Stikkord: Anti-Christ

Jødene strammer grepet om kristne sjeler

Jødenes talmudiske okkultister strammer grepet om kristne sjeler. Hvis jødene i ADL (Anti Defamation Leauge of B’nai Brith) skal kontrollere all informasjon til publikum, så kontrollerer de i virkeligheten hva alle mennesker skal tenke og føle. De kan faktisk få kristne til å forlate og hate selv Jesus Kristus med det. OM der ikke er noen som helst kristne som […]

Anti-Christ, the Zeitgeist of Our Times

Henry Makow had an article about marxist Dalai Lama as Anti-Christ, that really put the things in good cognitive order for me, of the conspiracy of the satanists to destroy and re-invent our World in their own image (Bird Phoenix, rising from the ashes, as the painting/mural as gift from Norway in UN Security Council chamber (illustrate).

Jewish Power and Armageddon, the Kingdom of God is Near; Christ is Here

I think I have to say as Jesus Christ in person, His last word on His cross: «It is finished» (John 19:30). Because the Jews and their agenda are so exposed and laid bare naked now, that is must take a miracle for Lucifer / Satan to save them them out the Wrath of God (what the Prince of this World can’t), so they will ultimately fail.