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Passover time for Jews, Pass Over to Jesus the Messiah

There is no other rapture (before or after the Tribulations), other than this rapture of the human spirit, to ‘where he is’ (John 14:3), in His Kingdom, his Spiritual Kingdom. Call it His Kingdom of Conscience and/or Consciousness if you want. This is the Resurrection, of the invidual that have taken uptheir crosses and following Jesus Christ.

Christian White People, Celebrate. Time to go Home to Heaven

The Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9) is out on their standard mode of mission to steal and murder. With the white Christian people gone the civilization is lost. Those with the Mark of the Beast, all the carnal animals on two feets will have their ShangriLa, to kill and murder, sodomy and anomaly, where the survival of the […]

ISIS Works For Israel

ISIS is making upheaval and mayhem in the Middle East on behalf of Israel so Europe and USA will be occupied with their own problems with the ISIS soldiers the crypto-Jew Erdogan in Turkey is sending our way, too big problems internally to stay in the way of Israels agenda.