Have the Nephilims of the Battenberg Windsors murdered Princess Kate Middleton (like Diana) ?

Nephilims (sons of the Fallen Angels) came into the best of the daughters of men (Gen. 6:4). You will know you live in a Jewish nation when they can steal your property without legal cause, in straight opposition to the legal foundation. That is because they need to do that, to do evil to their enemies who are not worshipping them as gods, but threat them as the evil Christ killers they are.

The Nephilims came into Mount Hebron – (N 33° E 33° – from the Paris meridian) – a transfusion of the satanic Serpent spirit came there for the first time, Tribe of Dan lived nearby, watched, and run away, in ships. Have Kate like Diana protested against her sons being circumcised as Jews, and become Jewish, and lost that fight ? Did Kate prefer to keep them Christian ?

Roman Polanski was Jewish

If they try to steal my property, I will steal their illusions they spread to the world, about themselves as eternal victims, when the truth is they are ALWAYS the perpetrators, the Christ killers forever. Every day they are still out to murder Christ, and Christians. This is Jewish talmudic law; Everything and only what serves them is «righteous», per their babylonian Talmuds definition. Todays news from Norway… Did the Battenberg Jews kill princess Diana… ? The Bernadotte Jews for sure killed Ari Behn.

I want to show with this article that justice are always obstructed and removed, when the Jews are principalities in any nation. Their «justice» per the Babylonian Talmud is a perversion of the mind, it is justice for them, if a Jew can profit on it. We’re all Palestineans today, they have the clandestine Stay Behind ORG in our nations to serve their agendas, and occupy our nations. We went from Nazi occupation to askeNazi occupation, same shit different wrapping; https://www.riksavisen.no/deepstate-norway-1945-2023-from-nazi-occupation-to-askenazi-occupation/

For a couple of weeks ago I exposed the view of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson of Bernadotte-Jews as regents of Norway, in an article. All must understand the difference of Jews (Edomites) and Israelites (WASP), read https://www.norvision.no §§§ https://www.riksavisen.no/the-bible-distinction-between-the-house-of-israel-and-the-house-of-judah/ §§§  https://www.riksavisen.no/queen-victoria-the-last-of-king-davids-royal-throne-in-britain/

The REAL royals of the UK came from Norway «How did the British royal family in UK become royal? Their first traceable ancestor was a Viking named Rollo in what’s now Normandy, France. He was granted lands by the French King to prevent him from raiding France and to defend against other Viking raids. In 1066, Rollo’s great-great-grandson, Duke William of Normandy, sailed across the English Channel from France to England with an army of knights. He fought and defeated King Harold, then crowned himself the king of England and became known to history as William the Conqueror. He became the first English king from the line that still reigns today, which continues on down to King Charles. After his conquest, William took all the land and rented it out to his friends, who then subleased it to others. So basically, to be royal, win a war, kill your enemies, declare your «kingdom,» make up rules, and kill anyone who disagrees.» (Source : The Royal Kings Guard, New York, USA)

UK needed to be Christened to Nordic christian standard. The truth is it stops with Queen Victoria, after her the Jews get inbreeded, of who Diana said «THEY ARE NOT HUMAN». Charles is not really royal of Davids seed, he is a bastard Jew of Edom (Nephilims), Esau copulated with all and everything, canaanites and Ishmaelites, real bastards, Genesis 28:6-7,8-9, not of Israelite stock as the Nordics are. Where Moses took our people out of Egyptian captivity, Odin took us out of the Assyrian captivity > Scandinavia.

I understand quite well the royals needs to make some extreme goodwill operation, creating deceptions to counter the new information. The Bernadotte Rex – King of the Universe, (he dont want to be king for Norwegians anymore, he is not quite sure what the norwegians are anymore). They are at 1:0, I admit it. I do NOT have their resources and massmedia press to serve and push their agendas, but I have God, I thrust that will be enough, in the long run. My family the Giske-ætta of vikings, we stood by Olav Haraldsson in christian conversion of Norway. We are used to do a good fight, know it takes time. Si vis pacem, para bellum.

Kong Olav’s dads name are Laking
Larkin to the right. The Nephilims insamitate the «daughters og men» with their Serpent seed on Maud with their DNA

King Olav, biograf Tor Bomann-Larsen said Queen Maud, in 1902 in London is insaminated by Sir Francis Laking, doctor to the Royal Castle. By his own seemen it seems.

Charles Battenberg have officially refused to be a christian king. Because he is Jewish : https://www.jewishnews.co.uk/exclusive-prince-charles-will-convert-judaism-within-three-years/

The Jews now reverse all and everything my family have done and worked for in 1000 years, civilising the Scandinavia peninsula and the UK, and inspire by the Nordic Light of the North (Christian) the world in Christian thought and values; A Light to the Nations. Now they try to replace that values with Jewish values to inspire the World with. They can kiss themselves in the place where the sun never reach.

I have proved that Queen Sonja is from viking Israelite family, not Jewish of Edom or khazarian breed.

Under Jewish tyranny they have taken Norway from a Nation of Peace (Noble Peace Price), to a Nation of War.

Excellent from Robert Sepehr. I just had to remind him in the comment to be aware that Trump has two bloodlines. Unfortunately Donald Trump he choose to go by his jewish Nephilim german fathers askenazi traditions, not his Scottish mother of nordic style; Mary Anne MacLeod. She is born and from families at Lewis, Orkneys. Scottland, Orkneys and Hebrides also partly Ireland used to be Norwegian in Viking times.

The Trump Bloodline – ROBERT SEPEHR

According to the famous freemason leader Albert Pike, the Jews as jewish Jens Stoltenberg will make 3 World Wars and after they will present a false «light» «luciferian» solution that is contrary to christian for the world, «in order to avoid future wars» , with them in leadership of course, as they always do. The same argument was used for the creation of the Babylonian EU, the argument is re-usable.

Jews can always only lie (John. 8:44) (they know nothing else). One of Norways most famous writers Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson – from my family – said 100 years ago:

Bjørnson against the Bernadotte’s:

«At Stiklestad, Bjørnson turned the holy battlefield into an arena for a new offensive, an attack directly against the royal power. From «our old Independence’s greatest place», he declared that the king had to give up his veto, or the people had to give up their king. The attack on Oscar II was not only of a political nature: «He belongs to another People.» It was about the family itself. Opposing the Bernadottes stood the old, mythical royal tribe, the Hårfagre family, of which Bjørnson himself believed he was a direct descendant. () Bjørnson, for his part, wanted a new royal battle, a dynastic battle between the Jewish-Moroccan-Swedish family Bernadotte and the Norse royal family Bjørnson via Bratt to Hårfagre.»

Source; extract from «Kongstanken» (Cappelen 2002), by Tor Bomann-Larsen

Like the askeNAZI boss Klaus Schwab of the jewish cocaine-Crownprince of Norway say; «You will own nothing and be happy» («we Jews will own everything»). I have never asked to be re-designed, tikkun olam, by perverts and satanists :

Jewish Crown-Prince of WEF in Davos: Re-Design Our World

The masonry that used to be christian once in Scandinavia, and the Knights Templars as well, is today 100% completely in the hand and under control of jewish B’nai Brith satanic luciferian masons, that will present to the world a «new light to the nations» that is NOT Jesus Christ, only pretend to be a better replacement, the love for PRIDE, perverts, the love of all satanic, that is the universal jewish «humanist» religion they build. https://www.riksavisen.no/satanismen-i-humanismen/

We saw the danish new king recently leave out God from his oath, not like his mother Margrethe. It is such a betrayal of our nordic 1000 years customs and traditions, that as an adult man, I feel like crying… very sad.

The Nephilim King and his Cocain-Prince Photo: Jørgen Gomnæs / Det kongelige hoff (released for press use)

I can nothing else than let people know about it, and let God know about it; how I feel about this.

Their plan is to kill us all, Genesis 27:41
WEAPONS: WARS, vaccines, miscegenation, abortions (jewesses Gro Harlem Brundtland & Karin Stoltenberg most proud moment of satanic blood offerings to Baal in Norway), etc.

There is nowhere in the world any people in power who can oppose the Jews, they have bought everybody, all politicians in all nations, to do them service. Epstein operation have something on ALL politicians and people in power for blackmail them to do the Jewish will.

The Story of the Babylonian Whore; Gro Harlem Brundtland

Jewess Gro Harlem Brundtlands teacher

But God will intervene. Without God we white people are finish, because all the kings men and women, make sure in each advertising on ALL TV-Programs, they program the youth that black man and white woman mating is «normal». That have become «normal», because they will make the white race extinct. The future is Obama’s…. (so they plan)… God have a say in it… read the Revelation of John.

It is oppostite the Truth… Jews always lies. The white race is the cancer of human history’ Susan Sontag

Her race is the most evil and lying personage under the sun. She put it the satanic way the truth on it’s head. Inverted. It is not normal to racemix for christians, ONLY for Jews. Esau the Jew married Canaanites and Ishmaelites and became a bastard race 2500 years ago (Genesis 36:2-3), against his father Isaacs instructions. Not so in the Nordic nations, we honor our fathers here (Ex. 20:12), before the Jews hijacked power in Norway, that was our thousands of years traditions. https://www.riksavisen.no/caucasian-israelites-the-people-who-shall-dwell-alone/

Notes 2


Diana was strongly against the sons being circumcised…. read about it here. Circumsition is traumabased mind control. For the rest of their lives they will be afraid of the babylonian Rabbis. For all life parents can say «behave, do as I say, or I take you to the Rabbi», and all life the boys will comply by fear of more pain inflicted on them, by their parents that was supposed to love them. Not so in Judaism. It makes them cruel, insensitive for others suffering, as we saw when they industrial exterminated 66 million of our people in Sovjet, because themselves are if the opinion nobody have suffered as much as them, so payback is good, for the pain others (the Rabbi) have inflicted on them. Payback on totally innocents is not their concern. Balancing of the pain account is. Circumzision is to make a small boy Jewish, of Jewish mentality, the Jew against the evil World that brought this pain to him. The first sign of Jewish transhumanism, created in their own image, not in Gods. Perverts.

Diana was a Christian soul, who lost against the Jewish supremacy of the family she was fooled to marry into…. Nephilims, «came into the daughters of men», Genesis ch. 6. An evil spirit came into the Earth those days. These sons of the fallen angels that received it  – The Nephilims – on Mount Hermon (N 33° E 33° – from the Paris meridian) mate with the daughters of men, because they saw how beautiful the girls were, are the ones making mayhem of the World.

With Kate Middleton, the ISRAELITE of the White anglo-Saxon race (IsaacsSons) may be returning to the throne of Davids seed. Have the family of Judah, the Israelites, returned to the throne in UK ? The same family Diana was of ?  Kate might be the representative for the REAL Throne of David of Judah …  NOT the Jewish royals of the Battenberg / Windsor family who had hijacked the throne in UK; https://www.riksavisen.no/european-royals-are-all-from-edomesau/

Crypto-Jews pretending to be Christians
«Circumcision by the Mohel of London is an oddity of the Royal Family. Quite bizarre that the male patron of the world’s largest protestant church is circumcised by a rabbi in a Jewish ceremony. Diana didn’t allow William or Harry to be circumcised. They were circumcised though as adults after her death.»


Kate may be sacrificed ritualistic to Satan, if she have as Diana denied her kids to being molested at the Mohel of London, than they will kill her. Their Jewish customs, they believe such offerings to Satan protects them, that they need to please Satan by rutualistic circumsition. They will be VERY afraid if they can not have this the talmudic believe is the protection of Satan for their offerings of their sons foreskin.

They will kill, for the right to offer the sons foreskins to Satan, recreate themselves in their ownb image, or more like in Satans image. Not happy with the way God created humans originally.

I assure you, this is not the Kate I used to like a lot in that video. Only two thing in life I am an expert in ; Beatiful girls and the Bible… 🙂 Nope, this is not the Kate I used to like.,. my BS filter is on high alert…

Gen. 3:22 » And the Lord God said, “The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.”

I know their customes by my genetics;

Those from the Tribe of Dan, we «who live in ships» , ref. Judges 5:17  ( I am a sailor, a master mariner by profession, all my life lived on ships), are Biblically to Judge all tribes (Genesis 49:16-18). I don’t know what tribe I am, but that is what I do….

It is not Donald Trump that do this properly

It is me……..

TruthVids is often good on this issues;

It is forbidden to be and do christian values in todays Jewish freemasonry of B’nai Brith of Mount Hebron, where the Nephilims once came and also came «into the daughters of men». The Serpent spirit mated with the spirit of even once godly men and women.

2 MyHeritage - Relasjonsdiagram


A friend of mine told me they have closed the motorway from Gardermoen to Oslo so their Soviet 2.0 «People’s Good King» as per North Korea style can pass, than I knew this Malaysia trip «medical issue» to get the «good king» home asap, all the nation mobiolized to get the «good king» of satanic proportions home, is a pure propaganda operation. The trafic is no problem a normal day without such extreme measures to push the goodwill card down peoples throats.

The King of Norway seem to agree with this Jewish satanist and evil hater that leads to massmurder of white ISRAELITES, that is what he promote, subversive;

The truth is that this king have asked what is a Norwegian. He dont know what a norwegian are. He will regard Durex the Black Man as norwegian in a few months, because he marry the kings pervert daugther rised in the traditions of her jewish father, NOT in the traditions of her Israelite mother. His new son in law will ALWAYS be black, and will NEVER be norwegian. Norwegian is a race of people, we are the Israelites, read more her; https://www.norvision.no/

Our women had been more or less decieved and/or forced to copulate and make children with this Nephilims. Diana got out. Good for her. Not healthy to live too long in a lying and deceptive jewish environment. Donald Trumps mother for sure an Israelite. as well as Kate Middleton. I always liked Sonja, she looks, acts and are like my favourite aunt. Now by genealogical research found she is of my Fairhair-family I know why. Strange how the Nephilims find the nicest of our women to copulate and make babies in their own image with. Note how all their children take their fathers satanic religion, not the mothers Christian traditions , «of the Woman».

Diana was furious that her sons should not be circumcising their penises as Jews do, she was christian. The Jews won, Diana lost, trafically. Read about it here : https://www.riksavisen.no/european-royals-are-all-from-edomesau/

Diana: «they plan to kill me»…(Source). They did.

But first they tried the «Diana-treatment», they claimed she also was mental unstable, wanted to institutionalize her.. to «help» her, so she shouldn’t expose the perversities and evils in that Jewish family.

Now, where are Kate ? I worry what this monsters have done to beautiful Kate. Kate is of our Israelite family, if not I would not have liked her. Plenty fake photos they present as proof of life, from the #Epstein Lizard family of the Serpent Seed:

This is not Kate. This is more like a Michael Jackson lookalike

I normally don’t like Jewish girls, they are full of chutzpha and pervert ungodly opinions. But Kate I used to like, a lot. Two things I am an expert in, in life; The Bible and girls. So she is not Jewish.

The problem for the Jews is that they are not able to not overplay their hand.

We Israelites nordics normally not marry black people, we’re Christian.  https://www.riksavisen.no/caucasian-israelites-the-people-who-shall-dwell-alone/

This is what evil talmudic Jews are about to do to our race, total race extinction

We Israelites nordics normally don’t worship Astarte (Babylonske Ishtar) as jewish Marta Lovise (her company was named ‘Astarte Education’, ref. Judges 10:6), she’s an expert on that kind of satanism (1 Kings 11:15), we Israelites are godly (1 Samuel 7:4)..

The love for big penises, that is a real Astarte (goddess for fertility & wars)

That was read by Ari Behn, a man known for his family loyalties ( a christian value ). On the day of his death he saw on TV, brought into his living room where he was taken out of his childrens life, alone with the company of a bottle of whiskey, a black man as per christian standards pervert with an enormous penis in church with the hand around his little blond daugther.

The Babylonian spirit of Gro Harlem Brundtland and Karin Stoltenberg took not only his wife (satanic, he should be happy to get rid of her), his children also. My book is coming soon on the issue.

That was voodo, that was MURDER !

That was a satanic ritual offering to Baal and Molech. That pervert daughter of the Nephilim king, she loves long penises, not family values as Ari Behn. Astarte became Ari Behns demise https://www.riksavisen.no/astarte-ble-ari-behns-bane/

If the Eyes are the mirror of the Soul, than…
and the tongue, the tongue.. the Luciferian uncontrolled tongue… Isaiah 57:4

When the Jews now have been making such disdain and hate against us white Israelites the world over, I know for me, when God is ready to punish them for their evils, I will not move a finger, Gods will is holy.

The Bernadotte Jews have something we don’t have, they have Satan and they have a mainstream media propaganda apparatus.

We Israelite nordics have God.

When the Jews have all the powers of the world, what even jewish Elon Musk recognize, and I have God, than I am happy to be me…. Satan loose, God wins.

#Epstein blackmail, a Jewish extortion rocket

The king of norway use his apparatus to take me, a struggling worker, a sailor, a christian, he uses all his women &men in his service, in the justice system against me, «justice-system» is used in opposition to its intention, for the fun of winning over his enemy, not fun of doing righteousness as Abraham was, that shows there are no Spirit of Righteousness in the edomite Nephilims (John 8:39), they are NOT Abrahams sons, spiritually.

The law have such an application for Jarle Johansen;

21-165245TVI-TMOR/TMOL  :     «I ein situasjon der matrikulert eigar av matrikkeleininga der moloanlegget ligg, aktivt har sett seg imot at det er tale om ein eigedomsrett, meiner retten at den dokumentasjonen saksøkjaren har framlagd, ikke er tilstrekkeleg til å oppfylle dokumentasjonskravet i matrikkellova $ 13 og matrikkelforskrifta $ 3 l.» (Hele dommen)

and like this for all else;

LF-2009-17543 : «Statens Havnevesen bygde mot slutten av 1960-tallet fiskerihavn i Midsund kommune. Stedets småbåtlag anla senere en flytebrygge i havneområdet, til bruk for fritidsbåter. Lagmannsretten kom til at flytebryggen, etter flytting i 2004, lå innenfor et område hvor staten i 1967 hadde ervervet «uinnskrenket og stedsevarig bruksrett», og at statens tillatelse var tilstrekkelig for etableringen av småbåtlagets anlegg. Det var således ikke nødvendig med grunneierens samtykke«. (Hele dommen)

You can NEVER thrust Jewish fairness, as it is not existing. Because they are not righteous and always evil what they do, the good times of the Babylonians (talmudics, kabbalists) are out now:

Daniel 5:25 «This is the inscription that was written: Mene , Mene , Tekel , Parsin

26 «This is what these words mean:
Mene [f] : God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.

27 Tekel [g] : You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.

28 Peres [h] : Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.»

Show they are non-righteous, shows they are NOT Abrahams children as they claim (Luke 3:8), as the reason for Abraham won Gods favour was his fairness aka Righteousness. They did the same to me, as to Patrick Cullinane in the UK; «English Common Law Has Been Replaced With Talmudic Law«, the Jewish rulers are not having one ounce of the Righteousness of Abraham (Genesis 15:6, James 2:23), by their nature they must always steal from others, even when they own already most of the riches of the world aka GREED ;


English magna carta, as well as the American/US Constitution is based on nordic viking protestant Law of the Land. Harald IV Gilchrist Magnusson Gille born on Orkney Islands outside Scotland is my ancestor on both my mother and father side, his name ‘gilchrist’ means «Servant of Christ» in scottish. He was like Donald Trump’s mother from Orkney Islands, it was Norwegian in the Viking times. The Jews hate our christian laws, here from Gulatingsloven y1024 : «order all to bow to the east and pray to the White Christ for a good year and peace, keep the king happy and preserve friendship between people, king and God.» The Jews hate it with a passion of course. Worked for 1000 years to get rid of it, since it mention their arch enemy Jesus Christ. Done.

They have converted it already to Jewish style in Norway also. That means the B’nai Brith masonic style «Look to the East”; «The sun rises in the east. The sun is the metaphorical source of «light» i.e.- knowledge, enlightenment, and peace.«. Idiots. Sun worshippers. CHRIST is THE WAY, one and only. A change of HEART, not of minds.. It is impossible for a Jew to make «peace«.

The only way a Jew can make «peace» is to kill all who say against him, like they did in Soviet Union, mass murdering 66 million Scandinavians of the RUS-People for «antisemitism«, the second law the bolsjevik Jews Lenin and Trotsky implemented, in the hijacking of the Russian nation in 1917.

Jesus Christ and the nordic Spirit of Christ is the only King and Prince of Peace that can make it, evidenced by the nordic nations before the Jews destroyed our nations with multiculturalism, is how Christ through 1000 years made the most peaceful and harmonious and successfull nations of the World.

Of course the Jews needed to destroy us, to try to promote themselves as the «Peacekeepers». We ISRAELITES were by God instructed to build to be the Light to the Nations, satanic Jews destroyed and extinguised our Light. I have it in my genes, to know ;

Slektgranskning presteslekt Johansen - Borgen 14 03 23


The Christian constitutions in Norway, UK and USA, was there to make government limited, and serve the citicens, the government can not overstep their limited powers,  to protect the citizens. Tresspassing of property they could be shot dead under Christian law, the Jewish talmudic law is to make them as the Government for their use unlimited, the Law to serve the State, to protect the State, not us against the State. Now they can shoot us in our home, totally upside down the laws. He was born and lived on Orkney Islands, where Donald Trumps mother came from. We have same issue there, his mother is an Israelite, his father a dirty Jew.  And Donald choose his fathers traditions, NOT his mothers.

Christ principle of leadership is to be SERVANT of People (Mark 10:42-43), that is the Nordic Model, the Light from the North, the Jews on the other hand, as in soviet jewish bolshevik system where they Holocausted 66 million of the RUS-People of Rurik, our people (RUS means ‘Scandinavians’, we invented Russia), Herod, Barrabas, Jude, Caiphas, they are ALWAYS Emperors.

The Bernadotte bolsjevik Jews make Sovjet 2.0 of USA, UK and Norway at this moment.

I, as Donald do, have no intention to break my family 1000 year tradition on my watch.

You will never have an Israelite worship dirty satanic Jews, whatever much money they offer in bribes.. Loyalty to Christ, to the end….

The Jews can kill bodies, but never spirits of good and righteousness. I have no other option, as Gods wrath will turn against myself, if I am not doing what I was born to do, and I am the only one who can do it;

Unfortunately, some of us Christians will have to sacrifice our good lives to expose these evil people who pretend to be guardians of the «light», we have «take up your cross and follow me» as Jesus instructed us; litterally. Before they potentially kill me, I will lay it all out, the book is more or less finished, just undergo language «wash», as english is not my first language;

The Governments lawyer Fredrik Sejersted, jewish Stoltenberg family’s relative (Jens Stoltenbergs forth cousin), is personally put on the case to make sure it is done properly. The States representative Eva-May Botten from the ruling AP/’Workers Party’ (not one worker there, only broilers Sovjet style) in my county help as much is posssible to cover-up their crimes, that they are really defence attorneys for criminals, because they have order to destroy my business, they need to break a lot of laws of course. That is Jewish power. Never built on a law equal for all as in christian communities, always the law is what the Jews tells you it is. Sometimes like this, other times like that. Perverted minds and souls make perverted PRIDE nations. The King of the Bernadotte family Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson exposed and told will be not good for Norway, have obiously instructed the Government Primary Lawyer Fredrik Sejersted to hurt Johansens business to the maximum for exposing them.

MyHeritage - Relasjonsdiagram - Fredrik Sejersted - Jens Stoltenberg(1)

Jewish power holders in government attorney Fredrik Sejersted crucify Christian Jarle Johansen in court https://www.riksavisen.no/jodiske-makthavere-ved-regjeringsadvokat-fredrik-sejersted-korsfester-kristne-jarle-johansen-i-domstolen/

Serving the Jews, NOT Jesus Christ, who the Jews murdered…

Brother Nathanael, a Jew at birth, that became Christian and soldier of Christ says:

Stew gave me a voice to express my knowledge of the Jew menace. The first step to solving a problem is recognizing that there IS a problem. Many are unwilling to acknowledge the root of the problem.

  1. By nature Jews are «Enemies of the Cross,» as St Paul says, and thus, Enemies of mankind. ALL Of Them.
  2. By nature Jews are «Of The Spirit Of AntiChrist,» as St John says, and thus, Enemies of mankind. All Of Them.
  3. By nature, Jews bear the «Deicidal Curse,» as St Matthew says, and thus, Enemies of mankind. All Of Them.
  4. By nature, Jews cannot work goodness, rightousness, or forthrightness, because they are «Enemies of the Cross, «Of The Spirit Of AntiChrist, and bear the «Deicidal Curse.»

Jews bring unto themselves and unto the world untold misery, strife, wars, conflicts, divisions, and malignant social fracture.

If left unchecked, the Jew menace will ruin the world for us and also themselves.

Eliminating Jewish rule saves nations AND saves Jews. It is CLEAR, Jews should NOT be in any positions of power. People are looking for PRACTICAL solutions to the Jew menace. Here are three solutions that the Byazantine Empire USED by law:

1. The Jew could not hold civil office.
2. The Jew could not hold financial office.
3. The Jew could not hold academic office.

In America, the Jew has infiltrated all three. (JJ comment: and in all other nations, especially Norway)

Can these same laws happen here in America? I’ll let Stew’s viewers answer that. What we CAN do is begin the process of SECESSION state by state.»

End of quote.

Maybe not known by the good former Jew, but my people, the Varangian Guards of Rurik, my ancestor, secured the Byzantine Empire.

MyHeritage - Relasjonsdiagram - Jarle Johansen - Rurik Novgorod Ryurik (Rörik, Hrörekr) Halfdansson Av Frisia(1)


Norse Mythology IS the Bible

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