WAR! Those controlling Jerusalem, controls the World

Jesus won on Calvary. He is King of that city forever, of all the World actually, because those who control The Holy City, controls the World. Johns Revelation mention somebody is usurping His powers for a while…by sorcery decieve all nations (Rev. 18:23).

When the climate-hoax was not effective enough, they had to come up with something better; the Covid-hoax.

The covid hoax is a plandemic of lies.. says former WHO professor

It will be interesting to see how this things works out.. when the askeNazi jew Klaus Schwab – the evil Emperor – his father was industrial supplier to the askeNazi Third Reich (1933-1945), take controlling interest of the power centers in the World for their 4th Reich, their 4th attempt to grab World Powers. How were you doing the last attempts Jews ?

 ‘A Jew Exposes the Jewish World Conspiracy‘ (Henry H. Klein,, 1946):

«The prospects for peace are dim and getting dimmer. Civilization hangs by a hair. The people are too dumb to understand what has happened, the newspapers have lied to them. Radio commentators and politicians have deceived them. Ministers, priests and rabbis have misled them and the Sanhedrin and the money gang are destroying them. Jesus woke the people up in His day, so the Sanhedrin and the money gang had Him crucified.» – Henry H. Klein, 1946

We Will NOT Bow Down – The Beast System Is Taking Form

They have navigated corrupt waters to corrupt all the worlds leadership to speak with «one voice». ‘Babylon’ is a beast system, it is a Spirit, a spirit of demons and of the Devil. Come out of Babylon, my People. Jesus last warning, do NOT co-operate with this satanic powers (Rev. 18:4). We are of Christ, not of Babylon, not of Satan. This is satans Beast-System.

Elders of Zion: Jewish leadership of Destruction (tikkun olam of everything Christian); Migration – Covid – Climate

Last time it was thunders and lightning, the veil on the temple torn, temple in rubble, diasporah 2000 years… This people do not learn, do they? They try again… what is our friend Jesus, their once and for ALL times have to answer to this their lack of respect for spiritual laws, lack of respect for the Will of God ? I tell you – a New Heaven and a New earthn for us (Revelation 2:11), for them it says in; Ob. 1:18, Rev. 21:8. Destruction,not one single satanist will survive this. I believe they know it, therefore they are desperate to succeed. They won’t. God is still God, Jesus Christ is still on His Throne, on the right hand side of God Allmighty. Let the show begin !

Jacob-Israels God put Jesus Christ in POWER over the Holy City.

Edomite-Jews usurped Christs POWER, by Migration – Covid – Climate hoaxes did the usurp tyrannical POWERS, for their New World Order.

When payment day comes for that crime, what will the payment be ? Jews usurps power for their self-interests. Jesus for the interest of everybody.. Who will win ?

How will God react, that the Edomite-Jews have instigated a WAR against God himself and God’s decision that Jesus Christ is King of Jerusalem and the World, not the satanic talmudic Edomite Jews?

Replacing Messiah with themselves as Masciachs

The Jews have broken Christs peace deal of Jerusalem. How shall they pay o’God, for their WAR against Your decision (Isaiah 9:6). Your appointment of Jesus Christ as King of Kings – of ALL the World ?

Just another ZOG, a satanic Jewish talmudic Chabad puppet

The blood flows in the streets of Jerusalem under Jewish rulership under the iron yoke. Abrahams Childrens fight, all over the World, the realIsraelites = Caucasians, trials and tribulations. Mossads motto: By Deception Thou shall do War! I am glad I am not in their shoes when God retaliate for them hijacking the power of Christ over the Holy City and the World.

Jewish New World Order
1 Thessalonians 5:3

«While people are saying, “Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.» – 1 Thessalonians 5:3

Wrong cornerstone in their Building; Isaiah 28:16, Ephesians 2:20,21, Acts 4:10, 11, 12

Jesus Christ is the ONLY valid cornerstone. not the jews. Chapter 10 in the Book of Daniel we are told the veil is lifted for us to see the unseen.

antiChrist Israel will go up in Flames

antiChrist Israel will go up in Flames

Rune Larsen – Jerusalem

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