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Jacobs Trouble, The Holocausting of the Caucasian Israelites

A very good book of where the Caucasian Israelites comes from. It is in the very name of our race; Caucasian, to where the Assyrians brought our forefathers into captivity in 740 B.C., as punishment for their sins (repeating today). The origin of the North European race. Highly recommended book linked below intro.

Trump as Nimrod; A Great Day for Conspiracy Nuts have Arrived

Today is the day to change the devotion of the masses to the other side, from Obama as worshipping object for the gullible masses, to Trump as a worship object for the gullible masses. Today is the day when conspiracy-nuts will try to explain why Trump wasn’t assasinated anyway, they will probably tell it is was because of their exposing […]

The One and Only Biblical Law to Keep

This is nothing new under Locke’s philosophies. It was The Way back then under the Scepter of Judah (ruler blessing) and of the Israelites (the land blessings to Javob-Israel). But the Israelites had to revoke the contract du to the evils of Judahs Sceptre, their Social Contract was broken, by Judah (Salomon/Rehoboam) after all Israelites good years under Davids righteous and godly leadership, the Israelites had to flee from Judahs terror and unrighteousness.

Christian White People, Celebrate. Time to go Home to Heaven

The Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9) is out on their standard mode of mission to steal and murder. With the white Christian people gone the civilization is lost. Those with the Mark of the Beast, all the carnal animals on two feets will have their ShangriLa, to kill and murder, sodomy and anomaly, where the survival of the […]

Be Love, not Hate, even if the State and Church forbids it

Pondering over Tolstoj’s ‘Kingdom of God is within you‘ theorem and pamphlet, something struck me I have not noticed before in his teachings and writings. That he was a little like the satanic / luciferian Pope Francis of todays catolic church institution to bind peoples souls in the carnal prison planet called The World, The Matrix.