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Naomi Wolf; Ten Steps To Close Down an Open Society

From Hitler to Pinochet and beyond, history shows there are certain steps that any would-be dictator must take to destroy constitutional freedoms. And, argues Naomi Wolf, George Bush and his administration seem to be taking them all. The Guardian; Fascist America, in 10 eay steps Last autumn, there was a military coup in Thailand. The leaders of the coup took […]

Rabbi Dovid Weiss on Iran, Hamas and Israel

From reading through the comments on a recent post I thought I’d add a different, third voice to the discourse. No synthesist, No Zionist, Rabbi Dovid Weiss, leader of Neturei Karta, is, in his own words, a «True Torah Jew.» Here’s some of what he has to say. The Orthodox Jewish response to the criticism of the Iranian President Statement […]

The Rothschild Dynasty

(Condensced from «Descent Into Slavery» by Des Griffin, Chapter Five) Kilde: http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/ For many years the words international banker, Rothschild, Money and Gold have held a mystical type of fascination for many people around the world but particularly in the United States. Over the years in the United States, the international bankers have come in for a great deal of […]

Is the Military the Last Hope?

– Cracks in the Pentagon By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS Is the high command of the US military breaking ranks with the Bush Regime? With the «mainstream media,» that is, the government’s propaganda ministry, bombarding the American public with «news reports» from unidentified sources that the US government has proof that «the highest reaches of the Iranian government» is supplying weapons […]

The Psycho State

by Congressman Ron Paul | September 14, 2004 A presidential initiative called The “New Freedom Commission on Mental Health” has issued a report recommending forced mental health screening for every child in America, including preschool children. The goal is to promote the patently false idea that we have a nation of children with undiagnosed mental disorders crying out for treatment.

Christian America: Lost In The Wilderness

In the fall of 1846 a wagon train of settlers well on their way to California faced a critical decision: to take the tested northwest route or a shorter untested passage over the Sierras. A mountain man who described himself as an expert on the region suggested this alternative, and the settlers took his advice. But the «expert» did not […]

Jewish Anti-Christianity Intensifies

JEWISH ANTI-CHRISTIANITY INTENSIFIES AS CHRISTIANS IGNORE IT By Harmony Grant Attacks by Jewish activists on Christianity have never been bolder in the US than this past year. Some Jews themselves state this fact, such as Rabbi Daniel Lapin, who warns of his liberal brethren’s onslaught against Christianity. Zef Chafets, Jewish journalist and author of A Match Made in Heaven, recently […]

A New Look at the New World Order

A recent report on health conditions in Iraq, issued by an International Study Team, states that there has been a 380 percent increase in Iraqi child mortality. The authors emphasise that the sanctions imposed on Iraq are a violation of human rights and warn that the «Iraqi people» are the victims of «another weapon of mass destruction, the effective withdrawal […]