Equality – fraternity – liberty lost, the Jews selfinterest in destroying Norway

The talmudic Babylonian Jews have a satanic deceptive self interest in destroying Norway and the white nations in the World. It is not Israel in the Middle East, that is the model nation of God in the World, it is another small nation; Norway.

Facts are facts:

Norway; One Thousand Years under Christs Reign

France is destroyed by the Babylonian masons of B’nai Brith, Norway is next. The Christian liberties is lost for a short while now, while God have released Satan and the satanists for a short while (Rev. 12:9, 20:7), after Jesus bound Satan on the cross. Satanist is offered freedoms by their spiritual master Satan/Lucifer, but ends up always on the opposite side (stupid f*&s, believing Satan, the Snake Lucifer, the Fallen One)

Satans Serpent Seed, conspire against God and man

Paradise lost. The Serpent tells the women, the gays, the transgender, the pedophiles, «you willl be Free now», free your sexuality, free to be as perverse as you like. That is the kind of ‘freedom’ they like, as the Serpent snake Satan offers them, when it is a matter of fact it is to be slave of their sins, slave of their most basic perverted urges and impulses. They are not better than any animal, impulse (emotional) driven.

A satanic Beast of the Serpent seed

Jesus told them Satan is a master in lies, always had been, always will be (John 8:44). «Is that really what god said» he whisper in their ears, they love the doubt what God said. Doubt that offers and gives ‘freedom’ of all kinds of sexual depravity and perversities. They do not believe the Truth that will keep them free, they believe the lies, that will give them bondage to Satan and satanists, by their own free choice.

Military leaders in France have warned that the nation is about to self implode, to their Jewish President Emanuelle Macron. It seems like the limits for the godless Equality – fraternity – liberty is reached, and lost. The godless massconscious carnals will be showcased as completely fools and misfits. Everything they promised went wrong. They are evidently showing off as unfit to rule.

Churches lost in France:

Do that idiot really believe he can lie and decieve, and make God believe him, like God do not know who the realEdomites are? The masons of B’nai Brith is taking control of the whole wide World in our time. They are «Coronated» as the World emperors for the Great Reset, their New World Order of askeNazi Klaus Schwab. Dragging Jesus Christ down from the Throne as king of the Kings of the World, he is given by God – what is the price to pay for the Jewish serpent seed Mr. Gates and Mr. Schwab for usurping the Throne of Jesus Christ ? We will see. God see them very well, ehat they are doing. When the glass is full, and they have killed enough of Gods People, than the game is over for them. Than the Jews must be collective prepared for Judgement Day, «let His blood be on us and our children» (Matt. 27:25).

A pervert askeNazi piece of shit in charge of defining the New World for Satan

The Babylonian Jews are Edom, not the Caucasians. «Go to the Israelites«, Jesus told the apostles, when the Jews rejected Him (Matthew 10:6), where did the Apostles go? Europe and Asia Minor, as the Ten Tribes of Israelites (Northern Kingdom) was taken captive by the Assyrians 700+ years before the time of Jesus. Just another lying and deceptive rabbi. God can not be mocked, you bastard. You can lie and cheat, but God knows who is Israelites and who is of the evil race of Edom, who God hates for their evil (Malachi 1:3, Romans 9:13). My people was bringing the Gospel to all the World, our forefathers kept the Pact to bring God to all the World, yours didn’t, yours only bring perversities, injustice, terror, murders and sorceries. Your race of Babylonians is now bound for exterminations, says the Bible.

Be sure to have the CORRECT blood of the Lamb on the Doorpost when the Grim Reaper pass by.

«Those who prepare a grave for others, …… » ( Proverbs 26:27, Psalm 57:6, Proverbs 28:10 ), etc. etc.

antiChrist Israel will go up in Flames

Van Morrison – Western Man

The untrue definition of equality gave no liberty and fraternity to anybody, on the contrary, it gave us the terror state, tyranny, fighting in the streets, bloody turmoil, mayhem. Sovjetization. Stupidity makes them look like fools, they believed «equality» means «equal» in potential, not equal in the quality of the souls. That is a personal trait that needs development, it is not there naturally (everybody need to be «born again» in order to join the Equal with Christ club).

Barbarians are barbarians. Will never change, until they become Christened, rebirthed. It is not a good idea to mix barbarians with civic people as Satan craves, for death and destruction, that is why God placed people in nation states. Likeminded – kindered souls in Christ – could habitate in safety together. Satan wants this different, Satan wants absolute power; Corona Powers. In order to kill off Christians – Gods Chosen People. But God know their plans. How can they believe they can hide their intenstions for God? Are they stupid also, in addition to evil ?

Have they forgot God destroyed them and their nation, for killing Jesus Christ – sent them in disporah for thousands of years as pariahcaste in the World – are (((they))) stupid enough to crave a repeat of this ?

Where the Babylonian Jews is taking Jesus Christs postion as the Masters and king of Kings, instructing and corrupting our Governments representatives to buy their sorcery vaccines magic, doing all their evil biddings. The Babylonian Jews are ordering our Governments to make multiculturalism of our nations:

The Israelites, our forefathers, was ordered by God to exterminate the barbarians that was dwelling in the nations they overtook, women, men and children (1 Samuel 15:3, Deuteronomy 20:16). Do NOT co-habiate or copulate with them, NEVER.

Isaiah 53 – The forbidden chapter – ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry

So some Jews also awaken to the fact that Jesus is indeed Messiah. I laugh in the face of the satanic Babylonian Jews all the way to Heaven. 😉

Equality – Liberty – Fraternity; Became an emblem and symbol of stupidity. Not all and everybody is equal for God, only for Satan. All is equal to be sacrifized as animals for Satan.

Because “Unity”, “Solidarity” and “Mercy” for satanists, beasts and savages from around the World running wild in our streets, and destroyers of societies, nations and worlds is of no big nobility. It is stupidity.

People who have no relationship with God, will never have any wisdom. They will ALWAYS be of an reprobate mind (Romans 1:28, 2 Thessalonians 2:11). God will assure this.

Van Morrison – They Own The Media

God promised the Israelites (whites) would serve as example nations, all other nations of the world would copy their ways, try to be as them, inclusively have Christ as the head, king of Kings.. God was creating the World by slow evolution that way.

Norway; One Thousand Years under Christs Reign

Equality and liberty is self evident in Christian nations; fraternity means «The realization of a happy community, devoid of any conflict.» I will guarantee that in France as in Norway, nowhere in the annals of men, have a multicultural society been able to survive its foools and folly’s, who wants to try that model for their societies. Their societies will be wrecked, destroyed – it is self ignition under «minority rights», murder – because people are NEVER equal, before they become equal in Christ, as we was in a homogenious Christian nation for 1000 years. The most successfull nation in the World.

The Babylonians couldn’t have it, that we was showcasing for the World to be more «Gods Chosen People» than them, so they destroyed us. Our nation was blessed by God, but condemned by Satan and the Synagogue of Satan, the Babylonian Jews and B’nai Brith lodges of masons.

God knows the evils they do. They can lie and be deceptive in their hegelian dialectics to mainstream sheeps, but can not hide from God.

A speech by Count Clermont-Tonnerre captured the mindset:

We must refuse everything to the Jews as a nation and accord everything to Jews as individuals. . . . We must refuse legal protection to the maintenance of the so-called laws of their Judaic organization; they should not be allowed to form in the state either a political body or an order. They must be citizens individually.25


The masonry of B’nai Brith, the mother lodge for many goyim lodges, is making equality – fraternity – liberty, they are helping the Jews destroy the Israelites nations as they want that Satans nation Israel in the Middle East, is to serve as «example for the nations», and not the Christian israelites nations, the white civilization.


B’nai Brith lodges is behind most of the evil that is befallen the World. The Bible call it the «Synagogue of Satan», this is Satans workforce, making Satans 4th Reich; New World Order. The Bible promise total destruction will be the outcome of listening to Jews, and do as they wants, for both masons and non-masons alike in a shared nation mayhem is upon them. God will not be mocked, whatever is decided in the lodges or not.

Rev. 2.9 & 3.9 Babylonian talmudic satanist Jews hijack the World, the Great Reset, NWO
Rev. 9:21 Furthermore, they did not repent of their murder, sorcery, sexual immorality, and theft.
Rev. 18:3,11-19 All the kings and prime ministers of the World fornicate with her (the Babylonians). Corrupted by the Gog&Magog Jews.
Rev. 18:23 The Great Merchants decieve the whole World by its sorcery.
Rev. 20:7 After the thousand years, Satan is released from the prison Jesus bound him.
Rev. 20:9 The Babylonians of Gog&Magog (Sovjet Jews) is judged. Fire from the sky, consume them.
Rev. 20:9 Satan dethroned & destroyed in the lake of fire.
Rev. 20:12 Book of Life opened.
Rev. 21:1 A new Heaven and a New Earth, for Gods Chosen People (Christians).
Rev. 21:9 Sexual immoral, sorcerers, murderers and thieves shall be cast into the lake of fire.
Rev. 21:10 A New Jerusalem
Rev. 22:6 Jesus Is Coming

«And the light of lamp shall never shine in you any longer, and the voice of a bridegroom and a bride shall never be heard in you any longer. For your merchants were the great ones of the earth, because by your sorcery all the nations were deceived.» – Revelation 18:23

Gog&Magog Jewish Sorcery

Because the Christian nations is so far off, and above the potential the Jews can create and showcase, the Babylonian Jews of B’nai Brith must help get our Christian nations destroyed – so they themselves can serve as «example for the nations». For what ? Perversities? The Worlds foremost human traficking nation, to they can get enough prostitutes for themselves and carnal desires?

Letting the subversive Babylonian Jews into our Christian nations to be Presidents, Kings and Prime Ministers, will prove catastropic, a big mistake.

Fraternity: “Love your neighbor as yourself”, the neighbor that have signed the same pact with God as yourself. Love not the savages, the Babylonian Jew, the beasts, the destroyers of nations. Hate them, as God hates them, who will judge them, and exterminate them. Only Satan will want to keep the savages, the beasts, the carnals – the destroyers of the civic society. So in the end of Revelation, God is burning them in the Lake of Fire.

Very little is worth to be example of the Gog&Magog askeNazi sovjet criminal mafia incorporated Israel. The World biggest safe haven for thieves, pedophiles, murderers and Christ haters. Perverts in the streets, nothing good exampple of it.

Sodomy and Hedonism; Jewish «example» of the nations

In 2017 the jewish President of France Mr. Emmanuel Macron was saying:

“It doesn’t exist a French culture, there exists a diverse culture in France“.

There existed both a french and christian Norwegian culture, before the Babylonian Jews destroyed it with godless socialism, under their King of War; Satan (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9).

To let barbarian satanists harass and kill Gods Chosen People (tribulation of Jacob-Israels descendants), and let barbarian satanists into peacefull peoples nations is not in any way compatible by the Bible’s requirement to take care of the poor. The Bible say nothing about take care of the barbarians and savages, on the contrary..

ONLY Christian Norwegians have been showing prima facie evidence they have been fit to rule; under the King of Peace; Jesus Christ. The Babylonian Jews is proved unfit to everything else than to decieve, wars, theft, sorcery and murder – there they are exceptional, experts.

Leonard Cohen – The Future

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