The Ultimatum : Benjamin Fulford

Ta dere tid til å se dette 2,5 times intervju med Benjamin Fulford her:

Her intervjuer Benjamin Fulford Mr. David Rockefeller, og truer Illuminati (Bilderbergere, CFR’s, Bush’, Rockefellers og Rotchilds), med at de har leiemordere fra Asias Hemmelige Broderskap på dørstokken sin som vil ta affære, om de ikke avslutter sine galne ideer og sine århundre gamle drømmer om Armageddon:

Benjamin Fulford on Jeff Rense Interview #1

Benjamin Fulford on Jeff Rense Interview #2

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  1. På artikkelen til Makow om Fulford, var det interressant å lese kommentarene under.

    her et eksempel:

    Cliff Shack said (July 1, 2007):
    «This sounds very familiar. Back in the twenties and thirties, Hitler and the Nazis were to free the world of the evil Jewish International bankers- the Illuminati of their day. When the smoke had cleared millions were dead. Millions that the bankers needed eradicated to bring forth their New Order. Not one Jewish International banker died at the hands of Hitler.

    Not one. Years later it was learned that Hitler (and Stalin) was actually the secret puppet of those Jewish International bankers. So now we have a Chinese secret society that is going tp vanquish the Illuminati and protect the truth seekers of the West. Attention Western truth seekers: Get your last will and testaments in order.»

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