Why do the Synagoge of Satan bring infidels and savages to our shores?

Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2.9 and Rev. 3.9) as we have documented in numerous articles is busy bringing infidels and savages to our shores. Why do they do that? We will expose the spiritual reason for their inspiration to act in this way. The New World Order, the Anti-Christ Kingdom will be marxist/fascist Babylonian, after the template as in the times the Babylonian Talmud was written.

Title picture: The Economist 2016 outlook, the happy multicultural Jewish New World Order comes to realization.

«Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division.» (Luke 12:51)

The tares is to be separated from the wheat (Matthew 13:28-30). Christians is NOT to assist the Jews in their endevour. That is the same as condemning oneself to Eternal Death, serving Satan. That is why they are called Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2.9 and Rev. 3.9) after all.

«Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword» (Matthew 10:34).

And Paul is telling us that the sword for our use is the Word of God (the Bible). So let’s start, by using the Word of God to expose the satanists. Satanic spiritual forces can only operate in the occult dark (Isa. 29:15), can’t have light, than they disappear. The Bible require us to be watchmen for our people (Ezekiel 3:17).

There is a racial element to the endevours of the Talmudic Jews pushing muliticulturalism and interracial breeding of people (like we crossbreed dogs).

Czech President in Christmas speech: – An organized invasion

Of course it is, and it is the ‘usual suspects’ behind it.

Do not for a moment think when I speak of ‘Jews’ in this or other articles, I speak of the useful mostly atheistic idiots in the country of Israel, nor the terrorist Master on it’s throne Bibi. The Talmudic part of Jewry is based in all the capitols of the World, especially in London and New York, they are sitting in top of the economic and political and royal systems, leading all the events from behind the scene (Illuminati). The ones we never see, is running this agenda. They have planned a re-appearance of their ideal community; Babylon. These people will not hesitate or cost them a dime to sacrifice some of their «Jewish lesser Brethren» to reach their goals, like they did during WW2.

Mystery Babylon – Texe Marrs NWO

The white Adamic race, after Abraham, the todays Caucasians, was Chosen by God to bring His word to all the nations and peoples of the World, an example of godliness. NOT to rule others by any rod of iron. Christ is to rule with a rod of iron, but not us. Our role is to be examples for the nations and peoples of the world in godliness, so they will see who are of God, and will like to be alike. The Synagogue of Satanists role is to try to stop us get the whole Word godly and recieve the Messiah Jesus Christ. The Jews have their own type of Maschiach, a military General and political leader that will give them victory over all their percieved enemies, that stand in the way for their New World Order and Anti-Christ Kingdom to be realized.

Evidence of real Israel in Bible Prophesy, and end times Holocaust

REAL Israel, the Lost Tribes of Israel, is the Caucasians (Genesis 12:3). The Edomites and savages hates Israel with a burning hate, and will work for the destruction of the Caucasian race and the destruction of their societies, as quickly and effective as they can. Many people, also of the tribes of Judah and Israel, is corrupted and partaking in this satanic scheme we see unfolding today. Please take note that Hungarian Jew George Soros have financed the movement of young males (80-90% of the invaders) in military age to our shores. Our governments are not saying anything, because they are serving the Jews, OR have threats of more Utøya, 9/11 terrorism by Mossad if they do not comply with the requirements of the selfappointed Master Race.

I will not again document all the ‘Jewish’ peoples pushing the multicultural and genocidal agenda in this article. I have documented it in several other articles; George Soros, Barbara Spectre, Paul Krugman, Joe Klein, Ervin Kohn, and thousands of leading Jews all over the World fill the press with propaganda for the multicultural Babylon daily, and all their national and local fanclubs in the Western media and political leadership, that must do what they say, or there will another Mossad style false flag operations, killing our people and children in terrorism (Utøya, 9/11, etc. etc.). The Samson Option is on top of it all.

Pushing abortions laws in our nations is Jewish child sacrifices to Baal and Molech

The satanists in the Synagogue of Satan is pushing this agenda in order to Holocaust Jacob-ISRAEL, the Lost Tribes of Israel (Caucasians); feminism, the destruction of the family, multiculturalism aka bringing savages to our shores, abortions, all lead up to their final goal:

Page 109 of the book, Who is Esau-Edom by Charles A. Weisman.
Page 109 of the book, Who is Esau-Edom by Charles A. Weisman.

Worshipping the Beast

The Mark of the Beast is to accept the ways of the Beast (System), as described in Daniels Book and Johns Revelation, and to accept and adopt the Satanists agandas (John 8:44), in their conspiry against God and men (Psalms 83:5, Psalm 2:2, Isa. 29:15, Matthew 12:14).

markof the beast

My prophesy is like this; There is very, very few that will NOT take the Mark of the Beast, the sheeple mentality, when the going gets tough.. when they will not have jobs, and thereby no money, not able to buy and sell (Revelation 13:17).. Mostly ALL wil kneel for the Beast (System) in the Fourth Reich.. the New World Order of the Jews, Anti-Christs Kingdom.

“Diversity” and “Multiculturalism” Is Largely a Jewish Movement in the West

Nobody, certainly no Jews, is pushing for diversity and multiculturalism in Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Israel. Because it is as everybody know a tool of destruction.

Sarkozy: Challenge of the 21st Century: Racial Interbreeding

The hungarian Jew and earlier French President Sarkozy will have the State to enforce interracial interbreeding. «“The goal is to meet the challenge of racial interbreeding. The challenge of racial interbreeding that faces us in the 21st Century. [ ] If this volunteerism does not work, then the State will move to still more coercive measures«, he say.

Lessons of Babylon Race mixing

It it is not a question if we agree or not with what is said in this video. If it is true, we just need to accept it. I never disagree with the Bible. To find out if it is true, from a Biblical perspective, it needs investigation. Yes, Jesus said in the last days will be like in the Days of Noah with it’s Babylonian racemixing. the fall from godly living, transgression of the Law (adultery) as commanded to Israel, fall from Grace. They will come under Judgement, the era of living under Grace will be over, due to transgressions of the Law. Man will be gods to themselves, and the Jews will be the highest nobility of and amongst man, actually Talmud teaches it is ONLY them who is humam, the rest is animals, only here to serve the Jews.

Babylonian was to «unite what was before separated» they say in the film. That is not only in physical sense, but also in a DNA and blood sense, as they started mix races, mix blood like in occult satanic rituals, by DNA manipulation, get transhumanism. The Tower of Babel is the new race they create. «One people, by blood, united, together» in the image of the bastard Obama (white/black, with jewish blood in him), who they worship. Electing him is to worship him.

Obama: The Return of King Akhenaten?


Adultury – forbidden in the Bible as per Exodus 20:14 (7th commandment of Moses) – actually means to add a substance to something else that is not normally there, aka pollute it.

1. to debase or make impure by adding inferior, alien, or less desirable materials or elements.

If me as man add something to anyone, I can not be polluted by them, only them by me. Civilized man will be able to add positive. But the offspring will be polluted. In the end it will all be polluted, as in the Days of Noah, when the Bible say only Noah and his family was ‘PERFECT IN HIS GENERATIONS» aka bloodline (Genesis 6:9).

This Jewish Babylonian Talmud people, and the normal people who believe twhat they teach and say, and will be doing this, is not happy with Gods creation. They have re-interpreted the whole Torah, and the Prophets (the Bible) to fit their satanism, Jesus told them outright. They want to re-create the Creation and the World in their image. Their image of ‘good’. Satan believes all is good that God regard as evil, and in opposition to His Creation.

But you know, the occultists and the kaballist and the masons, all in Illuminati kabbalistic Jewry, is believing that Jacob-Israel and Jesus’ God is not the Creator, they postulate that Lucifer is the Creator of all things, and Israels God is waging war agains their ‘god’ (Satan/Lucifer) and their free will. The free will is limited, there is an ‘apple’, and knowledge we shall NOT put into practise, whatever scientifically and political correct good it might seem.. one of them is racemixing, DNA manipulation.

I am not judging anybody, I leave that to God who can see peoples hearts. There can be suffering I do not know, that is needed for them to form this relations. I do not see any big problem a few will find real love of the Heart, and not only ‘love of the flesh’, lusts, the love of sex and copulation, a big negro dick, what is to love the carnal and the things of the flesh before the godly.

But it is clearly against the Bible. And when everybody is starting doing this, it is popularized – and all the people buy into it and actually doing it, than it is for evil, and than we will see a mongrelization that will actually put in GREAT DANGER the whole Creation, as God created us all, different. All perfect in their kind, but different. That is how it is to be…

But of course, needless to say maybe, the Satanists wants this different, they have a better idea than the Creatior Himself, they oppose His rule. Openly. Hidden in plain sight.

God have promised a SMALL remnant of Abraham and Noah will be left aka ISRAEL (Caucasians, Revelation 7:4), that is ‘perfect in their generations’, as Noah. That remnant is happy to be as God created them.

It is a bigger problem a woman is doing it with savages, than if a man do it with savages. Her offspring will be a setback for the Creation, but a man can improve the savages of the World, the womans offspring will be a setback for herself and the Creation. A wise woman will calculate to get the best seed for her garden when she is making roses, wouldn’t she 🙂

This is described in OT, how there came Giants and find the flesh of other races so attaractive, they took them as wives. Like Esau, who formed the Edomite bloodline.

When people try to change this, there WILL BE measures by God to counter Satans plans, might not be flood for destruction, but something it will be. For sure. Maybe fire? Opposition to God is never a good idea. The Bible as a history book is telling us that, confirmed by secular history books.

Joe Klein writing in Time that it is necessary to import millions of non-Whites as a cure for “our poisonous biracial era.

Why is our Govenments sitting idle and let savages and barbarians flood our countries? Because they are ALL corrupted by and serve the Talmudic Jewish agenda of the New Babylon. If not, they would’nt be in power at all. No good salaries, no huge pensions for the sake of serving Satan, the Prince of this World.

Infidels, barbarians and savages, can ALL just come walking over our borders, like nothing. Just a few years ago this was forbidden, they would be cast direct back where they came from. But there is ‘international commitments’, the say. If I had done the same in Qatar or Israel, I would be arrested, and deported, no question asked, no nice hotel, straight out, if not shot dead. That is their ‘international commitments’ (human rights), obviously the ‘international commitments’ is only for the Israels Lost Tribes’ countries.

The Locust (Joel 1:4 & Joel 1:6)

Why is America (and Europe) being flooded with people from Latin America, Asia, and Africa, with no action from Washington DC? Mao Tse-Tung (note 1), the great communist patriot (1950’s), who murdered more people than any man in history (about 100 million), said it well… «The oppressed nations and peoples in Africa, Asia, and Latin America against imperialism and its lackeys will surround and strangle urbanized North America and Western Europe, the last stronghold of the moneygrubbing capitalist and bourgeoisie, corrupt labor unions and decadent Communist revisionists. In the final analysis, the whole course of world revolution hinges on the revolutionary struggles of the majority of the world’s population.»

Stoddard (note 2) said it better than Mao; «Communism is, in fact, as anti-racial as it is anti-social. To the communist mind, with its furious hatred of constructive ability and its fanatical determination to enforce leveling, proletarian equality, the very existence of superior biological values is a crime. Communism has vowed the proletarianization of the world, beginning with the white peoples. To this end it not only foments social revolution within the white world itself, but it also seeks to enlist the colored races in its grand assault on civilization. Communist agitators whisper in the ears of discontented colored men their gospel of hatred and revenge. Every nationalist aspiration, every political grievance, every social discrimination, is fuel for Bolshevism’s hellish incitement to racial as well as to class war. Bolshevism thus reveals itself as the archenemy of civilization and the race. Communism is the renegade, the traitor within the gates, who would betray the citadel, degrade the very fiber of our being, and ultimately hurl a rebarbarized, racially impoverished world into the most debased and hopeless of mongrelizations.»

2. The Rising Tide of Color, by Stoddard.

A Primer Concerning the Relationship of Civilization,
God’s Law And the Descendants of Adam

«The Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism.» – (A Program for the Jews and Humanity, Rabbi Harry Waton, p. 143-144).

“Communism and internationalism are in truth and in fact great virtues. Judaism may be justly proud of these virtues”
Harry Watan, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York: Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), p. 80

«Some call it Marxism — I call it Judaism.» – (The American Bulletin, Rabbi S. Wise, May 5, 1935).

«The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people.» – Le Peuple Juif, February 8, 1919.

«The majority of the world’s population is non-Adamic man. In 1900 white women of baby producing age were 20% of the world population, today 2% of the babies born worldwide are White. Inter-racial marriage and abortion further decrease the Adamic population.

It is apparent, Adamic man has indeed been blessed with special gifts from God. From a worldly perspective, the most outstanding of these is his ability, his internal need, to build and to create. Because of this need to create, evolves the architect, the engineer, and the artist.»

It is the Adamic white race of the World that have all the hate the Jews stirr up from all the other peoples of the World. And EVERYTHING the Jews blame white man for doing, they have done themselves, be it slavetrade, plundering of Africa, wars against ME countries, Zionist Jews in our Governments, especially the American, have decided it, and than blame it on the Caucasians. A roaring burning hate from the Edomites and the satanists. Jacobs Trouble have just started (Jeremiah 30:7).

«Since the dawn of history, the land of Egypt has been occupied by two different races» (note 3). The original inhabitants were pre-Adamic people. The most recent pre-Adamic man was short, had darker skin, black hair and black or dark eyes. When Adamic man arrived in Egypt, pre-Adamic man became his subject. Pre-Adamic man was compelled to execute the monumental works which have made the name of Egypt famous throughout the world (note 4). In the later dynasties (there were almost 30), «in the course of time, however, the two races became completely amalgamated» (note 4). The people of Egypt we see today are the product of North African pre-Adamic man, sub-Sahara African man (the black, imported as slaves), and Adamic man. Today Egypt’s primary economic strengths are tourism (the great monuments), sustenance agriculture, and billions of dollars each year in «aid» from the United States.

The Bible confirms the founders of Egypt to be Adamic in several passages, and this is demonstrated clearly in Psalms 105:23, «Israel also came into Egypt; Thus Jacob sojourned in the land of Ham.» Ham was a son of Noah. From secular records, it is apparent that Adamic man was the ruling class, who engineered and designed the pyramids (note 2, 8, 10, 11), engineered the irrigation systems, established a form of government (monarchy), and set the order of things. These rulers made Egypt the center of ancient civilization for over a thousand years.

A Primer Concerning the Relationship of Civilization,
God’s Law And the Descendants of Adam

What can we Christians do to stop the Synagogue of Satan destroying our nations? We need to let God know about this. We must pray and protest. The Bible have only ONE solution:

«If we will do these things, humble ourselves and seek His face, in time our land will be healed (2 Chronicles 7:14), a new Age will come to us.»

«In this new Age let us, Adamic man, recognize our duties and obligations to the world. First let us recognize that as groups, the colored and Adamic world are not enemies. However, never let us again forget that we have been commanded, kind after kind. Without the constant propaganda and manipulation to the contrary, all races will seek separation, just by their very nature. In their heart, all races know that the differences are too great to live side by side in harmony. Let us recognize that the artificial State, the multi-cultural, multi-racial, pluralistic society is dead. It has never worked and it never will. Today, as in the past, its purpose has been to destroy. Its purpose has been to bring power to a few evil men. Yet, let us also recognize that we can live in peace, given strong and secure fences… on all sides.»

Because we all know in our heart of hearts the multiculture will not work, it is a tool of death and destrution, and some have in their evilness, decided to use this tool against us.

Ode to a Holocausted people

There is an attempt to industrial Holocaust the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel, the Caucasians, from an age old plan laid out at the foundation of the World. It is the classic drama between the good and evil, Light and Darkness, God and Satan, the Beauty and the Beast. It is having it’s final crescendo in our time.

Be sure to have «God with us», the correct blood of the correct sacrificial Passover Lamb on the doorpost.

This is not a Christian song per standard interpretation of Christian thinking, but it is full of soul, and it speaks the Truth… what will happen.. so maybe it is more Christian than most else

«The reaper embraces me with his kiss;» – «The heroes of our race have already died . . .»

REAPER = the harvester of souls.

Saga – Ode To A Dying People

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