Zionist power play a desperate, futile act, By Greg Felton

Throughout Canada, and indeed the world, a crisis of faith is destroying one of Western culture’s most deeply ingrained religions. Myths once thought to be sacred are openly profaned, and preachers are shouted down. Critical, informed debate of verities is now so rife on university and college campuses that the religion’s hierarchy is scrambling to mount a propaganda counter-offensive.

Problem is, knowledge can’t be undone; once you step out of the cave you can never go back. Unfortunately, too many people have too much invested in this religion, and so they will try to hold back the inexorable tide of enlightenment. I am, of course, referring to «Holocaustianity,» and the crumbling edifice of zionism.

According to the religion’s five cardinal beliefs:

  •   six million Jews died at the hands of the Nazis;
  •   the Western democracies bear collective guilt for the six million;
  •   «anti-Semitism» is everywhere;
  •   Criticism of Israel amounts to criticism of Jews;
  • and
  • Israel is a necessary safe haven for Jews.

Holocaustianity is coercive propaganda specifically designed to justify the existence of Israel, but none of its beliefs can withstand scrutiny, and that is what is taking place on campuses.

To try to hold back this inexorable tide, a cabal of 15 major Jewish businesspeople and donors met secretly in the spring of 2002 to start to restructure and refinance Canada’s zionist lobby groups, although «commandeer,» would be a more apt term.

Members of this «Israeli emergency cabinet» include:
Gerry Schwartz (Onex Corp.), Heather Reisman (Chapters/Indigo books and Mrs. Schwartz), Larry Tannenbaum (Toronto Maple Leafs), Brent Belzberg (financier), Stephen Reitman (Reitman clothiers) and the late Israel Asper (CanWest Global media empire). Presumably one of his offspring will take his place.

As a result of this takeover, the Canadian Jewish Congress and the Canada-Israel Committee, which are funded through United Israel Appeal Federations Canada, will now receive $5 million more annually, but fall under the direct political and financial control of the cabal’s new Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy. The Canada-Israel Committee will now be comprised of individuals instead of group representatives, and the independently funded B’nai Brith and Canadian Zionist Federation will no longer be part of the CIC.

Once you get to the bottom of this alphabet soup of organizations, Canada’s main pro-Israel lobby group now resembles a top-down American political action committee. The only dissenting voice comes from Frank Dimant, executive vice-president of Bínai Birth Canada, who calls the restructuring a hostile takeover by bigwigs who do not represent the Jew in the street.

A curious aspect to this backroom conspiracy is the virtual lack of media coverage. The Toronto Star was the only daily paper to carry a story (Oct. 4). Neither the Globe and Mail nor the Asper empire reported it.

This need for this new zionist order begs the question of the effectiveness of the old order. Were the CJC, the CIC and the B’nai Brith really so feeble at foisting Israel’s agenda on the country? The cabal seems to be blaming its own organizations for the rise in anti-Israel sentiment — that these groups with all their organizational money and influence could not stand up to a poorly funded grassroots movement.

In fact, the zionist lobby is highly effective, even against non-zionist Jews. The following testimony from Max Silverman is instructive: «In Grade 11, I transferred from the Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto (CHAT) to Northern Secondary School, a public school also in Toronto. My decision was primarily because I could no longer stand to be in the untenable situation at CHAT where anyone who strayed from the party line – that of an «Israel is always right» mentality – was branded an anti-Semite and a traitor. Dissent was muffled and propaganda was rampant.» 1

At his new school this month, Silverman wanted to show the film Jenin, Jenin, a documentary about the Israeli massacre of Palestinians in that city. His principal was prepared to air it, along with an Israeli propaganda piece. Then the CJC stepped in.

«I got to school rather early on the morning of December 10 and went straight to the office of this staff advisor,» wrote Silverman. «I found him looking rather distraught on the phone. I found out after he hung up that he had been on the phone with Len Rudner of the Canadian Jewish Congress. The staff advisor told me that Rudner objected to the showing of the movie, as it was too one-sided and potentially anti-Semitic. When asked by this teacher whether or not Rudner objected to the showing of Relentless, he had no objections. When asked whether or not Rudner had seen Jenin Jenin, his answer was that he had not seen it.»

In the end, neither film was shown but the CJC had done its work – it stifled the free expression of a Palestinian point of view.

As for the B’nai Brith and the press, their ability to influence government is well known. About a year ago, three B’nai Brith delegates strutted up to Parliament Hill to lobby the federal government to place Hezbollah’s social wing on a list of terrorist organizations. The government had repeatedly refused, but shortly after the meeting it changed its mind, thanks to inflammatory forged statements from Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. The government has not reversed its decision.

Raymond Baaklini, Lebanon’s ambassador to Canada said the country’s predominately pro-zionist press was to blame, and for this he was pilloried as «racist» and «anti-Semitic.»

Now, thanks to the Bínai Brith and other groups, Canadians will mark a new date on the religious calendar – Holocaust Memorial Day. On Oct. 22, the House of Commons passed an all-party bill to approve an annual commemoration of «the six million.» The date will be based on the Jewish lunar calendar and usually occur sometime in April.

We will of course, never see a memorial day for the 10 million Congolese who died during 30 years of slavery and forced labour (1884-1914), and certainly no date will be set aside for the millions of Palestinians killed, wounded or dispossessed during 56 years of continuing zionist terror. Such even-handedness would diminish the coercive force of Holocaustianity and call into question Israel’s existence.

The zionist lobby is finding that it can command obedience, but it cannot command belief. This power play cannot succeed because its message has already been discounted. All it will do is prove that a simple truth will always defeat a skein of convoluted lies.

1. Max Silverman, «Free speech shut down at Toronto school,» rabble.ca, Dec. 17, 2003.

Kilde/Forfatter: http://www.freedomsite.org/pipermail/fs_announce/2003/001312.html
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