WARNING: The Jews are heading for a fall

We see them all over the Internet and in mainstream media, the Jews fighting for their rights as ‘gods’ Chosen Ones, for themselves, if not for all else. Many people ask themselves; What ‘god’?

We don’t see this ‘god’ is doing so much good, except good for the Jews. They want their religious symbols all over in public areas, be it the Holocaust religion, or the ones of sexual freedoms for all kinds of sexual perversities, liberalism, multiculturalism, and anti-‘racism’, or others as the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2.9 and Rev. 3.9) should require.

People who don’t understand the occult, will think this is to be good.. No, it is not..

PM: Holocaust memorial will stand beside Parliament as permanent statement of our British values

Once upon the time the British values was Christian, what was the religion of the Lost Tribes of Israel (Caucasians), not Jewish. It have changed now. Why should Christians help the unGodly; that is Abraham’s, Moses, Jacob-Israel, Isaac’s and Jesus’ God.

Why should we support the Synagogue of Satan? (Rev. 2.9)

«Shouldest thou help the un-Godly? and love them that hate the Lord; therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord.» – 2 Chronicles 19:2:

The worshiping of the Jews and their religion reach new heights.

Cameron: Holocaust memorial to be built by Parliament to ensure ‘darkest hour of humanity’ is never forgotten

Darkest hour for humanity? How about when the Jews got Jesus Christ killed, and now have got Jesus Christ killed for a second time, in Norway, after 1000 years reign of Christ, after what time Satan (and Synagogue of Satan is to be released upon the fallen as tribulations) is to be released from his prison (Revelation 20:7)? How about when the bolshevic Jews Holocausted 66 million of our people, all the RUS peoples in Russia? (RUS means Scandinavian, after Rurik), and exchange the caucasian Rusians with mongols and asians – after industrial extermination of our Caucasian Israelite tribe there from 1917 onwards?

Everywhere the Jews come they will occupy all public space, their religious symbols will be pushed, like here from Jewish Cameron, and take over the role of worshiping of Jesus Christ as the sacrificial lamb of humanities evils, replacing Christ with themselves. Than you have seen the ugly face of anti-Christ.


The Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has unveiled plans to censor the Internet’s worldwide social media platforms with the building of an “international coalition” to counter criticism of Israel.

According to an article in the Times of Israel, Erdan’s plan calls for “developing legislation in conjunction with European countries,” most of which “are very interested in this idea.”

Israel Demands World Internet Censorship

Every day there is practically thousands of headers in the Jewish controlled media what the Jews want and don’t want. Personally I give shit in what they want, but I have no power, so I have to write this for the politicians to be aware that they also can give a shit what Jews of the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2.9) wants. It’s called democracy, where I can influence the politicians as much as the Jews can.

And their Hollywood machine to program our youths in pervert lifestyles:


Even purchased some idiots for the Papal throne to do their biddings (it have been like that in hiding for all the time actually, as Catholicism is nothing but Judaism Light; Babylonianism).


«Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God» – John 3:3

I want to warn innocent Jews that there are always a backlash coming, so you shall rise up and tell your Jewish leaders that enough is enough, that now this is creating rage, when so much people are pushed so hard, they will explode in the end, and this is the plans the occultists in the secret societies running our World have planned.

They want street riots, they want killings, they want violence, as much as possible, to let normal people fight between themselves to take focus away from the power pyramid at the very top. That is them who is creating and live on usury, slavery, and misery for all the Worlds peoples.

All this will not only cause rage of the peoples that are not ‘chosen ones’, it will even create psychological damage in the Jews that believes in all this.

All that Israel was Chosen Ones to do, was to be a Light to the Nations (Isaiah 49)… to learn the heathens to praise God, above all. They – The Lost Tribes of Israel in Europe – have done so.. that era is over. Now Satan is set loose for the last battle. The Edomites, not the real tribes of Israel who is not any longer producing the good fruit (Matthew 21:43), so it will be taken from them, and given to nations that can produce the required fruits. The Edomites rule is the Judgement, not the blessing.

As a friend om mine use to say: «Once satan and his demons take over one’s mind [and/or nation], it gets real ugly real fast !»

Satan is set loose on the World

The rice in the pudding

The reaction is the goal

It is done so because it is the REACTION against it that is important for the occult secret societies that is running the World. The people will be so fedup and tired of the Jews and the worshiping of the Jewish symbols and carnal religion in public and public service, that they will in the end massacre them..

No mercy, they will be exterminated.. That is the lesser brethren in Jewry will be massacred.. If people are told relentlessly that there are some people so much more worth then themselves, they must sacrifice everything for to please, even sacrifice their own nations and their childrens future for the Jews, it will create furious people, very angry – might not be conscious, and that will end in catastrophe.

The Jewish leadership will continue and be even more holy, the public image of Jews as the victims of mans evils (they have stolen Jesus’ role) will be strengthen, their religion will be strengthen, actually they will have Jesus, anti-Christ role in the New World Order (The Fourth Reich of the Rich) where they safely live in London, New York and Frankfurt..


For the time being, the Powers who rule the World is setting up all kind of Jewish special rights and protections.. It is not out of care for any individuals.. They want the people to get mad, they want people to get very angry, and the mob extermination of this people that is only good in lies and deceit, and might deserve it…

Like Jesus said: «You are of your Father the Devil» – John 8:44

They are actually setting themselves up for a brutal and violent fall… there is no limit to the worshiping they require. By pushing so hard for their psychological decease of victim hood…. even where they are the perpetrators.

And the more the Jews are praised for their ‘Choseness’ and special attributes (almost all the time built on lies), the more psychological damaged they will be, and react completely irrational against everybody that criticize them, it might even lead to the Samson Option, if they do not get everything their way..

«I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people [Jews] would not some day become deadly to the human race.» ~ Voltaire, Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron (1771)

You know; spoiled children raised in the belief they are special by blood becomes monster children…

The hate their upbringing is creating in their young children, and the psychological damage of the customs and traditions to hate Christ and Christians, can best be illustrated with this young Jewish victim of Jewish liberalism and feminism:

«I would personally like to castrate every Male Conservative Christian so that they have NO reproductive rights».

Laura Levites: Feminist comedian: I want to castrate every conservative Christian male

This reproduction limitations is like we will see further down this article a strong concern and agenda for many Jews, against the Christian Lost Tribes of Israel, so WHO is anti-semites?

But Gods wrath is coming early enough to the descendants of Esau. Esau/Edom got a chance to prove worthy, but failed. Jacob-Israel gave back the birthright blessing for awhile, but Esau’s descendants failed in the mission to be a light for the nations. They do not live up to the Law, and Gods standard. They will ultimately fall.

Gods wrath is coming on the Edomite nation of Israel

From paradise to nightmare

Since people do not understand the occult, and its workings, they are easy preys for the Jewish deceptions of all kinds, like pushing multiculturalism for Europe (but not for Israel), in the lust of destroying the Christian nations. Than the scene will be set for the end fight at Armageddon, the steps outside Jerusalem. The final battle.

The worshiping of the Jews is so strong that when the Jews say multiculturalism is good for them, than all the politicians of Europe is doing all they can to secure this. When a Jew say jump, the idiots in politics jump. They do not have a brain to think themselves.

The Khazars, not Russia, is the Enemy

NEVER in the times of both Biblical and secular history have multuculturalism been successfull. Tribes of Israel could not even go together with the tribe of Judah, they split up.. Norwegians could not even go along with Swedes, we split up, thank God….

From paradise to nightmare: Sweden’s collapse and the declining west

It is just a repetition what they did to Eastern Europe and Russia from 1917 forward. The REACTIONS to their multicultural agenda is what they have planned all along. They didn’t plan the invasions of our countries for the sake of ‘human rights’ or to be kind. They planned the REACTION ..

Like King Harald of Norway said in his New Year speech sending his message to his inner circle; «Norwegians aren’t angry enough yet«. The clue is to get them angry enough, and let the synthesis and the show begin… They will not close the borders before people are doing what they ought to do, angry opposition..

I am not sure if the Norwegian King is on the side of the Khazarian and Edomite Jews, or if he is on the side of us of the Lost Tribes of Israel, the Caucasians, and the Norwegian at least cultural Christian people.

One thing I know is the first step to destabilize a country is to have mob rule. A bunch of the biggest idiots in the country gathered in a place called the Parliament (Stortinget). And let We The People rule themselves is disasterous. A kind of nobility is needed. The Jewish socialism of the Jewishs satanist rabbi Marl Marx Mordechai Levy and all forms of his socialism, is the best guarantee for the destruction of our nations from within.

«The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.« Winston Churchill

We will never have We The People to govern according to Gods Law, We the People want bread and circus, they want free copulation in all the holes of the body and even with animals.. (?) They want their free will to do as they please… The collectivist as the Jews normally are, will never know the right from wrong.

It was Hellig Olav that Christened Norway, a nobleman, while We The People was busy setting their babies out in the woods to die.. And slay their fellow man..

The Reign of Christ over the Kingdom of Norway was institutionalized with Olav den Hellige… Became law… What the satanists and the heathens to this day are mad and angry for that they can not continue their customs of setting babies out in the woods and die, and limitations when they can slay their fellow man… and not.. Satanists wants full freedom, for all kind of perversities, murder, «do what thou whilst is the whole law» of Aliester Crowleys Law of Thelema..

What is so wrong with nobility that have some higher aspirations than this?

In Norway we have had almost exactly to the day 1000 year reign of Christ … Before the Jews took over the ruling of our dear nation…. Of the heritage of the Lost Tribes of Israel, the nation of ‘milk and honey’ God promised…

Unfortunately the people falled into transgression and sins, and will have to be having the Judgement and feel the wrath of God, again.. History always repeats itself..

«The angel said to virgin Mary,, You will become pregnant and give birth to a son, and you will name Him Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High God. The Lord God will make Him a King, as His ancestor David was, and He will be the King of the Descendants of Jacob for ever; His Kingdom will never end!» (Lucas 1:31-33)

NOTE: Descendants of Jacob.

Why do the Synagogue of Satan bring infidels and savages to our shores?

The end of Christs reign of Norway

As we shall see we are now under the Jewish reign, the anti-Christ reign, that they will take up all the space of our national institutions, everything will be centered around them and their rights and needs and wants. We will have to pay their salaries for them harboring our own destruction, and our nations destruction. Christianity is done with in Norway’s institutions.

Christs ruling time is over… it is time to let Satan loose now... It is JUDGEMENT and TRIBULATION time, People get as they deserve, who they worship… all the evil and misery they worship and call into existence by worshiping Jews and other satanism of the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2.9 and Rev. 3.9), they deserve.. they actually choose it themselves… and eye for an eye is not so far fetched after all.. reap what they sow.

Most people fear the Jews, where they should fear God… actually by fearing the Jews more than God, they are worshiping the satanists..

Their subordination to the Synagogue of Satan shows they have NO FAITH in God… that God have more POWER than the Jews…

They went from worshiping Jesus Christ, our King under God, to be worshipers of the Jews and the Synagogue of Satan, make them complicit.

Fear not, for I am with you;
Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

(Isaiah 41:10)

How many is REALLY believing that?

They DO believe it is wise to fear the Jews. That they are able to believe. But have God really abdicated His throne? Not as I know.

The end of the last Christian bastion? Not completely true, as Iceland still have Protestantism in their Constitution, but it is on it’s way out there also.

Norway is one of the ONLY countries in the whole wide World that have done it.. have been under the reign of Christ for 1000 years. The rest is pagan and satanists or jewish or alike… The Worlds second oldest Constitution based on Christs teachings, as per Law under Christs reign, even the King under Christs reign. Done now. Over.

Norway; One Thousand Years under Christs Reign

The Spirit of Christ have ruled this nation for 1000 years, by Law… It is finished now… They changed the laws… they let the Jews into our country, contrary to the original Constitution of 1814, and Norway is now not longer Christian, only Luciferian cultural ‘christian’ as luciferian Judaism Light Roman Catholicism can now be claimed is the ‘Christian’ basis of our nation, or satanic humanism, praising humans as gods for themselves.

Protestantism was taken out by corruptible politicians in 2012. Martin Luther gave a deadly wound to the Beast in the 1500’s, both to the Catholic Church (Judaism Light) and the Jews, with his book «The Jews and Their Lies», but now as per Bible prophesies the Beast is up on her feets again again, and wage war on Christ, the Christ ruled nations, and the Elect.

Judgment time

Our societies is to be plunged into chaos and destruction now, showing God have allowed the heathen Jews to go bananas with our society. Reap what we sow as a nation also. Nobody but me in the country protested this transformation from Christian heritage, to ‘humanistic values’ and Catholic ‘christian’.

«If my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.» – 2 Chronicles 7:14

This will not happen. Stupidity is too widespread.

«When I called, they did not listen; so when they called, I would not listen,’ says the LORD Almighty». – Zechariah 7:13

Everyone when they are in their hour of need, in their darkest hours, reached the rock bottom of existence, when they are forsaken by all humans, have tried this, will know it is working. God is there, will answer calls, if we ourselves heed the call to take our responsibility for the creation. If it is for the collective as for individuals, humanity have to reach rock bottom of depravity before they start think and change their ways.

Christians – In My Hour Of Need

No-one else will answer. People with the mark of the beast will always run to their Jewish Prime Minister, a Bilderberger or similar.. we know the result. When George Soros knock on the prime ministers door, he is always welcome, but for normal people they will be too busy, and continue with their Jewish activities, without care. Than you know who’s paycheck they are on.

So much for worshiping the Jews and their administrative politicians as gods.

Crisis actors on the move
‘Hundreds-strong’ mob of masked men rampage through Stockholm station beating up refugee children in revenge attack for female asylum centre worker killed by Somali ‘boy’

Voldsomme sammenstøt i Stockholm
Gjenger skal ha banket opp personer med utenlandsk utseende

»It is every Swedish man’s duty to defend public areas against imported crime»

The response is given, almost impossible to respond otherwise to the provocations. They know that, I know that, but the masses don’t know it. Unless all people turn together towards the Jews and throw them all in jail for criminal conspiracy against mankind, and all people can go back to their nations and live peacefully there… Without the wars the Jews arrange for divide and conquer.

For ever and ever, with the Jews out of the way to spread their satanism, than there is a chance for all mankind to unite in Christ.. To be governed by Christ, instead of by the Jews..

This will not happen. The Jews are too much experts in divide and conquer I am afraid, mankind will never be able to see the conspiracy and join forces against them..

Sorry I am pessimistic, but I have really lost all faith in mankind.. Only God can we thrust. The only thing we can be positive about is that we’re on the way home, to God, to Heaven, free of satanic Jews, to where we belongs.

The White Man is Dancing
Leonard Cohen – The Future.

And by that pessimistic outlook I have became exactly like this.. It is not comfortable, and a little sad, but it is like it is;

«Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.» – Psalm 146:3

«It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in people.» – Psalm 118:8

I do. I know now. There is nothing else to put your faith on, than the only reasonable remain is wise to take.

God will take care of this, that is the only thrust that remains.

NWO; Sleep well and thrust God is still in control

Divide and conquer tactics

First time people united against the Jews was when they united behind Jesus Christ, and confronted everything the Jews stand for. The second time behind Martin Luther (Protestantism), and well as this time when the opposing groups set up by the Jews in Scotland to slay each others, suddenly instead united and turned toward the Jews:

Braveheart, freedom speech

Beautiful Scotland, our clansmen?

They say Peace, I say FREEDOM

Peace, peace,’ they say, when there is no peace.» – Jeremiah 6:14

If the cost of peace is slavery for the Jews, than better have FREEDOM, and die in freedom..as Freeman…and woman.. All with the Mark of the Beast will believe the lies…

Because it is prophesied, when the Jews think they have peace in their New World (antiChrist) Order, and all people subject to their rule during that time of ‘peace’, than…

«While people are saying, «Peace and safety,» destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape». – 1 Thessalonians 5:3

If we had the time to dig deeper into this, we might have found that this ‘hooligans’ is paid actors from the intelligence community and the Swedish Jewish Wallenberg family, Aschenbergs or alike, those who helped and financed the Bolshevic Jews to go rampant and destabilize Russia in 1917.. New times, same modus operandi.. Nothing new under the sun..

They need some news to feed their media empire with, so why not create the events for the news also?

Some sense it is about to burn under their feets..

Interesting, isn’t it. The Jews are in America to do a job for the Jewish people, only… That goes for all the double citizen Israeli passport holders in American politics as well of course..

«This Jewess may have revealed more than she intended to: «The way she and her husband raised their own children is an echo of her deeply-held beliefs, she said. “My kids have been told since they were very young, ‘America is not your home. We’re here doing a job for the Jewish people. Israel your home.’ I hope and pray that we’ll all end up there.”

American Jewish Leader Urges Jews to Get Out of America

American people is finished looted, Christ is killed in America, Zionism is mainstream ‘christianity’ now. Can just as well find new victims to loot, other places to kill Christ.

Jews arch-Enemy is nothing else than Christ. All other religions is ok.
Jews arch-Enemy is nothing else than Christ. All other religions is ok.

«And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the NATIONS: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God». – Revelation 19:15

That is whats going to happen to all nations not received Him as their King…. It will be hell for them… That is the tribulation… For their transgressions and sins… They deserve it, I am not in sympathy with devil worshipers or those worshiping the Jews and thereby belongs to the Synagogue of Satan fan club…

“And Joshua said unto all the people [of Israel], … choose you this day whom ye will serve; … but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh. 24:2, 15).
“And Joshua said unto all the people [of Israel], … choose you this day whom ye will serve; … but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh. 24:2, 15).
No, I AM not!

«Shouldest thou help the un-Godly? and love them that hate the Lord; therefore is wrath upon thee from before the Lord.» – 2 Chronicles 19:2:


Norway is TOO WHITE! According to the President of the Jewish Community in Oslo

Please, can some in police or politics kick this hooked nosed satanist (Rev. 2.9 & Rev. 3.9) out of my country…

And Israel is too Khazarian (askeNazi) Mr. Kohn, and the Edomites have failed their mission. We from Jacob-Israel is soon coming for our birthright blessings, all the ten lost united tribes of Israel AND Judah and Benjamin, the white Caucasian race you are so eager to Holocaust, will come against you the Bible say. And you know what? God in the Bible says Gog/Magog will loose. 🙂

The LAW, God’s Law
«the Jews could return only under the promise given to Esau in Gen. 27: 40. Jacob would have to give the Birthright back to Esau and allow God to give it to the rightful son in His own appointed time and manner. Thus, in order for “Jacob” to give the land back to “Esau,” the old land had to come back under the control of the descendants of Jacob/Ephraim (of the ten Israelite tribes) which was Britain of the “Union Jack» flag. The occupation of Palestine by Britain occurred in 1917, and “Jacob” subsequently gave it back to Esau in 1948. This restored the birthright back to the heirs of Esau within Jewry, rectifying an ancient wrong perpetrated upon Esau in Genesis 27.»
According to the law a rebellious son could be disinherited, even as Reuben was disinherited (1 Chron. 5: 1). However, the law clearly states that Esau could not be disinherited until he proved himself to be a rebellious son. God gave the birthright to the descendants of Esau for a time, and as the fig tree cursed by Jesus, they regrew baring many leaves but no fruit. Jacob and Rebekah did not have the patience to wait for Esau to prove himself unworthy, and the fulfillment had to wait until 1948 with the establishment of the Zionist state. Practically blind, Isaac was tricked by Jacob. Now God has blinded the true Israelites, and most of the world, with the result that Esau has obtained the birthright promise for a time, but it will soon be given back to the people of Jacob.

Jacob pretended to be Esau to steal the birthright from him in Genesis 27, so also now has Esau pretended to be Jacob to get it back. Even as Jacob took advantage of Isaac’s blindness, so also has Esau taken advantage of the blindness in the Church [Jacob-Israel] to get it back. This may seem unjust, but it is actually the justice of “an eye for an eye” as stated in the law.

Gods wrath is coming on the Edomite nation of Israel

Who’s God is the strongest, is it the ‘god’ of the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2.9), OR is it ISRAELS God. I know the answer, you might not believe it, but it will happen EXACTLY as the Word of God tells us. Still time to remorse, turn around from evil ways, accept Jesus Christ as Messiah, if no Heaven, only Hell is waiting for you.

Why the Jews hate Jesus?

Why the Jews hate Jesus? Because he will strip them for their privileges of usury, lies and deceit.. They would have to be farmers and fishermen or do something other honest work like all else.. than themselves know they will starve to death 🙂

Mr. Kohn and alike have to live on contributions from the Norwegian government to his ‘Anti-racist’ Center. Supporting him in crimes against the State, aka «statsundergravende virksomhet». A crime for all else, but not for the ‘Jews’. We have to pay for our own destruction.

¨Israel Cohen book: «A Racial Program for the 20th Century» (1912)

«We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavour to instil in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.»

Christine said (June 14, 2008):

With regard to racial tension, I am reminded of a prophecy by the late father of a friend. He was a CIA agent stationed in South America.

He predicted the fall of the USA to the Reds, and said that the start of the Revolution would be signaled by the mass migration of Mexicans into the USA. This would be followed by the retaking of the Southwestern USA, a racially based civil war, and the division of the USA into regions, which has been done already.

Mrs. Kitty Werthmann, an elderly survivor of Nazi and Communist Austria, infiltrated a Communist front group in Switzerland 20 years ago. She met a female Red, who repeated what the agent said.

At that point, Mrs. W. asked how they could start a revolution since you need a lot of soldiers. The Red replied that they were already in the USA. They came in pretending to be Central American Refugees, and the churches helped them in their Sanctuary movement.

WorldNetDaily and PrisonPlanet have reported that the Mexican Reds have already advocated the overthrow of the California state government, its replacement with a Communist government, to be followed by the genocide of whites and blacks. One of the photos on WND depicted a large placard at one of the rallies promoting this sort of thing. It was a cartoon of a Mexican hand holding the severed head of a blond white man.

– See more at: http://henrymakow.com/the_book_the_bankers_made_disa.html

Ervin Kohn et al is already well underway to import his soldiers to our nation also, all the ISIS (Israel Secret Intelligence Services) soldiers in military age arriving. Be prepared Norwegians, to fight for survival.

There is people in the World who hate the beauty of the Lost Tribes of Israel’s children, and would love to see them defiled or made miscenegation of.

This girl from the Lost Tribes of Israel, who is forbidden to racemix by the Christian religion, is what the Jewish President Sarkozy would force to racemix in 2012. He gave a speech telling the native White French to deliberately pick someone of another race and have children with them. “The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding. The challenge of racial interbreeding that faces us in the 21st Century.he said.  “It’s not a choice, it’s an obligation. It’s imperative. We cannot do otherwise. We risk finding ourselves confronted with major problems. If this volunteerism does not work for the Republic, then the State will move to still more coercive measures.

I wonder how the hate against white Christians of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel in their own countries is to be punished with. You are doing a pretty well good job yourself Mr. Kohn to create hate against your tribal agendas. An eye for an eye, makes the whole World blind. Some will say you have deserved all the lack of sympathy coming your ways.

Why the Jews hate Jesus?

The ONLY hope is this: GOD, and

Even former Jews (REAL JEWS, from tribe of Judah, not Khazars and/or Edomites) can be good Christians and protect Christs reign.. there is good people also in High Places… if not God would not be in control of His creation… than we would deny him His power.

God in his Might use whoever He want. The Bible state that this will happen until «he that holds back will not do it anymore»..

«For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way». – 2 Thessalonians 2:7

1000 years of Christs Reign in Norway

The Jews have ruled our country in secret since they won WW2 and the Germans (Terboven) surrender to the ‘english’ (The Crown, The City – also called the Black Vatican, by Baron Rothschild) Commander in Oslo. Now they are in the open ruling the nation with their standard rod of iron. Now they felt strong enough for the final nail in the coffin, to crucify Christ for the second time, in this nation. And they did.

On my island we have a church from around 1000-1100.

King Olav Tryggvason was building a church on Moster at Bømlo around 995. In addition Olav den Hellige held a parlimentar meeting (ting) on Moster around 1020-1024, from the time Christ Reign «kristenretten» was for the first time constitutionalized in Norway. The year of the Lord, 1024, Olav den Hellige claim ‘Kvitekrist’ to rule Norway.. that happened at Moster..

«Nå må vi bøye kne mot øst og be til Kvite Krist»

Fantastic isn’t it? We have had 1000 fantastic years with Christ. Thanks Christ…

Damn you Jewish satanists, for destroying it…

Words of thunder from Ezekiel – the word of God – over those who is not judging the ‘profane’ and ungodly —–

««I looked for someone who might rebuild the wall of righteousness that guards the land. I searched for someone to stand in the gap in the wall so I wouldn’t have to destroy the land, but I found no one.» (Ezekiel 22:30, ref. Jeremiah 5:1, Psalm 106:23)

I surely do not need your anti-Christ luciferian New World Order. It will fall.

.. but the Lord says, “they shall build, but I will throw down”.

«Whereas Edom saith, We are impoverished, but we will return and build the desolate places; thus saith the LORD of hosts, They shall build, but I will throw down; and they shall call them, The border of wickedness, and, The people against whom the LORD hath indignation forever.» – Malachi 1:4

It will be taken care of in due time..

«And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it.» – Obadiah 1:18

Israel’s God can not be mocked (Galatians 6:7).

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