment, the
Trilateralists said.

The Bilderberger and Trilateral groups are supersecret organizations of
international financiers and political leaders who meet behind closed doors
each spring to plan their global strategy.

David Rockefeller is the dominant force in the Trilateralists; he shares
power with the Rothschilds of ?Europe in the older Bilderberg group.
However, the leadership of both groups is overlapping, and their policies
are coordinated.

So it was after the Trilateralists proclaimed their war on pollution at
their meeting in Washington during April that White House Chief of Staff
john Sununu was summoned to the Bilderberg meeting on Long Island in May
for a chewing out.

Sununu, who is well know for bullying congressional leaders and Cabinet
members, had also expressed skepticism about investing tax dollars in a war
on pollution. But after the international elite got through with Sununu at
its sevret meeting, he fell silent on the issue. The president’s bully was
himself bullied.

Bush, himself a longtime member of the TC, as was President Jimmy Carter,
met with the commission at the White House in April. Vice President Dan
Quayle was summoned to the Bilderberg meeting to make sure the White House
pipeline remained intact.

Plans to exploit cheap labor in South America were also uncovered at the
Trilateral meeting. The SPOTLIGHT had reported a year earlier, from Paris,
that the TC was sending a task force to study schemes for economic
development in South America for the first time.

The task force report, circulated to members as a tool for pressuring
their governments, calls for huge amounts of capital to be poured into
the debt-ridden countries of South America. While the report is circumspect
and does not directly call for sending more American tax dollars, Bill
Perry, and author of the report, admitted that was the goal.

Also, under SPOTLIGHT questioning, Perry admitted that the
Trilateralists try to influence government policy, which the Trilateralists
have long denied, despite the absurdity of their of their refusal to make
this admission.

«People involved hold high [government] positions,» Perry said. «The
commission has its own prestige, and the members have their own.»

Bus has recently returned from South America, where he was carrying out
the Trilateral-Bilderberg mandate by privately assuring governments of debt
forgiveness and more American tax dollars, and publicly pledging to
institute unrestricted «free trade,» virtually giving away the American
store and permitting a flood of foreign-produced, cheap-labor products into
the United States, throwing millions of American workers out of their jobs
(SPOTLIGHT, Dec 24).

The free trade scam is an old gambit of the «one-worlders» to destroy
national sovereignty and to move the world into a so-called global economy
without a world government, which is the grand design of the Trilateral
Commission, the Bilderberg group and the allied big money interests they

The SPOTLIGHT is the sole newspaper in the country to cover the secret
operations of these enigmatic, shadowy internationalist groups. It is also
the only newspaper to have ever penetrated their meetings and report on the
proceedings. Ironically, the major news organizations are well aware of
these groups’ activities, since many of the media elite are members of both
groups. Newsmen, however, who attend as participants are sworn to secrecy
and never reveal the grand plans hatched for the rest of us.


The SPOTLIGHT January 7 & 14, 1991 Data Entry by SYSOP


By Jim Townsend

Jim Townsend is the editor and publisher of The National
Educator, P.O. Box 333, 1051-E South Lemon, Fullerton, Calif 92632

The main enemy facing the American people is not located in
Iraq, Moscow, Havana or Peking. It,s located in Washington, D.C.
and it’s ruled over by elected congressmen and women who in an
unholy alliance with its tens of thousands of bureaucrats, are out
to skunk the civilian population of this nation.

Government, as it’s known, is a big business and, just like the
multinational corporations, this government has been allowed to
spawn. It’s dedicated to reducing its citizens to paupers. As the
script is written, if everything goes as planned, the New World
Order will see the merger of the U.S,, Soviet Russia and, perhaps,
even England. If it goes as the script is written, «We, the People»
will have come full circle from near political slaves to freedom
under a constitution to political slaves under the New World Order.

Once the New World Order has been implemented, just as the
people in Russia came to understand under communism, the state is
the total authority and owns every thing.

The unseen forces that have been dedicated to this New World
Order have been plotting, planning and working for the day when
freedom as we have come to know it, will be a thing of the past.
Private business and competition will cease to exist. Once again,
central planning will bet the order of the day; people will work
where their political commissar dictates and live in whatever part
of the world they are forced to move.


Only yesterday, the people were worried about the collapse of
the savings and loan companies that were projected to cost the
taxpayers up to a half-trillion bucks. Banks were failing, the real
estate moguls were starting to see their empires go under the
hammer, Congress was working night and day to heap more taxes on
the backs of the already bent taxpayers and, to top it off, a
national election was just around the corner. These were just some
of the problems facing our so-called national leaders. What to do?

Well, if one could find a trusting Mideast dictator who was
hurting from an eight-year war and having trouble selling his oil
at what was needed to pull his country out of a military sinkhole,
it could be just the ticket to take people’s minds off domestic
problems that seem insurmountable on the home front.

Finding a greedy and brutal Mideast dictator was easy enough.
With just the slightest hint from the U.S. State Department that
our government would not oppose a move on territory that had been
politically chopped off the dictator’s country in the past, you
have a gift-wrapped diversion from the domestic problems on the
home front.

Just what was needed,. Now, quickly assemble as many of the armed
forces as possible, rush them overseas to the sand dunes of Saudi
Arabia, confront the double-crossed dictator and demand that he
leave Kuwait or else.


By accident or design, it worked like a charm and suddenly all
the talk was about Saddam Hussein, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, troop
movements, military demands and what was going to happen next.

Suddenly, the media, printed or electronic, were no longer
talking about our cosmetic problems. While the Justice Department
continued to indict and arrest savings and loan officials, the
focus was on Kuwait and Hussein. The rip-off the Congress and the
president loaded on all taxpayers’ backs was shoved completely into
the background. The domestic pressure that had congressmen and
their political parties so worried just seemed to fade away.
Result? Almost 100 percent of incumbents were re-elected. The
national movement to throw the bums out had not only fizzled, it
had completely flopped.

Elections are history for another two years, but the problems
«We, the People» are facing in the coming months ar only beginning.
We don’t know if Congress is going to allow President George Bush
to usurp the right of Congress to get us into a shooting war. The
public must react with letters, phone calls and telegrams to their
congressmen immediately. People must let Bush know we are not
willing to pay the cost of fighting someone else’s war at the
expense of 30,000 or more body bags full of our young soldiers.


We must let the Bush administration know that we are not going
to buy any more government-instigated, no-win wars. We were
suckered into a no-win war in Korea and another one in Vietnam. All
undeclared but paid for by some 100,000 of the cream of the crop of
our youth. It is my contention that a war not worth winning is not
worth fighting and that the right of determining if this nation is
to engage in a war belongs to the people who must make their views
known to Congress.

If this war gets off the ground, as it appears it will, and if
Saddam Hussein decides to stand and fight, as most military men
seem to feel he will, we could be locked up in a war for years.
Saddam Hussein has already shown he not only will fight, but is
willing to see untold thousands of his troops killed and wounded if
he can inflict heavy casualties on his enemy.

When the Bush body bags start coming back by the hundreds and
thousands, the public is going to have a fit. By then, however,
we’ll be too involved to get out. Thus, the time to act is now.
Don’t let the Washington warlords use Saddam Hussein to promote a
shooting war to bring on the New World Order. Act now.


The SPOTLIGHT February 4, 1991


This year, December 15, 1991 to be exact, is the 200th
anniversary of the ratification of the first 10 amendments to the
Constitution or what is more commonly known as the Bill of Rights.

In this column of January 7 & 14 I warned that if we do not
exercise these rights we will lose them, especially the rights to
free speech and free press as guaranteed by the First Amendment:

«Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of
religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging
the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people
peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress
of grievances.»

The First Amendment has become such an accepted part of
Americana that unfortunately it is too often taken for granted.

«Of course, we have free speech. Of course we have freedom of
the press,» are utterances we have heard over and over again.

But do we?

There are forces, (not all mysterious, by the way) that would
like to say, «freedom of speech, but… freedom of the press,

They choose to do what congress has no right to do. They choose
to abridge (lessen) the cherished freedoms of those with whom they

The force about whom we are speaking is the Anti-Defamation
League of B’nai B’rith (ADL). This organization, an unregistered
agent of a foreign government – Israel – has been monitoring
Liberty Lobby ever since the populist institution’s inception three
decades ago for the simple reason that our Board of Policy has
always supported neutrality in the Middle East and we have never
slavishly supported Israel, as have the rest of the national media.


Of immediate interest here is the attack the ADL has launched
against Editor’s Roundtable, a weekly national radio program hosted
by yours truly.

This program, supported by the members of Liberty Lobby’s Board
of Policy, is bringing each week into the homes of millions of
Americans an America-First perspective on the news of the week.

Editor’s Roundtable does not provide its listeners with jokes
with which they can entertain their friends. Nor do the Roundtable
panelists repeat government handouts or discuss unimportant issues.

The show does offer incisive analysis ªand a cogent review of
«week that was.»

And what does the ADL do?

They have written radio station executives to make them «aware
of the nature of this program and its producers.»

The charge is the old canard of «anti-Semitism,» which loudly
rings false to those who honestly listen to the program.

Those of you who regularly hear the Roundtable understand.

Week after week experts on foreign policy, taxation, government
and a myriad of other fields of vital importance to your
survival give you straightforward, non-Establishment, uncensored
news and commentary.

Now that kind of programming bothers those who believe in
censorship, who believe in abridging freedom of press and freedom
of speech.

Why not encourage your friends and neighbors to listen to the
Roundtable? We’re broadcast every Saturday evening between 6 and
7, and rebroadcast Sunday mornings at 7. Or purchase a tape of the
program. (see advertisement page 17).
Let your station know that you appreciate the program. Call the
management; if possible visit them. Then let me know what happens.

Do not surrender your First Amendment rights. Your influence
counts. Use it.*


The SPOTLIGHT February 4, 1991


If there’s one single member of Congress who can take credit for the deaths
of American boys and girls in the Persian Gulf, it’s Rep. Stephen Solarz (D-
N.Y.) Here’s his whole sordid story.

By Michael Collins Piper

Who engineered congressional approval of the resolution that backed President
George Bush’s drive for war against Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein?

None other than Rep. Stephen Solarz (D-N.Y.), the Israel lobby’s chief
legislative tactician on Capital Hill.

A.M. Rosenthal of the New York Times recently describe Solarz as «the
Democrat to whom the country (i.e., the United States) owes most.»

Many American nationalists might dispute that claim, considering Solarz’s

A leading member of the Rockefeller family’s Council on Foreign Relations
(CFR), Solarz is perhaps the Establishment’s most reliable legman in Congress.
He is also, beyond question, one of the most liberal lawmakers in Washington.

Since he first came to Congress, Solarz has consistently received remarkably
low rating from Liberty Leader, the biennial congressional scorecard issued by
Liberty Lobby, the Washington based populist institution.

The most recent edition of the ledger, which rates lawmakers on the basis of
their support for the interests of America’s consumers, taxpayers and voters,
gave Solarz a 20 percent rating, based on his votes on 10 key issues during the
first session of 101st Congress.

On every crucial issue of concern to the global power brokers, Solarz has
been in the forefront of the action, both in Washington and around the world,
shuttling back and forth on secret missions designed to advance the drive for
the «New World Order» of which his ally, President George Bush, now speaks

From the toppling of anti-communist Philippine leader Ferdinand Marcos to the
campaign against America’s allies in South Africa to the maneuvering on behalf
of Britian’s war against Argentina over the Falklands, Solarz has been a major


A career politician who sat out the Vietnam War as a graduate student at
Columbia University and as a youthful member of the New York state Assembly from
1968 to 1974 (at which time he was elected to Congress), Solarz himself has
never seen military action nor even served in the military.

This has not stopped Solarz, however, from urging on U.S. military
intervention when it serves the peculiar needs of his political backers, most
notably the Israel lobby and its wide-ranging network of political action
committees that consistently line his campaign coffers.

Although his cronies in the corruption-ridden Brooklyn Democratic political
machine from which he emerged ensure Solarz hefty re-election percentages every
two years, Solarz regularly maintains one of the largest campaign war chests in

Despite his hawkish views toward the Middle East, Solarz made a name for
himself as a fierce critic of America’s anti-communist war in Vietnam. Clearly
Solarz – as with all Zionists – opposed the war in Vietnam as the wrong war, not
because they worked for peace.

Solarz is the protege of David Rockefellar’s top geopolitical adviser,
Columbia University Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski, the founder of Rockefeller’s
Trilateral Commission (another globalist pressure group). As such, he was
ensured entry into the international Establishment.


A high-ranking member of both the House of Foreign Affairs Committee and the House of Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Solarz is well placed to advance the CFR Israel lobby agenda.

In fact, in 1981, in a taxpayer-subsidized newsletter to his constituents, Solarz made it a matter of public record that when he was elected to Congress, in his own words, he «deliberately sought an assignment to the Foreign Affairs Committee precisely because he wanted to be in a position to be helpful to Israel.»

In his newsletters boldfacedly entitled «Delivering for Israel», Solarz bragged how he and «some of the other friend of Israel on the Foreign Affairs Committee» were able to increase aid to that foreign country by $660 million during that session of Congress.

«It is a story,» he wrote, «of how legislative maneuvering and political persistence managed to prevail over fiscal constraints», at a time he described as being plagued with «double-digit inflation, with all sorts of cutbacks in spending and the overall level of our foreign aid program likely to decline.

«We were able,» crowed Solarz, «to provide Israel with an increase in military and economic aid in one year alone which is the equivalent of almost three years of contributions of the national (U.S.) United Jewish Appeal.»

Solarz’s most recent service to Israel was, of course, engineering congressional support for President George Bush’s demand for war against Iraq, the Arab nation long perceived by Israel to be its major «enemy» (This despite the fact that Israel itself helped arm Iraq in its long and bloody war against

In fact it was Solarz who lead a panel of Israel’s staunchest supporters in America in forming a «bipartisan» pressure group, the Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf,» which lobbied, along with the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), in favor of war.


Another of Solarz’s pet projects was promoting American involvement in Britian’s 1982 war against Argentina over the Falkland Islands.

The vote was taken with little more than a dozen congressmen present, shortly after Solarz and his House cronies had spread the word that no such vote would be taken on the floor that day. The Establishment forgot to tell you about that, but you read it in the SPOTLIGHT (August 23, 1982)

One lawmaker, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich), later denounced Solarz’s interventionists trick and called for the immediate repudiation of the illegitimate resolution, pointing out that even the House on Foreign Affairs Committee had yet to hold a single day of hearings on the crises.

Clearly Solarz has risen to prominence, particularly as far as the conduct  of America’s foreign policy is concerned. By watching Solarz’s actions closely, it is simple to know precisely which way the internationalist Establishment is moving.*

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    This is a rather long article about the Council on Foreign Relations and how I believe that it is a «front organization» for international bankers. If you would rather download the artcle to read at a later date, here is a link to it:

    When I was growing up in the Inwood section of upper Manhattan, I remember when I was about 12 or 13 years old I had my first contact with discovering what a “front” was for another business. It was called Tack’s Tackle Shop. When it first opened, it looked like just another business. The guy in the store, Tack, was selling fishing rods, live bait and an array of fishing equipment. It didn’t take long before the kids in the neighborhood figured out that perhaps there was something else going on. The live bait in the window wasn’t alive anymore and local hoods and gangster type people seemed to be going in and out, particularly in the evenings and none of them looked like fishermen. It wasn’t long before the place was raided by the NYCPD and my friends and I all watched from across the street on Sherman Avenue as “Tack” came out in handcuffs along with a bunch of other men. We were later told that Tack’s Tackle Shop had actually been a front for an illegal gambling operation.

    A “front group” can be any entity that is set up to appear to be a legitimate independent organization, like Tack’s Tackle Shop, when it is actually controlled from behind the scenes by another organization or group of individuals. These front groups are often legitimate businesses, social or political organizations, professional groups, advocacy groups, research organizations, etc. Organized crime has used legitimate front organizations for many decades to launder their income from various illegal activities. Pharmaceutical companies have used front organizations to advocate for the drugs they manufacture. International terrorist organizations have their front groups here in the United States and as the evidence clearly shows, so do the international bankers.

    After researching the formation and activities of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) it appears that it may be a very sophisticated version of “Tack’s Tackle Shop.” The CFR was specifically set up to carry out the goals and objectives of international bankers so that the public positions taken by the CFR would appear to be independent positions that could not be directly connected to the international bankers who personally control and fund the CFR.

    The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was founded in 1921 by a very select group of international bankers, Wall Street lawyers and wealthy “old money” families sometimes called the Establishment or the Elites. Among the CFR’s founders were JP Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, “Colonel” Edward House (Marxist. globalist and close advisor to President Wilson), Paul Warburg (international banker), Otto Kahn and Jacob Schiff (both international investment bankers). The CFR’s stated purpose at that time was to improve the understanding of US foreign policy and international affairs through the exchange of ideas. The select membership has been gradually expanded over the years, now totaling around 3,800 and includes various professionals, corporate CEO’s, college presidents, media owners and reporters, high-ranking government officials and even high ranking US military officers.

    These same international bankers that started the CFR were instrumental in getting President Woodrow Wilson to sign the Federal Reserve Act into existence in 1913 that basically gave these international bankers the power to print money and control our entire economy. To show you the mind set of this core group, one of the founding CFR members, Edward House, authored a book in 1912 entitled “Philip Dru: Administrator” in which he laid out a fictionalized plan for the conquest of America. In the book, he told of a conspiracy by which a group of wealthy businessmen would gain control of both the Democratic and Republican parties and use them as instruments for the creation of a socialist world government.

    After signing the Federal Reserve Act into law, President Woodrow Wilson later admitted, «I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country….(America is) no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.» He was, of course, talking about the international bankers and the creation of the first great nationwide “front organization” called the Federal Reserve that was designed to directly benefit the international bankers at the expense of the American taxpayers.

    The late Carroll Quigley (mentor and advisor to President Clinton) who was a long term member of the CFR, wrote in his book “Tragedy & Hope”: «The CFR is the American Branch of a society….which believes that national boundaries should be obliterated, and a one-world rule established.»

    Rear Admiral Chester Ward, a former member of the CFR for 16 years, sounded the alarm about the real intent of the CFR and pointed out that there was two separate cliques within the CFR:

    1. The first and most powerful clique wants to bring about the surrender of the sovereignty and national independence of the United States.

    2. The second clique of international members is comprised of Wall Street international bankers and their key agents who want to receive a world banking monopoly from whatever power ends up in control of global government.

    Congressman John Rarick, a recipient of the Bronze Star and Purple Heart in World War II and a Democrat from Louisiana who once argued with his party over its increasing liberalism, said, «The CFR, dedicated to one-world government, financed by a number of the largest tax-exempt foundations, and wielding such power and influence over our lives in the areas of finance, business, labor, military, education, and mass communication-media, should be familiar to every American concerned with good government, and with preserving and defending the U.S. Constitution and our free-enterprise system. Yet, the nation’s right-to-know machinery, the news media, usually so aggressive in exposures to inform our people, remain conspicuously silent when it comes to the CFR, its members and their activities.”

    By using the CFR as a front organization to push their globalist agenda for America and the world, the “Establishment Elites and International Bankers” have managed to gain significant influence and power in key decision-making positions at the highest levels of our government. They can not only advocate their new world order ideas from within the government by using their CFR members in high government positions, but they can also use individual CFR members and research groups financed by their non-profit foundations to bring pressure from another direction. The international bankers use this process to implement the step by step decisions that will gradually convert the US from a sovereign nation to a subservient position in the new world order run by appointed bureaucrats selected by the international bankers. The CFR is being used much in the same manner as “Tack’s Tackle Shop” was used by an organized criminal group. The international bankers behind the CFR want to give the public the outward appearance of legitimacy in order that they can slowly accomplish their illegal objectives to usurp the US Constitution and the sovereignty of this country.

    Many of the most influential international bankers, Wall Street CEOs, politicians, academics and media owners and TV personalities are members of the CFR. They join the CFR for the same reasons that other people join similar business organizations: to make political or business contacts, to enjoy the prestige of being in the organization or to simply use their connections to make more money. The CFR in turn, uses the broad influence of these people and their organizations to slowly infiltrate their globalist ‘New World Order’ plans into American life. CFR members and their ghost writers author scholarly articles that are designed to specifically affect public opinion and future government decision making. These authors and researchers are oftentimes funded directly by one or more of the international bankers’ non-profit foundations. The CFR’s well paid academics expound on the wisdom of a united world and the CFR media members disseminate the message.

    In the 1940’s, President Roosevelt began bringing CFR members into the State Department and they have dominated it ever since. CFR members were instrumental in the creation of the United Nations. The American delegation to the San Francisco meeting that drafted the charter of the United Nations in 1949 included CFR members Nelson Rockefeller, John Foster Dulles, John Mc Cloy and the Secretary-General of the conference, Alger Hiss, who was later arrested as a spy for Russia. In all, the CFR sent at least forty-seven of its members in the United States delegation, effectively controlling the outcome.

    These same CFR members were also instrumental in using our country’s new membership in the United Nations to create the concepts of “limited wars” and “police actions” that were designed to circumvent the US Constitution and permit an administration to send our troops to war without a formal Declaration of War. It should also be pointed out that these two concepts benefit the international bankers and large corporations most because they allow these entities to make huge profits by providing financing and/or equipment and products to the enemies of our country during the conflict. It definitely did not benefit the US military men and women who were wounded or died in these conflicts. If a Declaration of War was declared, these same bankers and corporation CEO’s would be charged with treason for aiding the enemy during a time of war.

    James Warburg, a CFR member and son of CFR founder Paul Warburg testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17, 1950, defiantly telling the Senators that: “We shall have world government, whether or not you like it – by conquest or consent.”

    On November 25, 1959, the Council on Foreign Relations published “Study No. 7”, which openly declared its true purpose to bring about a New World Order through the manipulation of U.S. foreign policy and through international economic interdependence:

    · «…building a New International Order [which] must be responsive to world aspirations for peace, [and] for social and economic change…an international order [code for world government]…including states labeling themselves as ‘Socialist.’ »

    The plan for the New World Order and the ultimate control of America by the international bankers, was clearly outlined once again in the April 1974 issue of “Foreign Affairs” the Council of Foreign Relations’ own publication, when CFR member and former Secretary of State Richard N. Gardner, wrote an article entitled “The Hard Road to World Order” in which he stated:

    · “In short, the house of world order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. An end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old fashioned assault…” one way to garner public support for new international treaties would be to propagandize world wide predicaments. If people are scared of terrorism, financial chaos or global warming, they will be willing to cede their national sovereignty, freedom and liberties for global authority.”

    Since the FDR administration, all transition teams and administrations have been full of CFR members. It didn’t matter whether they were liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. The Nixon administration had over 115 CFR members all in key Executive branch positions, most of who continued into the Ford years. Ronald Reagan wasn’t a CFR member, but his Vice President George HW Bush was a CFR member, and so were 28 members of his transition team alone. The Clinton administration had over 150 CFR members in key executive positions. George W. Bush is not a CFR member either, but his father and uncle are, his Vice President Dick Cheney is, and his administration is swarming with CFR members. The incoming Obama administration’s transition team is packed with CFR members and he is already looking to staff many of its administration’s key executive branch positions with CFR members.

    Did you vote for change in the 2008 Election? If you did, here’s a partial list of Mr. Obama’s transition team:

    Susan E. Rice – (CFR) former State Department Asst Secretary for African Affairs; Anthony Lake (CFR) – Bill Clinton’s first national Security advisor; Zbigniew Brzezinski – (CFR) and Trilateral Commission – Brzezinski is widely seen as the man who created Al Qaeda, and was involved in the Carter Administration plan to give arms, funding and training to the Mujahideen in Afghanistan; Richard Clarke (CFR) – Former chief counter-terrorism adviser on the U.S. National Security Council under Bush; Robert W. Kagan (CFR) argues that interventionism is a bipartisan affair that should be undertaken with the approval of our democratic allies; Dennis B. Ross (CFR) and Trilateral Commission – Served as the director for policy planning in the State Department under President George H. W. Bush and special Middle East coordinator under President Bill Clinton; Lawrence J. Korb (CFR) – Director of National Security Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations. Has criticized manor of the invasion of Iraq but has detailed plans to increase the manpower of the United States Army to fight the war on terror and to «spread liberal democratic values throughout the Middle East»; Bruce Reidel (CFR) – Former CIA analyst who wishes to expand the war on terror to fight Al Qaeda across the globe. Considered to be the reason behind Barack Obama’s Hawkish views on Pakistan and his Pro India leanings on Kashmir; Stephen E. Flynn (CFR) – Has been attributed with the idea for Obama’s much vaunted «Civilian Security Force». Flynn has written: «The United States should roughly replicate the Federal Reserve model by creating a Federal Security Reserve System (FSRS) with a national board of governors, 10 regional Homeland Security Districts, and 92 local branches called Metropolitan Anti-Terrorism Committees”; and Madeline Albright (CFR) and Brookings – Currently serves on the Council on Foreign Relations Board of directors and was Former Secretary of State and US Ambassador to the United Nations under Clinton.

    Here’s the list of possible cabinet positions in the new administration: James B. Steinberg – CFR and the Trilateral Commission; Chuck Hagel (R) – (CFR); Robert M Gates – (CFR), Hillary Clinton – Husband Bill is a CFR member; Bill Richardson (CFR); Sen John Kerry (D) (CFR); Susan Rice (CFR); Robert Rubin (CFR); Lawrence Summers (CFR); Timothy Geithner (CFR); Paul A. Volcker (CFR); David L. Boren (CFR); Thomas H. Kean (CFR); Gary Hart (CFR), and Jane Harman (CFR) – Defense Department Special Counsel (1979).

    At time of writing of this article, President-elect Barack Obama’s has apparently selected Arizona Democratic Gov. Janet Napolitano as secretary of Homeland Security; Timothy Geithner, the current New York Federal Reserve head, as the Secretary of the Treasury; and Texas Democratic Gov. William Richardson as the Secretary of Commerce. Guess what? They are all members of the Council on Foreign Relations. So much for change!

    What do Dan Rather, Barbara Walters, Jim Lehrer, Marvin Kalb, Diane Sawyer, Andrea Mitchell and Tom Brokaw have in common? Answer: They are all members of the CFR.

    What does the NY Times, Washington Post, Wall Street journal, LA Times, Boston Globe, Baltomor Sun, Chicage Sun-Times, Houston Post, Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Arkansas Gazette, DesMoine Register and Tribune, Louisville Courier, the AP, UPI, Reuters, the Gannett Co, Walt Disney, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox Networks, Clear Channel have in common: Answer: They are all members of the CFR.

    Freedom of the press has always been vital to the preservation of our American Republic. Ever since the early years of our country, it was the American “free press” that stood tall between us and the crooked international bankers, industrialists and corrupt government officials. While some of the major newspapers in the big cities were controlled by establishment types like William Randolph Hearst, who definitely influenced the content, most of the newspaper owners and reporters were independent and honorable people who chose to keep their integrity by pursuing the truth. Most local newspapers, radio stations, and later on TV stations, were owned locally.

    As they grow larger and eliminate their competition, major media corporations and international bankers are choosing what you will see on the nightly news while trying to trick you into believing it is unbiased reporting. The very news stories that you are fed by the mainstream media are manipulated to mirror the public relations campaigns of corporations, international bankers and even their favorite presidential candidates. If this is not the case then why, during the course of the 2008 election, was there no mention of the issues that were important to Americans: the threat by big government to our freedoms, liberties and sovereignty; the actions of the Federal Reserve and the issuance fiat money; the drugging of 6 million of our nation’s youth; or amnesty for illegal aliens. Popular candidates like Ron Paul were either ignored by the media, excluded from most of the TV debates, or asked fewer questions than their CFR candidate counterparts. Of the top twenty media corporations in the U.S, 18 are members of the CFR.

    The CFR’s strategy is to use their members in the media to promote the need for world government in order to fight international threats like global warming. Both Obama and McCain made the environment a major issue in the campaign, but avoided mentioning the immigration issue. The CFR has long identified the worldwide environmental movement as a means to advance its agenda and has even suggested a global tax on all developed nations, payable to the United Nations of course. Most of the major media companies are now controlled by individuals or organizations that are members of the CFR, including the international bankers. One of the techniques used by the CFR and its membership has been to manipulate the news in such as way as to push their internationalist views on the rest of us.

    As the big media corporations keep merging into larger and more powerful companies, they will be able to control public opinion as never before. With their friends in congress and in key government agencies, all the international bankers and their CFR members need to do is advocate bringing back the “Fairness Doctrine” and regulating the internet and their control of the media will be complete.

    The average American might find the CFR’s powerful influence over America’s government very difficult to understand or believe, but never forget that the CFR was founded by international bankers for the express purpose of bringing about socialism and world government. It is the deliberate plan of these international bankers, who hide in the shadows and pull the strings of their marionettes, to gradually increase their influence and domination over America’s domestic and foreign affairs. CFR members have been in control of our government since the 1940’s. If CFR members are supposedly to be the nation’s best and brightest in running the federal government and overseeing foreign affairs, why is the country in such a mess under their eighty year watch? The answer is: That’s the plan.

    The international bankers behind the Federal Reserve and the CFR are deliberately trying to usurp the US Constitution and gradually destroy our freedoms, liberties and sovereignty in the process. They are using the Federal Reserve System to bankrupt the country so we will be at their mercy. The deeper in debt our country goes, the richer and more powerful these international bankers become. If action is not taken to take back control of our nation’s currency from the criminals in the private international banking cartel and if the CFR’s influence over the highest levels of our federal government isn’t soon broken, America will be reduced to a third world nation controlled by a socialistic world government where our freedoms and liberties would have disappeared and our national sovereignty is but a fond memory.

    Many Americans believe that we may have reached a point where it no longer matters which party or candidate wins the election, because both candidates are already beholden to special interest groups and the winner will most like staff the high level executive positions with CFR members.

    The activities of the international bankers behind the Council on Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve should be thoroughly investigated by an independent prosecutor. If criminal activities are uncovered, then those involved should be prosecuted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) as an ongoing criminal conspiracy. The American people must not give up their liberties for the false sense of security offered by the international bankers and their CFR puppets. The grip of these international criminals must be broken and the threats against our liberties, freedoms and our nation’s sovereignty must be eliminated. It can only be accomplished by a demand for action by a determined and educated American citizenry, as well as by an honest and thorough federal criminal investigation.

    I close this article with a quote from David Rockefeller, the former Chairman and the current Honorary Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relation and ask you to consider the implications of what he has said:

    «We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years… It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.»

    – David Rockefeller, Bilderberg Meeting, June 1991 Baden, Germany



    New York Campaign for Liberty

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