From Atheist To Believer In Jesus Christ: How Jesus Cured My Eating Disorder

«From Atheist To Believer In Jesus Christ: How Jesus Cured My Eating Disorder, Christian Testimony» , by Mariah Jones: «On the night of March 21st, 2020, I asked God in prayer to use my platform YouTube to relay any type of message He wanted to send to His people and unbelievers alike. He gave me two dreams in two nights. «.

New year soon. I am delving too much into the deeds of the evil ones in our world. I have to be down there with them in their dark Metaverse of Satan where they are hiding and runs this world, when I write about (((them))), and than rise my Spirit again when research of one article is done. For the new year article I want to shift focus a little. I can not let (((them))) define my Universe of God. I have made a channel I have called ‘Live To Tell» with the playlist «Lost Sheeps«. There will be millions of us. Satan care for decieving the collective. Jesus cares about the individuals, you and me. He approach and take care of us individually.

I must NOT forget there is lots of beautiful and fantastic people in the world. The real Gods Chosen People. The realIsraelites (spiritual, Romans 2:29). The ones Jesus love. The Ones i write for, so they should not need to.

What will the Holy Spirit tell ANY born again Christian

I also must always make sure I can spiritually and mentally find my Way ‘home’, lift my Spirit again, up to the penthouse apartment of Gods Universe – as I want to spend eternity with this people of God, friends and citizens of Jesus Christs universal Kingdom, leave the satanists with their lies and deceptions in their (((Zuckerbergs))) corrupt Metaverse based on lies and deceptions; brainwashing of whole mankind. ONLY a small remnant of christian people should be left behind to keep their sanity, outside the Metaverse. Here they are. After such a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, nothing can break them or fool them or lead them astray afterward, like the ‘cultural’ christian will do to anything to stay political correct in the edomite Metaverse.

Welcome to the Metaverse, absurd brainwashing

I find all this people so beautiful, so fantastic. They have worked themselves successfully through the pain of life, reached ‘Heaven’ by wandering through ‘Hell’, a taste of Hell in life, partly thanks to the Synagogue of Satan pervert social engineering Great Reset of our societies, people get into psychological difficulties. When Norway was homogenious christian we had none of todays mental problems for children and the youth, or the rest of the populations. Only a few perverts was unlucky with a sinless society. Today people are more happy the more sins and perversities are on public display, means that Satan is king of the Rulers hearts and minds, as Christ is ours.

Writing like I am doing, almost alone worldwide, to report of what (((they))) the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9) are up to, I have to take the spiritual dangerous journey down in the darkness where they are, observe them and explain (((them))). Mankind have been brainwashed that the Synagogue of Satan is gods chosen people. People gets angry when their Metaverse of Satan brainwashing is challenged. Is there one person in the World in need of Jesus, it is me. The best friend a person like me get. Jesus picked me for the worst job in the World, so be it. Everybody else is too afraid to touch the subject matter, as the apostles was. I will not be like (((them))), just observe (((them))) and describe (((them))), find what I do NOT want to be.

I am happy that spirit baptism seem to happen to more and more people, lights the fire in their hearts (Matt. 3:11). One of them; Mariah Jones will have the final say with her story in my new years article. It is nice to meet persons online who shares similar experience, the baptism of the Spirit of Christ, also called the Holy Spirit… May many keep and find that Spirit in the year to come.. Jesus is coming to everybody who is having a difficult time and/or otherwise wants it, to rapture people up to where he is (1 Thessalonians 4:17)…. nothing to wait for. Go for it, today !

Jarle Johansens english articles here: My Norwegian articles can be translated by clicking on the english flag in the right column (google translate).

“In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.» Acts 2:17

Mariah Jones: The first dream has been posted. The reason I did not post the second dream until now is because I did not fully understand what the dream meant at the time.

After several confirmations from the Lord to film this video, I’m finally sharing the dream He gave me in 2020. I’m not able to explicitly say what I need to say due to censorship, but I believe that the right ones will understand the message in the dream.

We cannot put our hope and trust in presidents or politicians. Our faith is in God alone. He alone will lead us, heal us and restore us.

I pray this video opens the eyes and hearts of those who are placing their trust in men in place of God, and I pray that many lives would be saved in Jesus’ Name.

If you are reading this and you have not placed your faith in Jesus Christ, God tells us in His word that unless we repent from our unbelief and believe in who God has sent for salvation — the Lord Jesus Christ — we will ultimately perish on judgement day.

God’s gift of eternal life is a FREE gift, and all that is required of you is to receive this gift in faith. Have faith that Jesus Christ died for your sins, was buried and rose again so that you could be reconciled to God and made righteous in His sight. Whoever believes in Jesus Christ will never perish, but is sealed by the Holy Spirit forever. By trusting in the good news of the Gospel, you HAVE eternal life!

God made salvation simple because He loves you more than you could ever imagine. God wills for you to be saved by His grace through faith in Jesus Christ.

May God bless every single one of you!

–quote end–

Jarle Johansen:
A correct dream.. Confirmed by: «Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save.» – Psalm 146:3.

I would say that Mariah’s dream of Trump is very precise:

The Donald: the Serpent Seed from the Royal Bloodline/Tribe of Dan

The reason I share this is that Mariah Jones is a true friend of Jesus, and also that we share an experience, spirit-baptized, partakers of His spirit, and not just as ‘cultural’ Christians, a state of beeing who are no longer good enough (Acts 1:5, Matthew 3:11). We are to be born anew, getting a completely new spirit. I am not so sure that people who live a happy life and love this world with all it’s corrupt leadership of the spirit of Satan, will ever have to be raptured up «meet Him in the sky» (in Spirit)(1 Thessalonians 4:17). The Bible denotes that (1 John 2:15, John 12:25). They are happy with status quo. They are not in any pain of the state of the World, they celebrate the state of perversities abound. When you have been «raptured» up to «where he is in the air», in Spirit, do not ask me to believe it should happen a second time, physically. That is unbiblical. The body stays here, in this dimension, from and to ash and dust. Forever.

It hurt that she is so honest. Honesty in all things, only the most personal we must protect. I was re-reminded of my own journey down there, because the pain is extreme when one is so far down in the personal souls journey through the darkness of existence, the dark night of the soul (for those who have a soul), to the point of no return, where Jesus intervene and enters. I do not want even my worst enemy to be all the way down there, so far down in the souls basement, that all light is out, gone, ardent nihilism, hope is lost, there is no meaning, nothing left to live for, that is Hell. Not everyone will survive or come alive again from a trip all the way down there. Should preferably turn around and turn to the Light (the true Light of the World – Jesus Christ, not Lucifer, the swindler) before one is completely down there at the rock bottom misery of human existence.

«To these people must come the realization that honesty is the beginning of wisdom and that without honesty no great spirituality can be accomplished.» –  Manly P. Hall

What we actually did (didn’t know it then), was walking in the footsteps of our Saviour, to our personal Calvaries (Matt. 16:24). We instinctly knew that was the only thing we could do, it was the Creation, in our genes to be on The Way (Ephesians 1:4), to get through it and out in the Light (John 8:12). And live to tell. Not everybody who try will be able to live through «the dark night of the soul«. To get in there, and get back alive, live to tell, it takes some, but as I closed my book on the topic then, it is easier, because «on my side walks the One in worn out sandals who have felt the same horror and anguish of the state of our own beeing and state of the World«. That made all the difference.

It’s nice to meet others that is like oneself in the world. We share an experience not everyone is fortunate OR having a destiny ‘bad’ enough to have (‘bad’, because later it became a blessing, you don’t know that in the time period you go through hardship in life, years of your life). Which becomes the most important thing in life. A private experience, the communion of the baptism of the Spirit, and not as in the congregations where people roll around on the floor as if they have been demon-possessed. I do not understand that, that there needs to be such a public uproar about a sacred experience. For the rest of us, this is a «communion» that is initial born out of pain and painful, but very peaceful, personal, and associated with bliss, far more than those we see on TV of those who roll around on the floor and howl and screams.

I know what she’s talking about in this video. She is tough who shares such a personal experience. I do not, I am more careful with my «pearls that can be trodden down by men», but I can confirm that such a «meeting» with Jesus is real. I had the same thing many years ago, a dark and lonely night my soul stretched out in anxiety and pain, the childhood stories about Jesus that saved me. When you are at the bottom, Jesus is there (Ezekiel 36:26). – To pick up the pieces that are worth saving.

Before man is at the bottom of human anguish, they do not need Jesus as Savior. We assume when we are on the way up in the material world, on the sunny side of life, that this is eternal. We take for granted as godless atheists that the President, the Prime Minister and (((Bill Gates))) with his ‘vaccines’ as «saviors» of the world, are the only saviors we need, who with their vaccines bring «eternal life», will free us and others from the fear of death (fear of sickness). Whatever they do, they can’t.

Only when we are in the rock bottom of human experience – at this lowest stage of life where it no longer matters to you whether you live or die – in fact death may seem liberating to the pain and anguish you live through – than first can we really understand the story of the «Prodigal Son» (Luke 15:21). God do not hate those who make mistakes in life and go astray. On the contrary. They are the ones who are best «educated» for his purpose. Like most parents, the parents as God are most concerned about their children who are weaker or lost, than the others who are self-sufficient. Jesus left the flock to save a single one as well (Luke 15:4,5). The individual counts for Jesus. Not the collective.

It changes your life dramatically. As Paul says, «Christ lives in me» (Gal. 2:20). It is probably difficult to understand for those who have not experienced it. That you are the tool that is spoken through, but the Holy Spirit takes over. In every circumstance of life, no matter what one says (Matthew 10:19, Mark 13:11). And I who was very 100% introverted and closed person until the «transformation» to «be new in Christ». Has never been a problem more what I shall say, the problem is more where should I stop (sorry for my abt. 900 often long articles to my loyal followers).

Just as it is Satan who speaks through (((Bill Gates))), (((Klaus Schwab))), (((Camilla Stoltenberg)))), Presidents and Prime Ministers (almost without exception). They think they are smart and think smart themselves, but the truth is that they are thoughtless containers that are fed with what they should be and say every moment of the day by the unHoly Evil Spirit (Satan) in the same way Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit – Jesus Christ, so that The World’s Oldest Conspiracy are fulfilled .

I would argue that when the world is in deep crisis, millions will be «visited» in the way that Mariah and I have experienced. The Bible tells us so. He will return, when enough of us request it (Matt. 7:7). Satan was conquered already at Calvary – today he is on his final and last journey in the World (Rev. 20:10):

Deep Purple – Love Conquers All

I’m just wondering: Will the whole world collectively need to be at the very bottom of misery, as such people as Mariah, many others and I were, far into the luciferic darkness of atheism and the anguish of the soul, before humans collectively turn to God and the decency of the worlds development, before the people of the world learn what love is – what Jesus did – and not the hatred that grows out of their own latent fears of death, which they learn and practice against the unvaccinated? (Satan is very capable of training his people in the flames of hatred).

Before the members of the World Society – the collective – reach the lowest level of existence where we were, it is still a long way from that kind of collective misery we experienced, to repentance and rebirth. 2 Chronicles 7:14. For us today, it does not mean much. Jesus helps and saves people, not collectivist societies, not communities, not nations as a whole, not even ‘church’ institutions as a whole. Jesus saves individuals, you and me. Satan is a collectivist , a globalist, wants world power; World Ruler . Let the collectivists go their way, let us go our way. « I go and prepare a place for you » said Jesus – the World Servant (John 14:3). We can trust that 100% it is true. WITHOUT the collectivists, and the haters. They go where they want to go, we go where we CHOOSE to go, with Jesus, our friend and Saviour.

We were like dead inside, and were raised again. It was Jesus. The One – the One – in the world who was there for us in our personal misery. No government. No president. No (((Bill Gates))). No (((Klaus Schwab))). No pastor or priest. No other. With the Servant of the World (aka Jesus, Matt. 23:11) there is freedom – the freedom God’s People love and must have. God knows it, God knows us realIsraelites, our suffering not only under the yoke of Egypt, but under the yoke of all evil government, where we have to worship idiots of evil rulers as gods/pharaos. That is the ID mark for realIsraelites. As the Ruler of the World (Satan) and His people is all of them for the captivity of Gods Chosen People ala Egypt & Babylon. They – the Babylonians of today – will loose – again, says the Bible. We know where and who we are and where we are going. Do you know ?

Jesus’ love is as rain. If it rains, then it rains on everyone, vaccinated as unvaccinated, climate deniers as members of the climate religion, everyone who wants to:, for now (limited time period)

Leo Sayer-I Can’t Stop Loving you

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