Get a Gods Kingdom Passport: VaccineFreepass

As an Ambassador of the Kingdom of God, our Church as the Embassy, offers a Vaccine Freepass membership as citizens of the Kingdom of God. We have a legal incorporated norwegian Church; Protestant Union. God have promised us eternal protection (Deuteronomy 31:6, 1 John 5:18, Psalm 91:1-2). You believe and have Faith in that, or not. I can not help you much with the Faith, you have it or not. I can decide for myself, not for you, but by signing up for our Gods Kingdom Vaccine Freepass membership, you send the signal to God; «Dear God, with this as a symbolic gesture, I trust in you more than I thust in the Jewish sorcerer magical medicine men, I lay me life and my health in your Almighty hands. Brgds. Your Servant, trying to do your Will in all things under the sun».

Thats it. You are in Gods hands.. not in ours, not in Governments. You have done a symbolic gesture, of Spritual importance. You have placed yourself in Gods Jurisdiction. Please, consider this quitely and peacfully, ask Jesus to enlighten you on the subject; I can give you the Words, the Living Words of Gods Holy Spirit, but I can not help you with the understanding of how it is to belong to this Kingdom of God. How do you belong to a Spritiual Kingdom? (John 4:24). God is Spirit. You can ONLY speak to God IF you are a Child of the Spirit, IF you have been baptised by Spirit (Matthew 3:11), as Paul on the way to Damascus.

Revelation 18:23 «…for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived». (Sorceries; Strong 5331)

You place your mind, faith and your Spirit in it, your persona, by completely by your own free will lock your mind and spirit lock into that Sprititual dimension, same but opposite of belonging to the satanic Matrix of this World actually. You say to yourselv and declare to the World: I want to rapture my spirit of to God, up to the dimension where Jesus Christ is. If you have problem to grab what I mean with lift you Spirit «up to where He is» and meat Christ «in the air» – ‘in the air’ means IN SPIRIT (1 Thessalonians 4:16,17), “caught up” (Greek, “harpazo”) to be with the Lord before the tribulation comes, what do this mean?; «Let anybody ask God, and he will answer you«. If you believe in God, you must also believe God will hear you. If not you are not a true believer (Psalm 118:8).

For myself personally, it is of no big importance if you are able to do this or not, besides I really like to help my friends and longtime readers to dare, be brave, be ready to break with the Jewish New World Order of antiChrist satanic constitution, and say, nope, not for me; I belong to God, not the Jews.

I like to help my friends and friends of Jesus Christ do this clean break, because nobody can serve both God and Mammon (the babylonian Jewish dance around the Golden Calf of Aaron). I would really like to meet and see all of the people who dare to say this, because those (for now) few people, know who they are, really are my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. They go where Jesus led and lead them, out of babylonian Judea, Out of Babylon, into Rome (apostle Paul), into Europe, to USA, to Asia, to the farthest corners of the World, to everywhere people would like to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ, there they love to be, with their own peoples.

They would not like to be Jewish Light ‘hebrew roots’ BS religion. We want NOTHING to do with the Jewish messianic kingdom of Evil and Perversities. We belong to God, saved in Jesus Christ, we live amongst them satanists, but our Kingdom is NOT like their New World Order of sin and perversities freedoms. We aspire to use our freemdoms to belong to the Kingdom of God, the exact oppsite of the choice of the Satanists and the jewish Synagogue of Satan. We are a people of God, not of Satan, and the carnal people will notice the difference. We are like night and day, darkness and light, good and evil.

We do not belong to any ungodly Prime Minister or Presidents (Erna Solberg for Norway) kingdom and not under their authority in vaccine matters or other ungodly matters. In the Kingdom of God we are under the jurisdiction of God the Almighty. So let’s get in there. Asap. If the satanist Erna Solberg that refused to say as one of the first leders in Norway in 1000 years would not say «so help me God» in her oath as prime minister, believes she have the powers of God, to do and command every perversity, unjust laws and evil she like, not follow Natural Law, she needs to be put on place and reminded by the Saints, what happened to Herod, to Kaifas, to Barrabas and jewish Jude, his sorrowws when he found out he betrayed Jesus – all those evil Jews in power, when they refused to follow Natural Law of God, and instead use their own evil impulses to lead, what happened to them afterward?

They killed God, see Aldous Huxley’s and Rudolf Steiners warning below:

Jewish massmurderers

What happened to sick psyco jewish Lenin (Blank) that loved to vade in blood to his knees, and madman cry when he have Christans gathered for extermination : «more blood, more blood, let there by rivers of blood«, at the end of his life he was sitting on his balcony and oul as a wolf to he moon, his brain was the size of a pea they noticed in the autopsy. Imagine that souless jewish bastard, creating so much evil and sorrows and tears, for hundred of millions of Christian people, industrial exterminated 66 million of our people, The RUS-people, the realHolocaust, and replaced them with a mix of mongols and asians that mostly count for the «russians» today. RUS means «Scandinavians», just to let you know who the talmudic babylonian satanic Jews of the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9) hate most of all in the World.

When the Spirit of God in you are Dead, there is nothing, nada, that can connect you with God. This is the Jewish massmurderers, they are biorobots, empty heads, no hearts, kill machines in what looks to be like a human body (nephilim).

What is the destiny of Lenins fellow Jews not dissociate with him and Trotsky (Bronstein)? Not telling the World they in no means are supporting such evil as their fellow Jew was doing. Have you heared any Jews dissociate them lately ? Not me either. Here is one righteous Jewish man, that is Stalin, we need the Jews also to dissociate Lenin.

Stalin’s Jews
We mustn’t forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish,7340,L-3342999,00.html

The time is now approaching there is new (Jewish) Lenins, new Stalins, new Trotskys, the animal incarnations of hate and evil, is about to enter the World stage again. The Jews this time will have all the power in the World, not only in former Russia, becoming Soviet. Jacobs servants the Edomites aspire to become rulers. They will this time make Soviet of all the World; The Great Reset. Their messianic kingdom has arrived, the reason they killed Jesus (John 8:40), the aspiration of the power of all the World he threated to kill for them «Better to let one man die than all of our plans of our World nation destroyed«, they shouted (John 11:50).

Jesus won over Satan and the Satanists in the Synagogue of Satan, end delayed their messianic World Impire of Evil for 2000 years. Than says Revelation 20:7 that Satan is to be released from the prison Jesu placed him in. They will have their short time of evil incarnate. You will not survive more likely by being afraid of the Jews, and lay low, hide from them. You will die whatever you do or don’t. They will kill you whatever you hide your allegiance with God and Jesus (John 8:40). Alexander Solshenitzyn like me was open writing about their evil in Russia from 1917, he was sent to their killmaschine GULAG’s, but he DID survive. So you do NOT have better chance than me to survive by beeing a coward.

Protecting the Jews, sign up for their fear religion, let them have their way, nor protecting you nation, not your family, your childrens future, you deny Jesus Christ, he will deny you for the Father God (Matthew 10:33). You wil die as a person without honour. Cowards have no place in the Kingdom of God. Peter cried after he found he denied Jesus, of fear of the Jews (Matthew 26:75). So weak a man.

In our Church we like to proud ourselves we have the most brave Christ following Saints in the whole wide World. Will you help with that?

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Even with God

The time have come, evil is getting closer and closer in time, I must recommend everybody to get even with God now. We all need to show who we belong to, Jews or Jesus. My readers know I have taken that choice many years ago. Jesus is King of this World. Esaus children, the Jews, will try to take His Kingdom from Him, steal it, but they need to read the few lines what happens after Revelation of John, Rev. 20:7, after the Satan and the Synagogue of Satan is to be released after the 1000 years Millenial Kingdom of Jesus Christ manifested in the World.

Norway; One Thousand Years under Christs Reign

You will not yet understand what I say with this, but we had Protestantism 550 years before Martin Luther. How is that possible you say? It is possible, I will explain it another time. Do you want to belong to that 1100 years protestant Church of Christ? You are welcome.

What happened last time The Jews, Edomites – Esaus seed, was doing against Gods will? They are too stupid and spiritual blind in their still Babylonian talmudic captivity of their minds and souls, but I will remind them; Lightning and thunders, not stone upon stone of their satanic Temple of Salomon, diaspora, sent by God to live as pariahcaste in the World, wanderers, no people wants them in their nations, expelled from 119 nations, including my nation Norway, because of the sorceries, their usury, their evil poisoning the wells of Christians, the suspicion they was kidnapping and sacrificing Christian children to Baal / Moloch in satanic rituals. 850 children is missing every day in the USA, where are they going – some might needs plenty of blood offerings to Satan to be successfull with their World takeover, the Great Reset – New World Order ?

The Jews were always good with money, and made money the master of mankind, not appreciate values and character, noble human constitutions were killed by depravity and perversities abound. New Weimar republics where mothers had to sell their daughers as prostitutes to get food on the table, that was the Jewish Republic.

This they want of the whole wide World. Sometimes I want them to be so stupid, come and kill Gods Faithfull Servant (John 8:40), I live in a house on a Hill, they know the adress, there is no fences, no guards, – what would God do to them to seal their fate than ? Would it be lightning and thunders again than, like last time their evil and killing of the innocent was returned to them ?

Be brave

Friends. Especially those who have followed my pen for maybe 20 years. I don’t know who all of you are. But God and all the Angels of the Heavens have stand with us, to this moment in time. The World is now developing into serious and evil circumstances, Soviet for the World; antiChrists Fourth Reich of the askeNazis, we might call it also. You might have seen all their servants with this pin:

The Fourth Industrial revolution of the evil askeNazis of Edom:

As a Man of God, I can not promise you have so much more time left to be even with God. They want to GMO you, you will be like an GMO vegetable or GMO cattle, a making and creation of the Jewish medical-industrial complex, not of God’s DNA anymore, «in His image«. God knows who you are. Rough times is over us, and I must admit that I worry how it will be with all the nice people I have meet in the course of my life. The readers who is of the same spiritual constitution as myself.

«For by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.» Rev. 18:23. They are on it now. Are you prepared? Do you have the legal argument to belong to God, not the Jews, ready for use, when the Jews put the yellow star on your chest with «Christian»; This one is to be killed?

Those who have followed me for years knows I have become cynical during the course of my life, evil have befallen us all, so we learn who to care for and not. I have absolutely none worries for the people that is to perish, the satanist, the liars, the sorcerers, the perverts, the murderers, the haters, the ones who have contempt for Jesus and blashpheme God at every opportunity. In my mind they deserve all the shit that is to be their sealed destiny on the other side of the veil. That is their own choice. God have instructed me over 20 years+ to tell them the Truth, but they do not want the truth, instead the tell their nabours evil lies about me and who I am. God knows me, God knows my motivation, why I am doing what I do. Nobody in his right mind would invite the rage of the Jews and Mossad, and all their bought and paid sayanims in the Governments all over the World, wasn’t it because God Himself placed His Will in that bodily Temple. Like Jesus said and prayed to His Father in Heaven, God: «If you can take this burden of me, let it be, but NOT as I will, as You will«. It is sad when you understand what Jesus meant with that, that such sacrifices is needed to triumph evil in this dimension (Matthew 26:39).

Jesus might be waiting for YOU, yes YOU, to take a stand against EVIL and INJUSTICE in this fallen World of misery, pain, sorrows and evils… Abraham won favours with God due to his Righteousness. So can you. But than you have to take a stand, it can be symbolic, get Your Gods Kingdom Passport, Your decision who YOU want to belong to, stand with in the Spiritual War between Good and Evil, Jesus or Jews?. With who do you stand AGAINST evil, for Good, for Jesus, or ? —->>>

Al Green – Jesus Is Waiting

I have had a very interesting life, so for myself I do not worry at all. Looong time ago I made a pact with God – what the Commander in Chief put on my Heart to write, I write. In the beginning I was very afraid, I said «But God will they (the Jews) not kill me for saying that?» (John 7:1, John 5:18). God say; «Lay your life in my hands, and you will see what I mean» (John 8:40).

Remember this: The Jews (Sons of Esau, who God hates because of all their evils, (Malachi 1:3; Romans 9:13) was commanded they should be Jacob-Israels (white peoples) servants (Gen. 27:40). They have now broken off Jacob-Israels (white mans) yoke, and taken power for themselves. White man was bringing God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the World, as was the Pact with God. God in His Word told us, but God did not in any way bless them to do this, to «break his yoke from your neck«. The Bible just state it as a fact what will happen, not that they are blessed by that action, or instructed to do it. On the contrary. They are contrary to God and all men of sainthood doing this. They now are serving Satan, not God, and with Satan is always following plenty og Death and Destruction. All civility and decency will be destroid in this Armageddon. They call it it Tikkun Olam; Repairing the World. Perversions and sins are what they offers ‘for Freedom’ of the Snakes (Lucifer/Satan).

Some build Civilisations, others again break down and destroy; The (antiChrist) Destroyers

To repair it to their liking, they first must break down and destroy everything Christian in society. Do not doubt; They still most of them hate Jesus Christs with a passion, everything Christian, very much. Will you retract Christ to serve the Jews, or because you are afraid of the Jews? (like Peter, after the crucifiction, denying he knew Jesus. What a pussy).

Edomites after Esau became Jews, says H.G. Wells (in the times of Jesus), and most of todays Jews are askeNazi converted Khazars

Do you belong to a 501(c)(3) church where the pastor is payed by the corrupt Jewish Government to say you must do everything the Jews tell you to do, buy all their sorceries they can offer, and worship them as the saviors of the World for their vaccines and medicines in this regards, than run, run from that Church. This is 250 comments under an article worshipping the Jews, they are Saviours of the World, IQ about 1000, do you now know how the antiChrists take Christs place in the World.

Karl Mordechai Marx Levy in his letter to fellow jewish satanist Baruch said Jews is to be their own messiahs. Do you see know howcome, replacing Jesus Christ, who they get killed , then and today – everyday they are killing something Christian in our societies and nations?

«The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world domination by the dissolution of other races…and by the establishment of a world republic in which everywhere the Jews will exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the Children of Israel…will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition…» (Karl Marx in a letter to Baruch Levy, quoted in Review de Paris, June 1, 1928, p. 574)

Tell God who you belong to

Do you want, like me myself, to send that symbolic message to God, that you place more trust in Him than in the talmudic Jewish magical medicine sorcery men in Israel and beyond?

Israeli hospital claims may have found cure for COVID-19
Preliminary testing shows that 29 out of 30 virus patients in serious condition that were administered the drug, dubbed EXO-CD24, once a day made a full recovery within five days; similar treatment announced by Hadassah Medical Center

The Zionists went completely euphoric of their heroes.. My og my… what level of idolizing of evil bastards, liars and sorcerers is possible?

Know this: If you become a member, you will have to lay all ‘Fears of the Jews’ aside (John 7:13, John 20:19), because you can not be a member anynymous. It is not public records, but Governments have the option to look into our membership records if they ask, know that, and if you are afraid, do not be a member, you can send us your donation anyway, and we will send you another version of the VaccineFreepass. BUT, if you like me are able to say: «Never mind the Jews, I am going to be a member of Jesus Christs Church of Latter days Saints (nothing to do with others calling themselves the same). I am not afraid of them, let the antiChrists of them rot in Hell. Jesus Christ is my Saviour and King of kings, I am betting all my life’s worth on Jesus now, come what may» (1 John 4:18).

If you can state this, than you are not afraid of the Jews, and can become a member. And we will do all we can to tell you howcome you can navigate legally to get clear their GMO plans of yourself and your children. The VaccineFreePass on the reverse side that due to religious Christian reasons your can not have any vaccines or medicines of the Jewish sorcerers, and the legal implications if anybody is forcing you, they will destroy your soul and they will by force you out of the Kingdom of God, since God is not allowing this, and they will be personal responsible for that evil.

Be free to order your Kingdom of God; Vaccine Freepass by becoming a member of our Church of God; Protestantic Union. We will have money from the Government for each member, and we will the money for the promotion of Gods Kingdom and the legal help advising Church members how to survive the coming up end time corona-Armageddon.

Trust in God

In the Kingdom of God, we must put our Trust in God, more than in sorcery magical Babylon medicine men of Jewish or other origin, that sell us ‘health’ for some shekels. Our Church money will be used for the promotion of the Kingdom of God, and legal advice and help to Church members all over the World, that will meet Governments evils, as Governments will be more and more controlled by Jewish interests, and the Christian values of Freedom will be exchanged by Jewish «rod of Iron» public management; Soviet style, like the bolshevic Jews Lenin (Blank) and Trotsky (Bronstein) installed in Russia from 1917. History repeats, there is nothing new under the sun, the Bible states (Ecclesiastes 1:9), truthfully.

There is no return to carnality and the World for me; I have written so truthfully and honest about Christs arch enemies in the World, the moment I leave Gods (spiritual) Kingdom I try to keep myself in, or God leave me, than I am finish. That is the moment the Evil Lying Satanists of Revelation 2.9 & 3.9 will and claim their victims life, and have another human blood sacrifice to their god Satan (Baal/Moloch). They do not have Jesus as final blood sacrifice, so THEY have to offer to their god Satan (Baal/Moloch) living human sacrifices or chickens all day long throughout the World.

So far and for the rest of my life, Corona or not, it is Gods Protection or Death (for me). It is my adult decision that I want to have more Faith, put more Trust in God, than i have trust in Jewish sorcerers in Pfizer/Moderna and other sorcery ‘magic medicine men» in Israel.

Poison The Wells – People run to them to get their Temple poisoned.

Nordic Light

Norway have for 1000 years been THE Christian nation the Revelation of John speaks about (Rev. 20:7), the Millennium Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

For 1000 years Norway had Jesus Christ as our King of our kings, by LAW (Constitution). Actually until this present king of Norway, had our kings protected the people from very evil people wants to seduce and rob our nations wealth. Our Christian heritage, that ended here, in a Synagogue of Satanists in city of Oslo – that is the king and the next king of former Christian nation of Norway:

The owners of the medical-industrial complex, often called The Jews, who in reality is the Sons of Esau; Edomites, those who God hates (Romans 9:13, Malachi 1:2-3), because they are doing so much evil and hate the realIsraelites, Gods Chosen People so much. The Bible calls this «The Light from the North», physically this spiritual sign of Gods Majesty is manifested as Aurealis Borealis, the Sign in the Heaven Job explain God is proclaiming his Majesty and Splendour:

«Out of the north he comes in golden splendor; God comes in awesome majesty.» – (Job 37:22).

Remember, the realIstraelites left Judea and the Middle East 732 years before Jesus Christ walked into Gethsemane, and the Jews sought to get him killed, and succeded. Why would any Christian have any more faith in the magic medicine of the people who got Jesus killed OR have faith in their own Creator; Almighty God ? That is pure madness. In Revelation the difference of them who have the Seal of God in their forehead (head, mental, choice, free will) and those who have the Image of the Beasts, is who they worships. One group of people worship, obey and put their life and risk of death on God, that God will keep them alive as long God see it is needed, and those who put their trust in the ‘Image of the Beast’, babylonian Talmudic Jews magical powers of medicine (sorcery).

Who do YOU want to be? Who will YOU, yes, YOU, put your Trust and Faith in NOW ! Do you risk your life for God? Will you have Faith that God can and will protect your children, like Abraham had to demonstrate with Isaac, if you do the Will of God ? Why would any sane person have more Faith in the Jews magical powers in making ‘medicines’, than having Faith in God, and the Powers given to Jesus Christ?

ONLY Truth, and Faith in our Master, and Commanding Chief of Command, can save us from here and The End in the Biblical Endtime Scenario that remains in the Bible.

Endtime Armageddon Script

We are now in the Revelation, chronological after 20:7 where Satan is released, because 9/11 was living human ritual sacrifice to Satan, planned in Israel by Mossad and the double passport Jews in American Government, and after that our World changed (9/11/2001). The Jews hijacked the USA Government.

Bidens Bolsjevik government. Holocaust arrived in America

The call and the Commanders order was to the Israelites – The Pact, to bring the Word of God about the Messiah, Jesus Christ as the eternal Saviour of humans, to all the World. With proudness I can state that our forefathers did just that. We have brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the World. I am 100% aware that the Bible state we should not be proud, that is another type of proudness, because we are allowed to be proud our European forefathers brought the Gospel to all the World as our Pact with God commanded us. «Go ye to the Israelites», Jesus stated to the Apostles (Matthew 10:6), when the Jews rejected Him. The Iraelites was long time since in Europe by the time Jesus commanded the apsotles to go see the realIsraelites. They had been taken captive to Assyria (Caucasus), and later when released from bondage went to Europa and formed the European civilisation. As Moses was the realIsraelites leader out of Egypt, was Odin the leader of the realIsraelites leading them out of Assyria into Europe and as far North possible to come, even into Thule. Must God bless the memory of both of them.

«They shall divide it into seven portions; Judah shall stay in its territory on the south, and the house of Joseph shall stay in their territory on the north.» – Joshua 18:5

In reality what is biblical Truth, is that the biological Israelites is the white populace of Europe. The Spiritual Israelites is actually more than that, It is all the Worlds citizens who have a personal direct relationship and gived the Holy Spirit Jesus Christ promised he will give His people.

We are the Last Living populace in the Church of Christ, the citizens of the Kingdom of God. After 1000 years of Christs Kingdom of Norway, we are now under Jewish rulership in Norway, and all over the World. There is nowhere to run, the ONLY thing we can do is to claim ourselves as citizens of the Kingdom of God, and in the Kingdom of God we honour our God, and trust God will save us from any corona or any other disease nature can bring us, because God knows the nature, God also knows the evils of men, that can make their sorceries and poisons, but God will always have the right remedies, only Death will free us from the Freedom Christ offered us, and God have offered protection for us.

As long us God have decided we shall live, that is the lenght of our lifetimes, completely independant of other humans and Jews evil plans for the World they want to rule and own, and bring all other people as their slaves only. Everybody must understand that we as Christians, Jesus Christ freed us on the Cross at Calvary, we can NOT let Christs freedom offer go to waste. We claim our freedom from the Jews/Herods evil tyranni, in Jesus name. Amen.

Gods Kingdom citizens

And God’s Laws takes precedens over any Government. The Vaccince Freepass will state; This citizen of the Kingdom of God, at Earth as in Heaven, is no cattle that can be used and experimented by mostly Jewish owned medical-industrial-complex. Freed by the offer of Jesus Christ, than the devil must flee, states the Bible (James 4:7). So be it!

The Jews learned sorcery in Babylon, and as Christians we are commanded to stay away from them, we should live separate from the Jews, and all other heathens (Rev. 21:8).

We issue a Protestantic Union membership card, to all our members, saying they have a God Almighty’s vaccine free pass. Vaccines is a religious anathema for us in our Church of Saints with the Spirit of God, NOT to in any way pollute the Temple of God, our bodies, in which the Saints is having their meeting with their Allmighty Master and Commanding Chief.

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Legally, we can not guarantee that the Governments will adhere to the Vaccine Freepass, but we will offer legal advice and your own home assurance may or may not pay for legal fees if you need to go to court in this regard. We might prepare for group lawsuits, for all our members at once to be exmpted from requirements Governments place on the heathens and their satanist souless cattles. We should try to save those cattles of the Jews, but remember, it is by their own decicion they do take the vaccines and become cattle and inhumane, a creation of man, not «in the image of God» anymore.

Travel bans and other personal restrictions are a mean of Satan to train people to be subversive. To succumb to Satan and the Synagogue of Satan, training to obey Order. Mask and all this, is just cattle training, it is like Pavlovs Dogs be trained to obey order of the Master Jew.

By becoming our Church member we can NOT guarantee that evil will not befall any of us, because God take us home when the time is there, and God let evil people be the Exterminators so they can prove by their own free wills and their Personal Constitutions, and if that Personal Constitution is evil and serving Satan, than God can Judge them. But we do believe, and we will continue to write insider articles for our Members, because we see the Jews owning Facebook, Twitter, all social medias, all Christians is throwed out from their platforms, only cattles of Satan is left there, praising and hailing the Jews as Gods Eight Wonders of the World?

Are they really? What religion do YOU sign up to? Whi is your Messiah. Are you ashamed or too much a coward to say so? Than Jesus is ashamed of you (Luke 9:26). Go speak the Goispel, he told the Apostles.

Replacing Messiah with themselves as Masciachs

Beware: Judgement Day

We the Saints doing Gods Will – not ours – are then and now the appointed federal Gods Kingdom prosecutor attorneys (1 Corinthians 6:2), we are acccusing the Evil people to God; This satanist, and that Jewish person, did that and that. Please Judge Him/Her to correct life sentence. I had done him/her no wrong, but he let out His/her evil on me/them/us.

We are to Judge Angels, says the Bible (1 Corinthians 6:3), according to the Word of God. It is Our case to Judge evil people that is doing evil things in the World. We are to say to them; «I’m gonna tell God everything» . When the evil talmudic Babylonian Jews attack the nice and peacefull Syrian people – mostly Christians – as was in Libanon – and wants to clean seven -7- nations around them, nabours – the Yinon Plan, for their people they want to send to our nations as refugees, for their Eretz Israel;

Greatest of Evils o’Lord. Dear God, when will we be free from the evildoers, the murderers, the liars, the perverts ? Some people it is never possible to live nearby, that is the rreason we was good far in the cold, far away from them, for thousands of years, we where happy in our Christian nation, the Promised Land for us realIsraelites. Peace in our unwalled villages is over now. The Jews have a Great Reset and a New (antiChrist) World Order to execute.

I’m gonna tell God everything: 3-year-old Syrian boy’s last words

That is a promise. That we will do (Psalm 49:14). We will tell Gud evenrything. Until our last breath, when the Jews have put us in a shallow grave or on a cross, never mind, the shout shall be heared from the rooftops in their pervert and New World Great (antiChrist) Reset Order; God is not dead. God is in control and judging us all, inclusive the Jews, at this very moment.

Like it was when thunder and lightning struck. The veil of their satanic Temple of mason Salomon broke, because they saluted and cheered; » All the people answered,His blood is on us and on our children!» (Matthew 27:25), later on nobody liked to live with them, because of their inhumanities and evils, deported and forbidden from 119 nations through history, and by God sent in DIASPORA as a pariahcaste BECAUSE of usury practises, ritualistic blood offerings, and poisonings of the Christians wells: «Then answered all the people, and said, His blood be on us, and on our children«. Today they do not need to poison any well. Stupid people run after them to be poisoned.

That do not mean it is OK. We all have a responsibility to protect the stupid and dumb of our own pople.

Their own fault, not mine. Their hate, not mine. Is the talmudic Jewish evils, in any way Christian saints fault, or do the Jews have to take RESPONSIBILITY when they are perpertrators themselves, their victim weapon will not help them than ?

We wait for the punishment of their latest evils to be executed, than : Romans 6:16, Daniel 7:18, Daniel 7:22, Revelation 20:4.

Leviticus 26:41, Jeremiah 4:4 :

«A time is coming,” says the LORD, “when I will punish all those who are circumcised in body but not in spirit. 26 Egypt, Judah, Edom, Ammon, Moab, and all the inhabitants of the desert who clip the hair of their temples. For all these nations are uncircumcised, and the whole house of Israel is uncircumcised in heart.”…» – Jeremiah 9:25-26

Enjoy. The Day, when God will close and balance the Evildoers account of Karma is close at hand. Rejoice. Thank God, we’re soon free at last, free at last, free from the talmudic Jews evils upon us. Jesus won the victory over them at the Cross, they will NEVER win the battle of Armageddon – the Bible tells us so..

Al Green – Free At Last


Maybe Michael Jacson was right; (((They))) – The Rulers of the New World Order, Don’t Care About Us?

«Beat me, hate me
You can never break me
Will me, thrill me
You can never kill me
Jew me, sue me
Everybody do me
Kick me, kike me»

They got a doctor freemason of B’nai Brith to kill him. So convenient. Stealing other peoples money is made an art form of Satanists.

Michael Jackson: The Jews stole my money!

«Michael Jackson picked a familiar target to blame for his mounting money problems – the Jews. In phone messages obtained by ABC News, the apparently prejudiced pop star likens them to «leeches» and claims they conspired to leave him «penniless.» «They suck…they’re like leeches…I’m so tired of it,» Jackson tells former adviser Dieter Wiesner in one of them. «The Jews do it on purpose.» The ugly message, which was made two years ago and aired yesterday on «Good Morning America,» was one of several provided by Wiesner’s lawyer, Howard King. Wiesner and another former Jacko adviser, Marc Schaffel, were fired by the singer and are suing him to recoup the millions they say he owes them. Jackson had to apologize to Jewish groups a decade ago after he included lyrics like «Jew me/Sue me/Everybody do me/Kick me/Kike me» on the song «They Don’t Care About Us.» Jackson, who relocated to Bahrain after he was acquitted of child molesting charges, did not respond to the revelations. Brian Oxman, a Jackson family attorney, insisted in a statement that the messages were actually «telephone conversations recorded without permission.»

Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us

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