Will the Christian White Race be responsible for Biblically Exterminate the Jews (Ezekiel 25) ?

– At least the evil talmudic edomite Jews. I must say, I am very impressed by a new swedish film. It shows that the Jews are about to exterminate the white race, and 100% success in undermine their nations; Sweden (and Norway). Read about it all here, personal choices ALL persons and governments must take. We support Satans People or we support Gods People. The choice is free, God gave us free will, the consequences are not free, they are given by God. Should the white peoples Governments exterminate evil Jews ?

From my point of view there is no ‘Black Life Matter’ of ‘White Life Matter’, there is ‘Christs Life Matters’ against Satans family, against the Synagogue of Satan, the Jews (Revelation 2.9 & 3.9). All peoples of all races are entitled to live in the World God created, but they shall live in a nation «each of its kind», other than Babylonian system of multiculturalism. So, because of that, God have created an «example people» to show to the other peoples of the World what is the best system. The nordic nations have been the best political system, when they was homogenious Christian, the Jews destroy it to establish UN nation «Israel» (namesteeling) as the «example nation of God» to the World. Fake. They wouldn’t survive one single day unless they could steel our money, or we gave them money for daily living, for their daily bread.

Here are the names and their meanings ►

Reuben ראובן See a Son
Simeon שמעון One who hears
Levi לוי Enjoined
Yahudah יהודה Praise Yahuah
Dan דן Judge, Rule
Naphtali נפתלי My Struggle
Gad גד Overcome
Asher אשר Happiness
Issachar יששכר He will bring a reward
Zebulun זבלון Dwelling with
Yahusaph יהוסף He will add
Benyamin בנימין Son of the right hand

When the names are joined together, this is what it says ►

“See, a Son is born unto us,
One who hears and enjoined us
Praise Yahuah
He will plead my struggle and overcome in happiness,
He will bring a reward and dwell with us; He will add us to be son of the Right Hand.”

Who are doing Gods Will ? Whites or Jews ? (ref. Isaiah 9:6).

People are different, our lives are to be lived in different nations, the different peoples should be kept «as is», not be allowed to transhumanism, crossbreeded as dogs and cattles as the Talmud preach, like the Jewish agenda is today, where their plan is to crossbread the white race out of existence. They know if their media popularize white women with a black man, young women will believe it is «normal», when it is not normal at all. It is social engineering by the evil Jews.

That is the level of evil in the edomite jewish sould agianst his brother Jacob-Israel, still today, will never end, so the Bible states Edom needs to be exterminated, that is the Biblical endtime battle of Armageddon.

For sure the edomite Jews of Esaus ancestry hate of the white race evidence shows the Jews are about to exterminate the ancestry of Jacob-Israel. The Jewish hate against the white christian peoples of the World is well documented in the swedish film in this article;

Why is Sweden multicultural (english subtext) ? Hvorfor er Sverige multikulturell ?

The film in my last article describe excellent how the J e W s will inspire and corrupt the white nations politicians to put stigma on Christian peoples, they will picture themselves as the ‘good Ones’, and the Christians as the ‘evil Ones’. Jesus says; «The Truth Will Set You Free», free from the jewish mindset they put you in through schools and media. Those who tells the Truth of the Holy Spirit, actually Jesus will send to them, and explain the Bible to each individual personally.

When the Jew have done Evil all his life, this is how we good people see him

The edomite J e W s destroy the White Caucasians nations, the christian nations – making our nations pervert and satanic, Jacob-Israels populations are killed anmasse by the Edomites (Esaus children aka J e W S) and their footsoldiers men under 30 years immigrants financed by J e W i S H George Soros to undermine the caucasians Nations. The Biblical scenario as I uncovered in my last article is that the white race will have to expedite the J e W s to Hell (Ezekiel 25), to exterminate the satanic elements from the face of the Earth;

is that the Biblical Endtime scenario is the final battle between Jacob-Israel (white Caucasians) and Esau (Edomites), The Bible is for all, but it is also HIS-Story of His Chosen People, «chosen» to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to ALL the World (Mark 16:15). The Apostles was instructed to go to the Israelites (Matt. 10:16), when the evil J e W s rejected Him. The Apostles all ended up in Europe, because there was where the «Israelites» were to be found. The Israelites was taken captive in Assyria in Caucasus area 700 years before the times of Jesus. From there Odin was their leader out of Assyrian captivity as Moses was from the Egyptian captivity. Captivities are ALWAYS punishment of the Israelites, for not doing as they should, honur God in the World, not themselves.

We the White People was instructed by Jesus Christ who is the Son of God, it was Gods Will to appoint Jesus Christ as King of kings of the World (Isaiah 9:6) to send missionaries, bring the Gospel to all the World (Mark 16:15), and than He will return. I am proud of my caucasian ancestry, I have identified 60 priests and bishops in my family line from Rurik the Grand Prince of Kiev til today, we did as instructed. Today the Gospel of Christ is all over the World, His Spirit is well known, also what the J e W s did to Him, to the Apostles and His followers; Killing them, namecalling them, spitting on them, stoning them. We know. Jesus told us his Endtime followers would experience the same, the J e W i S H hate against them. As the J e w s persecuted him, they will persecute us, ref. John 15:20.

Anyway he instructed us to take our cross up and follow Him. We have no choice. Even if we get persecuted by the J e W S, we need to do the Will of God, not the will of the J e W S, we shall declare Jesus Christ as king of the LKings of the Worlds, it should npt be the Je W s and Klaus Schwab or other satanic J e W S that should instruct our nations kings, Jesus Christ is the One appointed to do that (Isaiah 9:6)

The rest of the populations of the World is to choose between good and evil, they actually will have to choose between God and Gods appointed King of kings Jesus Christ the Messiah, and/or Satan and the Synagogue of Satan aka the J e W S (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9). That also goes for satanic whites if they go with the satanists and Satan, they end up in Hell with them. If any peoples are in alliance with the J e W s they are also in alliance with Satan, they will then assist the Jews, they will than by that personal choice what is good for them and what is bad, if it is the peoples of Satan or of Jesus Christ that is their friends. If they go with Jesus Christ, they will and must be allied with the White christian peoples of the World. It all boil down to everybody on a personal level will have to choose between what they regard as right and wrong, good and evil, who can see through all the satanic jewish deceptions.

There is no ‘Black Life Matter’ og ‘White Life Matter’, there is ‘Christs Life Matters’ against Satans family, against the Synagogue of Satan, the Jews (Revelation 2.9 & 3.9). I am more than happy to leave this j e w i s h ungodly satanic rathole of a World the Synagogue of Satan is creating in their own personal egosentric images of Satan, and I will never return, as I am well in the heavenly room Jesus Christ have promised to prepare for me in Heaven with our AllFather (John 14:3), free for evil Jews as I consciously and awake say no thanks to them and their company, God will have a room for me and mine, when it is time to leave, when God allows the Jews to murder me. 🙂

When my white family is gone, there is no one able to build civilization in the image of Christ, as suffering Servants (Luk. 22:26). All the Emperors of Babylonian mindset will kill each others in no time, like the Jews as Joe Slovo and the Blacks are doing in their Nirvana South Africa today, their Nirvana is to be allowed and to kill as many whites as possible.


The film, which was shot in 1992, shows Nelson Mandela together with members of the ANC, the ANC’s military fraction the Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) and the South African Communist Party singing a war song of how they have pledged to kill the white inhabitants of the country. »

«After Mandela sings about killing whites, he talks about the fear of whites & democracy to reporters. The «white» male standing next to Mandela is the South African National Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils. He is a Jew, and not a European. Nelson Mandela never publicly renounced violence & he did not condemn this ceremony. Nelson Mandela does not publicly condemn killing of white people. This is proof of his hidden & racist agenda to support genocide of white people in South Africa.»

Nelson Mandela Sings about Killing Whites?
together with the lithuanian Jew Joe Slovo

And it is perfectly ok for me, let them. If they do the wrong choice of good and evil, right and wrong, let them. And let them also get the consequences of doing the wrong choice. God gave them free will, but the consequences of the choices are not free, they are given, by God.

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