We remember 66 million Holocausted realVictims

DeKristne, Dagen og NorgeIdag (political party, newspapers). There are people I share almost all of Christian, bourgeois and conservative values and ideas with, with only ONE exception; political Zionism. In the anti-Christian world empire, something or someone else according to the Bible after 1000 years has taken over Jesus’ role (Rev. 20:7), replaced Jesus as King of the kings and presidents of the World (Isaiah 9:6).

We are all Palestineans. My soul cries over the fact that the talmudic-Jews have succeeded brainwashing all the world. For 1000 years, Norway was blessed because Jesus Christ was High Priest by law, Head of Government and our kings. Today many ‘christians’ (Judaism Ligth) worship Jews as gods when they are satanists, Synagogue of Satan (SoS), Rev. 2:9 & 3:9, John 8:44, and Israel nation as blessed (by Satan).

Aske-NAZI Jesus-hating Bolsheviks Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab and George Soros are giving ALL the world governments ORDER now. And EVERYONE follows them. They have become the Kings of our kings and governments (?). When (((they))) progresses, Christs spirit in society will decrease, by the anti-Christ policies that follows, implemented ( 1 John 4: 3 ).

Jewish Klaus Schwab: – We infiltrate governments all over the world

(for the Synagogue of Satan, cf. Rev. / Rev. 2.9 & 3.9 ‘s world government, the Great Reset, the [Antichristian] New World Order). Soviet 1.0 is becoming Soviet 2.0, for the whole World.


Our governments should therefore take orders from you and me, but EVERY party, even the Norwegian king, takes orders and repeats stupidity about covid and climate from these spiritual askeNAZI underdogs.

Crown Prince couple in Davos with the rest of the Satanic kingdoms representatives Global Young Leaders

Satan wants a Global kingdom. Only Satan is a Globalist. God is happy with the nation states. God CREATED the nation states after last Babel tower the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9) tried to build.

Nurnberg 2.0

That people collectively so easily replace the good with the evil (s), that they do not see a difference between the two; Christ and antiChrists (askeNAZI talmudic Jews). There have been some Wolves in the Lamb flock and practiced a little division and rule (of Christianity). Namely, of what Israel is and what Jews are. A group of Christians worship and idolize people, I do not and people like me, we consider Zionists as Jews Light. I and those like me ONLY idolize God and the Son of God. I am not a political Zionist in other words. Zionism is political, not Christian.

Barth Eide is Jewish

Middle Israel: Was the Bolshevik Revolution a Jewish plot?


As Christians, we are promised that the Spirit of Truth Jesus will send to his folks. We need to see again that Spirit in the world, when we see Jesus Christ about to return in the millions of people, then we will see that the lies are uprooted and the Truth prevails, finally ( Luke 8:17 ). Then it’s # Judgment Day. We Christians are to recognize the Spirit that prevails in men, which is like us – as I wrote about here, when Jesus fills enough hearts and souls (» Christ’s Spirit dwells in me «, Gal. 2:20 , says Paul). Those who have Christ, they are God’s Chosen People.

Remember, we are none of us 100% fully and completely «perfect» – we stumble and fall all of us, BUT WE HAVE A SPOKESMAN WITH THE FATHER WHO PICKS US UP AND TRAVES US , but we should be able to easily determine whose Spirit people have, for one Spirit is full of Lies and Deceptions ( John 8:44 ), the other Spirit loves Truth, Honesty and Honesty ( 2 Thessalonians 2: 3 , Romans 10: 3 ).

Paul talks about what is so aptly in 1 Corinthians 13:11 about how he was spiritually a child, who became a man. No one will understand what the ingenious wordmaster Paul means, who has not himself been » struck by lightning on the way to Damascus «, is my claim (yes, even if Jesus gives us the ‘Word’, then people themselves must be able to convey – because the ‘Word’ can often just be a ‘feeling’, an intuition – that’s why I love Paul, he did his job well, VERY well). Experience trumps knowledge (Gnosticism) and theology. Paul may be cryptic and esoteric, but that’s the point. As with Daniel ( Daniel 12: 4 ), the ‘ Book’ of all books is not for everyone to understand until God decides it MUST be opened for them.

Humans have become the Third Temple ( 1 Corinthians 3:16 , Romans 8: 9 , 1 Corinthians 6:19 , Ezekiel 36:27 ). Christ and Satan can NOT dwell in the same Temple. They are mutually exclusive. Invite one in, and the other must leave ( James 4: 7 ). God does not live in houses and temples built by masons and carpenters like my father, the right ‘Temple’ is not of human hands ( Acts 7:48 ). If the Temple does not have the RIGHT cornerstone, it has nothing ( 1 Peter 2: 7 , Isaiah 28:16 , Acts 4:11 ). My father always had the right cornerstone, the houses that were built stood both in storm and quiet, if there is no doubt.

DeKristne (political party), Dagen og NorgeToday (newpapers) commemorates Holocaust Day, but there is one Holocaust that is never mentioned, there are dead who are never honored and mentioned, ONLY because they were Christians, and the killers were Bolshevik Jews.

I VERY much agree with this Christians are to be Lights in the Dark

Violent attention to the relative few Jewish people who died at Hitler’s hand, but never mention the 66 million Christians who died at the hands of Khazar Jewish Bolsheviks. Why is it so grotesque an #Holocaust denial? Do I really have to remind you that it was the Jews who hated Jesus and his people, not Jesus who hated the Jews Caiaphas, Judas, Barabbas and Herod?

We have seen that Karl Mordechai Marx Levy and others have said that Jews should REPLACE Jesus, as the Messiah of the world.

These are not the messiahs of Christians

The Jews have now done that. In human perception, Jews have suffered much more for the inherent madness and evil of the people of the world than Jesus Christ. The newspaper ‘Dagen’ believes that ‘conspiracy theorists’ who believe and mention that Satanists conspire against God and people are life- threatening .

Anti-Semites are criminalized, while anti-Christians are gathered and given power in WEC-Davos’ Young Global Leaders (YGL) . But what is it the Gospel’s ONLY prophetic purpose and threat to the End Times that Jesus warns his followers about then ? Do the Bible warn us about anti-Semites and anti-Semittism ? Not as I know. Especially in Revelation ( Rev. 1: 1 ); that ANTICRIST will overthrow Jesus Christ ( Rev. 12: 9 , 20: 7 ) who took the throne at the right hand of God at Calvary, and (Talmudic Babylonian Beast) these ANTI-CHRISTIAN forces will take over world power ( Revelation 17:13 ; 13: 4 , 13: 8 ). If we can not tell about the world’s oldest conspiracy , then truly the Gospel has been criminalized and banned in the world. Then Satan has by force and power established his World Order ( 2 Corinthians 11:14 ), we are warned ( Isaiah 43: 9 ; John 16: 4 , 2 Thessalonians 2: 3-4 ). No real spiritual battle Satan and the Satanists offer us.

Dangerous for whom? For the 6 million who become world rulers or for the 66 million victims of their world empire? God keeps enough accounts of who is who, who is kind and who is naughty… God’s #JUDGEMENT will probably come in due time ..

Replacing Messiah with themselves as Mosciachs

In anti-Christian Russia after 1917> 66 million became Holocaust because they were Christians (Source: Alexandr Solshenitzyn). Some of us will never forget it. Therefore, today we will also remember the 10 million in the Ukrainian Holodomor genocide that Texe Marrs wrote about here recently , and we about why the Ukrainian President Yushchenko had to be replaced . He was so rude to think that the 10 million had to be commemorated with a statue. The rulers of the world like it badly.

The claims and conspiracy theories that Christians and Christianity are dangerous to children and young people, the gospel is criminalized as we see in the Päivi Räsänen case in Finland, are even more dangerous. Alexandr Solshenitzyn said that the cause of the Russian ragnarok was not too much anti-Semitism, but that people had forgotten God – because of the «Semites»:

I am in principle against the Holocaust of Jesus Christ and Christians as in the ‘Semitic’ USSR, whether Christians are Jews or Greeks I think I am of less importance… no one is worth more than others in the Kingdom of God… only people who give some people greater value than others… the death of others more tragic than the death of others .. Every saved soul is of value to God, God makes no difference to people, those who want to be allowed to be saved… I will never forget the book ‘The Gulag Archipelago ‘by Alesandr Solshenitzyn, 66 million Holocaust, industrially exterminated by Khazar Bolsheviks, and the second law introduced by Lenin (Blank) and Trotsky (Bronstein) was the death penalty for «anti-Semitism», whatever they thought it was.

 There is a group of anti-Christians who have taken a lot of power in the world today

In the Soviet Union, as we are today, the borderland of utterances lies in «anti-Semitism,» whatever it is, when those who invoke it as a curse are hardly «Semites» at all. THEY speak Yiddish, it is NOT a Semitic language.

Antisemittisme; Ytringenes Grenseland

Imagine if Jesus had as many burning hearts for himself and for his cause as many anti-Christians have with them and for the cause of fighting ‘anti-Semittism’, Then I will not disregard we could had the Kingdom of God on earth already. The Bible warns about anti-Christians in the drama of the End Times, NOT about anti-Semites.

For biblical reasons, I would argue that the anti-Christian narrative in the society, is a MUCH bigger problem than the anti-Semitic narrative. There is hardly any real christian antiSemites at tall, unless they will call Jesus an antiSemite also.

I wonder who the anti-Christian is, as John says was present already in Jesus’ time – and they are already doing their de-Christianization today? 1 John 4: 3 .

Many weep over the fact that God found to send the Jews into the diaspora after the persecutions and murders they subjected the first Christians to. But was #The Judgment God really gave unjust ( Matt. 27:25 )? AND, who am I to judge the will of God?

As punishment for their wickedness against Jesus and his friends and followers, then after Herod Roman Titus moved in (Paul was also a Roman citizen). I see no problem with that… The Bible says they are going in the diaspora for what Herod and Caiaphas did to Jesus and his followers who were persecuted, maimed and killed in large numbers… I do not question what God decides… I simply dare not… Nothing #Holocash is so bad it is not good for anything….

The anti-Semite Jesus Christ comes completely in the background

I will never forget what was done to Jesus and his followers who are my friends… they are MY PEOPLE, and God’s Chosen People.

People gather in Israel what God has spread… I would assume that many Norwegians can have some responsibility and problem with God out… especially in the Labor Party who trained the people who formed the forerunner of Mosssad on the meadows at Gjøvik (Source: GROgate). To act in such contempt against God’s will… huff .. I’m glad I’m not in their shoes .. # Judgment Day.

I will also never forget the 66 million who became Holocaust victims in the Soviet system’s Gulag. Right should be right. Maybe in the future we should also remember the millions that the vaccine murdered – the «vaccine» they were industrially exterminated with?

The Bible does not warn against the age of anti-Semites and anti-Semites. The Bible warns against the anti-Christians of the End Times. That they should take world power. Caiaphas and Herod and Barabbas’ wet dreams of endless killing… when their messianic age begins, they will have all the power in the world, and own all property, – then they can do as they please. As in the USSR.

» You should not own anything and should be happy ,» says Ash Nazi Jew Klaus Schwab.

And antiChristians will be super happy I use to replicate who will own EVERYTHING! It will probably be over many Sunnmøringers like that, not just mine. Feel free to take a look at us, but touch our money and property that our ancestors have spent centuries working hard, – THEN Schwab et al have made enemies for life…

I wonder who has greater sympathy than Jesus Christ himself in the world, who is of the spirit of an anti-Christian nature? ‘Sympathy for the Devils’, as Rolling Stones may have put it.

Satan and Satan’s Children criminalize speaking out against the policies of his Kingdom

On a principled basis, I believe that the Truth should not be criminalized, no matter what it is… if it can be proven, then it is true .. The opposite leads to the Bible being 100% fulfilled, that with it the liar Satan and the Children of Lies take with them the 100% control of the world via the law… The Word of God is thus forbidden, Satan’s words lie and deception are legislated as truth whether it concerns the natural in holocash, gender dysphoria or other ..

To work for the creation of a false Temple in Israel, to deceive people about a satanic spiritual deception to keep people away from God, Jesus is the ONLY WAY to God. And to counteract and prevent the spread of the millions and billions becoming Christian human Temples, this Jewish Gospel of Peace and Unity («promises, promises») should have been banned in a Christian country. It will hardly be. They have corrupted too many of our leaders with flattery and promise of positions in the leadership of their anti-Christian ‘messianic’ utopia; the ‘Semitic’ World Empire, New World Order.

The second law Lenin (Blank) and Trotsky (Bronstein) introduced into the USSR was the law against ‘anti-Semitism’, whatever they put in it. They murdered 66 million people «legally» with that law.

It will be REALLY dangerous for Christians on the day that the rich and powerful Davos network of international Judaism has the same death penalty reintroduced, for the Christians who would rather have Christ as King of kings and presidents, than them – and argue democratically for it.. It is truly life-threatening, as it was for the DEATH of 66 million Christians earlier in history, so (((they))) could have their limited Sovjet style New Order in old Russia.

Now they want to replicate and do the same for the whole World.

Just to mention, and remind about it.

What will God have to say about it ?

The Forgotten Holocausts (2010)


Sound Of Love (1983)

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