The Beauty of Norwegian Countryside; Under deCreation

Summer at Stadtlandet. West Coast. Norway

The country of one of the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel; Norway. Populated by mainly the Naphtaly tribe. One of the countries of the tribes of Israel the antisemitic socalled Jews of Khazaria and Edomites is in progress of Holocausting, by mass invasion of barbarians, promoting muliticulturalism, feminism, abortions and homosexuality.


Mossad bak Utøya-terrorismen? (Mossad behind Utøya-terrorism?)

Bibelen om multikulturalisme (the Bible on muliticulturalism)

Oslo, Norway, is facing White genocide, as schools become less White

Leonard Cohen; Jewish Insider or Jewish Prophet?

Jewish Redemption Through Sin and Evil

Evidence of real Israel in Bible Prophesy, and end times Holocaust

How fake Jews, the Edomites and Khazars, hijacked ‘Israel’

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