To celebrate Christmas(s) in December is not paganism

There is a campaign of judaized ‘christians’ to destroy the Christian traditions. They will around christmas time step forward in social medias to claim that Christmas(s) is a pagan holliday, and not a Christian holyday. They are wrong. They wants us to be Jews Light, 680 talmudic rules and regulations to follow, in order to be prepared for Heaven. The Bible warns about Jewish traditions, traditions of the Elders, NOT Christian traditions.

Now some new kind of pharisees wants it different. They have sided with the Jews to destroy Christian traditions, and keep Jewish traditions the Bible warns about. They wants us to be Jews Light, 680 talmudic rules and regulations to follow, in order to be prepared for Heaven. The Bible warns about Jewish traditions, traditions of the Elders, NOT Christian traditions.

Christmas leads to blessings. But Jewish Xmas style might be subversion and judgment, the dance around the Golden calf, the shopping hysteria, etc. Clearly anti-Christian. Today my nation adopt Jewish Hollywood ‘christmas’ style. THAT is not good.. But the 1000 years we had CHRISTIAN Christmas style in Norway, it served us well..

The TRUTH of this 5 reasons are:

1. We have not adopted pagan customs. Christians have transformed former pagan days to Christian.
2. It was not Rome that instituted the Norwegian Christmas. Our Kings around y1000 was baptised by the Celts in England, not Rome.
3. Mark 7:6-9 is about Jewish traditions, not Christian.
4. The exact day of Jesus birth is of no importance. Remember His offer is important.
5. Two, three or ten wise men. The point is that is is good to give gifts to your loved ones. Symbolic actions. Learn to love.
6. «The millennial reign of Christ will then begin on the earth.». No. It is finished. Now in Revelation timeline, Satan is loose from his prison.

Satan is at work here, turn things upside down. Even using as Mark 7:6-7, said about the Jews, not about Christians. Of course Christians can do the same mistakes as the Jews then, but not here. Content is King. Remembering Jesus Christ is never wrong, every day, year round.

Celebratring Christ, every day, especially on pagan days.. Norway was pagan before, becoming Christian. We have experience of both. For 1000 y the tradition of remembering Jesus Christ in december in Norway, served us well.

Mostly in America there is red suited wizards and dears flying around. It have nothing to do with Jesus, remembering Jesus Christ, as Christians not associated with Jewish Hollywood is doing, have done it in Norway for 1000 years. Jewish Hollowood have led many former christians astray, that is true, the Bible predicts it, but it is not true for all Christians. Some of us oppose what Jewish Hollowood have made out of Christmas(s). We celebrate our way; Christs Way.

IF it was true that Christmas(s) was and is pagan, than this my article about our one thousand years Christian nation would show a complete different outcome, a different destiny for the nation of Norway, because here in Norway we have celebrated Christmas in the end of December for 1000 years, and still was under the blessings of God, One Thousand years later. We were experts on paganism, setting the unwanted babies out in the forrest to die, 700 years before America was even born. We became experts on Christs Way aka Christianity, from y 970-1000.

– King Håkon the Good (ca. 918-961) – also called Adelsteinfostre – decided in the 10th century (900s) that we in Norway should henceforth celebrate Christmas on December 25, like the rest of the Christian world, and not January 12 which had been the holiday in pagan times, he explains.

Evidence triumph personal opinions. I covered this topic also in this article:

Norway; One Thousand Years under Christs Reign

The teological answer is easy: Content is King. Not needed any three in the living room, Jer. 10:3-4

If we put Christ in the Center of this days, as THE reason for the season, than it is Christian holyday, not pagan.. If you worship the green three, than you are pagan.. If you put the three in the living room, and not worship it, but to remember all the nice things God the Creator created, it should be ok. Government of Norway and all other nations today worship the created more than the Creator in a much more widely recognized pagan form than a green three in the living room of Christian grandmothers; Environmentalism.

Celebrate Jesus every day, especially on former pagan hollidays…

«Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:» – Colossians 2:16

That was what my people did 1000 years ago. They was replacing the content of the holliday with remembering Jesus Christ on the former pagan hollidays. Christians hijacked the former pagan season. It was very successfull. Paganism was exterminated in Norway, we became a Christian nation, by Law (constitution), for One Thousand -1000- years, as per Isaiah 9:6, ALL our Governments upon His shoulders for 1000 years, by Law (Gulatingsloven).

First parts of the Gulatingslov, said to be from before y900:

«The first thing in our Law is that we must bow to the east and pray to the White Christ (Kvitekrist) about good year and peace, that we must keep our nation intact and keep our servants in good health. He to be our friend and we his friends and God be friends to us all.»

That’s something Jesus Christ appreciate I will assume. It is over now. NWO antiChrist 4th Reich Satanists in charge, as per Revelation 20:7. Sadly.

If Norway was in error and sin for 1000 years celebrating Yule becoming Christianized version – their way, why was norwegians blessed with fish, oil and gas, waterfalls, blessings blooming the last 40 years.. Why was our forefathers not condemned for 950 years of ‘sins’ as pagans, and lived a terrible life ?

Grandmotherly christmas love

They even use Jeremiah 7:18. Claiming this loving grandmother below do it for the «Queen of Heaven» when in Truth she is doing it for Love Of Christ, and instruction to take care of the children. They are then the ones «justifieth the wicked, and condemneth the just» in my opinion (Proverbs 17:15), lying and make false accusations upon this loving grandmother, claiming she is not producing any christian spirit in this december days, their personal opinions.

Below is a short description of any grandmother, who can teach us the nature of Christs love; pure Love, unconditional Love. She loved our Christmas(s) tradition, making good food in rememberance of Christs birth, because during the wartime of 1940’s, she alone with four kids have little and nothing to give them.

Words can have different meaning for different persons. Must see the words in context to find out what the writer meant, this time the prophet Jeremiah. WARNING; Unconditional feminine love makes monsters, without children beeing male diciplined and corrected in justice and righteousness.

An old grandmother she is reading the Bible every day, meal prayer, love Jesus, tells all her grandchildren about Him at every opportunity, loves making cookies for her grandhildren and make the house nice for Christmas(s) because that is when Jesus is born she believes. So she makes seven different cookies, and the grandchildren all learn about Jesus unconditional love from this Jesus-loving grandmother. So far so good.

«You are an old and stupid fool«, says the modern VERY ‘christian’ pharisee person who expect to be a VIP in Heaven for the information and bashing of this Jesus-loving grandmother. Jesus was NOT born this day they insist, imagine themselves to be the wisest of the wisest of the fallen mankind.

The poor woman do not know who to believe, but remembering Jesus she wants.. that is her only desire.. every day so be it. She loves her grandhildren, wnats to do the best for them as Jesus instruct, that she knows.

The New Pharisees should be ashamed of themselves.

Question is: Are the New Pharisees claiming themselves to be UberChristian of a mostly LOVING Spirit or is that the Grandmother – celebrating Jesus’ birthday (whenever she perceive it to be, who knows?).

Did the three wise men bring gifts to Jesus as a child ?

What did Jesus say ?

Quote: «What you do to this small one you do to me».. “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’» – Matthew 25:45.

«If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him!» – Matthew 7:11

«Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.» – 2 Corinthians 9:7

If this New Pharisees had the Holy Spirit, they would not be so busy with comply with ‘The Law’, what they perceive as The Law. Jesus mentioned ONLY two of them, if you keep them, you will automatic keep all else, righteousness as Abraham and lawabiding nature as Moses included.

Christmas is a good oppotunity for all evil souls, none is without sin, not one, to practice such cheerfull giving.

The one who destroy a thousand years Christian tradition, expect to be a good Christian, but the unselfish loving VERY Jesus-loving grandmother he condemn to Hell for her tradition making it nice for her grandchildren and their friends. Forgetting that Content is King, it is not the day and what we call it it that matters. It is what content we put into it.

The tradition have served the Christian Norway for 1000 years. It may serve us good for another 1000 years.

Please note; I can never be like this grandmother. I am much more aggressive, not an good example of feminine unconditional love, and can only hope I will be allowed into Heaven. Actually I am more alike the Prophet Jeremiah, conditional love, which is more like Gods love in reality.

Content Is King…

In my opinion this modern pharisees join the global antiChrist movement that is out to destroy the Christian traditions, the christian parts of it. Just as the antiChrist (((Masters))) of the World wants them to do. Forgetting that Content is King, it is not the day and what we call it that matters. It is what content we put into it. What is actually the center of the worship and rememberance that particular day.

Peace and Love will Win

Christs form of LOVE, not the socialistic tyrannic luciferian humanistic sodom ‘tolerance for evil’ and ‘including perverts’ kind of ‘love’.

Peace on Earth will manifest ONLY by the grace and hand of Godgiven Messiah to humanity; Jesus Christ (John 8:12), not by the hidden pagan hand of B’nai Brith Judaic-masonic qabalah UN Lucifer called ‘Morning Star’.

I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day

Then rang the bells more loud and deep
God is not dead, nor doth He sleep (Peace on Earth, peace on Earth)
The wrong shall fail, the right prevail
With peace on earth, good will to men


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