Enabling Act false flags terrors for the Fourth Reich

9/11 Bush’ ( Skull & Bone; Sr. codename Magog) Patriotic Act and Homeland Security Act after the modeling from Hitlers Reichstag fire and «Enabling Act» have got widespread distribution, actually spread all over the World. Why?

As the first person in the World connecting this dots, the Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ have directed me to share this news with the populations of the World. Read and save before it is taken down by the NaziZionists maniacs running our World, as they will want to see our Christian civilisation in ashes ASAP.

We know from Anthony Suttons books that Prescott Bush was one of Hitlers financiers. George Bush (Magog) was for many years leader of the CIA in the sixties and forward, some claim he have never left the Chairman position ever since. Sitting on a pub in Dallas when JFK was killed (the day America died). His initiation into the inner top circles probably.

Norwegian MILORG formed Stay Behind/Gladio operation groups after WW2, was connected to OSS (later renamed CIA), with mandate from the Zionist Jews warlords, the Crown and The City of London to adminster this nation on their behalf. We had a coup’d etat of our Government. We haven’t had democracy ever since, but only a One-parti system as per Lenin, Hitler and Stalin and Mao. The different parties discuss details to deceive people they have ‘democracy’, but completely aligned in the big lines of politics, so in effect we have a One Party system. No-one else allowed, if they don’t dance to the tune of the satanists. All the leaders of the big parties are members of the Khazar-/Jewish network like the Bilderbergers and Trilateral Commission (Norwegian member Torvald Stoltenberg), etc.


Jens Christian Hauge bekreftet OSS (CIA) ansatt

The trojan horses serving international Jewry, not our nation and people.

I lost all respect for them back then in 2011, at Utøya, that they are so limited they are not able to find a new model of deception and false flags… to get their tyranic measures implemented, the same as Hitler used, the Jewish puppet Fuhrer over Nazi Germany… Helping them getting the German people on it’s knees, always controlling both sides in any war. But we must remember that they do not have the Creative powers of God, only to make use of the already created ones Satan can use. And their methods have worked before they thrust, so why not use it again?

bicephalous_eagle «The Freemason writer Manly P. Hall, thirty-third degree Freemason, K. T., in his book, The Phoenix, shows that the Bicephalous Eagle is actually a Phoenix. The body of Phoenix is covered with soft feathers and bright purple and the plumes in its tail are blue and red alternately. At its death, its body is opened and a new-born Phoenix appears.»

All terror of false flag we see in the World is further distribution of ‘Enabling Acts’ for all the World.. Utoya/Oslo 7/7 2001, Paris, Brussels… > New World (anti-Christ) Order.

It’s smoke and mirrors, lies and deceptions, Jesus warning was for the end time, «Be not deceived» (Luke 21:8).

Nazism on the rise

They say to the people they are going to hate the Nazis, but they do not mention that the Nazis are themselves. This is the occultists and magicians trick, let’s the focus of the masses be on the left hand, so they are not able to see what the right hand is doing. Point at some others, and not realize four fingers point back on yourself. Nazi (aske-Nazi) is composed of National Zionism. Not National Socialism, then it becomes NS. Hidden in plain view (re. The Transfer Agreement, between the Nazis and Zionist Jews).

«Call your enemy what YOU are, and NEVER tell the truth!» ~ (quarter-Jewish) V.I. Lenin (real name Blank)

That is called phsycolocical projections on others for own evil, when it is done unconscious.

«This book is the smoking gun that proves the Second World War was a charade. While most Nazis were sincere, the movement was sponsored and controlled at the top by the Masonic Jewish bankers in order to start a war to kill «goyim» patriots on both sides and advance world government. Non-Illuminati Jews were also sacrificed to this agenda».

The State will close in on individual freedoms, and for people so in favour of the indivual, before the collective, this is terrible…like a death sentence.. This way all the Worlds humans will be born as individuals and sovereign and extraordinary humans, but will die as copies of each other as sosial constructed creatures, that is always the result of any kind of socialism; collectivism, statism.

«.. the Nazis, in Operation Himmler, faked attacks on their own people and resources which they blamed on the Poles, to justify the invasion of Poland. And it has now been persuasively argued — as shown, for example, in this History Channel video — that Nazis set fire to their own parliament, the Reichstag, and blamed that fire on others. The Reichstag fire was the watershed event which justified Hitler’s seizure of power and suspension of liberties.»Source.

Then we see what happens after every false flag operation. Where laws are prepared in advance, only to push them through when people have the false flag terror fresh in the memory, then there will be no protests.

Nazism on the rise in the Christian civilization of US and Europe, because that is the nations the Jews have decided to destroy, in their furious hate of Christ and all what is Christian.

Hitler worshippers will claim all the good Hitler did, proves he was ‘good’. I am an economist. I understand very well the good he did. It could be done completely without socialism and the Strongman and the tyranic socialist State by Enabling Acts. In a good society there wouldn’t be any need for Enabling Acts. Satan always dresses as an angel of light, but the result is disastrous. The road to Hell is paved in good intentions. And the masses is signing up to all good words, not looking at the deeds. All the good he did in economics was only bait for the voters, for the soldiers to get behind him, so WW2 could get going, and the Jews could have an opportunity to some war and killings of ‘goyim’, as per Albert Pike’s plans for the 3 World Wars. Controlled opposition. Takes two to dance tango, and get into a war scenario. Easily created, then and now (Putin).

It is not a socialist State unless the State control the individuals and not the other way around, that the individuals, the People,control the State.

When and where the State is controlling the individuals, the People, you will ALWAYS find that the Jews control that State… it will NOT happen in a Christian society. In a Christian society the State will be of service to the people, in a Jewish society what is always socialistic the State will ‘Govern’ the individuals, the People.. Than the peoples ‘representatives’ is always serving the Jews interests, or their own, not those they represent. Ak yourself, why is no government forbidding to loan money for the nations from the Jews for interests (usury), instead of printing money themselves?

Hitler was setup to loose. The only way to control who is to loose and who is to win, is to control both sides.

Clinton, Obama, Hillary or sanders implement socialism in America, it might even be national after some time… I am sure many will understand what I said when it happen… when they have to live in it… because it is so far off from the American ideals as it can be.

And I tell you a secret: The Jewish Bankers will still sit on their throne under that socialist system… as they did in Germany. Baron Rothshild needed a bogeyman to scare the shit out of Jews to get them to his new terror state of Israel (Balfour Declaration of 1917), 150.000 Jews served in the nazi army. The Transfer Agreement between the Jews and Hitler proves the relationship.

Nazis (& alike) did not lose WW2 according to Charlotte Iserbyt

False Flag operations for Enabling Acts terror for US and Europe

«Jewish shills promoting National Socialism, because if the ‘Jews’ is to set up their New World Order, than they need resistance (as per Kaballah, nothing can be born without resistance, and as Teodor Herzl said; «Anti-Semites is to be our best friends«. That means as REACTIONs to the anti-semites they will setup Enabling Acts, Patriot Acts, and Homeland Security Acts, Hate Laws, all for their own protection, not for the peoples protection. Like Lenin (Blank) and Trotsky (Bronstein) was doing in the Jewish Bolshevic revolution, the law against anti-semittism was the first law they made, so killing 66 million anti-semites, russians, Christians lead by their conscience more than lead by the Jews, in the GULAGs was actually legal, from their point of view. That is how it become when ANY socialist or Jew get in control of the States legaslative powers.»

The real opposing forces in the World is Satan and Christ.. ALL world leaders are involved in the plot, on Satans side, on the Jewish Synangogue of Satans side (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9), in my opinion.. they do as Hitler serve and suppert some good causes to come to power, to get followers, but after that they are in power, the same old satanic anti-Christian agendas, controlled by Jewish Zionist interests, pushing their case.

Norwegian prime Minister. Idolizing Angela, Hitlers daughter
Norwegian prime Minister. Idolizing Angela, Hitlers daughter
Father and child
Father and child

They made murder legal. Where was the law of Moses? What about Abraham, the Righteous? What about stealing (the fruit of other peoples labour)? What about the lying and deception? Alexander Solshenitzin which are the source of the 66 million, put it this way; «Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this happened«. Ambition, power and greed for money, land and resources and their New World Order tyranny was most important.

The implementation of the modern form for ‘Enabling Act’ makes huge progress on the several false flags terror attacks in USA and Europe. Here is the evidence, for the Enabling Acts, same modus operandi, «nothing new under the sun», says the Bible.

False flag operations across Europe and the United States is now such a long list that we can not take everyone, just mention:


PST må beskytte oss mot tankegodset i regjeringen

In their system it will be:

  • Forbidden to criticize Jews.
  • Hate laws (only ‘hatred’ aka criticism against themselves, not Christians).
  • Act against anti-Semitism.
  • Law against debating HoloCash (extortions racket).
  • Uniformity of people’s thoughts and minds.
  • Christian people driven by their conscience, will meet thougher times.
  • Extreme political correctness, enforced by law.
  • Govern by fear factor (for puishment) (management of fear).
  • Etc.

Thoughtcrimes in the Jewish New World (anti-Christ) Order

They will make it illegal to critize that we oppose their hellbendt furious anger and hate of white people and the Christians, to destroy the Christian civilization in Europe and USA, and Holocaust the Lost 10 Tribes at the same time (the ones they have hijacked the heritage as from Jacob-Israel). I am sure they will have a murder parti celebration when they are finished, but I am not so sure they will succeed, because God promise in the Bible.

I look forward to when God of Israel, is setting the record straight, as promised:

«And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it.» – Obadiah 1:18

House of Jacob is the House of Israel and Judah. The Jews are the Edomites, from Esau, NOT from Jabob-Israel, with some Khazars inbreaded (askeNazis), converts to Judaism by King Bulan in the year of 740.

Esau (Edomite Jews, Idumeans) still hates Jacob-Israel. Still seeking to kill his brothers decendants. It can be argued that Jacob-Israel with the help of Rebecaah fooled Esau for his birthright, so God gave Esau a chance from to prove worthy, in the physical nation of Israel 1948, to show themselves to be a ‘Light To The Nations’. Quite contrary. Murder, lying and stealing is the order of the day. But Judaea was for the most part ruled by evil Edomites; Herod the Great one of them, so they have had their chance to prove worthy long before 1948.

“No one can deny that the Jews are a most unique and unusual people. That uniqueness exists because of their Edomite heritage. You cannot be English Jews. We are a race, and only as a race can we perpetuate. Our mentality is of Edomitish character, and differs from that of an Englishman. Enough subterfuges! Let us assert openly that we are International Jews.” — Manifesto of the “World Jewish Federation,” January 1, 1935, through its spokesperson, Gerald Soman

Here is prima facie evidence, 36 Biblical markers, who the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel is. Not ONE is fitting on the Jews (Idumeans).

Evidence of real Israel in Bible Prophesy, and end times Holocaust

Esau have really proved unworthy. Rebekkah was right. She knew it from carrying them both is her womb. But her priorities was NOT by God, so Esau had to get a chance to prove worthy, Herod got a chance, from 1948 God gave them a chance, but they failed miserably, again and again they fail. The only way Esau can continue to do this New World Order of the Edomites/Khazars now, is contrary to God, with satanic deceptions. By their own, not by the blessings of Israels God.



Many denominational Christians and even church leaders are under the mistaken belief that Jesus was a Jew. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Judea and Galilee were two separate states and political entities, as illustrated on the map of Palestine in the time of our Saviour in your Bible. Jesus Himself was not a Jew (Judean) or resident of Judea, He was a Galilean or resident of Galilee (Matthew 26:69; John 7:41), and a Judahite or descendent of the Tribe of Judah.

The Judeans of prominence were not of the Tribe of Judah, but of Edomites. Pilate was being ironic when he wrote the sign “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Judeans” for the Cross (John 19:19). That is, “the Galilean who was King of the Judeans,” as in “Queen Victoria of England, Empress of India.”

Jesus grew up in Nazareth in Galilee. His disciples were fishermen from the Sea of Galilee. And although He visited Jerusalem, he spent most of His life in his home country of Galilee. John 7:1, “After this Jesus stayed in Galilee; for He could not walk in Judea, because the Jews sought to kill him.” His followers were constrained “for fear of the Jews” (John 7:13, 19:38, 20:19).

(Jason Collett)

World War 3, the World in Ashes


I can see the making of a racewar coming – religiuos war … it will be bloody… and the Jews are responsible for making it happen. They are already importing the barbarian trojan horses to our shores (‘refugees’). It will be the all out last battle on Armageddon… for Israel, REAL Israel, the Caucasians, the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel… Just as Freemason of the Scottish Rite (pride themselves beeing ‘spiritual Jews’) leader Albert Pike described it in 1871.

Maybe both of those set up to fight as a gambling dogfight, should turn around and fight the Jews?

Freemasonry worldwide today report to the Jewish B’nai Brith freemason lodge. The have prepared the WW3 carefully, and the scanerio is playing out. Political rhetorics over the table has started. Controlled Army Commanders is instructed what to say, to keep their back clean (so they could claim later they warned about this, but nobody listened).

Norwegian and Swedish Army Commanders say prepare for war

According to my research, there is a small chance that the Freemasons was Christians before they was hijacked by the Jews.. and their symbols and rituals was coming out of British Israelism. This made it very easy for the Jews to hijack it, because the symbols and the rituals was already on place… Only that they replace ‘Israel’ with Jews… ‘Israel’ is the Caucasians, the Lost tribes of Israel, coming to Europe from the Assyrian captivity.

There had to be some strong powerful forces driving the Christian principles and spirit in the times it was on the rise and conquered the mind and hearts of Europe/USA..

I have not concluded in this research, but in order to stay on the righteous side of history, I reserve judgement on the histoic connection before about 1850. Todays connection with the Jews is obvious.

Freemasons, Jews and King Salomos (Third) Temple

Look here. This painting (mural) was a gift from Norway to UN by an artist name Per Krogh, when they started that global government.


In the middle of the painting (mural) you see a Bird Phoenix rising from the ashes they create. It is occultism at play.. It hangs in the ‘Security’ Council room, i.e. where they (the Nazi-Zionist that won WW2) plan and decide how to make the ashes of the Christian civilization.

«The aim of freemasonry is to change the present civilization, which is essential Christian, to set in its place a a masonic world based on atheist rationalism». Page 92

Its aim to destroy the present civilization based on Christian principles, to establish in its place an atheistic rational society which in fact, leads straight to materialism, although it is supposed to have science and reason as a religion.»

«The inner nature of the struggle is spiritual. It is a conflict between rationalism and the Christian idea, between the rights of God and the rights of man, who will become a man god, directed by a state-god.»

Freemasonry and Judaism. Secret Popwers Behind World Revolutions.


Jews in favour of destroying Europe and USA

They want us to believe, that «National states are useless», and we need a global Government.. by them on the top leadership of course.

Jewish George Soros et al, financing the invasion of our nations, hellbent on destroying our nations. And it’ is not only muslims. It is all kind of barbarians. Devoted muslims is not the worst.

«Civilizations that fail to secure their borders are doomed»

Swiss Politician: Refugee Crisis Could Trigger a New World War

But first they need to create some chaos (Order out of Chaos), violence, death and destruction on our shores, and riots on the streets. That they do by inmporting savages, rapists and barbarians of all types.

Cologne Police Reveal ‘Cover Up’ Of New Year’s Eve Rape Attacks Ordered By Government

People wonder why not their politicians don’t get this invading forces of ‘refugees’ under control, secure our borders. The simple answer is that they do not want it under control. They want our civilizations in ashes.

They want their Fourth Reich. The coontinuation of the Third Reich. They live on an Old Testemenbt ruling from God that Israel shall dominate the World, by SERVING GOD, serving people. When Israel, the Caucasians, the white people did it, it civilized the World, when the Jews stole Lost Tribe of Israels biological status, they rule for looting, stealing and killing.

Everything gots momentum at 9/11, even though the Jews had hijacked our Western World long before that, but now they came out of the shadows, and became involved. Personally. Not only by paid strawmen.

Reference is made to ‘Operation Paperclip’.. Bush real name is Scherff. And Kissinger is Heinz… George H.W. Bush: «If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts”.

Sure they would.

Hitler did many good things to get into power position, as all politicians must offer pink promises for the same, but I do NOT think it should be the same as welcome socialism/collectivism, BUT

We notice many truthsearcher writers, their research might be good, but some will end up praising both Hitler and Putin, as they looking for a saviours, and hope for any Strongman that can resucue them, and believe they are on the same team… no, no, not… Putin and Hitler is distractions, Putins mother is Jewish, there is no war going without financing two ‘oppostions’, two opposing forces in the World have to be prepared, in order to get the killings and wars going… Is that so difficult to understand?

Russia: ‘Re-writing history of the Holocaust is immoral’ – Putin

We need to tell the World that satanic freemason zionist Jews also killed some of their own ‘lesser brethren’ Jews that wouldn’t do as they was told; to go to Israel and conform to the Zionist plans.

Many socialists with a need for a ‘Strongman’ to ‘rescue them’ from the evil maniacs running the World, strongmans like Hitler and Putin, will be disappointed to see that Putin is on the badwagon of lies and deceptions, the extortion racket called ‘HoloCash’. Normally the same people praising Hitler, also praise Putin. They believe he can save them from the Jews furious de-construction of the Christian World ..

Pastor Steven L Anderson, one of the few honest uncorruptible pastors in the Christian World, set the record straight

Did the Holocaust Really Happen?

In all Three World Wars (as in daily politics comic show), the historic and the coming, both sides is ALWAYS controlled by the same people (hegelian dialectics).

If they don’t proceed on the Third Reich implementation, why did they not want to make this information public, for all to go to Antarctica and look for themselves (Ref. the sailboat «Berserk»)?

Third Reich – Operation UFO (Nazi Base In Antarctica)

The only Strongman we need is Jesus Christ, the rest is corrupted by the Jewish agenda for their New World (anti-Christ) Order.. No worshipping and idolizing of corrupt men (and women) running occult agendas.. Worshipping men and not God is to worship the image of the Beast (humanism, man as gods for themselves, idolizing).

Look to Norway?

We are OK here, but remember that under all kind of socialsm you must accept that the State is overhelming in charge of everything you do, licenses, what to eat, what to say, what to think, it is an overwhelming governmental control over your life, in the smallest details of everyday life. If you don’t worship the controllers, more than you worship God, you are in deep shit. They will with the use State powers impose heavy retaliations on you, if you do not worship them as public servant, idiots given any power can be very dangerous and hatefull of anybody questioning their powers.

The new Jewish New World Order will be VERY difficult for freedom lovers in America and Europe to live under, especially in America because they are not used to it. First thing they do is to destroy the middle class, to exchange it with two social classes only; rulers and slaves. Only problem is that the promise was to Israel, not to Edomites/Jews/Khazars.

What Has Happened to the Middle Class?

So it will be upside down. The Edomite Jews and Khazars (gentiles) will be slaves to Israel, the Caucasians and Judah.

«And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau; for the LORD hath spoken it.» – Obadiah 1:18

In America the de-construction of the middle class is more or less done, in Europe it is underway, by the ‘financial crisis’ and ‘oil price crises’. Artificial created as a tool of war against us. If we where not servant for the Internation Jewry and this their agenda to destroy the Christian Europe, we could still extract as much oil we want, and keep all our people occupied. No problem. They will bleed and steel us dry, by the use of corrupt politics and financial terrorism, serving internation Jewry (the Edomites).

This is where they want us to be (Esau’s hate of Jacob-Israel is alive and well):

Africa For Norway – New charity single out now!

It is for this same reason many Norwegians went to America several hundred years ago, tyrannic government, even to the detail what to think and what to say. The rest had to get used to it, and live the nightmare… Do not try to teach us this, we live in it.

In this my article about the European Song Contest 2010 in Oslo from 2010 you will see Norways Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, and the full Telenor Spectrum arena doing the National Socialism salute… everybody as by magic or mindcontrol from an artist did it. It is amazing what retoric and the massminded can do when they are inspired and led to the slaughter.

PST må beskytte oss mot tankegodset i regjeringen (in Norwegian)

Jens Stoltenberg is today Head of NATO…

Controls the State, and you control everything

Bush real name is Sherff. I starting the article:

Exactly as after 9/11 with Bush’ Patriotic Act and Homeland Security Act and after Hitlers Reichstag with the «Enabling Act«; Unite, against the ‘enemy’ (‘terrorists’ – that means ; everybody, critizing the Holy State – statism – or Government). There is actually legal framework underway to forbid any critic of the Holy State – statism – or Government, in many countries. Still it is called democracy though, and transparency.

The worshipping of the State powers are todays biggest religions. Who controls the States/nations if not ‘The Wandering Jew’? Who is protecting the debt and usury system of the King of Israel, Baron Rothschild? The State.

Evidence; ALL Nations protect them with legal instruments.. criminal code.

Moses Hess, Adolf Hitlers and zionisms ideological father

Socialism vs. individual freedom, where the State serves the People, are not their rulers. The protect their right to make us their slaves, and outlaw out right to question the agenda.

Gentiles Will be the Slaves of Jews

The State will give you privileges, not rights. You remain servant of the State under all collectivist regimes. Instead of them serve you.

I notice many in the Truther movement is becoming nazists, promoting national socialism (Nazism) and look at Hitler as their redeemer, and they normally go bananas when / if you say anything detrimental to this occultist from the Thule Society and Vril.

G. Edward Griffin; «All (social)’isms’ is a variant of collectivism. Communism is a variant of collectivism. Nazism is a variant of collectivism. They are all the same» (09:00>)

G. Edward Griffin: How Socialism, Communism, Fascism are All the Same

I agree with Griffin in that.

I support Germans and want them to get out of the guilt complex they are put into by the victorious ‘Jews’, but no socialism – I know too well national socialism from my homecountry Norway – it is really not much different than international socialism (communism)….

It is a trap. Hegelian dialectics. Whatever of the two is chosen, the State religion and collectivism wins, over the individual. Until 10 years ago our Constitution protected the people from the Government, Government was peoples servants. That changed, now we are Governments servants… they are not there for us, we are there for them. USA is doing the same now… All nations is changing their Constitutions to have this change in concept of Government. Now we are danger to Government, as before the Constitutions gave limitations of the Governments power over us, because under a Christian premise, the State is servants, not rulers, but that do NOT fit the Jewish takeover of our nations. They need full power (theocracy), not democrazy.

Jewish socialism

ZOG: The Satans (their god) ‘Choses-ones’ (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9) will have their marxist socialism anyhow what ‘side’ is chosen of the different socialisms, and as long as they are rulers of the state apparatus as in satanic Rabbi Karl Mordechai Marx Levy’s spirit, all else is not important, be is Israelite or heathen.

Hitler on national collectivism
«It is thus necessary that the individual should come to realize that his own ego is of no importance in comparison with the existence of his nation; that the position of the individual ego is conditioned solely by the interests of the nation as a whole … that above all the unity of a nation’s spirit and will are worth far more than the freedom of the spirit and will of an individual. …. This state of mind, which subordinates the interests of the ego to the conservation of the community, is really the first premise for every truly human culture …. we understand only the individual’s capacity to make sacrifices for the community, for his fellow man.»
Adolph Hitler, 1933.

Was Nazism Collectivistic? Redefining the Individual in Berlin, 1930-1945

Nazism is Socialism
«Correspondingly, individuality is often seen as the opposite of Nazism. In his recent monumental survey, Richard J. Evans calls Nazism totalitarian since it “recognized no limits in its penetration of the individual’s body and soul, as it tried to recon?gure them into a co-ordinated mass, moving and feeling as one.”

How Are Socialism, Communism, Fascism are All the Same

Friedrich August von Hayek
Published in the spring of 1933
«The collectivist and anti-individualistic character of German National Socialism is not much modified by the fact that it is not a proletarian but middle class socialism, and that it is, in consequence, inclined to favour the small artisan and shop keeper and to set the limit up to which it recognizes private property somewhat higher than does communism. In the first instance, it will probably nominally recognise private property in general. But private initiative will probably be hedged about with restrictions on competition so that little freedom will remain. «

“There is a man alone, without family, without children, without God….He builds legions but he doesn’t build a nation. A nation is created by families, a religion, tradition: it is made up out of the hearts of mothers, the wisdom of fathers, the joy and the exuberance of children. [Of Germany under Hitler he says]….an all-swallowing State, disdainful of human dignities and the ancient structure of our race, sets itself up in place of everything else. And the man who, alone, incorporates in himself this whole State, has neither a God to honour nor a dynasty to conserve, nor a past to consult….

For a few months I was inclined to believe in National Socialism. I thought of it as a necessary fever. And I was gratified to see that there were, associated with it for a time, some of the wisest and most outstanding Germans. But these, one by one, he has got rid of or even killed….He has left nothing but a bunch of shirted gangsters….

This man could bring home victories to our people each year without bringing them…glory….But of our Germany, which was a nation of poets and musicians and artists and soldiers, he has made a nation of hysterics and hermits, engulfed in a mob and led by a thousand liars or fanatics….” Kaiser Wilhelm II

When all is said and done, an ungodly people, be it of Edom (Jewry), Israel (Caucasians), or Norwegians or Americans, the Bible history shows if ISRAEL (REAL Israel) forget their customs and God, God will send barbarians to punish them. Keep that in mind, that sometimes the blessings is taken from Israel, and given to a people bearing more fruit. Maybe Norway, Europe and USA do not deserve otherwise, than to be destroyed and put under evil leadership, as nations?

Like Djhengis Khan said: «If your sin have not been so big, God would not sent me to punish you«.

In that sense, maybe the Jews is serving God anyway (without their own knowing), as executioners in their satanic quest for death and destruction. The opposite of creation, which is exactly as per Kabbalah.

If God was with us, united in the Christian tradition and Spirit of Christ, as before, who could be against us? Those times are long since gone. Their terror and false flag operation create a society and environment of fear and misthrust, and harsh government standards, as to their own likings and planning. Than they can do as they please.

But there is one knowing what they are doing. There is not much of Abrahams righteousness, not any beeing a «Light to the Nations». The Judgement Day for them also, comes in due time.

They LOVE all anti-Christian
They LOVE all anti-Christian

Rain On Me

The presence of the Lord is awesome. If you desire the the rain of the Holy Spirit, this song will touch you.

But on individual levels we must assure to place our self under the blessing, not the curse. Judgement Day is always coming, to all of us.

Gud created originals. Most will die as copies. Please, do not worship the image of the Beast, by worshipping men be it Kaiser or Jew, more than God. It is better to have God’s Seal on the forehead (Rev 7:3 , Rev 9:4, Rom 4:11, John 6:27, 2 Cor 1:22 than the satanic Mark of the Beast on the forehead (Rev 16:2, Rev 19:20 , Rev 13:16, Rev 13:17, Rev 14:9, Rev 14:11, Rev 20:4 ).

The result for the masses, social re-creation of the human natural state of mind, heart and soul. – Will loose their soul if they listen to the Masters and comply with their requirements. Will YOU, yeh, you, have the stamina to stand tall? Time will show.


Worshipping carnal satanic leadership of man, of the flesh, even only to vote for them is enough, because if you vote for them, you support them in their endevours. No excuses that we didn’t know. God have revealed the truth for all to see through his prophets and watchmen, if they are not too lazy it is easy to study and find out. Ingorance will get you straight into Hell.

The Holy Spirit of Christ wil rain on those open to it.

«Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.» – Ephesians 5:11

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Why do the Synagoge of Satan bring infidels and savages to our shores?

The Trinity of Jewish World Control

Jewish Power and Armageddon, the Kingdom of God is Near; Christ is Here

The Rise Of The Fourth Reich

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