PRIDE: Proud of Learning to Hate Themselves – The Greatest Love of All

Most important song today from Lucy Thomas below, so many loosing connection with themselves, many learn to hate who they are born to be, who God created them to be. Than we know Satan is re-creating them in his image, not God’s.

Part of my «From Genesis to Revelation» series. They have but a short time, states the Bible (Rev. 12:12, 2 Thessalonians 2:7), to corrupt and destroy. Very sad time of the year for me this, when children is learned by church, school and kindergarden to hate themselves, to pervert themselves, to mutilate themselves, that this is fine and ok.

1 Corinthians 3:17 «If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.» – Satan (and satanists, as Synagogue of Satan, Rev. 2:9, 3:9) will LOVE to make many do this…..mutilations, tatoos, rings in nose and navel, makeups as devils, women with man haircut, all kind of re-creation in their own image (of beauty). Everything and anything but what and how God created them. Is it so valuable that it is worth make kids hate their natural heterosexuality…

Sexual Revolution: Mistaking Lust for Love

Adults effectively killing children’s innocence, by letting them participate in adults perversities, flagging for and teaching them to love adults assorted perversities, instead of to love the beautiful and decent.

JJ 4.6.2023 : «Feel sorry for Whitney Houston.
A godly & richly blessed christian girl,
ended up in the wrong & bad company.
Shows the dangers of wrong & bad company.»

Bad company always destroys good character.

I dedicate this article to beautiful Lucy Thomas, and my son her same age with his ‘6’ in A-level math. May you both independent of other successes always stay close to God and the Greatest Gift of All, so God can protect you through life, as God did to me. NOTHING can hurt or kill those who God decide shall live. God gave us our talents for HIS use. #Choice. No use in winning the whole world, but loose our souls (Mark 8:36), the best parts of our souls. It counts for NOTHING to be liked by millions, IF God not like us for the same reason the millions like us.

In the «industry» there is forces to reduce girls like Lucy to animalistic levels; starting with demonic costumes and pervert makeup, change of style and dresscode by their (((handlers))) as advice how to become «successful», ALWAYS ending with drugs, alcohol, tatoos, just look at the life of beautiful Whitney Houston, how quickly (((they))) transformed a beautiful christian girl, to a human wreck. There are people in the World hating christian ideals of innocence and beauty. «The music industry» was eating her, chewed her, and spit her out, quickly. I protect Lucy by telling upfront.  Hopefully Lucy’s parents are aware. Love is NOT always the Love it pretends to be, as this article will show the difference. Satan can pretend to «love», loves the destruction of ideals most (2 Corinthians 11:14), The most evil scumbags in «the Industry» can pretend to be benefactors, but inside they are ravaging wolfs in sheeps clothing, Jesus warned us :

‘Love’ is not always realLove. Love of perversities, do NOT count with God, only with Satan

God can rise up young people to learn other people to love themselves, as they are born, NOT learn them to hate themselves so they needs «corrections», re-creation of themselves, for what adult satanists in Church, school and kindergarden learning them hate themselves.

Late Whitney Houston and her heir in greatness Lucy Thomas remind us we must ALL learn to LOVE ourselves as God created us. We WILL miscreate ourselves and hate ourselves as Satan hates us, UNTIL we accept ourselves as God created us ♂ ♀. God created us; heterosexual decent men and women, boys and girls. Lucy have always been good, but this is the best from Lucy so far in my opinion, she and her voice have matured, so relaxed, make it look like it is so easy, it is NOT, never easy crushing your own soul to relay a message also emotionally;

The Greatest Love of All – Lucy Thomas

Any christian fathers heart would break with a daughter like Lucy: «the beauty they possess inside» vs. the ugly they may be re-created to be on the outside; Satans image, like Kate Perry, Miley Cyrus, etc. In my experience God will never give a gift or a talent to someone that they need to mutilate themselves to find it. In my experience if they do OPPOSITE of what the society requires of them, other than kindergarden, schools, church brainwash them to be and do, THAN God will be the one and only friend they might have, OR need, «And if, by chance, that special place. That you’ve been dreaming of. Leads you to a lonely place. Find your strength in love«, all taken care of.

It is a lonely place to be where God wants us to be, not were all the satanic people is today, you see them in PRIDE-parades, tatoos, ring in nose and navel, tongue out. Unfortunately the great Whitney Houston from a saintly christian family ended up in bad company of satanic narcobarons, we know how that went. Like most of todays artists end up. I pray for Lucy to stay away from bad company.

Sacrifice children to Baal & Moloch

God is preparing to send millions of children into the World for «New Jerusalem» ref. William Blake’s poem «Jerusalem» to be built;

«And did those feet in ancient time
Walk upon Englands mountains green:
And was the holy Lamb of God,
On Englands pleasant pastures seen!»
My direct ancestry; Harald IV Magnusson Gille Gilchrist (Gilchrist means ‘Servant of Christ’), king of Norway in period y1130-1136, came from and was born there. Practicing the christian leadership, not the ‘Herodian’ (Jewish):

The satanists needs to extinguish the light of and in all God’s children; His spiritual Soldiers, by PRIDE. In order to be healthy in Gods eyes, we must totally lay off everything the satanic society teach.

There is always some truth in all deceptions, even in those who deny God, New Age calls them ‘indigo children‘, and that is what they are; Spiritual soldiers of God, of the color missing in the PRIDE-flag is indigo, for Spirituality (missing). Satan have found a way to destroy all those children, it is called the PRIDE-movement.

In «The Industry» this process normally start with perverse dressing and makeup for girls in their industry, as the «advice for success», end up with tatoos, ring in nose, drugs, alcohol, anything making them carnal, in sexual perversities they become public whores of «showbiz», «of the Flesh» (NOT spiritual, keep them prisoner here on this Prison Planet, the Matrix). Jesus knew this will happen in his statement in Matthew 18:6.

I do NOT believe God can allow this for so very long. I will dedicate this article to the young, and hope it will be better for you a little down the road, my hopes for them. Lucy have received a great gift of God, the Creator, and honors that gift and her talent fantastic. When I am down of all the perversities in the world right now, I listen to Lucy and its beauty I am back in the spiritual realms of bliss; Endless bliss and peace of the Soul again, actually spiritually it is the Kingdom of God.

I know it will be good for them again, as the Bible says so, as the satanists promoting all the satanic hedonistic perversities will expose themselves and be «neutralized».

«Learning to Love Yourself, is the Greatest Gift of All»

For God we are not only a «number in the crowd» in the «machine» of society as Pink Floyd ‘the Wall’ describe it; become «Comfortable Numb» needs drugs and other extreme stimulus to live happy lives. We are each and every one unique for God, and will show to be, with the talents God granted us, in indescribable Love. We do NOT tatoo & gender mutilate and operate our bodies, IF we love ourselves, and love God making us who we are. Help us be our best Selves.

That is the «mystical» marriage in Heaven, as ‘God is Love’, (1 John 4:8). If we look for love without integrate ourselves in ourselves, love flow outward, after we do not need anybody for Love, we ARE love, and than first is when miracles happens,

and the ONLY place to meet God is: < Lucy told you >

Inside yourself.

To love with real love, not the beggars form of love, we are not dependent on the object of the Love, we can love free and full as much as we want. We do NOT need anybody’s judge or prime ministers permission, we don’t even need the object of our Love’s permission to love them, we just do ! Not needed to see them, not to meet, not mingle, if Love can reach from Heaven to Earth it can reach anywhere from Aalesund to Oslo, or from Tel Aviv to Jenin, IF there is Love. It is up to each one of us, alone, our supreme decision, who we want to be; Lovers or haters, and what we send out from our core beings.

I Will Always Love You – Lucy Thomas

Biblically this holy «meeting» with God is in the Temple, in the Holiest of Holy, the inner room, where ONLY the High Priest can be.

Jesus became our High Priest (Hebrews 4:14, 6:20) and destroyed the Temple made of bricks and mortar, not needed anymore, he raised up a new Temple in three days (Acts 6:14, John 2:19).

From now and onwards we meet God face to face, in ourselves, in the New Temple, IF we aspire for that.

From this moment of time, God will be with us humans, if we allow it, choose so, with our own free will.
1 Corinthians 3:16 – 1 Corinthians 6:19 – John 2:21 – Romans 8:9

If we are close to God, God will be close to us. If not Satan will be there, for sure, because there are ONLY two opposite spiritual forces able to live in men. There is NO neutrality. One or the other.

That TEMPLE of ours – our own bodies – are what the Satanists wants to make unclean, destroy, tear down…… The PRIDE is a mockery of God, and Gods temples, used for perversity’s. It is a talmudic mockery of the white race; The real_Israelites.

We who are there knows this, it is our experience, that we know we couldn’t do what we do without God.

God is the Source, the Love, the beginning and the end of what we are and what we are doing, the Alpha and Omega.

God is our Hope, that it will be better for the children Satan today learn to hate themselves in churches, schools and kindergardens, that they are created with an «error», must be corrected. They are absolutely not ! Every soul and soulless creature is created EXACTLY as should be, in physical form. The Church today promote the dreams of Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey, PRIDE is the satanic religion in progress :

Thanks Lucy. For taking me on a deep journey into your interpretation of The Greatest Love, in the ONLY Temple God reside in, in our time, after Jesus made it so with His sacrifice. Where we can meet God via the Love of His son ; Jesus Christ. In ourselves. Exactly as Jesus promised, he take us back, where man is no longer separate from God after Adams curse; in Us.

Emmanuel; «God With Us» (Isaiah 7:14, Matt. 1:23).

Love, find it withing ourselves, or we find it not. Love flows outward. We do not need anybody to love. We Love, therefore we are. Full and completely independent of others, others hate, their dislike. Wasn’t it for this Love, I could not stand alone doing what I do on a lonely narrow road with not too much compatible christians, as most have become lukewarm political correct satanists (Revelation 3:15-16). «God With Us» (Isaiah 7:14), who cares (1 John 4:12, 18).

Mom shares heartfelt message about her daughter who wanted to be a boy :


«This is my middle daughter Hope at 3 and 18. When she was about 2.5 yrs old, she told me she wanted to be a boy. This continued in different forms until she was 12-13. She asked me once: “When am I going to grow a winkie?” (Side note: she had an older sister and brother and had seen it all as I often bathed them together!). I explained that she wouldn’t because she was a girl. She told me she wanted to tee-tee standing up, so I explained how that wouldn’t work for her. Unfazed, she decided to try it! It didn’t work, and life went on.

She was all tomboy! She played sports and was hyper-competitive. Almost all of her friends until 7th grade were boys. She only wore boys underwear! She had to wear a dress on Sundays as we attended church and that was our rule but she often walked into her class, yanked her dress up and announced, “I’m still wearing my boy underwear.” I never argued with her about her clothes. I remember her coming home in 1st grade and asking me what a “lesvian” was because some boys had called her that on the bus. I explained it was when a girl loved another girl. She said, “Oh!” That was it! She was 6 and didn’t need a discussion on sex at that point.

We often talked about her being able to do anything a boy could do, and she could still be a girl. She was a 3 sport athlete, 3 sport captain, All-state volleyball player, and jr college (scholarship) basketball player. However, she was still a girl and a freaking awesome one! When she was 12-13, she asked for girl panties but still only wore athletic clothes.

She’s as beautiful today at 23 as she is athletic. She loves to snowboard, hike and still loves sports. We allowed her to work out who she was with perimeters that allowed her to be successful. She’s engaged to a great guy whom she will marry August 19.

I would have NEVER medicated her, surgically changed her, hormonally altered her or done ONE thing differently than what we did. I don’t care what the world, social media, trans activists push: these are KIDS!

To do anything that could change them before their brains are fully developed is ridiculous and honestly, abusive! Guide them, talk to them, advocate for them, accept them but for the love of all that is right, do not CHANGE them.

I just read a heartbreaking story about a person who physically transitioned as a young adult who is now 17 years away from that and says it was their BIGGEST mistake. Hope has often said how different her life would be for her and us if she was growing up today because the pressure to transition her would be so great. I can assure you that would have had zero affect on us.

PARENTS: please don’t get swept up in this madness. Be the voice of reason your child needs. PLEASE!!»

*This has been made public! Feel free to share!
Amber Monk Parker»


It might be that Lucy’s «Nemesis» have already positioned themselves, as the Harvey Weinstein of the «film industry», the «Weinsteins» of «music industry» might be already positioned to bring about a Whitney Houston and Kate Perry demise of Lucy also, Miley Cyrus, totally lost for her christian family, as (((they))) did to Michael Jackson, he told us who (((they))) are b4 he was murdered.

A peculiar (((people))) just love to destroy innocence and indigo children from christian families, ref. poor out-of-her-mind-today Britney Spears, they ‘fu**cked with her head and emotions, of christian ideals and faith upbringing, their first instinct is to bring them down to the animalistic levels as themselves, parties, drugs, tattoos, alcohol, will see to that, the indigo children of God, ends up as human wrecks, in contact with «the Industry».

Miley Cyrus, the Jewish owned Disney, made her human trash in the blink of an eye (can not show the worst photos here, lowest of human depravities) ;

Billy Ray Cyrus: The Devil Destroyed My Daughter and Disney Helped

The Jews have hijacked our once Christian nation

The talmudic Jews in our leadership needed to do this for their social engineering – to destroy our societies, make women masculine, and boys and men feminine. They CREATE this havoc in children’s emotional lives. To HATE themselves, as God created them; man and woman, masculine and feminine.

Not completely «Untouchable»; from The Master Race

My 10 cents, be aware :

The recording Company, «the Industry» director:

Tell me one – just ONE – christian artist who have a jewish manager, benefactor, a female artists who have developed success on «christian», decent, behavior. Not to become an «Illuminati whore», as the conspiracy theories calls it, as Madonna, Shakira & Beyonce and all alikes, the same for all.

I know, nobody, no exemptions found. None. Thanks for trying. We should hold this gentlemen’s personal responsible, if something «unfortunate» is happening Lucy from their influences. Like the (((one))) threatening Kanye West (Ye). From the same race; see here.

Stay away from Lucy, no change of «style» or dresscode «advice for success» is needed. She is fantastic as she is right NOW!

Any «Nemesises» are hereby warned. Do NOT touch and break #MyPeople who is #ChristsPeople, IF Lucy Thomas belongs to Him. Her talent signal she do, so far. #GodWins.


Deep Purple : Love Conquers All – real_Love conquers all

This is the beggars need for «love» the «music Industry» promote, erotic love so children NEVER is to find True Love. Make them be searching outside, when should search inside.

Have we ever seen a film from Jewish Hollywood not ending up like a soft-pornfilm? Love is from the Heart, not from genitalia.

We will ALWAYS look in the wrong places and in wrong people, if not, that is why ONLY 20% remain in lifelong marriage in Scandinavia. We will NEVER find it outside of us before we find it inside, because we don’t recognize the realThing than on the outside. We get the wrong «mirror» outside of our realHearts. They will always only find a perversion of themselves.

Johnny Lee 1980 Looking For Love

Homocaust: Killing the Innocence. Save the Children

Lucifer Rising, making Serpent Seed of Children

Sexual Revolution: Mistaking Lust for Love

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