Love Thyself; Struggling with the Demons of Fear


This is a fantastic book by Anita Moorjani in the regard that the cancer question might be solved, and the cancer industry can be put to rest, and also about how to transform Fear to Love of the Self, and thereby Love of All. Fighting cancer for four years, Anita Moorjani had an near death experience (NDE), visited ‘heaven’, and miraculously came back to share her experience.

Anita Moorjani had cancer of the lymph glands with only days left to live. Then she experienced a near death experience made ​​her aware that cancer is based on ‘invisible’ dimensions, that is not the result of just hormones, chemicals, wrong food, genes, body etc.. She was made aware in her NDE that there was a lack of self-worth and self-love involved, as well as a lot of fears, and that was causing the problems that was manifesting in the body as cancer. After she became aware of this the cancer was on the return in a few days, and recovered within a month. Moorjanis book «Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, To True Healing» from 2012, has been translated into 30 languages​​ and is on the New York Times bestsellerlist.

«The most frequent question people ask me is why I think I got cancer. I can sum up the answer in one word: fear«. (Page 135).

Like the War On Terror (2001) is about putting the populace in an constant state of Fear, so was the War on Cancer (1971), mostly to create more fear, in order to create more cancer. Everything is upside down in a world under the leadership of the occultists and satanists, that wants as many as possible of us dead as soon as possible.


Like Jesus Christ laid down his carnal life, in the flesh, to be resurrected in Spirit, born again, by Spirit this time; Dying to be Himself. Freed from the carnal bondage of the soul. We will be able to Love ourselves, because he loved us first.. with the consequence the release of Fears; «My Peace I give to You«, he said.

In this truly inspirational memoir, Anita Moorjani relates how, after fighting cancer for almost four years, her body-overwhelmed by the malignant cells spreading throughout her system-began shutting down. As her organs failed, she entered into an extraordinary near-death experience where she realized her inherent worth . . . and the actual cause of her disease. Upon regaining consciousness, Anita found that her condition had improved so rapidly that she was able to be released from the hospital within weeks…without a trace of cancer in her body!

Within these pages, Anita recounts stories of her childhood in Hong Kong, her challenge to establish her career and find true love, as well as how she eventually ended up in that hospital bed where she defied all medical knowledge.

As always, spirit is above matter. Fears is deadly, in many ways. Spirit has control over the body, and there are very many who need to realize that they are not their body first and foremost. They aren’t their bodies, thay HAVE a body. They are most SPIRIT, and not to know this, their own fear-based spirit eventually and ultimately will kill them. As Anita Moorjani found out and evidenced for cancer, every mental and physical disease probably have it’s equivalent in the spiritual sense as an imbalance to the healthy way of Life, leading to early Death.

I took some notes duing reading i would like to share with my readers, as I had an NDE myself as a youth (drowned, I had totally forgot about it, before there was a person had an article in a local newspaper recently wanted to get in touch with the boy he pick up from the bottom of the sea so many years ago), but came back here to fulfill my Higher Purpose and Calling, until I AM to return to the Source, which is G-d in my vocabulary. And that is something higher and more powerful than myself, if not I would be in a luciferian state of reality that ‘Ye Are All Gods’, the initial deception of the human populace in Garden of Eden; «You shall be like gods, knowing the difference of good and evil«. Proud people will fall for this, easily. Who would not like to think of themselves they are gods, chosen and so on?

«Fear can very easily create the condition we commonly call cancer. The long term effect of chronic fear on the immune system is extremely bleak because the results are extremely damaging. Realistically, mammals all develop cancerous cells throughout their lifetime but they remain unaware of this fact because the immune system recognizes the threat and eliminates it.»
Dr. Laurence Magne, author of

Western medicine is focused on disclose cancer through mammography and so on, not to cure it, which is only causing more fears. All who get the diagnosis is going into an immidiate state of shock, trauma and fear. It would be much better not know about it at all.

Dying to be Reborn

«It was just my own energy, manifesting as cancer because my fears weren’t allowing me to express myself». (Page 135).

Dying To Be Ourselves, born again. And he said: «Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven«. -Matthew 18:3. That means we must go back and reset ourselves to before where the social conditioning by Fear (some calls it trauma based mind control) of heart and mind started. To be able to start anew, fresh.

«Maybe It’s Time to do Some Unlearning!: For most of us, our fundamental and underlying beliefs are invisible to us. These are the beliefs at our very core, which have been shaped and influenced by our culture, society, parents, peers, etc.» – Anita Moorjani.

Cancer has a spiritual and psycho-somatic hidden Dimension; Our thoughts, emotions, subconscious fears and inferiority, manifesting on the body as disease. Every negative subconscious emotion and fear, might be possible to link to a physical disease manifested on the body.

According to the Bible all humans have the spirit, or lack of spirit, of the fallen angels and from the original sin in Garden of Eden, the rebellion, to be thrown out of the Spiritual Kingdom into the carnal Kingdom of the world, until they are reborn/resurrected in Christ…., where they are under the mastery of the Serpent, ref. Romans 5:14; «Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam’s transgression, who is the figure of him that was to come».

Until this happens, the people not aspiring for the Spiritual Kingdom, will never be offered the Heavenly Kingdom at all, by their own choice they have turned it down. Love is the ONLY thing that can transform and have victory over fear, any type of fears.

BUT such love is not to accept everything as good, so people will hang on to the evils of Fear, to act unrighteous, so they will contract more Fear from that, to the detriment of both the person(s) AND their societies ‘bodies’, ultimately their World, the common reality, to be ‘cancerious’, let the cancer cells to be allowed to eat of the societies body.

If that is allowed to happen, developed so far out of the healthy option, before individual awakening and action is taken to be more automious, more the real Self, to be maginificient, than there is spiritual consequenses, that will manifest on the body, sooner or later.

There is Death (might be even eternal Death, for carnal People Living In The Flesh only, not resurrected in Spirit) or Resurrection into a higher state of beeing, willingly or by the force of the spiritual side of the universe, manifesting on the worlds organisms as sickness. That’s the two choices there are.

Resurrection = «a supposed act or instance of a dead person coming back to life» – «a rising above mortality through the understanding of spiritual life as demonstrated by Jesus Christ» – «The revitalization or revival of something»

There are human organisms, and there are collective organisms, as Tellus itself.

In the physical world we need to measure the good and evil against something, because it is a relative issue for all people, we need an index or an common ISO standard, that index we measure against in the Christian cultures is the Bible, that helps us separate what is good, and what is bad, the last is leading to a sick society (cancerious), where the cancer cells starting eating on the body of society.

That is in case making the persons AND their society/world sick, cancerous actually, a ‘sickness’ that is actually in reality an ‘angel in disguise’ try to healing them from their ‘cancer’, and if they are not taking this process, the end of this World is by Death, IF not learning the lesson Anita have learned in a personal way, to change their ways.

Cancer ridden World

«.. evil is only a product of our fears, the same way my cancer was» (Page 148).

Yes, it is. Anita’s learning can be transferred to the ‘collective body’, the society, the World, which in itself is self contained as a living and breathing organism, made up of microworlds of individuals, with the awareness granted them by the Creator, to choose between right or wrong, good and evil, to build the world as to their likings and aspirations.

There should be Unity, in Christ, with Christs principles applied, or there will be unity in Fear, means Death (no matter if they will be magnificient on the other side, in the others realms), than the sick people have been able to not only destroy themselves, but also taklng the rest of the world with them, as the ‘cancer rate’ of the collective body will grow, if not handled properly, by changing themselves and their ‘evil’ ways, because it is evil, if the body could lived longer, if it wasn’t for that some people didn’t want to change their ways.

The signs of a cancerous collective body is war, famines, earthquakes, fishdeaths, animal cruelt, people behave as animals – impulsdriven, without awareness of action and reaction, and the consequenses of their behaviour, law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest (‘mark of the beast’j, and all kinds of perversions in the world, the physical realm (Rev. ).

If ‘god’ should be defined by only one of the colors, if each individual is ‘god’, by the individuals claiming each of themselves is god, the Source, and not all the colors together, that must mean the colors in unity, all colors to represented, or it will not be white in the prism. If one person or color is missing and not all balanced, we will not have white, and than we can easily end up with the world as completely red, if by political dominance this is forced on the populace. Than their world will shine bright red, instead of bright white (Kingdom of Anti-Christ).

This is why angels and Jesus is often painted with white halo around his head, by great artist, not a red (from Edom/Esau). They are in Balance, wordly and spiritual, makes them Masters of all Dimensions.

jesus christ yeshua

If Anita, or any other, have any desire to go there again, see if they find Lenin, Bronstein (Trotsky), Marx, Hitler, Mao, Crowley or LeVey there, tell me if they found them to be One with them in the Realm of Magnificence. I doubt it. I am absolute not One with them. I agree with Anita that the red color (those of the spirit of Edom/Esau), have a role to play in the prism, but i absolutely not have any aspirations to be One with them, as them, in all their imbalances and carnal desires.

The red color only is given a world like this.
The red color only is given a world like this.

When Jesus said ‘ye are gods’, he meant that IF we align ourselves with the Source, with G-d, to be magnificence, we have that potential. IF we are doing G-ds Will, not our own small wills. It doesn’t mean that every fornicator, rapist, thief and murderer are to be gods in theirs and ours universe, our shared world.

Magnificent people is not ruling the World

On the contrary. Christian teachings says it is the fallen angels and the Adversary that is ruling the world.

Our shared world can ONLY be united and ONE when ALL the people in it have the potential to SHINE, with their own magnificence, according to the principles of the spiritual realm, not as per the principles of the fallen angels of the World, that is instilling the Demons of Fear in the populace, what thereby will be slaves of that fallen spirits/angels.

As it is now, it’s all but the magnificence and higher state of beeings that runs this world.

When we have let go of our own personal wills, let go of the attachment and aspiration to force our own personal wills on the world, and let G-ds Will be our primary will, the strange thing that happens is that we will experience that this was exactly what our will was and should be according to our Higher Purpose, from start. The will we aspired to impose on the world before we enters the higher state of beeing, was from our carnal selves, our lowest selves, power, money, fame, greed… All the seven sins, punishable by death, as it will be cancerous for our societies, and the World, all attributes and characteristica that is learned by living in the world, sosial indoctrinated, social imposed on us though education and media – The Matrix, and NOT from our own Higher Selves, where G-d Almighty, the Source by the Holy Spirit is telling us what is best and correct way of living a life. By which The Word is made manifest.

«The cancer is just my own unexpressed power and energy! I turned inward against my own body, rather than outward» (Page 164). Unexpressed power and energy must still be contained within the wellbeeing of others and the society at large, if not it ends up luciferian «Do As Thou Wilst Is The Whole Law«. It is callled sublimation in psychology. We don’t need to control our emotions, but our actions.

I assure you. I had not a single clue of what was good and evil before the Resurrection, nor have any other humans. On the contrary:

«For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.» – Romans 7:19

That’s describing ALL of us, the original sin, before we’re resurrected, born again, by spirit this time. We’re predisposited to act contrary to what would serve both ourselves and others.

Anita mention like I have always said, that we must fill Ourselves with Love, like we fill our cup of water, until it overflow, than there is nothing to stop it from ‘raining’ on your ‘good neighbour’, that’s why Jesus transgressed all mosaic Laws what was based on Fear for YAHWEH, when he said from here and onward, the main rule and One Law is «Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself’ because a person in love in his ‘magnificence’ is not capable of doing any harm to anything, it is always those who live in fear that is doing that, as Anita says; «A serial killer is diseased, similar to a person with cancer» (Page 169).

True, but the evil ones define good as evil, and evil as good, following the Luciferian principles. Their judgement is not as per ‘magnificence’, but from the lowest of the lowest state of beeing, the Snake, the Serpent. Well, we are to crush the Serpents head, that is in our Power.

We start acting of the Love of G-d, more than the Fear of YAHWEH.

We can actually learn to ‘love’ also to be in rebellion to G-d, that is also a kind of love, but a defunct one, just a shadow of the real thing. A mockup and copy of the real Love from the Source, meant to decieve. To lock people up in Eros instead of Agapa kind of Love and where even sexual peerversions is called ‘love’, is one of them. The Adversary have put it upside down, causing great confusions by twisting of words.

Jesus died so there was not need for us to do so, in order to be resurrected. We can follow his teachings, and be ressurected by our own willpower. It is an easy step seen in relation the road Anita Mooajimi had to walk. The first christians called their movement «The Way». A much easier Way, than to go through all the diseases oneself.

Imposed Fear In Individuals

«When death holds no horror, there isn’t much else left to be afraid of» (page 111).

Fear is a state of mind, a lower level of existence, more than a thought actually, because of the vibrational energy attached to it. Only love will see us through to the Higher Reality, a higher state of beeing (magnificence), and since often we are not able to love ourselves the way needed, that’s why in the Christian traditions – The Way – we say that Jesus saved us from this state of beeing, He loved us when we were not able to love Ourselves, so he is sort of is the bridge from one state of beeing (The Fearful) into another (The Loving).

Fear is a characteristic and emotion of this world only. It is instilled in children and adults as a mean to control and keeping them prisoner of the luciferian/Ahriman reality; in the flesh, wordly, carnal. A child that is circumsized on the flesh, instead of at the Heart as Jesus recommends, will live in extreme fear the rest of their lives, for almost everything, they will do anything their authoritarian leadership, their Rabbis and/or political leaders say, in an uncounsious fear of getting their penis defiled again.

They have gotten the fear imposed and implemented in their physical reality together with the milk of the mother we can say (8th days of their lives). The first impression of this world they will have, is that some are out to harm them, and make it painfull for them if they don’t comply with the codes, religion and politics of their ‘superiors’, especially they should fear the leadership of their communities (The Rabbis and political leadership).

Some cultures, like Jesus’ own culture, had and have traditions to keep their people in Fear, not in Love, therefore the apostles had locked the door, «in fear of the Jews», their ruling masters at the time. Jesus rebelled against this state of beeing for his ‘Sheeps’. ‘The Truth will set you Free’, he said.

The image of G-d before Jesus Christ as imposed by the Mosaic and Noahide Laws, was the image to Fear, Management by Fear we call it in economical theory, after Jesus Christ this was changed completely upside down, that G-d is a loving caring Father, not out to harm or punishing His children, but only to Love them and take care of them, hereby grant them Justice, in cursing and punish the Evildoers in this World, and guide the good ones that allows it under the Law of Free Will on how to ascend spiritually to ‘magnificence’. Because there is no Love, if there is no righteousness and Justice.


It is not Love if a woman should be forced to forgive her rapist, with no consequense for the rapist, to change his ways, and /or live with a violent housebond, or a man to live with a woman doing adultery. That is in case a corruption of love, where the persons have no selfworth, no Love for Themselves, in order to say for example «No thanks, this is not good enough for me, goodbye Evildoer». Every person in the world by Love should have the possibility, IF there is Love, to choose The Way of Love, more than the way of evil? And be under the Evildoers power and violent force. If any person don’t have his/her own power and or stamina to say ‘no thanks’ to this, they are not in a state of magnificence, they have no self respect, no self worth, no self love, – no means to live for themselves, just a little, enough to drive them away from unhealthy relationships, that ultimately WILL make them sick, and dead….

For the same reason non-magnificent people cling to unhealthy relationships to their wordly Masters, be it corrupt politicians or popes or priests. They have no self-respect and self-worth enough to say ‘No, here and not further’.

Magnificent people loves Life, not Death, because the here and now is just as good state of beeing as anywhere else. The test is if we are able to BE, in our magnificent state of beeing, in a world that is inspiring the opposite, if we have stamina enough to be OURSELVES, despite the originall ‘sinful nature’ of the fall in Eden by Adam and Eve. Definition for ‘Sin’ means ‘miss the target, or ‘loose our way’.

Jesus brought us ‘The Way’, as originally the movement after him was named, before the whole movement was institusjonalized and was after that called ‘Christianity’, and corrupted by forces not leading people to magnificence at all anymore, on the contrary. It was used to cementing the political and spiritual leaders of the world to re-gain their wicked occult strangehold over peoples minds and souls.

Love is All There Is

«I just had to be myself, fearlessly! In that way, I’d be allowing myself to be an instrument of love«. (Page 107).

There is ways to avoid this ‘abonimation of desolation’ of the human soul. By infusing Love. Christ is Love incarnate, NOBODY will get to this state of beiing of grace, beauty and freedom, without through Christ, because he defined this new spiritual paradigm, he is the holder of the Key to this he calls ‘Heaven’, another higher state of beeing, he is the door everybody must walk through, because before Christ there was no such Love in the world, there was only The Law, punishable by manmade Law, not by G-ds grace that is giving EVERYBODY a chance, whatever their past, criminal and/or otherwise ‘sinful’.

But if people don’t know Love, in themselves, by beeing infused by Christ or get a glimpse of paradise by NDE or otherwise, meant to inspire them for further research of The Way, they will not know how to do this. The worst thing they can do is to think they have found The Answer, two lines under, because it is not. My experience 42 years ago, and another 20 years ago, showed me that such experienced is just to inspire us in further search for the Truth, it was not the end station, the train had not even left the departure station by the experience alone. It is what is coming after that counts, how one interpret the experience, how putting words on it, that will define us.

It takes a long time to find the correct words in order to describe the experience fully, in all it’s complexity, and if haven’t learned to distinguish between the good angels and the fallen angels in incarnation, we will be able to say what is what of them that is meeting us on the other side, in the other realm. As always, especially for me as a seaman and sailor, a Master of the Seas (symbolical the ‘seas’ of different forms of existence in the spiritual realms), I need a map and compass. That map and compass in this instance is the Bible. Without we are lost in the for sure potential deceptions of the Devil, take what the Serpent say for granted, without any questioning and scrutiny on our own part. That’s a big mistake.

The Bible is a culmination and collection of lessons learned by our forefathers in this spiritual matters, in the spiritual warfare, through thousands of years. Some of the lessons learned was paid for with not only pain, sweet and tears, but blood as well.

All in order to guide in how to find the Agape kind of love, by not beeing led astray and locked up in this world by Eros, and the Eros type of love.

Carnal people with no aspiration to be in any better state of beeing than they are as ‘animalistic’ and darwinistic part of Gaya, are not aspiring to be magnificent, they think they are perfect in all their imperfections already. They have no need to search and long for another higher state of mind and heart. They don’t even ask or contemplate the question if there is anyting more with this world, any Higher Purpose, any spiritual dimension they have already discarded, therefore they will will see Death, and bury here in the soil of matter, NOT to be resurrected as spirits they had a potential to do, they have no other than keep running, in the threadmill of ‘buying and selling’, the corporate world, that will lead to the appreciations of fascism, because they think without a corporate state, they will not have life, no livelihood. If they only knew how wrong they are, and that they might live in a world with infinite possibilities, and all ‘science’ is first completely made and exist in spirit before it materialize here.

Duality is here to stay

But it is non-existing in ‘Heaven’ because there is only those of the same kind. The ‘Others’ are a different Place.

The Kingdom of Love

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No manifestations in a positive form, can be done without spiritual good people, who belongs to the good side of duality. To say duality not exist is to accept evil as fully welcomed as good is.

The only materializations in the world today is from the Adversary, for killing, death and destruction of worlds, ‘medicines’ for the pharmaceutical industry’s profit, and the same death and destruction of all people that is decent and good, more than for healing and giving Life. Not for Love, but the opposite.

All for the sake of some fearful people afraid they will not survive, because there is ‘too many people in the world’ (eugenics).

But the universe is infinite, and «Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?» – Matthew 6:26.

That’s the ‘manna’ of the People of Israel in the desert, in the wilderness, on the way from slavery in Egypt, to Freedom in the Promised Land, the spiritual realm of infinite possibilitiies, unconditional Love and unrestricted freedoms to be The One, one was incarnated to be, not made a copy of everybody else. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.» – John 8:32.

Maginificent people throw them selves into Life itself, and thrust G-d will hold them if/when they fall. They are not to be limited by any fears, none whatsoever. That is the first and almost only rule magnificent people adhere to.

The fearfull will think they deserve no better, and stay in unhealthy relationships, and be mutilized. In Love there is no desire to harm or hurt anybody in this world, only to possibly heal those who is living under the ‘Demon of Fear’.

That is ‘The Way’, of Jesus Christ, how to be freed from the imprisonment and slavery of Egypt, to another realm, another state of beeing; The Promised Land aka ‘Israel’ (in a spiritual sense of the word, the new Jerusalem).

loosing Yoursekfn

We can alter the reality not only from the spiritual realms if we get there by NDE or otherwise, we can alter our reality also from the physical realm we live in, by changing the way we’re indoctrinated and how the social environment in our upbringing have formed our thoughts, hearts and poor souls. Our power can be applied both ways. We can change it by putting all we have learned ‘in the Fire’ at Gehenna, and redefine ourselves in the image of Pure Love, in G-ds image, as teached by Love incarnate; Jesus Christ.

He was/is never far from us, just a heartbeat away, even in this reality, offering to guide us into the higher state of beeing, to be ‘magnificient’ – to be Pure Love, instead of fearsome and evil (last one is a result of the first one), as in Anita’s terminology.

We have no means to escape dualism, like mixing black and white is giving grey color, not white and bright. Evil and Good is non-compatible. «I will go and prepare a room for you in My Fathers Kingdom«, says Jesus Christ, in G-ds Heavenly realms and dimensions, and that is absolute spiritual Truth.

Law of Attraction

«Heaven is a state of beeing, not a place». So is Hell.

I do not agree with the relativism, that eveybody is right in everything. Instead all is wrong in everything, BEFORE they have an spiritual experience that change themselves and/or their society to the better, free from fear. Until that, all these self proclaimed minigods can do is to cause death and destruction, upon making all society and the world cancerious and sick, with the ultimate consequense; Death (Armageddon).

In this world we need a set of ‘rules’, an ISO Standard if you like, moral and/or religious, that we sort of measure our state of beeing in relation to. For Christians that is the Bible.

«They will be punished with everlasting destruction and shut out from the presence of the Lord and from the majesty of his power«. 2 Thessalonians 1:9.

An spiritual experience can transform ourselves into the better, from a fearfull organism into a loving organism. That’s where we are all One, means that we are all built by the same substances and spirit, initially, not that we all are equal good or bad, because this world have one inherent characteristica, that is that ‘The Prince of this World’, his kingdom is based on Fear as his main tool, and will transform his people into serving him, out of Fear, not out of Love. Those who is fear ridden will attract his kingdom.

Those ruled by Fear is One. Those ruled by Love is One. Besides sharing a physical environment, they are living in two different realms/dimensions/state of beeing.

The Tibetan Book of Death describe it like this:

(Shamballa Dragon Edition (1987), Franscesca Fremantle & Chogyam Trungpa). (s.103).

«When the journey of my life has reached its end, and since no relatives go with me from this world I wander in the bardo state alone, may the peaceful and wrathful Buddhas send out the power of their compassion and clear away the dense darkness of ignorance
When parted from beloved friends, wandering alone my own projections’ empty forms appear, may the Buddhas send out the power of their compassion so that the bardo’s terrors do not come.
When the five luminous lights of wisdom shine, fearlessly may I recognize myself; when the forms of the peaceful and wrathful ones appear fearless and confident may I recognize the bardo.
When I suffer through the power of evil karma, may the peaceful and wrathful Buddhas clear away suffering; when the sound of dharmata roars like a thousand thunders, may it be transformed into the sound of mahayana teaching.
When I follow my karma, without a refuge, may the peaceful and wrathful Buddhas be my refuge; when I suffer the karma of unconscious tendencies, may the samadhi of bliss and luminosity arise.»

When Fear rules people and also the people that forms world politics, all get upside down, and ‘cancerous’ Evil is the result. We will have a sick body of the society, the world will be a ‘sick’ organism, cancerous cells will invade it, in order to try to heal it from its peoples transgressions.

Until they have done so, their societies, even the common and shared world, will contract cancer. It will be a sick world. That is absolute guaranteed.

«There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.» – 1 John 4:18.

According to my experience there is state of beeing of even a lower dimension of fears, than those we can experience here and now, a much lower vibrational level, as the Bible calls «and throw them into the fiery furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth» (Matthew 13:50), in other words ‘Hell’.

«Dr. Maurice Rawlings, MD, a heart surgeon, has written a number of books on the death experience and clearly shows from his own practice and from the experiences of his patients, that not everyone goes to the light when they die, where there is total love. Many of his patients, after being resuscitated on the operating table, spoke about hell.»

«Angie Fenimore who had abusive childhood and so depressed, commited suicide on January 8, 1991. She found herself in a realm of darkness. The hell she experienced was far more horrific and personal than the old fire-and-brimstone metaphors. Her hell was a realm of terrifying visions and profound psychic disconnection. Miraculously, she was restored to life: imprinted forever with a new sense of faith, of being subject to the sacred will, and of being truly a child of God.»

Everybody should just hope to get into the realms that Anita went, because the opposite is also a reality, as above so below, what is here on Earth, can also be experienced in the spiritual realms, of good OR bad. Since fear is existing here, we must take note that it is also existing in the spiritual realms/dimensions. That’s what ‘as above som below’ means. The world is but a reflection of our spiritual state of beeing, or the majorities state of beeing, they/we are here to see it, and get out of that trap of fear made manifest.

Everybody gets according to their believes. «50 And he said to the woman, Thy faith hath saved thee; go in Peace«, the Master said to the woman with a full life in sin (Luke 7:50).. Almost the same to criminal on the cross besoie him, that he was not going to the heavenly realms by beeing the same fearfull criminal from yesterday, but changed his outlook in his moment of here and now, and aspired suddenly to be the saint of tomorrow, decided by living for the moment here and now, by taking the correct choice, here and NOW, on his present state of beeing, to choose between good and evil. He had seen the difference of the state of beeing (‘Father, forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing’), instead of the criminal and crowd spitting and stocked the sword in him as fun. He saw the different state of beeing between Jesus and the evildooers. The criminal on the neighboring cross, took his choice based on how he withnessed the difference of the state of beeing beween Jesus and his crucifiers and the hatefull crowd taling pleasure in the ritual of crucifiction. That’s made all of the difference, for him, as it can for all.

Karma, you reap what you sow

«As I have observed, those who plow evil and those who sow trouble reap it.» – Job 4:8.

All have the chance, here and now, to choose a higher state of beeing, in very practical ways, to make the choice between good and evil.

Anita felt at One with all in the realm she was visiting, because they was all of her good kind there… She was willing go ho her own way, BEFORE the NDE and cancer, that shows it was not the NDE that made her autonomous. She was like this already at childhood. It was the appoval and integration of her cultures deceptions and fear not to live up to their demands that made her cancerous, by her trying to ‘fit in’, and the return to her childhood principles that relased her from her wordly and carnal state of beeing by her transgression of her cultures dogmas. Like Jesus said; «You shall be born again to see the Kingdom of Heaven«.

If Anita didn’t experience a spiritual rebirth, than what else can such ‘to be born again’ be? Not anymore be of the Flesh, but raptured to the Spiritual Kingdom of Christ; aka Heaven (a state og beeing).

If Anita or other prays to experience the opposite dimension, out of a strong will to learn, I am sure anybody will get access to experience that one also. They are at One, as One, there also, but it is a completely different realm/dimension/vibration of beeing there. I have been there, not a good state of beeing to be in.

Happily for Anita, she was lucky enough to just experience one side of the spiritual realms, and was at One, with all in that realm, because the Others, are in another dimension according to their own vibration and state of beeing, and that, that is fully as per their own carmic destiny (in christian terminology «you reap what you sow»), they have brought over their own heads, not in the Name of The Father, Who Is In Heaven, but by the Adversary, who still want to keep them in the fearfull dimension of Fear, under the inspiration of the Demons of Fear.

When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do.
– William Blake

Where the Light is coming, Dark must vanish, no compromises needed.

This fallen angels are not magnificient at all, because only what they possible would release in this dimension, will you also release in ‘Heaven’, on the other side, as all is One universe… One experience… All the incarnations is at once, and those incarnated not willing to learn, is sending themselves, by their own choices, behaviour and actions, to ‘Hell’, not to magnificence.

«I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.» – Matthew 16:19.

Good luck. Choose wisely.


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