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Iran bombes om Tel Aviv har noe på Trump i Epstein saken

Trump giret opp Iran retorikken like etter Epstein-avsløringen. Det jødiske lederskap i Tel Aviv ved Benjamin Netanyahu vil ha Iran bombet, og som vanlig er det USA som må gjøre det for dem siden USA forlot kristendommen og blitt judaifisert av Hollywood og kristensionismen som har ledet fårene på avveie for personlig vinning og politisk makt (hvilket mange prester og […]

Trump is for WW3 what Churchill was for WW2

They declared War on Germany March 24, 1933, they declare War on Syria/Iran/North Korea today, for Eretz Israel and because they want another World War (III), and make others fight the war for them. The Western powers was hijacked after World War 2. After that it have been downhill for the Christian populations and nations of Europe and USA, and […]

Bibi Trumping a War with Iran to save Himself?

Is the talmudic satanist Bibi Netanyahu Trumping a War with Iran to save His own sorry Ass? The majority of the Worlds peoples is supporting the Jews Armageddon war with their silent accept. By not protesting it, they are accomplices, not neutral. They are mental and psycological conditioned to so, is no excuse, because we are a few that have told them endlessly. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Trump as Nimrod; A Great Day for Conspiracy Nuts have Arrived

Today is the day to change the devotion of the masses to the other side, from Obama as worshipping object for the gullible masses, to Trump as a worship object for the gullible masses. Today is the day when conspiracy-nuts will try to explain why Trump wasn’t assasinated anyway, they will probably tell it is was because of their exposing […]