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From 911 to Covid and Bombing of Palestine: Coronation of Satanists in Power in Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu needs an psyop (Psychological Operation) to stay in power, so he attack children in Palestine. Psyop is not anything new for the Israelies, when the lie that they are Gods Chosen People is about to be exposed as a lie, because the Bible in fact say they are Satans Chosen People, Satan is their god, ref. Rev. 2.9 […]

Antisemites and Jews in Holy Trinity; Christians

I just wants my readers to note something. Our people is dumbed down, deceived, lied to and led astray by corrupt political ledership. As the foremost «antisemite» in Norway (I am proud of that fact, in the definition they give it – anti-Satanists), claiming Christian and Jews who are Zionists are neither Christians nor Jews, not even neccessarryly semites at […]

Norwegian Christians supports Pastor Tupirani da Hora Lores in Rio deJaneiro who the Jews have instructed the Government to arrest

Will Police raid any vaccine production facility where the Jews have planned and execute their Holocaust of millions of Christians on Purim Day ? No? Why not ? We are in the Jewish New World Order now. The antiChrist Great Reset is under implementation by askeNazi Klaus Scwab and the rest of his Nazis. And the Jewish Jerusalem Post that […]

Albert Pike; Trump exit causes dystopia and discouragement for Christians

And might it be that all Trumps promises was destined to do just that ? Of course he couldn’t jail anybody in the deepstate, not even Killary. They have some #Epstein shit on him as everybody else in American politics. Assange is still imprisoned. It is very important, and it may be somebody’s and many peoples role to spread dystopia […]

To celebrate Christmas(s) in December is not paganism

There is a campaign of judaized ‘christians’ to destroy the Christian traditions. They will around christmas time step forward in social medias to claim that Christmas(s) is a pagan holliday, and not a Christian holyday. They are wrong. They wants us to be Jews Light, 680 talmudic rules and regulations to follow, in order to be prepared for Heaven. The […]

Zionism is Replacement Theology

Is to being a Christian anti-semittic according to Judaism and Zionism? Some claim so. They claim that Christians being Gods Chosen People in tribulations, is anti-semitic, due to their ‘fact’ that it is the Jews that have tribulations, not Christians (?). Ignorant peoples seem to be able to say the most crazy things, history speaks for itself. The Jews have […]