Israel; The Creation of a New Victim Myth

Jewish World Review ved dets redaktør Joseph Aaron rapporterer at magasinet «Vanity Fair» for oktober 2007, lister USA’s 100 rikeste personer. 51 av dem er jøder sier han. Jødene utgjør 2.5 % av USA’s befolkning, og har altså over halvparten av de rikeste i landet på sin liste. Redaktøren mener at jødene ikke har noen grunn til å føle seg underlegen, men tvertimot være stolt av dette resultat:

Det er vi helt enig i, uten at vi tror at Gud har noe som helst med saken å gjøre, med «Guds Utvalgte Folk» eller lignende.

Vi tror at det tvertimot har å gjøre med gode svært menneskelige nettverk og kontaktnett, samt en ukrenkelig lojalitet og vilje til å tilgodese sitt eget folk blant disse.

Vi tror helt sikkert at 100 % av disse rikeste jødene i Amerika, støtter Israel. Unisont. Hvis ikke hadde de ikke vært på denne liste.


Unrest in Middle East, is nothing to do about oil, «It’s all about Israel, stupid».

For all the money the war machine is costing, you could buy all the oil in the world.

Just as the leaders of the Pharisees and the Zionists («christian» and jewish alike) before, during and after the 2nd World War was cashing in on the creation of the victimization of «Jews», by handing over some of their own «sheeples», ordinary people of jews, to the exterminations camps of Adolph Hitler, as a pretext for the creation of Israel, by creating a victim image of jews and guilt complex for the goyim, today there seems to be another genocide emerging from what will be the ashes of the land called Israel. The Israelian mindset is shaped by the leaders to protect the «Promised Land» by all means, including their own and others lives.

The leaders of the Pharisee’s religion and its zionist politics, sitting safely in New York, Frankfurt, London and elsewhere, is actively creating the pretext for this new myth to be born, by actively marketing «the land of the chosen ones» to the dumb masses of «jewry», and to gentiles alike, who will be manipulated by the supremist leaders agendas.

The sheeples of todays jewry will themselves walk into the genocide camp named Israel from Russia, USA, Europe and beyond.

All for the re-creation and re-fueling of the old myth of the victimization of the «Jews», as the old myth for the most have lost it’s power over human consciousness, and the possibility to cashing in on it from the wealthy nations of the world, is used up.

When the «Big Bang» hit Israel, by making foes of their neighbouring muslim arabs, which jews have lived friendly with over thousands of years in the Middle East, the leaders will profit, from their hidden agendas, and by creating and using the victim mentality, while the innocent sheeples, now, as then, will be the victims of this myth creation by a few supremacist elite zionist leaders.

Poor people of the land of Israel, the sheeples, so innocent and willing travelling from the countries they have been giving a homeland, leaving for the «promised land» and into their own genocide, again, for the purpose of maintaining the powerbase and moneymaking of their supremacist leaders.

It’s 1938 and Iran is Germany. And Iran is racing to arm itself with atomic bombs,” Netanyahu told delegates to the annual United Jewish Communities General Assembly, repeating the line several times, like a chorus, during his address. “Believe him and stop him,” the opposition leader said of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. “This is what we must do. Everything else pales before this.”While the Iranian president “denies the Holocaust,” Netanyahu said, “he is preparing another Holocaust for the Jewish state.
Netanyahu: It’s 1938 and Iran is Germany; Ahmadinejad is preparing another Holocaust – Haaretz – Israel News

Now, as before, it is ordinary people (civilians) that serve as canon fodder (soldiers), for the elitist rulers to profit on this evil creation named Israel. The real Israel according to religion is a spiritual kingdom. Not a physical one.

It’s time to put this victimization creation to an end. That is done by unmasking the people behind it who is actively creating it. For their own agenda.

Reference is made to Henry Makow’s excellent articles here:

«The Jews historically fought against the occult. See Deuteronomy and the Old Testament for how God through the Jewish people tried to cleanse the land of the occult groups that were operating there, such as those who worshiped Baal, Ashtarte, and other Canaanite and Babylonian gods.»

It’s time Jews rediscovered this heritage and took up this mandate again.

In conclusion, a Satanic cult controls the world. It consists not of Jews, Muslims, or Christians but of Satanists pretending to be Jews, Muslims, and Christians.

Irans President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad:

«Faith in God means believing in honesty, purity, justice and loving others!
They can be sure that they will benefit from purity, honesty, justice, loving and respecting the human dignity.
They can be sure that such attributes are considered to be more appropriate, valuable and beautiful by the nations of the world.
This is the invitation of all divine prophets from Adam to Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ and Mohammed, the Messenger of God (PBUH).
If they answer to the invitation, they will be saved and if they don’t, the same thing that befell the people of the past will befall them.»

They are not victims, not at all, read on:

«Feel The Power«, by Joseph Aaron says:

Vanity Fair is nothing if not on the cutting edge of where society is and is going. Vanity Fair is definitely not a Jewish publication. And yet, in this one issue, it tells us more about the Jewish world as it is today than any lecture or book or class out there. It does that in two ways. The first is its annual list of what it calls The New Establishment, the 100 most powerful, most influential people in American society. What is absolutely amazing, stunning about the list is how many Jews there are on it. Jews make up about 2.5 percent of the U.S. population so there should be two or three Jews on the list. Guess again, bubeleh.

The list of the Vanity Fair 100 includes, get ready, 51, yes 51 Jews. Minimum.

I say 51 because that’s how many I’m sure are Jewish. There may be others on the list who are Jewish but who I don’t know are Jewish and whose names are not obviously Jewish.

Unfortunately he mess up jewish with zionists, again……….
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