Is Biden the President in a bankrupt America Inc.?

Did Biden just became President of USA Inc. the defunct and bankrupt USA Inc from the edomite Jewish hijacking of the United States government and nation in ACT of 1871 ? (February 21, 1871 and the Forty-First Congress is in session. Ref. to «Acts of the Forty-First Congress,» Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62)

The ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ in capital letters made it a Corporation. The US corporation is said to been legally shut down, as of 01/19/2021 at 11:59 PM eastern time. DC is now for 30 days locked down by the National Guard because it is a foreign enclave on American soil it is claimed. The agreement with the Royals of England and the Rotchilds (edomite Jews) of 1871 to finance the civil war is expired is claimed.

Judge Anna Von Reitz, in her article titled Notice To Congress, she writes:

“Congress”…functions as a corporate Board of Directors for private mostly foreign-owned and deceptively named governmental services corporations operated by the international banking cartels (the Federal Reserve running the “United States of America, Inc.” and the IMF running the “UNITED STATES”)

The Act Of 1871 Gave Jesuit Rothschild Control Of The USA

Rothschilds are Jewish. As the founder of the Jesuits Mr. Ignatius de Loyola were. Since then the ‘America’, have had a Board of Directors (Congress) and a company CEO (President). That’s all. In no way did these institutions represent the American people. They taxed them, on behalf of the IRS, to pay the interests on the usury of their Federal Reserve System bank.

All about FRS and IRS in this film:

America: Freedom to Fascism – Full.
Producer Aaron Russo (Bette Midler’sThe Rose, Trading Places)

«If we are stupid enough to surrender our freedom to a bunch of lousy international bankers, then we deserve to live in bondage». — Lisa Guliani

If Jesus Christ will take the nation back, the Jews must step down. Jesus won over the Jews and their ‘god’ Satan 2000 years ago, they know it, and when Jesus say ‘Step Down’, they will step down, let it go. They have no choice, because God have stated; «This is my beloved Son, I give all powers in Heaven as on Earth» (Proverbs 8:15, John 3:35, Luke 1:33, Matthew 28:18, 1 Peter 3:22, Hebrews 1:2)

Isaiah 42:1
«Here is My Servant, whom I uphold, My Chosen One, in whom My soul delights. I will put My Spirit on Him, and He will bring justice to the nations.

Matthew 12:18
«Here is My Servant, whom I have chosen, My beloved, in whom My soul delights. I will put My Spirit on Him, and He will proclaim justice to the nations.

Do anybody in their right mind believes that any Jew can stop Jesus Christ «proclaim justice to the nations» any time he wants, using who he wants for the purpose? Insanity. Do they believe in Santa Claus also ?

The Jews hate this fact, but it is nothing they can do about it. God is God, and a Jew is only a Jew, a servant of Satan (Rev. 2:9 & 3:9), if not become Christian, accepted the realMessiah.

Trump is only a symbol for peoples hopes and dreams for their nation.

They pray to God for their nation, and for its Christian values, and for Trump to help them make their dreams come true.

«Repent, pray, and I will heal thou nation«, says God (2 Chronicles 7:14)

The 100+ million do NOT pray to Trump, but to God.

This have brought a major Christian REVIVAL to America. God used Trump to wake up the Christians. 100+ million peoples prayers do something for a nation. 100+ million became aware of injustice, corruption, lying medias, lies in Government, evils in Government, the formation of the doctrine that «all men is born equal» is wrong, a lie. There is Satans people, and there is Gods People. They are not at all born equal. One is a looser, the other an eternal Winner. There is hope for USA after this. Awaken. To reality.

Will God hear the prayers or not?

Bidens «government» :

Included Janet Yellen. Treasury. Was boss at the Federal Reserve System, the Jews privat company for usury… for taxing the american people.. to pay for their usury. Even the Jews do not have the power of Satan to go against the Will of God; The invisible Hand of God.

The Jewish corporation of USA Inc. is down. Free at last ?
(I believe it when I see it. They rather make a new Corporation of USA, if this is bankrupt)

Did anybody notice the 17 flags behind Trumps «farewell» speech with gold fringe (matrial law flag)?

Did anybody notice Melania Trump in her «farewell» speech did NOT say God bless America? She said «God bless this nation«.

Trump did not say «God bless America» either.

Never before have they NOT said «God bless America»

Something is changed. USA have a fraudster, an ilegimate president, even voter fraud, he was in private flight to DC for the inaguration, a crime is commited. The criminals must be hanged, for treason.

The [DS]/MSM have now completed the crime, JB was inaugurated he took a private jet to DC. JB is now the illegitimate president of the US. The military has been monitoring the elections they know exactly what has occurred. 11.3 is the first marker, then entire operation is going to be completed in 30 days. :

What did Christians learn of the Trump-movement ?


The sin of believing the satanic Media ? (Do people still beleive in media lies? Don’t think so, learned discernment of the «Trump-movement»)

The sin of beliving that «who God gave position he gave a brain» [False] There are satanic people and there is Gods people. Corrupt politicians is in extreme majority (99%).

The sin of believing that masonic/luciferian «all man is born equal» dogma [False] There are satanic people and there is Gods people.

The sin of the luciferian Snake «there is no God»[False] We humans Govern ourselves (not on behalf of God) they will say and sin…

The sin of….
[never ending story – to be continued]

Sun Tzu. The Art of War. Know Your Enemy: Satan and Satanists. NOW Christs People is ready to win the War. Not one man. ALL of Gods Chosen People (the Christians). This opened their eyes.

God is in Control !

«For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.» – Luke 8:17

– «bringing/proclaiming justice to the nations» Isaiah 42:1, Matthew 12:18

Hopefully Gods People will make better choices both who should be President and other, after this awareness campaign of God.

They created the COVID hysteria to hide their crimes and to avoid their crimes become public. Magic. Make focus shift from one thing (left hand) over to something else (right hand). They will go down, ultimately.

Breaking urgent: Joe Biden is Finished. Chinese News

Sometimes You Must Sacrifice Yourself For The Greater Good

For fear of the Jews, serving the Jews – not the People, the Military already have conceded on the criminal cabal, says Brother Nathanael. Christians need to form their own states within USA, chemical free from Jews and leftists. The military have already conceded to Biden, to the lies and election frauds , should we believe the letter in the beginnning of this video from Brother Nathanael.

How Secession Works

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