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Messianske Jøder; «Yeshua: The Remembrance»

It was about 160 years after Yisrael overthrew Greek rule through the Maccabean revolt. Since the Maccabean rule, Rome had conquered most of the western world and removed the Hasmonean dynasty in Yisrael. Emperor Pompei had conquered Yerushalayim and entered the Mikdash [Holy Temple], but he left it intact.

Yisrael was divided into three main regions, Yehudah [Judah/Judea], the Galil [Galeel/Galilee], and Shomron [Samaria]. Yehudah, the southern region, was closest to the Dead Sea. Here the holy city of Yerushalayim is located. The city was the center of Jewish worship, but it was also the headquarters for the disputing parties that comprised the several sects of Judaism. In the north was the Galil, around Lake Kinneret [Sea of Galilee], where many Yisraelis lived a more simple and less rigorous religious life. Yet, they respected the Mikdash in Yerushalayim and traveled there for the appointed holy Feasts. Between these two regions was Shomron, where a people dwelt that were of uncertain Yisraeli origin. These people were outcasts from Judaism, because Shomron citizens considered themselves descendants of Avraham, yet they would not respect the ordained worship at the Mikdash in Yerushalayim.

It was the time just after the region of Yehudah was officially annexed by the Roman Empire. Herod, an Edomite, called the «great,» was in his fourth decade as the Roman appointed king of Yehudah. His grand renovation of the Mikdash in Yerushalayim was nearly completed, and it was not long before his death. Many Yehudim [Jewish people] were poor, and because they could not pay taxes some were carried off to Rome as slaves. During times of resistance the main roads to Yerushalayim were lined with Jews who were being executed on stakes. Despite Herod’s great architectural achievements, most of the Yehudim despised his rule, because he conspired to persecute many patriots who resisted Roman oppression. The people knew that his «improvements» were paid for with the high price of Jewish blood.

Under the Roman yoke, the humble people of Yisrael mourned for the Mashiach, promised in the holy Scriptures of YHVH [the Ever-Existing One / the I AM / the L-RD], to come and deliver them. There were many theories about the nature of this Mashiach. Many looked for a great and powerful prince who would overthrow Rome’s occupation of their land. A few, who fasted and prayed with sincere devotion, understood that the real problem was the sinfulness of mankind in general. Until this problem was dealt with there would always be the threat of oppression. The Yehudim also knew that, according to the prophets of Yisrael, whatever help the world was to get from Heaven would come to them first.}

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{Then he spoke of his son, Yochanan.} «And you, child, shall be called the Prophet of Ha’Elyon. For you shall go ahead of YHVH * to prepare His ways; to give the knowledge of Yeshua [Salvation] unto His people for the remission of their sins, through the tender mercy of our Elohim, through whom the Morning Star from on high has visited us, to give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet in the path of shalom.» {*Once again this signifies that Mashiach would be YHVH in the flesh.}

A sense of awe came on all who lived in their vicinity and all these events were broadcast throughout all the hill country of Yehudah. Those who heard about them stored the memory in their hearts, saying, «What kind of child will this one be? For the hand of YHVH is with him.»

The child called Yochanan grew, and became spiritually strong {as a rightful Kohen of Yisrael and descendant of Aharon should be}.


Yeshua performed many other signs in the presence of His disciples, which are not written in this book. These have been written, so you can trust that Yeshua is Mashiach, the Son of Elohim, and that in trusting you might have {eternal} life through His Name.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with Elohim, and the Word was Elohim. The same was in the beginning with Elohim. All things were created by Him. Nothing in all of creation was created without Him.

In Him is life, and the life is the Light for men. The Light shone in the darkness, and the darkness could not overcome it. He is the Light of Remembrance, who Lights every man who comes into the world.

He was in the world, and the world was created by Him, but the world did not know Him. He came to His own {possession}, and His own {possession} did not accept Him. But to those who accepted Him, He gave the authority to become the sons of Elohim; to all those who trust in His Name. These are not born to Him by blood, nor by the will of the flesh, nor by the will of man, but by Elohim.

The Word was made flesh, and tabernacled among us. We looked on His glory, the glory of the only issue of Abba, fully enabled, and the Remembrance.

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