My tribute to Agnetha Fältskog (ABBA), Breaking the Matrix

You can’t run away from your childhoods ideals. They may be dormant, but they are there. «You Must Be As A Child Again«, Jesus said, «to see the Kingdom of God«. So true. We must throw all of the brainwashing away.

For all those who love God, God will love them back, and give them fantastic talents, IF they are able to keep themselves in a world where all is brainwashed to be copies of each others, than all will be equal (dumb and godless perverts). It is the innocence that makes Scandinavian music and all else the best there is, that is what made us «example for the nations» (Isaiah 49:6, Deuteronomy 18:13, Exodus 19:6). We had kings and nobles fighting and taking care of us, making us safe through the generations. Now the only nobility left is the Jews, and they do what they want and rob us clean for their globalist friends and family, nor what is best for the people of Norway, or for God.

Agnetha Fältskog (ABBA) – Tack för en underbar, vanlig dag

Lyrics by Agnetha Fältskog (ABBA) [The lyrics are about thanking God for the day. Wikipedia (SV)].

God works miracles in the world for his people! Satan destroys his own by creating copies of his godless ideal in humans, like the kikes created in Russia > USSR. It have all been tried before, and failed. By the same Jews, that left USSR collapsed under their atheistic godless management, to Israel and suddenly there became «Gods Chosen Ones», they don’t believe in God, but they «the Allied» believe they are «gods» chosen, with double passports from Bolsjevik sovjet Israel (68% of «Jews» in Israel are Sovjet bolsjeviks) into USA Congress and White House to make it a satanic cesspool of that and our nation also. If God have preserved just a few humans as me, the Jews will Loose.. 🙂

«Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right». – George Orwell

In a world and nations where everyone is trained by them to be copies of each other, like Pavlov’s dogs, the mark of an animal «beast» nature, ‘Law of the Jungle’; might is right, opposing Jesus’ instruction that the strong have responsibilities to be Servants of the weak. The Jews have no chance there, they are Emperors, like Pharaos, Caesers, Herods and Aarons and Esau’s like in the Bolsjevik Soviet, NOT Josephs or Moses’ OR Jesus’ who are Servans, not Rulers. Like our State of Government in Norway, UK and US was before the edomite Jews hijacked powers in our nations.

As Agnetha, I thank God for being me, for taking care of us his people, for a life that then became so much more and different, filled with miracles, the revelations given to me, and which come in handy, and the talents which means that you don’t have to kneel for someone. If God preserve a few like me, the Jews will Loose. 🤣

For let me be me, for saying whatever I like to say, God knows I would NOT have a life in this World without, because this is ME. If I can not speak freely from my soul, I would NOT be me, I would be half dead already, a human «vegetable» like many others. It wouldn’t be a life, for me, in the Jewish Kingdom of the World than. I could just as well be dead. Much better, than under the yoke of the Edomite Jews.

Coming soon

Thank you God, for me to be FREE in mind and skin…. No money in the world can replace such a treasure, to be who one was meant to be, and not the copy the world will create one and all to be.

Agnetha is fantastic, and was more or less the heart and soul of ABBA (means ‘father’, their first name intitals), the innocense in the Scandinavian music that not so many can copy… because it is / WAS part of our upbringing and culture, before the edomite Jews of Esau destroyed our Christian culture (Malachi 1:2-3,4, Rom. 9:13).

StoltenBERG, @anderslindberg, LindBERG, WallenBERG, AschBERG, GinsBERG, RosenBERG, BERGmann, SpielBERG, BloomBERG, SteinBERG, WeinBERG, GoldBERG, VekselBERG, ZuckerBERG, GreenBERG, BromBERG, WästBERG, ThunBERG, etc, etc.

I love to see Agnetha here, in this video, we can actually see on her face before she start to sing, she going down into the melancolic sphere and spectre the song need, can see her eyes change, the window to the soul … She could go to all the emotional specters , high and low …sad and joy.. she just «switch» herself. Soulless people don’t have this, they do not know what I mean. It can not be learned, it is a Gift of God, a talent. We keep our talents as long we stay close to God, after it is stop, Satan gives you tatoos and perversions and half naked sluts to keep the crowd with fantasies of lusts (Matthew 25:15,29-30). But in the talented by God we see the Master Artists, like Whitney Houston before she ended up in bad company of satanists, and Lucy Thomas today (UK), (they do not need the satanic staffage, or perform half naked the Jewish Way, their voice is all and everything they need) :

ABBA – My love, my life (Poland 1976) HQ

I understand VERY much she couldn’t be married very long with Bjørn, he was an «humanetic atheist» and used to be stupid enough to be proud of it also, that means as long that types get food and sex they are happy. They are profane, carnal, mundane, there is no spirit there at all, empty, shallow, void, simple minds, simple humans. .. no depth… no internal life, more like an animal creature actually… like Jewish Aaron, dancing around the Golden Calf, forever. Greed, lusts, their extreme apetite for eating, ‘People of the Flesh’, red lentils or otherwise, – like in Jewish Esau, the Edomite.

There is a war on in the World for our minds, hearts and souls… I own mine ! You should own yours. The only way is to RESET it to what your CREATOR created YOU to be, not as the «Harlem-Cult» and the satanic talmudic Jews have programmed you to be.

As the Bible says: (((they))) can kill the body, but our Spirit they cannot touch (if we have a Spirit then, and not weak in spirit or spiritless as the animals are), Matt. 10:28, it’s mine, I’m not a copy of anyone. God created an original, which I do my best to take care of, there is no one like me in the world.

I have seen a fantastic development in the 25+ years I have studied and written about the talmudic bolsjevik Jews. At first I was more or less alone, today we are thousands who understands, in all nations, all over the world. I know who my friends are, of the same Spirit, from the ones who understands what I say. I have most of my life talked to people who never understood what I said.

In a not too distant future God will «take away the shells on the eyes» (Acts 9:18, 22:23) of millions of people. We will then see something beautiful will happen.

Luciferian #Pride for perversions and tolerance for evil and satanic humans actions is no #love, real love is not perversions. Love is Love. Breaking through the Matrix !

A full spiritual reset, of the lies the Jews as Klaus Schwab et al have planted in us, The Matrix, by the Climate-Covid-Conflict (War) Inc.

Title photo on top. Google is owned by Jews. We see the christian white girl in the middle of two negroes for pervert miscegenation. And two disabled white on each end. Devils Horns. White Christians males disabled, they are atheist and gays, and the Jew is in the center of it all. I would NOT bet it will be like this Jewish Way. The Bible say Jacob-Israels family should have tribulations, NOT that the edomite bolsjevik Jews will be totally successfull extinguish us completely. We are already from 51% of the worlds population in 1898 at the Zionist Congress in Basel made their plans, to 5% today, they have been effective. I can not believe God would make it very much worse now. Shall we be 0 % ? Not according to the Bible.

The Jews are super entusiatic they will be able to brainwash all with false flags to make themselves the talmudic wet dreams of World Empire, everybody else their slaves. Soviet 2.0, of the whole World this time. Their satanic godless and antichrist talmudic New Babylon. But their god Satan (John 8:44, Rev. 2:9 & 3:9) have a problem: God is with us, not them .. 🙂    #GodWins Always.   🤣

Satan trick them in believing his promises, they do NOT calculate that Satan is ALWAYS a liar 🙂

What Satan trick them to believe he is, Isaiah 14:14.

What Satan really is : Isaiah 14:15-16

The ones who becomes Christians joined again with God is saved and are no longer «Jews» as per religion, and the ones NOT becoming Christians is going to Hell (light out) with the rest, this is no rocket science.

Jews, you can not manage your own families, like Gro Harlem Bruntland, her children kills themselves, nor Soviet that was only bloodshed and massmurder (66 million) and your terror nation in the Middle East. Do NOT pretend you can run the World. That is for us, of Jacob-Israel heritage. 🙂

ISRAEL, is not a delusion, but the illusion and PERCEPTION of who ISRAEL is based on a GRAND DELUSION… the biggest there is 🙂 The Biblical challenge is; Who will see through the DELUSION, and who will not ? LOL, not easy, but possible for all… IF openminded…

WE are the Ones we have been waiting for…

We will NOT buy into their Luciferian spirit, for sure 🙂

WE will NOT believe they are the royals of God, when (((they))) are the royals of Satan (Rev. 2:9 & 3:9)…. LOL 😇🤣❤️

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