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Zionism is Replacement Theology

Is to being a Christian anti-semittic according to Judaism and Zionism? Some claim so. They claim that Christians being Gods Chosen People in tribulations, is anti-semitic, due to their ‘fact’ that it is the Jews that have tribulations, not Christians (?). Ignorant peoples seem to be able to say the most crazy things, history speaks for itself. The Jews have […]

Islam is Closest to Christianity

Muslims and Christians may strategically unite against Jewry, and against the anti-Christ in the Third Temple in Jerusalem. You will never hear me agree and scream as the gullible masses that is social engineered to claim the Muslims are the root of the World evils. I say they are social engineered to say so, easy preys for the Builders (Freemasons […]

The Art of Jesus Christs War against the Jews

We live in perilous times (2 Timothy 3:1-3), but also very interesting times, when the Biblical ultimate war between good and evil is reaching its epitome. The words of 2. Timothy 3 were written nearly 2000 years ago but they perfectly describe the times in which we are presently living in. At no time in history were times more perilous...

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God bless Henry Makow to end feminism

«A merciless quest for Truth. It goes back many years, until the beginning of the internet age, Henry was one of my «accomplices» in another matter. The Norwegian Mens Movement and SaveThe Males.com who was Henry’s project; I gave up the project. There was nothing to save in Norway. No one had the courage to support me and the activity, why should I try to save them when noone didn’t want to be saved, a feminized shadow of the men they could be, cowards, feminized misfosters, feminism, a Luciferian seduction and Jezebel spirit, creates homosexuality.»

Albert Pike’s nihilists is going rampant in the West

Albert Pike was a 33 degree Freemason of the Scottish Rite, reporting directly to the Jewish mother lodge B’nai Brith (Illuminati). Luciferians today is using all possible means to make anarchy nihilism in our Western nations, to be the state of mind of the populations, they have actually become the darlings of the mainstream media to spew their disdain for […]

The Freemasonic Method of Dialectics Shaping Peoples Opinions

The freemasonic lodges connected to the mother lodge B’nai Brith, a pure jewish freemasonic lodge, what is most everyone today, is luciferian in their modus operandi. They promise ‘the People’ ‘heaven’ if they do as they are told, but it will always have the opposite of good as a result, because the luciferian mindset is corrupted, they are not able […]

Is Jesus God, and are Muslims more Christian than ‘christians’?

Zionism and Secularism takes it tolls on the Christian flock in Norway too. As everywhere else. Who do Jesus say he is? What is the Old Testament foretelling he should be? By making Jesus God, is the worshipping idolizing crowd taking Jesus real role away from Him, and make him only one more of the thousands of pagan gods mankind […]

Satanic Rulers With No Kids

Satan is the ruler of this World as mankind collectively have manifested their desires to make it so. And Satan appoints all leaders of the World (John 12:31, Ephesians 2:2, 2 Corinthians 4:4, 1 John 5:19) as the King Jesus Christ is by force and terror is driven out of the society to be exchanged with Satan and satanism/luciferianism.

Trump is for WW3 what Churchill was for WW2

They declared War on Germany March 24, 1933, they declare War on Syria/Iran/North Korea today, for Eretz Israel and because they want another World War (III), and make others fight the war for them. The Western powers was hijacked after World War 2. After that it have been downhill for the Christian populations and nations of Europe and USA, and […]

Passover time for Jews, Pass Over to Jesus the Messiah

There is no other rapture (before or after the Tribulations), other than this rapture of the human spirit, to ‘where he is’ (John 14:3), in His Kingdom, his Spiritual Kingdom. Call it His Kingdom of Conscience and/or Consciousness if you want. This is the Resurrection, of the invidual that have taken uptheir crosses and following Jesus Christ.

Pagan Soldiers of Odin with Oedipus issues

In the times of Odin, the people were more or less exactly like we are today; Some people were spiritual inclined, some where pagans, like Moses brother Aaron leading his people astray, was carnal inclined, I am sure there was lots of people like Vikernes in Odins closest surroundings also, choosing the pagan approach before the spiritual approach.