The Mark of The Beast – the Animal Kingdom of Tellus

Many believes, also within Rudolf Steiners anthroposophy movement, that it takes a lot of knowledge to be saved, to solve what Rudolf Steiner calls ‘The Mystery at Calvary’. But this is not as Jesus saw it. Salvation is probably made difficult, by reading too many books. 🙂 ‘The Mark of the Beast’ as a system in the Kingdom of Mammals (annimals, Mammon).

First, one must receive Christ. Then, Christ (in spirit) lead one to the knowledge, the books and information that one needs. Do not worry about it at all.

«But here we see that the animal also develops and becomes the earthly human. That the earthly man develops from the animal state to the human becomes a fact through this that the less developed a man is, the more his consciousness is identical to the animal’s consciousness.» – Martinus; Djævlebevidsthet og Kristusbevisthed (1957). and

But even Jesus complained of that people were not ready. It was then, 2000 years ago, I think this has changed today. A good part of the populace is ready (2023 update: WE see in the PRIDE parades how many is still are in and belongs to the animal kingdom.). I have termed this «people» as having the Mark of The Beast, bcs in religious literature they are often termed as being «animalistic», that means they operate at animal level, instinct, NO civilization of their basic impulses is driving their priorities. They are not able to learn civil behavior. Their primate impulses of their reptilian brains will ALWAYS decide their priorities.

Jesus’ way to salvation from the Animal Kingdom to the Spiritual Kingdom was so simple that ALL people are able to follow this, and to be ‘illuminated’ and ‘saved’. Remember that it was the sinners of the common people he approached. Those who were ‘trained’ and ‘educated’ with all the world’s knowledge in books that was ever been written, them he were unable to save. He had given them up, the Pharisees and the Scribes. He said of them that they had ‘closed the door to heaven, for the people ‘. So it is not Christianity that have made it so very difficult, the Salvation from Illusions, but what someone has made it into.

Mark of the Beast as a system

There is many thing one can point on, and say that each of them is the ‘Mark of the Beast’ in our time, alone, but as I see it the ‘Mark of the Beast’ is a set of circumstances, things and factors that have been developed in this regard, which in its form and totality does not consider Man as a spiritual being, but only as a beast, an animal, that must be tended, cared for and CONTROLLED! Can be killed and sacrificed after the Rulers whim. Cannon feedstocks for their agendas. There is no higher power than them, and you and me are their subjects.

Jesus called himself the ‘lambs’ good shepherd. In his time people didn’t have the easy access to education as we have today, so he sort of excused and cared for his ‘Lambs’, totally under the power of their Rulers whims. Exactly like under communism and nazism where the government and the State, not the individual is given precedence, and everybody that have studied the Red Terror, knows what a human can do, when it is possessed by demonic and ‘animal forces’ inside.

The animal jewish Lenin (Blank) mass murdered 66 million white people

Anyway many people choose today also, wholeheartedly, the Animal Kingdom before the Spiritual Kingdom, even though the knowledge and education is much easier attainable.

In the animal kingdom, there is no respect for the individual person’s inner light, its inheritance from the Creator, that Man is their own conscience. In all dimensions of the human being, when it is awakened, it is a spiritual being, of God, by God, more than an animal (mammal) of this world, and thus so ranks sky high, virtually and practical speaking, over the animals.

Also those who are not awakened, is sky high above the animals by the fact that they have become self-aware, and has POTENTIAL to be great spiritual beings. This possibility has not minerals (Mineral Kingdom) plants (Plant Kingdom) and animals (Animal Kingdom) here on Earth, yet.They are just born, of the Creator’s will, – and die again, done with it. They have no will, nor have they got any own free will to make choices. They live by their nature, and nature determines their world and their actions therein.

This is the ‘sinful nature’ of Christian doctrine (‘sin’ means to ‘miss the target’, the goal is ‘heaven’ – The Spiritual Kingdom), to ‘Miss the Train to Memphis’; to the Spiritual Kingdom.

Those that reveals the nature and it’s secrets (‘science’), thereby control the people. The «Beasts’ empire’s agenture and management. NOT those who explore and reveal the Spiritual Kingdom.

Even the Internet has the ‘Mark of the Beast’, it is created out of this world. -W- is said to be equivalent to 6 in Hebrew. WWW, making 666 in Hebrew. A mark of the beast is not accepted by using the Internet, but by believing that all the world’s knowledge is there, and that by all this knowledge it is possible to build the Tower of Babel to the heavens and treatening God’s ‘power’, read love, will help them to ‘Salvation, is a major misunderstanding. Salvation is of the heart, nor from the mind. Nor will all this knowledge grant them any messianic future.

One can add factors of this ‘Mark of the Beast’ endlessly. They are all of this world, and not by Spirit, not by THE Creator, but all from the created ones.

And people submit, in this godly vacuum that occurs, to ‘this worlds rulers’. THAT is taking on the ‘Mark of the Beast’ also. Choosing the Ahriman (Satans) agenture as leaders, rather than the spiritual leadership by LOVE in the spiritual world; God. It was always the Jews’ main characteristics throughout the Bible history this amazing thing that they managed to stand against the ‘world powers’, and stick to their God. It was based on this fact which led them from their imprisonment in Egypt, from imprisonment and slavery, threated as animals for building pyramids in the Rulers -Pharaoh’s- honour, to freedom, to their promised Holy Land with milk and honey.

Man often accept being treated like ANIMALS, by their leaders, to be slaves of their agendas, so politicians and leaders can build their ‘pyramids’ for what they can be remembered after they’re gone, and they have taken on the ‘Mark of the Beast’ under today’s -Pharaoh’s- entirely voluntarily! If one accept to be treated as such a slave and animal, because they are afraid for their lives in the physical dimension, which is only Maya (illusion) they are by all definitions spiritual lost. They have accepted this dark and satanic doctrine as a guidance for their life. Completely voluntary!

The reason that the German/Austrian Rudolf Steiner, and the Scandinavians Swedenborg and Martinius amongst others wanted that the Spirit must be awakened in the people, is unless they are trapped in a Matrix of Maya, illusion, they are caught in a materialistic (of matter, physical) world where the spirit is absent, in the dark abyss, where light is absent. And we see that this is all what Jesus tried to communicate in His Ministry; «My Kingdom is NOT of this World», he says. It’s a Spiritual Kingdom.

Steiner saw Christ as the only spiritual entity that can carry enough light into the matter to illuminate the darkness, the Matrix, as people are ‘trapped in’ the illusion of.

Many anthroposophers, in our time, are sitting and reading and study and interpret Steiner’s writings, and believe themselves spiritual only by doing it. Error! Just as Christians are caught in the letters, dogmas, traditions, ceremonies, they are trapped in the dimension of matter. Books, papers and letters in perfect harmony IS matter, they are not spirit. Many are like Mammal’s, animals, that have just got up on their two feets and learned to Read. The Spirit gives his own revelation of the texts, and THAT is Steiner’s KEY message.

And if one does not allow for spiritual life, NO MATTER how much a student of Jesus or Steiner, one are trapped in a ‘zoo’, in a zoological garden, a VERY limited Darwinian reality.

Animal Farm in literature and religion

This perception of the ‘Mark of the Beast’ is supported by Orwell’s book ‘Animal Farm’, among others. And also Norways faboulous writer Jens Bjørnebo saw this as ‘The Beast’, and described it in the trilogy ‘The History of Bestiality’.

Also Jewry and Jewish religion is into the same in this question :

Rabbi says 666 – the Mark of the Beast =
«We do know that the number six represents the physical world.» main.php/277/Q1/

666 represents the physical world, says the Rabbi.

Taking the ‘Mark of the Beast’ is thus to accept the physical world (maya) as the only world there is, with it’s fears, hatred, war, poverty and misery, and dismiss the spiritual world, where the basic substance of that reality is love. By integrating spirit into matter, would the implementation of what Rudolf Steiner called ‘The Impulse of Christ’ brought more love into the world, more light, but most people turned it down. Unfortunately. They chose Barrabas, their earthly messiah, to lead their fights for territory. They chose the Maya (illusion). They chose the animals faculties rather than the spiritual ones. But the territory unseen by the five senses, of the Spirit, they did’nt want.

They chose in fact their secular leadership, the satanic one, some of them appear to be, rather than the spiritual Creator and Ruler as their Head of this physical universe, which spiritual basis and name is Love, and middle name is Justice.

The Rabbi had otherwise a very funny comment:

«The truth is that the key to mystical secrets are not in any book, they’re in your heart. Even if someone «reveals» a «kabbalistic secret,» it remains a secret as long as you are not able to understand it. (So have no fear: The secrets of Kabbala are perfectly safe with Madonna.)»

Madonna seeks salvation in the letters, not by spirit, because we see no change in her outer appearance. The soul is not ‘illuminated’.  It is not enough to read many difficult books. One must develop the spiritual faculties that allows them to be explained by Spirit, to penetrate into the spiritual world and the universe and the books, and wrest from them their hidden meanings and secrets. THAT is how I perceive as Steiner’s mission, and his Science of Spirit.

The same Rabbi says also:

«the number 666 contains hidden within it exalted and lofty messianic potential.»

This means that their messiah can be OF THIS WORLD … .. This part I believe is NOT a healthy take on the subject. That one will be a false messiah in case. I prefer a Messiah from the Heavens, from THE Spirit, from God.

«Repeating a concept three times represents the affirmation and strength of that concept. The number 666 could thus represent the strength and perfection of the physical world, which Judaism teaches will occur in the messianic era, when the physical world will reach its ultimate purpose, to be a vehicle through which the created experience the Creator.»

Many, like Steiner, has already discovered a ‘vehicle’ and received an EXPERIENCE with the Creator, and do not need 666 in any more drastic degree, as they have already gone through that … …. The ‘vehicle’ is Christ, and spiritual faculties implemented, through the initiation and solving of the ‘Mystery at Calvary’.

What I AGREE with, is that the road to heaven runs VIA hell. But it is usually private / PERSONAL ‘hells’, cf. ‘The Scourging’, ‘The Crowning with Thorns’, ‘The Bearing of the Cross’, in Rudolf Steiners description of the Christian mystery, and the Christian initiation, four of the steps wich leads to their personal Calvary.

It is NOT the whole world in Armagedon. It is NOT needed to EXPERIENCE the Creator. The difference is that Christians see themselves as individuals, while Jews have a very strong group consciousness. In Christianity each soul is saved one by one, in the Jewish religion it is all or no-one. One for all. All for one. All or nothing. Therefore the only gate to salvation seems to be through a collective ‘Hell’, once and for all, the Armageddon, also hallelujaed by ‘christian’ zionists, and this time not only in the USSR, but world wide.

Prima Facie Evidence

This my theory is supported by the indisputable fact that in earlier legislations and constitutions, including in our Norwegian Constitution, Man was given as an INDIVIDUAL superior protection, inspired by and granted by God (under the ‘Kings’ high protection of same), and the State will be working FOR and protect the individual. Those where the State’s responsibilities. In our time powerful forces work for the contrary that Man should have to submit to the State and the Government’s needs and interests. The collective good is now taking presedence over the individual good. Human beings are reduced to ‘animals’ and the proletariat (communism / marxism) to work horses ‘in the sweat of his brow’ of the State, or for those who master and control The State, for its economic and ideological interests.

Alexander Solsjenitsin’s explanation of why the USSR was falling into the ‘Age of Animals’ (Mammon’s) ?: «People have forgotten God», was the simple explanation he gave.

One can see all the countries in the world is in a hurry to change their constitutions in this light, just now! America’s Constitution has fallen long ago. Carl I. Hagen of the Progressiv Party (FrP) in Norway TOGETHER with someone from Socialistic Left (SV) (?), have long ago said our Constitution is ‘outdated’. Sweden has recently changed it. Iceland is on the way …

It is a 180 degrees shift underway in how lawmakers look at Man in our Western world. This transformation will be implemented. There is nothing we can do about it, because the prophets of the Bible have been channelling from God a long time, that it will have to be so, because of human rebellion against the Spirit and God himself, and devoted themselves to the darwinistic animal kingdom.

The world will not be any nice place to be in when this new ‘spiritual basis’ in law is fully implemented. Marxist Bolshevik USSR’s Gulag, NationalSOCIALISM’s Auswitch, and FEMA camps all over (enclosures for those unwilling ‘animals’ that does not go to the slaughter as cannon fodder for their agendas freely).

It’s really not much to look forward to the socialist and marxist utopia that awaits the World, the zionist-socialistic internationals utopia (heritage from Lenins Second International Socialistic movement), a development of the European marxist utopia (EU) what UK’s Nigel Farage describe here will fall soon (‘The Euro game is up: What the hell do you think you are?‘), a must see:

Some politicians are actually just too stupid to learn from either Atlantis, Lemuria, Babylon, Roman Empire, etc. They will, they want, but they are just not able…

Babylon has fallen, fallen, fallen. So has Tellus by and large.

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