Midnight Messenger

Again, the children must wake to hear
The midnight messenger drawing near,
Again, through the night comes a cry of alarm
To every American city and farm.
A cry of defiance and not of fear,
There’s hope for tomorrow, Our vict’ry is clear.
Remember how, in the poem you’ve read
Of two warning lanterns high over head?
It was, «one if by land, two if by sea,»
Yes! again, there’s a threat to our liberty.
A flood of treason covers our land
Let in by a stealthy pirate band.
You must say «NO!» to that globalist crew
Who in Christ’s place «lords» it over you;
Who’s made you a slave for «society’s good».
Brainwashed in school so you’ll do what you should.
«Public policy’s» now the law of the land–
A system of rules built on soft, shifting sand.
The world watches with eager search
To see what’s becoming of the Christian Church.
Stand still! Be accountable to One Sovereign God.
Individually responsible as life’s path you trod.
Be that light from the hill with strong steady glow.
Then others will follow «The Way» that you show.
We’re at war, and yet, through this gloom there is light.
The fate of our nation is riding tonight.
There’s a hurry of hoofs in the village street;
Truth is that steed flying fearless and fleet.
In this hour of darkness, and peril and need
A spark can be struck out by one simple deed,
And kindle the land into flame with its heat.
For when light fills the darkness our foe meets defeat.
By truth and by knowledge will freedom shine bright.
So spread the alarm and come join in this fight.
We’ll ride through the dark and when dawn’s light shines clear,
A nation of FREEMEN will stand up and cheer!Forfatter: Karen Griffin 1985, 1988

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