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«He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.» — Revelation 21:4

When The Man Comes Around, by Johnny Cash

«Where the Soul of Man Never Dies», by Johnny Cash


To Canaan’s land I’m on my way
Where the soul (of man) never dies
My darkest night will turn to day
Where the soul (of man) never dies

No sad farewells
No tear dimmed eyes
Where all is love
And the soul never dies

Dear friends there’ll be no sad farewells
There’ll be no tear-dimmed eyes
Where all is peace and joy and love
And the soul of man never dies

The rose is blooming there for me
Where the soul (of man) never dies
And I will spend eternity
Where the soul (of man) never dies

The love light beams across the foam
Where the soul (of man) never dies
It shines and lights the way to home
Where the soul (of man) never dies

My life will end in deathless sleep
Where the soul (of man) never dies
And everlasting joys I’ll reap
Where the soul (of man) never dies

I’m on my way to that fair land
Where the soul (of man) never dies
Where there will be no parting hand
Where the soul (of man) never dies

Everybody Knows!
A compilation of images to the sound of Leonard Cohen’s Everybody Knows. Now wake the f*** up sheeple.


Esther Sparks fra New Orleans skrev denne sangen «Peace.» Den er på hennes album «Esther and the Protesters.» http:.//

Who Would Jesus Bomb?
David Rovics

I’ve seen you in the markets
I’ve seen you in the streets
And at your political convention
Talking of your crusade
Talking of your nation
And other things too terrible to mention
And you proclaim your Christianity
You proclaim your love of God
You talk of apple pie and mom
Well I’ve just got one question
And I want an answer
Tell me, who would Jesus bomb?

Maybe Jesus would bomb the Syrians
‘Cause they’re not Jews like him
Maybe Jesus would bomb the Afghans
On some kind of vengeful whim
Maybe Jesus would drive an M1 tank
And he would shoot Saddam
Tell me, who would Jesus bomb?

I’ve seen you on the TV
And on the battleships
I’ve seen you in the house upon the hill
And I’ve heard you talking
About making the world safer
And about all the men you have to kill
And you speak so glibly
About your civilization
And how you have the moral higher ground
While halfway around the world
Your explosives smash the buildings
Ah, if you could only hear the sound

But maybe Jesus would sell land mines
And turn on his electric chair
Maybe Jesus would show no compassion
For his enemies in the lands way over there
Maybe Jesus would have flown the planes
That killed the kids in Viet Nam
Tell me, who would Jesus bomb

Yes I hear you shout with confidence
As you praise the lord
And you talk about this God you know so well
And you talk of Armageddon
And your final victory
When all the evil forces go to hell
Well you’d best hope you’ve chosen wisely
On the right side of the lord
And when you die your conscience it is clear
You’d best hope that your atom bombs
Are better than the sword
At the time when your reckoning is here

‘Cause I don’t think Jesus would send gunships into Bethlehem
Or jets to raze the towns of Timorese
I don’t think Jesus would lend money to dictators
Or drive those SUV’s
And I don’t think Jesus would ever have dropped
A single ounce of napalm
So tell me, who would Jesus bomb?

Created July 2003
Copyright David Rovics 2003, all rights reserved

Music Video Exposing 9/11
Musikkvideo for «We Know» fra det nye album «Infiltration» av Remo Conscious. Directed by Rich Newey.

New World Lies
En kars mening om Amerika og Bush’s regime.

Who Would Jesus Bomb?
If people are going to fight wars and commit atrocities, let them do it for the real reasons, nationalism, aquiring land, money, hatred, racism… whatever. But let’s not do it in the name of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha or any other messengers of peace. The song is intolerant… intolerant of intolerance and intolerant of those who would use religion to justify the slaughter of innocents.

Reichstag Fire

David Rovics

The planes hit New York City
And thousands now are dead
“It was Arab terrorists”
This is what you said
Well if that is the truth
Then what have you got to hide
And what were you doing
On the day all those people died
Where the fuck were the fighter jets
Ordered by the FAA
And what is your explanation
For what you were heard to say
When you told the Air Force to stand down
Not to intercept
Did you plan to let it happen
Or are you just inept

I am left to wonder
As the flames are reaching higher
Was this our latest Lusitannia
Or another Reichstag Fire

There’s some distressing information, sir
Which I think should be explained
Just which things have been lost
And just what has been gained
Like the thousands of put options
Bought days before the crash
If the money were collected
It would make quite a pretty stash
And the only stocks they bought
Were American and United
Deutsche Bank knows the answer
But the names have not been sighted
And is it just coincidence
That this firm in the private sector
Was once run by “Buzzy” Krongard
Ex-CIA Director


There’s something fishy in Virginia
And I want an explanation
Why did they get the contract
What is Britannia Aviation
A one-man operation
Corporation with no history
He said he worked in Florida
But there he was a mystery
So is there a connection
I think it bears investigation
When the FAA found boxcutters
Does this cause you consternation
Hidden behind the seats
In these Delta planes
That had been fixed in Lynchburg
With Brittania at the reigns


You said Bin Laden was your friend
But he isn’t anymore
Now that he’s not fighting Russia
In your proxy war
Who called the FBI
Off the Bin Laden family trail
When so many times you had the chance
To re-write this sordid tale
Sudan in ‘96
The Taleban in 2001
Offered to turn him over
And right then you coulda won
But perhaps it is the case
That you’re avoiding victory
That to justify your exploits
You must have an enemy


If you were not hiding from the truth
Then you’d have a truth commission
And not some masquerade
Kangaroo investigation
Hiring Henry Kissinger
The ancient master of deceit
To make sure all stones are left unturned
And the ruse is kept complete
And now you carry out your plans
Which you have had for decades
Conquering the world
With your troops and bombing raids
I see an evil regime
Led by an evil man
On Pennsylvania Avenue
Where this evil war began

New Orleans
David Rovics

Everybody knew that it could happen
The likelihood was clear
The future was coming
And now it’s here
They had to fix the levees
Because otherwise they’d break
On one side was the city
Above it was the lake
It was in the daily papers
In bold letters was the writ
What would happen
When the Big One hit
But every year they cut the funding
Just a little more
So they could give it to the Army
To fight their oil war

In National Geographic
And the Times-Picayune
They forecast the apocalypse
Said it was coming soon
Preparations must be made, they said
Now is the time
It was years ago they shouted
Inaction was a crime
They said the dikes must be improved
And the wetlands must be saved
But Washington decided
Instead they should be paved
Because malls were more important
Than peoples’ lives
So put some gold dust in your eyes
And hope no storm arrives

New Orleans, New Orleans, New Orleans

Years and years of warning
No evacuation plan
It was just if the waters rose
Just get out if you can
There were no buses
No one chartered any trains
There was no plan to rescue
All of those who would remain
All the people with no money
All the people with no wheels
All of those who didn’t hotwire
One that they could steal
Thousands and thousands of people
Abandoned by the state
Abandoned by their country
Just left to meet their fate

New Orleans, New Orleans, New Orleans

And the people died
And then they died some more
They drowned inside their attics
An army of the poor
An army of the destitute
Who couldn’t get away
And the world will remember
These sad and awful days
When people shouted from their houses
Dying on their roofs
When people came to find them
They were turned back by the troops
They died there with no water
They died there in the heat
They were shot down by the soldiers
For trying to find some food to eat

New Orleans, New Orleans, New Orleans

And now the city is in ruins
A massive toxic sea
Scattered through the nation
Half a million refugees
Here we are
In the richest country on the earth
Where the color of your skin
Determines what your life is worth
Where oil is the king
Where global warming is ignored
Where the very end of life
Is the place we’re heading toward
Where it’s more than just a metaphor
The flooding of the dike
And if we don’t stop this madness
The whole world will be alike

New Orleans, New Orleans, New Orleans

Paul Wolfowitz
David Rovics

Start spill sangen her

He’s done giving orders to generals
He’s moved to another sphere
He’s through with ordering the tanks to kill
He’s gonna do something different this year
He’s moving from Virginia to Washington
With the neocons to thank
He’s done with the War Department
Now he’s gonna run the World Bank

He said he’d be true to the mission
That hunger and want should end
And as all Afghans know he’s a man of his word
On that we can depend
So be prepared for prosperity
It’s coming to your door
`Cause there will be no poverty
Once we kill off all the poor


Last week he was bombing cities
Now he’s a financier
Pay your debts or say goodbye
Paul Wolfowitz is here

He’ll bring the world things it needs
Such as nuclear power
Giant dams and hamburgers
No doubt he’s the man of the hour
He’s proven it over and over
With finesse and aplomb
And for those who disagree
Well then he’s got the bomb


He’s a real American
So he must know best
He’ll lead us all to glory
On that many can attest
He’ll lead us to freedom
And we will be so glad
Just like those shoppers in that market

In downtown Baghdad


About this song:
From bombing Iraq to running the World Bank. If anybody needed more evidence of the intimate connection between US economic and military policy, there it is.

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