DEEPSTATE Norway 1945-2023: From NAZI occupation to askeNAZI occupation

Norway’s DEEPSTATE Rulers 1945 – 2023: From NAZI occupation to askeNAZI occupation – same shit, different wrapping. This is HIS-story of the Edomite Jews from birth in Genesis 25 to eternal DEATH in Revelation 20+. Enjoy!

The HIS-story of the ‘Deepstate’, is the same for all white nations. The story about Esau (The Jew) who never stopped hate his brother Jacob-Israel (WASP). 2500 years of hate. All the tools they use is always the same; Multiculturalism, «poisoning of the wells» (today by vax/medicin), wars, hunger, etc. When after WW2 ruling Labour Party veteran leaders Jens Christian Hauge (MILORG, AP) and Håkon Lie (Labour Party / AP) should build the «New Jerusalem» (Zion) for the Jews (AP was/is a socialist/communist strongly antiChrist party, here they use religious language in ideology, to favour the Jews);

Boogeyman Adolf Hitler was (((the Jews))) man, some claim a Rothschild grandson, to scare «lesser brethren» Jews to Israel. Can’t incorporate a bandit-terrorist-state without population.

Albert Einstein referred to ZIONISTS as “CRIMINALS” in 1948! He was right. They are MOSSAD, Russian, Italian and Irish mafia combined. Controlling all of them. Here is his letter about it.

Those who control the ‘Deepstate’ is also the same everywhere, east and west. Globalism is their 2500 years (antiChrist) talmudic babylonian kingdom of the World come true, them as supereme rulers. Nobody oppose them, not left not right, not progressive not liberal, they control today via UN, NATO and WEF practically ALL nations and all kings and princes of the World, as the Bible predicts, ALL the World will be under the Evil One(s). All we can do is to ask: What will God do ? The One and Only rescue, for all good people of he World. Because those people in power of the worlds Deepstates are so deep in their evil that they are beyond redemption, in any way.

Bob Marley & The Wailers – Redemption Song

askeNAZI Klima-Kovid-Krig Inc.

Nobody will not even think about getting to power position without serving them. Like in Russia, second law of Trotsky (Bronstein) and Lenin (Blank) in 1917 was death sentence for «anti-semitism». Anti-«semites» are to be hated they teach and brainwash the masses from childhood, not given power. They are again successful with the same modus operandi. The bolshevic Jews industrial exterminated 66 million «legally» with that law.

You can assume that a people who are related to biblical Barrabas, is freed from punishment by a nation state’s Government, those people freed from criminal prosecution, is the people the «Deepstate» operate in favour of. When you have 10 such cases the Deepstate operate in favour of the Jews, free them from criminal prosecution, than you are sure you know the people favored by the Deepstate.  Those cases are in this article:

The bedrock of Norway was once Jesus Christ for thousands of years..justice was; same Law equal for all. Abraham won the favours of God because of his righteousness, those not of Abrahams righteous Spirit, are NOT Abrahams children. Bloodlines have nothing to do with it. In talmudic law ‘justice’ is what is good for the Jews.

But than something changed. «And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison,» Rev. 20:7.  Satan and the satanic Jews of SoS (Rev. 2.9) have been released from the prison Jesus Christ bound them into on Calvary. Relax christians. God do this on purpose. #JudgmentDay. #GodWins.

Coup d’etat in 1945 §§§

Around 2001 in USA 9/11 and around 2011- 2012 in Norway the edomite – the Elder – stopped serve Jacob-Israel the younger, and from here they raised their own (pirate) flag, from here they operate for their own selfish ends and agendas. Both episodes was both 9/11 and Utøya insider ‘Deepstate’ blood sacrifices rituals to Satan, their leader. To get their will.

They know they have a very limited window of opportunity, see the clown ‘machiach‘ (political leader / general lead them to victory over goyim, goyim = nations of Jacob-Israels people) Klaus to the left.

Not much we can do. God have released Satan for this drama. They have corrupted every person of and own every institution on the planet Earth. They have paid for and practically OWN every person in the Norwegian Parliament. There is not one – not 1 – person says against their will, or who is not carrying this their askeNAZI pin of color-revolution. There is nobody in power to help the best part of humanity.

The World is run as an asylum. The lunatics are the guards. The healthy one are the inmates.

So it’s all in Gods hands, we must ask; What will God do, I asked in this article in my mother tongue ?

The Founding Fathers in both Norway and America knew

The ‘Jewsuits’ (Jews and Jesuits, same shit) was forbidden by norwegian Constitution until 1856. John 15:20 Jesus says: «Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also.«.  «They» in Jesus’ time is the Jews. In our time it is the same people that will hate and persecute us, Jesus told us. Same mob. Same people. Same liars (John 8:44). Same criminals.

Nothing can stop the Babylonians, and their pathological aspirations for World conquest, as thei had in Jesus time also («My kingdom is not of this World«). Them as Rulers, you are Slave. BUT. CHRIST had full 100% victory over them 2000 years ago. The fight is done, over with No more fighting needed. What Will God do ? It is Gods will Christ is King over princes and kings, not mine. They go agaist GOD this time, not me. I go with God, Gods Will is my Will. For the Jews right now, they operate in opposition to Gods will. Their problem more than mine problem.

Edomites after Esau became Jews, says H.G. Wells (500 years before times of Jesus), Jews og Edom became Khazars, and most of todays Jews are converted Khazars (askeNAZI). From the book Who is Esau – Edom, by Charles A. Weisman

I am the only author in the World who see this long lines in World biblical history. Today we will learn that this is not only history, this is HIS-story. Because if the Bible is correct start to finish, God is still on his throne, even if the edomite Jews seems like they are about to replace God as the seat of almighty universal power with the satanic askeNAZI jews Klaus Schwab. Bill Gates and George Soros in front.

We will see how far their pathological aspirations of power and richness will carry them… this time. 🇺🇸Congressman James Traficant🇺🇸 tells Americans their government is controlled by 🇮🇱 Zionist Israel 🇮🇱! Norway, USA, UK, Germant, EU, Australia, Canada, goes the same for all; Under Occupation, as the Palestineans, he was killed for this – a thruthfull man; God may revenge him;

If you want details, go to the linked articles in Norwegian, and push the english flag in the right column.

Since we write for Christians mostly, it is the Biblical HIS-Story we are busy with. Proving the validity and correctness of the Bible as Gods Word, as the only one. If it is 100% accurate description thousands of years in advance, that is the BEST evidence God exists.

Until 1856 : Jews and Jesuits forbidden by law in Norway.

Norwegians have lived in peace and quiet, without walls and as promised by God to His people (Ezekiel 38:11). It is of this innocent and naive people the Jews just love to fool and lie to. The edomite Jews have done the same before. Shortly after the edomite Jews was taken up in the tribe of Judah, they have navigated themselves to the throne, as Herod, the satanic jewish King that wanted to kill Jesus already as a child. It is also the same issue today when we the Israelites broke up from the Jews, ten tribes of Israel, because Salomons son taxed them too heavy, same as today; Their theft schemes; Climate-Covid-Conflict/War (Ukraine) Inc. All to rob us dry. They will NEVER be better. God will take care of them. Read to the end.

The Jews don’t fulfill one single description of the Israelites, Scandinavians and other WASP’s do:

A few years after the law was revoked, the Jews had occupied power centres in Norway, see father of jewess Gro Harlem Brundtland; Gudmund Harlem just as an example, their «Mot Dag» movement. for Christians it is «Toward Night», as this was Jewish Bolsjevics.

The strongly anti-Christian Jewish Labor Party (AP) leader Edvard Isak Hambro Bull wrote the book «Communism and Christianity» in 1923. He goes straight into social arrangements that are organized against Christian ideology. It should be quoted again, because the AP has not distanced itself from it, but constantly promotes it:

«We will make the school secular, just like nursing and funerals and marriage and birth registration. We must fight implacably against the existing Lutheranism like other dumbing down sects». And further it was said: «The children are to be made into socialists, and it is the teachers who are to make them into that».

They had all positions of power a few years after they was allowed by law to live in Norway, and in front in the movement who incorporated the UN, who will later at the time of writing (2023) prove the establishment of a Jewish power broker house of their Universal «Humanistic» (secular) World Republic;

«UN Secretary Trygve Lie (Norwegian), who was initially supposed to be neutral and ensure a fair solution, was totally pro-Jewish and played in league with the Zionists. He used his position as UN Secretary to spy for the Zionists’ benefit. (See Everything For Israel p. 40). He forged documents, spoke with two tongues, had secret meetings with Jewish terrorist groups such as the Jewish Agency. His behavior even led the United States to accuse him of selling himself out to the Jews.”

I stands on the shoulders of people who with extreme courage and their own good lives as a cost, have informed us in the past, mostly Erik Rudstrøm observed : «the «community» Einar Gerhardsen learned to know during the war «was bigger than the labor movement», as he expresses himself in his memoirs. Over time, both the Conservative Party and the Christian People’s Party have more or less been drawn into this collaboration«, and as lawyer and diplomat Synnøve Fjellbakk Taftø, who the zioNAZIs have chemically lobotomized an entire life for revealing their big secret of WHO this «community» is – who the States of the Allied, all for one and one for all, is working in tandem on behalf of – The Deepstate.

Jesus Christ, and not Jews as Klaus Schwab, is the King of kings in Norway (Isaiah 9:6) For 1000 years it was like that for us. And a dirty evil Jew believe he is to take that position ?

Incidentally, what made Trygve Lie rewarded with the post of UN’s first Secretary-General? He wasn’t one of the most voracious, so something was what he was rewarded for, probably at our expense…. Is the war ‘we’ won, a camouflaged loss, even today? We know that many of today’s political leaders are the children and descendants and/or successors of the Mot-Dag movement, who supported the Zionist activated Soviet Communism and Israel for Jews;

  • We know that Norway was active in providing Israel with heavy water for their 250 nuclear bombs, especially through the Minister of Defense and Deputy Chairman of MILORG Jens Christian Hauge (AP), illegally.
  • We know that the same Jens Christian Hauge made a great effort to free the MOSSAD team that was behind the Lillehammer murder in 1973 (MOSSAD, with right to kill on our soil).
  • We know that Gro Harlem Brundtland is the daughter of MotDagist Oddmund Harlem.
  • We know that Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg (AP) was/is Brundtland’s crown prince / heir to the ‘throne’.
  • We know that Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (AP) has apprenticed with Gro Harlem Brundtland.
  • We know that Jonas GAHR Støre is Jewish and partly responsible for the chemical lobotomy of lawyer and diplomat Synnøve Fjellbakk Taftø.
  • We know that the media in Norway has a program obligation to hide these connections, especially in MILORG’s own VG, later Schibstedt.
  • We know that Norway has the right of inspection for the heavy water that was sold for ‘peaceful purposes’ to Israel, but has NEVER made use of the right of inspection. Jens Christian Hauge was going for an inspection once, and then he sat in a pub the whole time, it is said.

Synnøve Fjellbakk Taftø writes in a letter to Øyvind Aarsnes, head of, on 02.01.2006 that Norway was in reality occupied from 8 May – 13 December 1945, by the allies (one of the two Jewish sides of WW2);

«During this time, Norway was not ruled by the first Gerhardsen government, but by allied propaganda experts, most of them of Jewish origin, who gave orders to the specially selected ministerial councils in each individual ministry about what should be done. It was these propaganda experts who were behind both the War Children’s Committee and the unconstitutional provisional arrangements that have constituted Norwegian law after the war, not the so-called home front, but I was not aware of that until 1989. I knew, however, that Jens Christian Hauge had played a key role both in 1945 and all the years since and I suspected him of being the ‘Agent Oscar’ that the Mossad was so proud of.»

Side 1 og Side 2. (Høyreklikk, Lagre Som…)

‘The Liberation’ 1945; Norway sold to England’s Jewish ruler Baron Rothschild

«A severe mental condition in which thought & emotions are so affected that contact with external reality is lost. – Also known as Zionism».

This image is only for public consumption and deception. Synnøve Fjellbakk Taftø also remind us that the german occupants in Norway did NOT surrender to any norwegian, but to the «Allied» (the edomite Jews). The Germans never capitulated to any Norwegian ‘Home Forces’ [MILORG], and transferred power to them, but to the British Supreme Allied Commander.

The New World Order; Haakon Lie and the Labor Party’s path to power, and their supporters

Don’t blame me or other norwegians for anything they have done, the last 100+ years for their own pathological power grab of the Worlds powers. You can learn what they do to the World, out of how they grab all the powers in Norway. They just replicate the modus operandi globally what they have done to us «locally».

What they have done is for the sake of the Jews and their antiChrist New World Order. Not anything for me and us norwegian christians. In reality we see here the culmination of 6000 years of HIS-story. We shall tell this epilogue of HIS-story. REMEMBER; The Bible deals initially ONLY with the story of Adam, Abraham and Jacob-Israels twelve tribes, AND Esau, the Edomites, the Jews. The biggest lie in history of mankind they have cursed mankind with is that «Jews» are the «Israelites»;

Genesis 25:23 The LORD said to her, “Two nations are in your womb, and two peoples from within you will be separated; one people will be stronger than the other, and the older (Esau) will serve the younger (Jacob-Israel, of the white race).”
Genesis 27:40 You (Esaau, Edomites, the Jews) shall live by the sword and serve your brother. But when you rebel, you will tear his yoke from your neck

SO. Until after WW2, the Jews still had to «serve the younger», the Christian Jacob-Israels nations. Because our nations was Christians, and Christ was to rule our kings and monarchs, as per Isaiah 9:6, had been like that for 1000 + years. Than says the Bible the edomite satanists are to be released (Rev 20:7). That is the same when Gen. 27:40 they will «tear his [brothers] yoke from your neck».

NB !  This is rebellion to GOD !   Not to me or any other men. We are of no big concern. The rebellion against GOD himself, is what the Jews will have to pay dearly for this time. It will be much worse this time, than the last time they rebelled;

This is made up of the fact that it is ONLY the white race who have tribulations in the World. The Jews are at their all time high of existence, with their climate and vax-industries, before they are taken out for good. This time will be their eternal DEATH ! (Ob. 1:18). Justice will prevail. Their evil WILL be paid for. An eye for an eye, etc, etc.

Carefully planned for by the edomite Jews

Norway make up a «template» how things have been, therefore we shall explain how it was brought about here. The same edomite «Deepstate» is implemented in all other nations under the sun, east and west.

I have only speculated on this in many articles earlier on about how he (Håkon Lie) and Jens Christian Hauge (JCH) built our country after the Second World War to serve someone else’s agenda. He called those who served somebody else during the war in Norway, for «Kretsen» (The Circle).

John Nikolai Omark «The War at Sea»:

(p. 239 et seq.) «When asked where the money came from, Lie explained to the police that after the war the New York branch of the Seamen’s Union managed $35,000 for the Labor Party, which should have been donations to the party from three Jewish trade unions in the USA.»

«According to Lie himself in the book «Krigstid 1940-1945 (Tiden, 1982), money was collected in the USA towards the end of the war for what was called American Workers’ Aid and which was transferred to Norway via Stockholm, and this collection was the Lie even who stood for. Furthermore, Lie received «orders» from London to place an order for «.. printing equipment: presses, typesetters and matrices» to be delivered after the war. This order required a down payment of $100,000. There was no money, and, writes Lie:

“… again the road went to Jewish labor organizations. The equipment was bought and paid for.”

«Yes, indeed the Labor Party had a lot to thank Jewish organizations for. But how such a close relationship with Jewish organizations had been established, Lie writes nothing about. In any case, one is left with the feeling that there is something wrong with Lie’s explanation to the police. …. There is every reason to assume that it was eavesdropping equipment that POT Lie had brought home from the USA, …».

Norwegian politics; The dirty power game behind the scenes 1945-2006

We are to tell here the story of how Norway was having a coup d’etat, of how this «Kretsen» are the edomite Jews of B’nai Brith, talmudic satanists, how the edomite Jews hijacked all the powers, all the institutions for their own sake, not for the norwegian peoples sake. Thereby blasphemous spitting on Gods supreme Law, that people should have free will ; Christ (Christians) OR Satan (Jews), their right to serve who they want of this two spiritual entities.

We have warned against the Jews let their criminal peoples be able to have immunity to kill 159 people on the M/V Scandinavian Star case without even proper investigation. My point in this article listing lots of cases where their Barrabas’ are freed, and Jesus’ murdered , is that the Jews need to hang their own now for their crimes, OR God will do it;  The deep state gives Edomite Jews immunity and «standard approval» in Norwegian justice, what does God do?

God have warned them AGAINST this; Thou should be SERVANTS, not RULERS !

They all became leaders of the askeNAZI DEEPSTATE

You might as RULERS kill us, but in the end, the Bible say we will be good. but you Jews, will be forever finished, there wont be any trace of you left in this dimension. You will be dumped in the spiritual garbage bag, called Hell.

We of the Jacob-Israel stock have showed the World the most successful way of running nations, in the World. There is/was none like us. Jews need to destroy our nation, so we should NOT serve any longer as the «example of and Light to the nations», we was called to be (Isaiah 49:6).

They want to establish their homosexual pervert ‘Israel’ nation as this «light for the nations» as per Isaiah. Their eight genders

Pedophilia is a Jewish tradition

I laugh all the way to church 🙂 This people are supposed to be «gods chosen race»…  (Idiots: Israel is a people, not a nation). You see how this is Synagogue of Satan (SoS, Rev. 2.9 & 3.9) ?

The ‘circle’ serving the Edomites that gained power in Norway:

  • We know that these people, this ‘Circle’, carried out a coup d’état in Norway after the Second World War, and killed everyone who could expose them. Nowhere else was killed more «nazis» (normal people, party members) than in Norway, after the war, by the Jews winning the war (‘landssvikeroppgjøret’). They just killed all who knew the Truth about them.
  • We know that Einar Gerhardsen had stood in Grini where he was to hijack voters, and said that he would be allowed to become Prime Minister of Norway after the war (?). Source: Jendal Antonsen, who was a prisoner in the same place. The book «Our Unknown War History«. Democracy? Who appoints Prime Ministers if not the voters?
  • Who was that Gerhardsen’s «handler», the «thick-faced Jew» who traveled on the plane with Einar Gerhardsen, whom Jendal Antonsen mentions on p. 213 of his book?
  • We know that they put the Constitution out of effect by their provisional measures, for example the death penalty in peacetime. Cf. lawyer Synnøve Fjeldbakk Taftø.
  • We know that jurist Synnøve Fjeldbakk Taftø, and a diplomat under the Brundland government, says that our ministries were invaded by British propaganda experts, ‘most of whom came from the Jewish race‘, she says in a letter to Øyvind Aarsnes, dated 02.01.2006.

Who was «The Circle»?

Haakon Lie, Skjebneår: «The fear that the Home Front leadership would put our people’s government out of action went right through the ranks of the elected representatives. When one reads C. J. Hambro’s «Diary leaves and documents from the formation of the government from 1945», one sees how among many of the «old» members of the Storting there was the deepest distrust of the Home Front’s leadership. The Farmers’ Party’s Gabriel Moseid said bluntly that «we are dealing here with people who had planned and prepared a coup d’état». Hambro himself stated: «It is obvious that the leadership of the Home Front, which finds the anonymous and irresponsible power sweet, intends to push the state powers completely aside… The Storting as an institution is deliberately insulted from day to day».

«The same evening, the case explodes on radio and television. One of the country’s best-kept secrets is about to be revealed. Thirty years have passed since Defense Minister Jens Chr. Hauge, intelligence chief Vilhelm Evang and a handful of others started work on building up the secret army. It has happened in close cooperation with two powerful foreign services: the American CIA and the British MI6. 5 «

Major General William J. Donovan, former chief of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS);

General Donovan emphasized that the urgency of the Jewish situation in Europe demanded the “immediate opening of the doors of Palestine.”

General Donovan said: “It is clearly impossible for the Jews to remain in Europe. Anti-Semitism is too strong.»

That Jens Christian Hauge served under OSS (later became CIA)  is mainstream, serving under jewish «Wild» Bill Donovan, so we know where he get his orders ;

Jens Christian Hauge as a Zionist hawk?

‘The New Jerusalem’ and ‘The Dance around the Golden Calf’

The Nazis at home in Norway during the war told that the London government had sold Norway to ‘England’ aka the Rothschild International Jewry; The City and The Crown. When the AP representatives in the London government, Nygaardsvold, Lie and Torp, did not want to build up a Norwegian defence, they probably intended to leave the security policy to the Western powers based on the idea: rather England than a politically controlled military force, in Norway.

Two askeNAZI Jews; samme shit, different wrapping

The former state secretary Oddmund H. Hammerstad writes about a secret network that is outside society’s control.says in the book «Oppgjør med maktspill og overgrep i De hemmelige tjenester»:

«When such strong forces and large resources are deployed to prevent the historical picture from being drawn in full, there is probably reason to assume that it is because very serious mistakes have been made. Jens Chr. Hauge and Haakon Lie close their mouths again. The first more than the second. Lie once snarled at a journalist: «If you approach Jens Chr. Hauge with questions about what special contacts he had in the USA, he will ask you to go to H.!, and I do too, go to H.!»

In the same connection, Haakon Lie is said to have stated: «We had a task to solve». It is obvious to ask: What task had Haakon Lie and his party colleagues undertaken to solve? And who was the client?

Professor Thomas Chr. Wyller wrote a letter to Jens Chr. Hauge on 15 January 1997. He ended the letter as follows:

«The generation that follows the time of the actors has an unconditional right to ask in order to find out. You have an equally obvious claim to be heard, but you have no right to remain silent. If you choose silence, you – imperialistically – steal history from posterity. It asks what are you hiding under the golden helmet?”

Erik Rudstrøm says in his book, Bind 1:

«We are looking for agreements that describe the collaboration between the Labor Party’s leaders and Freemasonry and the General Staff from the beginning of the 1930s. It forms the basis for the cooperation between the London government and the Home Front leadership during the Second World War. We know that Great Britain had undertaken to contribute to the Zionists’ Israel being realised, by the Balfour Declaration, in return for the Zionists helping them win the war against Germany. There is probably reason to assume that they put pressure on Norway that they had to contribute to the same after the war; which has subsequently been confirmed, as Haakon Lie himself says; «We were to build the New Jerusalem» (for the Jews, the New World Order of the Jews).

We know that the collaboration between the Norwegian and Israeli Labor Party was close for a long time. Norwegian social democrats may have established a similar dependence on Freemasonry (or others) as the sister parties in Italy. Breaking or deviating from the agreement that has been entered into can have unpredictable consequences. The choice can be between joining politics and retaining power, or expressing your own opinions and being defeated. Such an agreement will paralyze the party’s political power and it will lead our country into an unacceptable relationship of dependence.»

‘The Liberation’ 1945; Norway sold to England’s Jewish ruler Baron Rothschild

«Since Hauge had several trips to Germany during the war, and since Gerhardsen could proclaim in his speeches at Grini that he was promised to become Norway’s prime minister after the war, there is more than enough reason to believe that these leaders of ours have been bought and paid (against them getting the apparent power in the kingdom) on the way to serving powers other than the Norwegian people. Promised by whom? Of the people who would elect him? (as elections take place in Norway, during the occupation from 1945 to date)».

The «Stay Behind» system is an extension of MILORG, strongly Zionist-oriented, they stood to secure the interests of Jews and Israel in the post-war period, managed today by the Stoltenberg family, Torvald Stoltenberg became leader after Jens Christian Hauge, I assume the leadership position in the «Circle» passed on to Torvald’s son and Hauge’s godson Jens Stoltenberg. By many this rulership of Norway is called «The Deep State»;

Trygve Lie’s secret post-war deal with Great Britain (Baron Rothschild)

That is the reason why Norways «Oil Welfare Fund» management is laid to London, not Ålesund. In reality it always belonged to the conquerors. Their agenda was never to «Free Norway», their agenda was to RULE and rob Norwegians, as always, they have never given up their prey, the germans surrendered to them. The Jews do, what the Jews do; kill, lie and steal. They do, to this day.  The rest of the history as told by Jews and the Deepstate agenture in their service is deceptions and lies.

Yeltsins Jewish DEEPSTATE administration of Russia
17.05.23 US Biden Deepstate administration. 2 % av the population. 50% of the white house
Serving the same Masters of the Master askeNAZI Race

It was the Jews. The Jews – Norways new Rulers – had promised Gerhardsen he could be prime minister, if he served them of course. Why was Gerhardsen released from a German concentration camp, and allowed to make election speeches at Grini, before the end of the war? Because the same forces were behind the Nazis, as they were behind the Bolsheviks, as they were behind the «allied victors» in Norway after the Second World War. The entire agenda of the war was to gather the nations «under its wings».

It is never mind for the Jews which side of SOCIALISM you choose.

Left wing or right wing, it is still the same BIRD.

The Allied, all three Jews

That Hauge and Gerhardsen could operate as they did, proved that the Jews ALWAYS control both sides of any war they need (ref. Albert Pike; Three World Wars) to instill fear and ave in the populations of the World. Remember, this is the Synagogue of Satan (SoS, Rev. 2.9 & 3.9, John. 8:44). We know this nation of perversities, a safe haven for all kinds of Jewish criminals, must come to an end, all of the nation is built on lies and deceptions, can not last, Antony C. Sutton wrote books about how both the Nazis and the Jewish Bolshevics was controlled by Jewish financiers;

antiChrist Israel will go up in Flames

We know what the talmudic Jews of Edom want, we know what the Jews normally do; Killing and stealing, everywhere and everything, we remember the 66 million they Holocausted in Bolshevik Russia. The question is not what they would like to do; To kill all the descendants of Jacob-Israel (WASP) of their extreme hate and jealousy and be the World Supreme Rulers, their pathological aspirations (satanic globalism). We know all their wet, wicked dreams. So we ask : What will GOD do ?

That is the ONLY Question we need, in order to be or not to be. Have God approved they occupy power in all nations under the sun?

ZOG. All nations under occupation

Will the Christian White Race be responsible for Biblically Exterminate the Jews (Ezekiel 25) ?

Marie Wegener – Oh holy night

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