My Wonderful Loving Family in Christ

There is a fantastic fruit of the corona crazyness, the separation and hate inspired by the forcec behind our Governments, the vaccinated’s hate against the unvaccinated, also breaking families apart. They just plain and simple find out they do not like each other anymore, because the brainwashed massconscious part of the populations is in herd consciousness, and as always will be unble to do their own thinking, they MUST OBEY Government, to hate their unvaxed non-compliant neighbour. Divide and conquere, as always.

Let me introduce the most beatiful people of the World, in my humble opinion. The more the evil part of the askeNAZI people and others around us in society shows their ugly colours, might even be persons close to us, the more should we focus of the LOVE of the family of Christ, is stronger than any other bond we can have in life, and that is what my analysis is why this is happening. God have allowed this to happen, God have let loose the Khazarian Mafia for awhile (Rev. 12:9, 20:7).

We can expect of the People of Satan they will OBEY Government, they will NOT be able to think and do their own conclusions. They are not even the Masters of their own emotions. Their talking heads on their TV-set is the Master of their emotions and values. Those «values» they want to force on everybody else.

We must remember that all this is happening for a reason. Do NOT assume that God have left the scene. God is still in control. The Khazaraian Mafia (KM) can’t do anything with this Covid-hoax that God have not approved, and God have approved this, in order it will be fulfilled as the Bible states, to separate the wheat from the tares (Matt. 13:30).

Sorry. But no. You will not be able to get most of your biological family with you where you go. Those who go with Christ go with Him, rest goes with Satan, into the abyss.

Meet the Khazarian Mafia (KM). In service for their master Satans New World Order, Great Reset of our national economies.

For my part I have had an awakening in that regard. The more hate from the haters of the Satanic kingdom aimed against us, the more love we should be, we of the Kingdom of Christ. We already know who will win in the end. The Bible is quite clear on that.

In have written about several I recognize the Spirit of Christ. I can sort of before I know their stories tell what kind of Spirit they are of, or not:

Mariah Jones

Mariah Jones: From Atheist To Believer In Jesus Christ: How Jesus Cured My Eating Disorder, Christian Testimony

Signe Marie Fidje Store

Signe Marie Fidje Store, ex New Age on the Wings of the Spirit

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington, a Christian superstar (NOR)

Reba McEntire

Last words to Loretta Lynn (bottom of my article here, Google translate ENG flag in right column), from ALL lovely ladies who honor her, but especially Reba McEntire who we Christians can easily establish in her ESPECIALLY there lives a Spirit we recognize. My face lights up in a big smile when she enters the song. What a voice! What a spiritual presence.

Whether it is her, or the Spirit of Christ («Christ lives in me«, Gal. 2:20) in her I love should be left unsaid, but it is something. She is almost 70 years old at the time of writing, we see that Christ takes good care of his people – it is so nice to know that there are more of us, and that we can meet them by the «right Spirit» like this – on each side of the world, our true Sisters (and Brothers) in Christ – they are Family.

Superstar as she is. For me she is a Sister in Christ, like I should have known her always. I say this because I believe this will not only happen to me. I believe it will happen «universally», Christs people will recognice each others, and stay out from the crowd of Satan; Lights in a dark World.

Carrie Underwood

Fantastic Carrie, and Victory to Jesus. She does not sell Jesus for fame and fortune (Matt. 10:33). She would earn millions of $$$ more if she served Satan, as Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Kate Perry do. Carrie trusts her talent, and shares the Gospel – and is happy with it. It is good for the soul (Matt. 16:26). I’m very proud of her… it’s not popular to sing about Jesus in Satan’s temporary world order.

Jordan Peterson

I have reason to believe that Jordan Peterson have had one of the special VERY personal encounters with Jesus the Christ, as some of us is fortunate enough to have.

Sara Evans

Last and surely not least. We pray for another Sister in Christ.

Sara Evans says in her profile that she «loves Jesus», this is reflected in her values (unfortunately she has been unlucky in her choices, she is in divorce proceedings again). We love her for it, and the talents God gave her she manages excellently. Here we can imagine that when she sings «man» then the man is «Jesus», ie «Stay by your Jesus», – not everyone manages it in the pressure from the worldly and carnal peoples of the world.

Love is all around.

Bee Gees – How Deep Is Your Love

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