Johansen counter the anti-semitism claims

For years and years this writer have been accused of anti-semitism by local and national commentators in the leftist controlled media of Norway. But now the debate is opening up also in Israels newspapers, of what I have argued for years. It’s coming!

How can I be ‘anti’ my own heritage, from Shem that is ‘Semitism’? It is so true the saying that against stupid people even God must give up (argumenting).

Evidence of real Israel in Bible Prophesy, and end times Holocaust

«Alexander Zephyr was born in Eastern Europe. He graduated from the State University of Jurisprudence, practiced law for a time, and then immigrated to Canada where he now resides with his family. His books, articles, and essays have been published in Israel and North America.»

This debate of major importance have started, just in time to possibly avoid another HoloCaust of the Israelites by the satanists. I kindly asked him to consider one more option for Judah and the Israelites to unite:

«Excellent article, but would you consider one other explanation why Israelites and Judah is still not united?

Israelites have still not united with Judah because those comprise ‘Judah’ today might not be all of them real Judaites . In time Israelites and Judah will recognize each other, and it is not the Israelites that will accept «that the light of the Torah no longer shines for them», but Judah that accept ‘the light of Jesus Christ/The Mashiach that will forever shine for them’.

Excellent article from Alex Zephyr in the ortodox Jewish, where I ask him if he would consider one other explanation why Israelites and Judah is still not united. The race towards the Armageddon war is heating up, between the political satanists zionists and the Israelites and Judah united. Who do you think will win ? 🙂

[Blog] The “Lost” Ten Tribes of Israel

Never with one word have I ever questioned Israels right to exist. What I have said is that the real state of the real Israel, the state of G-d under under G-ds protection, and not by satanists, is first to happen when the tribes of Israelites (the Caucasians) and Judah is united, and both of them have accepted Jesus Christ as the Messiah.

Judah and the Israelites have different opinions of who the Messiah is, we Christian Israelites know, but Judah still is a ‘stubborn people‘ (Jeremiah 5:23-25, Acts 7:51) and still await the Messiah, although he came and is gone a long time ago, but still lives amongst us, amongst His people, and in Christian peoples as Paul puts it «Christ lives in me» (Galatians 2:20).

Reality is that I have not in my almost 700 articles never utter a word about that, but it is in the perception of lazy people like Johannes Morken in Vårt Lands ‘Verdidebatt’, and idiots like Øivind Bergh – a professor at Havforskningsinstituttet, and John Færseth and their alikes that run amok in the ‘Christian’ newspapers, that I do that, so they lie, and the judgement is now on them, not on me. They are too lazy to read what I actually says, easier to slander and lie on their fellow man, but satanists hate a christian man’s blood, we know that. For satanists to lie is normal, standard modus operandi, like Jesus said, never forget: «When he lies, he speaks his native language» (John 8:44).

I haven’t given them so much notice, actually I don’t care what satanists are saying. So in righteousness, as only G-d can provide, I expect them to be judged for their lies, slander and libel actions.

My argument have always been that there are fake Jews (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9), that do not want Judah to awake to the truth, it was the Judaites that was holocausted by the ‘Jews’. The bad ones, the fake ones, took out the good ones, the real people from Judah (I can document this, but will not do it here). Some evil occultists have actually hijacked the title ‘Jews’, that gullible and ignorant peoples equals with Judah.

More articles by Alexander Zephyr

On the contrary I have stated in my first very early writings many years ago that there will be no solution on all our problems, the satanists perversion of our societies, before Judah wake up, as the Israelites needs to wake up. I am not in rebellion to God; Joseph got the birthright blessing (landholder), but Judah holds the Sceptre (power) (1 Chron. 5:2, Gen. 49:10). We Israelites needs Judah to take charge, unless we’re doomed for destruction, by sacrifices to Baal/Molech (abortions) and immigration policies for following miscegenation, of the satanists (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9).

If Judah again fail it’s mission and role, eternal damnation awaits.

Judah and Israel is completely aligned and in agreement that this is an abomination, occult deceptions. So Judah needs to take up it’s Sceptre now, and take action!

Long since I have adviced Bibi Netanyahu that I want a plot along the beach please. I am coming, but please throw the satanist out first before my arrival.

When he says Aryan, he means Israelites:

Prepare to lower the flag of the Rothschilds and the occultist Salomon, let go the symbol of Rephan (Amos 5:26, Acts 7:43);

this one is better:

or this one:

Satanists – JJ = 0 – 1
(on their homefield, the fallen Worlds society)


‘Christian’ newspaper don’t like Christians

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