Eurovision; Norwegians herded into the Globalist ‘family’

We shouldn’t care for ‘neighbours boycots’, if the neighbours are sheepled into be agents for the Human Rights of the Jewish New World (anti-Christ) Secular Order of the Ages.

«Nah, it’s because you are being boycotted, Norway!!! Your neighbours have not voted for you for a reason! Cultural difference?? I don’t think so.»

Norway knocked out of Eurovision


EuroVision TV Song Contest (or TalmudVision) is a way they setup emotional manipulations, to get all into the ‘happy’ global and luciferian Human Rights of the Jewish New World (anti-Christ) Secular Order of the Ages family. Brave New World. No thanks.

Ordo ab chao. Novus ordo seclorum.
Ordo ab chao. Novus ordo seclorum.

We witness that 98% of the Luciferian ‘we are one’ slogan actors was perverts, full of tatoos, dressed as monsters. What do Australia, Israel and USA to do in ESC actually? To promote the universal globalist luciferian anti-Christ agenda of course, the ‘brotherhood of man’ bullshit.


Do not be deceived, We was and is never ONE:

«The angel said to me in reply: ‘The Most High has made this world for many, but the next world for only a few. Let me give you an illustration, Ezra. Ask the earth, and it will tell you that it can produce plenty of clay for making earthen ware, but very little gold-dust. The same holds good for the present world: many have been created, but only a few will be saved.’ I Said: ‘My soul, drink deep of understanding and eat your fill of wisdom!» – 4 Ezra 8:1-4

We Are Legions, We Are Many, We Are One

A bunch of perverts
Absolutely completely happy to be on the outside, with a decent dressed Amanda in all white, thank you very much. And don’t fall for the emotional manipulations to try to be on the inside either of the Luciferian agenda either. If it is political voting, and manmade created reality, and not the best one wins, who cares to be a part of it?


Frimureriets Hemmeligheter og Menneskerettigheter fra Kong Salomons tempel

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