Internet Radio to fight Satan

We are working on an app to have our own online radio station. How many recognize luciferian satanism permeating our nations and societies ? Click ‘Like’ and share this article if you do see it…. The ‘Sword’ is the Word of God, says Paul.

The luciferian/satanic New World Order where all of the people of a fallen nature try to be nice to each other in form of humanism, that have infiltrated even the elect in Christianity.. There is no salvation in beeing pollitical correct, and nice with your satanic/luciferian nabour. Jesus Christ told us to REPROVE them, the GOSPEL to free them from beeing under the mental and spiritual management and influence of Satan, – that is the be born anew.. a new Spirit in them.. than that of the fallen man of Adam and Eve…

On this days in history, Jesus Christ was sending his people the Holy Sprit (Ghost).. His people was never to be left alone in this ‘f*&%ed up world again, he conquered Satan and the satanists, and can tell us how to do this again. It goes the same for today as then, in a few days Riksavisen will have it’s internet radio station up and go, a channel for the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ… a channel for those people that is filled with the Holy Spirit, that have a message for the World on it’s behalf.. a channel that will sink the satanic and the Synagogues of Satans deceptions. they will will be laid bare naken, for all to see… if I am able to get the right people to stand up and be bold enough to go into clinch with Satan and the satanists.

Those Elect with the Holy Spirit who have a message to the World, feel free to contact us for beeing on the radio show (Norwegian version and/or English version)

The more dense and dark the World is to become during the times and tribulations ahead, the more of the Seven Spirits will Jesus Christ infuse into this realm to empower and equip the Overcomers, in order for the Light to shine in the dark, and to overcome the dark forces. If this was not the case, than Satans reign of this World would become permanent, and that is an unBiblical scenario.

Christian Overcomers, Satanist Luciferian Losers

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