The Zionist Conspiracy

I wrote the letter following «Jew Boy…» the day a single complaint arrived to the radio station, with the threat that the ADL would soon be contacted. The letter was provided in advance of the next day, of the time scheduled for the complainant to return for a recording of the questionable broadcast. The station manager refused to give the complainant my letter, and insured me that I would no longer be allowed to produce a show for our community. Is this fair to our Jewish brothers and sisters? Is this fair to You?

Paris «And then what if you saw, all of the things thats wrong, would you stand tall and strong? Or would you turn and walk away?»



Jew Boy Johnny and the anti-Semites

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«The Zionist Conspiracy»

Monday, January 31st, around 3 pm, I called the station manager to ask how my afternoon recorded broadcast went, and to discuss the new week’s tentative guest spot with an update regarding the falsely maligned, Mr. And Mrs. Benderman. The station manager informed me my phone number had been misplaced, and was managing with stress trying to put together an apology letter to a single individual, who came into the station, while the interview was still running, to demand action be taken regarding the anti-Semitic broadcast that he was certainly going to report to the ADL about. I told her the Felton interview itself was about bigotry through the demonization of the innocent, what the Jews of world war II suffered through, and, that I was a huge defender of religious Jewish teaching. I told her, to offer the individual a chance to publicly speak regarding the issue, with me, or by himself regarding Felton, to try getting specifically to what has got him so much, by himself, upset about allowing my voice heard defending Jewish rights within our community. She told me that she would likely, none the less, have to let me go to appease the sole complainant, for what if a lawsuit should result? I told her to consider her options, reminded her that it was only one single individual who hadn’t even heard the show’s context, and that the broadcast in every other way had been going well, doing good. She told me she was very busy, and said goodbye. Then a short while later, phoned me back to ask if I would write a letter, and have it at the station next day before the complainant arrived for his copy of the broadcast. I said sure, said it would be a great challenge, and proceeded immediately to do just that. The next day, I contacted the station to ask if my arrived letter was forwarded to the individual, and was informed no, he didn’t receive it. It wasn’t the apology the station was looking for, and my show was now officially terminated. I told her it was very unfair to me, to not allow him to read my formal response, and that I couldn’t in good conscience, back down from defending my rights to be heard on this issue, or to allow us, as our public, to hear the complainant’s actual complaint about my, freedom for all broadcast. She said she would try to get the letter to him, but that the show was over. Case closed.

Stand up for Jews, and look at where it gets you, Jeeze.

Let us not put aside, the station manager’s legitimate concerns. Who has the money or the time for a frivolous lawsuit? Why do expensive independent research, when the Bush Administration can hand us all the free news they want us to have directly without any costly questions? Saddam wouldn’t let the inspectors in, right? Why risk standing up for someone else’s rights, when doing so, will get the (anti) Jewish-Defamation League calling you an anti-Semite (Semite=Arab) for communicating some understanding with Felton? Felton, is bizarrely quirky as interesting, for his recent book is about the demonization of the innocent, (you know? Nazi gas chambers and ovens?) and as such, we can learn from, as too, we can teach. If he’ll listen. Ariel Sharon is not Jewish my friend, NOT JEWISH!!!

Open the gates, it’s getting late.



Greg Felton : «The fear is necessary for two reasons. And the principle reason has nothing to do with Iraq. it has to do with the government itself. The bush government is criminal. […] The problem is: how do you keep people from paying attention to this? You keep them focused on an external enemy. [..] so they forment this fascistic hatred of a definable group of people. So, the war on terrorism so called, is not much a way for the United States to protect itself against it’s enemy, it is a way for it to create enemies, to justify the kind of repressive measures that would otherwise be intolerable in peace time.»

To whom it may concern,

regarding the January 31st broadcasted interview with Greg Felton.

May I, on behalf of only myself, ask that you pardon my failures in judgment, in not allowing what I should have gave: an immediate re-dress regarding, ‘who is the Zionist label?’, or ‘What Holocaust are you referring to?’, during the broadcast of January 31st. (bet you we can’t get two Christians that agree on everything.) However, I can offer perhaps a show centralized on a chance to exercise your personal views, be they pro or con on where you think we should go from here, or whatever may have you regarding said interview. Or, if you would like, you may wish to do only, or else include, a written work that I promise, will reach as far as the original broadcast. So, actually, this could be a prime moment to have a dialog regarding racism, bigotry, and intolerance. I confess, I may be unaware, and still have much to learn, when it comes to communicating well with all others. But, I know I’m getting better, and I’ll tell you, the Justice-Freedom thing, sure seems to be our ultimate calling.

I was not so surprised that the broadcast interview with Greg Felton would be considered controversial, (as every show I’ve ever done always has), although I wasn’t prepared to hear criticism against the show as being defamatory to a group, or groups of people. As certainly that was not my intent, but however was the difficult subject addressed within the interview. The fundamental teachings of Law, as it pertains to justice and freedom, along with every legitimized religion, is that all free people should be thought of as equals to each other in vigilant protection. And by doing so, one would be serving G-d’s interests. (Even if a G-d doesn’t exist – an Atheist too, could become a proponent by understanding Jihad). Thereby insuring\realizing that a just intelligent life force rules our chaotic timeless universe in service ultimately to ourselves individually. Giving us in the Torah of Moses, «all people are created in God’s image» teaching all peoples are Sacred. And as such, would be so in God’s interests to defend as the innocent. While in eternal pursuit of happiness and prosperity for all through just means. Under Greg’s definition as being a «Zionist» conspiracy, negates the failure of himself personally to recognize the public connotation is too vague, and that Hitler’s Nazi Germany, like Bush’s America, is politically expressing an inability to represent ourselves with respect as truly worthy of fair deliberations amongst ourselves. Sacred, every-one. (Or as in, to rise to the defense of those we know to be irrationally victimized as the godly and innocent, victimized in our un-addressed names.)

Greg «This is why the Holocaust is such a very dangerous thing to talk about because, it’s not really understood. It’s preached at us like a sermon. We’re suppose to accept at face value what we’re told about it, as if to, criticize it, is some how disrespectful. Much of what we know about the Holocaust has been propagated by the Zionists, and can be shown quite untrue»

I replied shortly later «One thing about the whole situation is that innocent people were targeted for murder. End of story. That’s what the war was. All wars are like that.»

Greg’s mistake I believe, centered in his Zionist labeling through an apparent bigotry expressed, and as such, was too narrowly defining the larger established history of the Holocaust, as being the struggle of the human species in halting, the demonization and then subjugation of the innocent millions, Jewish or otherwise. Perhaps it was strangely on his part a testimony to a real struggle we all have when it comes to identifying ourselves to others. Considering it is the exact subject matter he wrestles with in his book writing, regarding our corporate media’s perception of ignoring an innocent people’s concern or cries. That said however, for Greg to blankly criticize Greg’s false construct of what is publicly understood about the Holocaust, is to deny that much for sorrow and suffering took place against the whole of Humanity, especially, of those who held the practiced Jewish faith. To think the nazi regime would have the gas chambers and the ovens, while the whole of humanity were not strong enough to communicate the unjustness of it all to the German people while it was happening. I have read of a recent documentary that provides film footage of nazi soldiers committing the worst war crimes imaginable to god loving Jews, interspersed with film from the same dated period where, the German people were living civilized lives, left unaware of the atrocities that were being committed against God in their names. Same as America and Canada today, with Fallujah’s 300,000 People being, the undeniable example. Or, are you too, a convinced denier of that which is fully documented? (Needless and irrational was the indiscriminate murder of the people of Fallujah, but for to have more American soldiers sacrificed in a conflict created by an unjust as immoral totalitarian dictate.) The Holocaust deniers are those the same of today, who refuse our Humanity to nationally communicate those screams of mercy, or for justice regarding the People of Iraq to be served in our true interests as legitimate. More than ten million Russians died fighting the evil eugenic scourge of the «superior» nazi regime, and like those in Poland, Britain and France, as elsewhere testified our established history, (albeit only later), the sadistic ungodly as lawless barbarity that Nazism inflicted upon the general masses, went largely undeterred from our «informative» television and radio broadcasts. The same, almost word for word, and action for action, can be found in Rumsfeld’s «blitzkrieg». Bush’s freedom by tyranny doctrine. Or the criminally sanctioned unchallenged news pronouncements of a Mark Kimmit, Buford Blount, Steven Russell, Mattis, Allawi or Sattler, when it pertains to accepting without our objection, to the victimizing of Iraqis collectively as an indiscriminate act of criminality, like murder. As like in the policies of Ariel Sharon, where an innocent, haven’t committed an accused crime in their life Christian Palestinian, is denied the earned home they worked and paid for, on a parcel of land shared up until recent times for countless millennia. My personal struggle has been to inform the public on the forgotten» importance of established evidence, being the only requirement to convince ourselves on who is a bigot, tyrant, a criminal, or a murderer. Will you not therefore, as a fellow humanitarian of this shared world, speak against those you know of, who victimize the innocent to thieve from? Sure you would, if you knew as much for certain about God and this universe, or the under reported, freed to go General Ahmad, funding the mastermind ring leader Mohammad Atta of Bush’s 9/11 game. But will together our Humanity ever learn? Well, my plan is to search for guests to speak with, that I’ll try not to offend early on. Greg knows, like the Pope knows, as every legitimate police officer worth their grain of salt knows, as so too does include a great many Jewish Jews, George W. Bush used absolutely no evidence to substantiate his therefore, false accusations in our names against bin Laden, while then ardently with Cheney, worked to close outstanding criminal investigations regarding their extremely suspicious behavior. All according to his official publicly documented plan. And speaking the news as thus, does not make anyone anti-Semitic, anti-American, or anti-Human, but pro-Jewish, pro-Christian, pro-Muslim, pro-Justice pro-Freedom, almost wholely human like even. Not of a long gone as lost and forgotten religious dogma, but for now as it always has been found, a mutual respect for all life as we find ourselves being part of. Or, so we would for Atheists, argue in all likelihood to get to the same reasoned to be, just political decision, to this or any another life and death matters matter.

Because the unjustified criminal war actions of George W. Bush are our shared documented history, others, with an ulterior agenda to propagate their weakness through bigotry or racism, will arbitrarily blame a subjective grouping of people, instead of demanding by godly individual might, the arrest of specific individuals who are actually responsible according to the established as public evidence. So, now who’s fault is that? We live in difficult times. To admit weaknesses regarding our corporate news control content decisions, is to seek a better world for our lives through stronger open communications.

I believe the defense of the Jewish faith is found in the indivisible properties of Creation, and who’s central belief is made simpler than any other. Hillel was asked: Rabbi, who is a Jew truly? Hillel answered, «What is hateful to you do not do to your neighbor. That is the whole Torah. The rest is commentary — go and learn it.» So my challenge in defense of the Jewish faith during the interview, was that those who practice criminal misdeeds, are therefore found by the official definition taught by Hillel, to be not practicing the «Golden Rule» of the Jewish Faith. (as so pronounced by the religion’s recognized ancient oratator.) By calling alleged criminal actions, the conduct of an entire people, faith, or branch thereof, is to fall into the fascist minutia of bigotry, or racism, held by those who judge us «others» unfairly. After re-hearing the interview, I did find the allegations made by Greg, regarding the Holocaust being blanketed by falsehoods, generally, a failure on his part to recognize the true horror of what that war wrought. And in light of our desperate challenges today of defeating the enemies of Humanity as specific unjust individuals in «hiding», an ignorantly stupid thing to say. While I, perhaps wasn’t thinking along those conceived lines, where at that time, I had just left the thought of: the struggles of the Jewish faith, are the same struggles all young adults go through by naturally establishing our associative identities. Who are you I truly ask? How many news channels even allow us as Humanity to know about the absent reason for the bombing of the Jews of Samara? The Jews of Fallujah? The torturing of completely innocent People to death, as in Guantanamo? Or still unaddressed publicly: the willful lawless criminality implemented by the, therefore tyrannical Bush Administration in suffering God’s Iraq? (See missing «Development Fund of Iraq», or private mercenaries discipling for Bush as deemed un-accountable to every conceived «natural» law? [see the entire Bible for the judgment call on that one…] or, Bush’s declarative, he magically owns everything in stolen Iraq now, [where did it go?] and I can’t say anything because he signed his John to 13303 some time back, but as still is left unreported in Your dying world?)

Publicly question our reality, by taking the station up on doing an interview with me, along with your own impressions of our world. Or, if you prefer, you can do a solo written piece, or a recorded statement for the station. I look forward to finding common ground with your concerns. I hope I have got you wondering more, about what trying to save our world from injustice and slavery, in whatever way we can is all about for me really. In these words I can say, I apologize to you, for a resulted perception, that wasn’t with better words, my true intent towards us people together.

I will, after some small revisions of this paper, include it as well as the broadcast package. So I do thank you for bringing up your important view, that otherwise, would have gone farther without this opportunity, that I offer as a starting point for deliberation, or argument regarding my foolishness. Thanks for speaking, and I hope I have met most of your concerns with a positive light on where I’m trying to come from.



The Benderman Cause

I felt compelled to support the Benderman’s cause in any way I could, so I am providing America some arguments that I would use in a court of law to defend your freedoms. If America would so desire, I would also be prepared to make a recorded statement from here in Canada. (I have been denied access into the U.S..) My positions of rational argument are naturally based upon our established facts, and as such, are something few Americans are afforded the luxury of through corporate channels. I hope my forcefulness on these issues does not fear you to doubt I have the best of intentions when it comes to serving the interests indivisibly inherent within the American Constitution. God, I believe is just, and as such, the ungodly war actions of George W. Bush dictate are criminal in the worst degree, being a harbinger of suffering and misery against all of Humanity as US being the innocent. The innocent in our entirety, is my «God» that I love with all I can will. I am compelled as a living human being to defend America to the last bush supporter praised if need be. I fight the enemy of God and Humanity with reason, understanding, Akeido, and a conviction that our justice system must prevail for me to be truly myself really.

«He explained to «60 Minutes,» «I was told in basic training that, if I’m given an illegal or immoral order, it is my duty to disobey it. And I feel that invading and occupying Iraq is an illegal and immoral thing to do.»

The war was declared «illegal» by the U.N.. Why? Because Saddam wasn’t found in breach of the internationally agreed upon resolution 1441, (Saddam did EVERYTHING POSSIBLE that was asked of Iraq by the bush administration, and then some Mr. Bush refused to even take him up on. Like national Iraqi television broadcasts.) despite the lies quoted by corporate news America. There was no need for the conflict to begin with as was so reported internationally on march 7th, 2003. U.N. inspectors had complete unrestricted access to go anywhere without delay, and known stock piles of WMD were burned, so could not possibly be completely accounted for by evidential findings due to the fact that they were destroyed beyond recognition. American soldiers were put in harms way to be sacrificed for no better good, but for to allow as has happened, the misappropriation, or as some have alleged, the criminal theft of Iraqi resources, including monies of the Iraqi Development Funds through Presidential decree 13303. Which include the unappropriated, desperately needed, humanitarian aid provisions still denied innocent Iraqis, such as potable drinking water and food stuffs. Democratic principles are DENIED the Iraqis by the neo-con military forces, such as holding all individuals equally accountable to a rule of law. The outlawing of torture, or the outlawing of false imprisonment has not been professed as the action of the neo-con «liberating» force. Mercenaries are not obliged to obey any laws for example. And, «Dr. Germ», and «Dr. Anthrax» are held solely for the fact that they know of the scientific hazards of depleted uranium, and may have warned the uninformed sacrificing American GI, if not held illegally against their wills by the enemy. Commanders such as irrational war criminal Sattler, forbade all men and boys between 15 to 50 from leaving the city of Fallujah, while refusing to negotiate with anyone, (because as so was openly confessed, Sattler had no evidence that Zaqari was in Fallujah) then leveled the city to kill all it’s inhabitants, estimated at that time near 300,000 people. Using a napalm type WMD, cluster dud land mine munitions, and as reported, nine two thousand pound bombs in a city 3 1/2 km by 4 km. Serving for a military not strong enough collectively to prosecute such lawless criminal barbarity, is serving for a military not principled in the American virtues of freedom and democracy. In truth, serving for such ungodly criminal command is a cowardly act of treason. George W. Bush is an enemy of our Humanity.

Copy and distribute this personal challenge freely.


I know we’re all expected to be selfish, in helping out those others who cry out for our help, but I beg you, I can’t do this alone. My show did make a positive difference. I need your help in asking I face my accuser, and politely, with reason, using communication, and understanding, bring about a better world.

World Productions.

We Israeli Military Reservists REFUSE To Abuse, Starve, Maim And Kill Palestininians

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