Hate against Christians rise. We need to go underground, John 7:13. We are deeply persecuted by the Jews in power. Too keep in contact if we are kicked out from the Jewish platforms, we need to have our own platforms, just in case.

We can’t speak openly Christian without beeing harassed as antimsemites and ‘haters’, where the realTruth is that the haters of Jesus Christ and His followers are the same who accuse others of hate. There is heavy sensoring of Christians on Jewish social platforms.

Join other Christians (Satanists are kicked out):

Social platform for Christians (Jesus is coming soon to DELETE J-Zion).

There is a brutal sensorship of christians now, in Lebanon, Palestine and Syria, we Christians in USA, Europe and Norway are getting no information at all how our Christian brothers and sisters are there, because massmedia are paid and corrupted to speak one side of the story. That is why have financed and organize our own intelligence network platform, so we can get news direct from the christian Gods Chosen People in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria and around the World how they are doing, now when the Jews are about to enter their long awaited New World Order, The Great (antiChrist) Reset. The ‘World (satanic) Order’ Jesus Christ single handedly postponed for 2000 years.

For those Christians who want to stay in touch when we are senssored and kicked out from the other platforms, and we are not longer at Twitter or Facebook, feel free to kepp in contact by signing up.

We need to form our own local societies and online platforms.

Facebook alike for Christians, from around the World. Basicly the same functionality as Facebook.



Hate against Christians rise, John 7:13

Be informed, connect with likeminded Christians all over the World. The founder is Lutheran and protestant but all denomiations is welcome.

“Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children.” – Matthew 27:25.

The satanists in the Synagogue of Satan is up for a surprising Endtime Armageddon. They have forgot how it was when they crucified the innocent Christ, their satanic lying acccusations of our Savior and Messiah; Lighting and thunder, the veil of the satanic Salomons occult Temple broke, some years more and there was not stone upon stone upon the Temple of the Synagogue of Satan (Mark 13:2), just like Jesus told them a few years in advance. Diaspora. Wanderers into the ‘desert’, like pariahcaste, nobody liked them, nobody wanted them in their nations, kicked out of 119 nations, because of usury, poisoning of the wells of Christians, children rutualistic satanic offering to Ball and Molech…. NOW, they believe the World is their to hijack, even though Jesus Christ won over them and Satan at Calvary?

The Wanderer – Johnny Cash feat

Their joy and sense of victory is purely temporary:

Norway; One Thousand Years under Christs Reign

WE did it ! Yes !

Johnny Cash – Goin’ By The Book

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