Is the Illuminati a Spiritual hierarchy?


This writer claim the Illuminati leadership is of a spiritual nature, more than a brotherhood of earthly conspirators. The earthly carnal people is only following the Piper, the demonic inspirations, and the same inspiration is binding them together in a much more secret brother- and sisterhood than is normally comprehended.

The world with it’s people is setup to fall into the abyss by a spiritual hierarchy, more than by earthly persons who is only following the tune, paid and rewarded by the Piper by carnal desires fulfillment, by doing it’s biddings.

The poor earthly persons, high and low, is just slaves and willing victims of this spiritual hierarchy, by Helena Blavatsky called ‘The Great White Brotherhood’. Of course satanism must always be identified by it’s opposite of what it is called and purport to be, everything is upside down. Nothing Madam Blavatsky have done or channeled is in any way white, it is all black occult magic deceptions for persons initiations into the satanic Kingdom to rule the day on Earth.

Serious researchers claim Illuminati is 13 satanic bloodlines, some claim is is the Jews, others says it is the Jesuits and others says it is the Freemasons. I say; Some or the majority or leadership in all of above, and a lot more.. actually laymen and normal people form part of the spiritual Illuminati, willing executioners of Illuminati agenda is people that is around us in our daily lifes every day.

Been studying the issue for decades, it have striked me that it seems to be that the Illuminati conspiracy against manhood is of a more spiritual nature than it is a brotherhood of human evildoers in high places. Money is the root of all evil it is claimed, and that is true. It can be, if money is to rule the existence, and peoples thoughtsystems. Of course not money in itself, that is just papernotes for exchanging goods and services, but when money rule the thought system (becomes ‘religion’), the dance around the golden calf, than all people are automatically infected with the satanic mindset; ‘myself first’ in opposition to the Christian credo; Your neighbour first. Make your neighbors wellbeeing your first priority, before your own, even when the neighbour do not know or understand his own good.

“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924) 28th President of the United States.

It is a non-visible, unseen Power. It’s the Force of the by Lucifer Illuminated Ones; Illuminati. They are connected by influence of the Serpent spirit, not by formal physical conspiracy agreements. They act as one organism and fully unified in their agenda and priorities for their Serpent Master spirit.

The satanic mindset has become a religion, it becomes a political system, it actually becomes Law and whole societies way to organise their existence. It is also in opposition to the Christian godgiven way of organising the communities and societies, and secure the wellbeeing of individuals. In the the adverse society individuals will we sacrificed to Baal and Moloch. It is woven into the daily lives of all, becomes the norm, and all elses realities described spiritually is seen as ludicrous from all those trapped inside the matrix. The satanic mindset will always prioritize what is best for oneself, for ones economy and pleausre and wellbeeing, more than what is better for the greater good, for all, for prinicples, for moral, for integrity. No sacrifices is needed for the satanic possessed, where Christians must sacrifice all their urges and perverted impulses that is part of beeing human also.


That is what have happened. People end up in a corporate treadmill, like zoombies doing the bidding of their Masters, no spirit allowed. The satanic deception and illuminati New World Order is a whole political system all is taken as normal and for granted as the only system in existence worthwhile, it is a veil dragged over their eyes, mind and souls. That’s the Matrix. And few have the intellectual faculties and soul intact, makes them unable to question it. Like Hosea complain; «My People are destroyed from lack of knowledge» (Hosea 4:6). They lack the spiritual sight to see the spiritual deceptions.

Nobody wants to be evil unless they really are evil, like the Jewish marxist Willy Munzenberg, Crowley and LeVey, they was satanists, wanted to destroy and transform the Christian God-blessed culture we once lived in, in order to replace it with the satanistic one. Munzenberg to make it stink by bolschevic jewish communism, LeVey by Church of Satan and Alistair Crowley by Law of Thelema, ‘freedom’ for all kind of perversities, no need to choose between right and wrong, all is good, all is allowed, especially on the sexual arena of human existence.

“We must organise the intellectuals and use them TO MAKE WESTERN CIVILIZATION STINK! Only then, after they have CORRUPTED ALL ITS VALUES AND MADE LIFE IMPOSSIBLE, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat.” – Willy Munzenberg

“I want a culture of pessimism … a world abandoned by God” – Georg Lukács (1885–1971)

Synagoge of Satan (Rev. 2.9 and Rev. 3.9) is alive and well.

But for me you lost, assholes. I am out of your grip. Go fuck your self, in the Hell you have prepared for Yourselves. In eternity. Well deserved.

Even people with plenty money try to be good, and wants to show that they are good, by advertising their philantrophy. They can’t be as their priorities will always first be to protect what they have. Their philantrophy is just political showoff.

So what I have observed in this matter is that the drive for the Satanic Kingdom on Earth is a spirutual inspiration and thoughtform that is connecting the people that are inspired by that spirit. They are not sitting in a room in the dark and planning evil. They are connected by their mindset, by their own nature, by their priorities. They are spiritual perverts, in almost the same matters and cases, they operate therefore in unison, that is shown in their priorities and who they collaborate with. They seem to lack a filter for what is good and what is evil/bad in their human natures.

When the Bilderbergers and alike secret physical brotherhood of people as in Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome and alike is meeting to discuss and plan the worlds misery, they do not understand that the organisation itself with it’s secrecy and agenda is inspired by spiritual forces they might not even know exists, because for wordly and carnal people, there is no other dimensions, there is no spiritual dimension for them, there is only the physical world, and all else is not ‘scientifical’ proven, so it is not existing. That is the humanistic, rational ‘scientific’ outlook of the world. They meet there because they are of the same inspiration, party of likeminded, no transparancy, nothing democratic with what they are doing; open conspiracy. Hidden in plain view.

These people are actually defunct, reprobates (Jeremiah 6:30, Romans 1:28). One-dimentional, and satanic in their mindset, without them knowing about it all. Satan is dressed like an Angel of Light. Pretend to be be good and those who is inspired by this spiritual essence pretend to do good. That is what is confusing for normal people, and make the majority of the worlds people hostages for the satanic agenda. The satanism for this normal people is political, and not religious, even though it forms a new satanic religion, through socialism (national and international), liberalism and so called humanism, as I described in this article:.

Satanismen i humanismen (Satanism in humamism)

People will be caught up in the satanic mindset by simple be who they are normally pre-disposed as humans to be, animals, the law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest. All people are more or less born defunct, with this attitude. It is the ‘normal’ state of mind in the animal kingdom of Tellus, as people are incarnated into from where they in spiritual form happens to be before they came here.

The Mark of The Beast – the Animal Kingdom of Tellus

Jesus Christ offers us a way of salvation from the mark of the beast, then and now, from the innfluences of the Illuminati and the Great White Brotherhood, gives us faculties to see through their deceptions and lies they are pushing. Nothing have changed, the same spiritual hierarchies is present and armed with their deceptive weapons, for subversions, to bind YOU, yes You, in the net of the Old Snake… The Serpent, to make you one of them; The Serpent People.

We are actually born with the Mark of the Beast (‘born in sin’), until we are by Gods grace and also by our own will have this original earthly carnal nature of ourselves transformed, resurrected, and we are re-birthed into a new sphere of reality, not by a womans womb but by Spirit, a new virgin Spirit is given us, our real origin, Who we really are, not the ones we are brainwashed and social engineered to be by political subversion techniques.

When we call to Christ, normally in our desperations, he will be there in the spiritual realms to take us safely over the river Styx. His powers is by God given to triumph over the satanic demonic possesions that has it’s strangehold over our hearts, minds and carnal natures of the flesh. He really is the King of this dimension, because he was fighting his carnal Self, and won over it, and was proven to be godlike, as ‘His Father in Heaven’. He and God became One. One mind. One Will. We can NEVER be killed, in so doing we win. Illuminati can kill the bodies, but NEVER our Spirit.


When people arrive here in this dimension, gracially they forget who they was before they come here, and the issue and challenge for the life on Earth is to remember who you really are, not the one you suppose and believe you are. Like Henry Makow says in his book ‘Illuminati 3: Satanic Possession‘, the precence in oneself that is observing his thoughts, not the one who is thinking what is the mind.

So the mind driven people (intellectual only driven, academics) are the ones that is easiest falling prey to the spiritual brotherhood of the Illuminati on the other side that Helena Blavatsky is talking about, that will inspire this people to do their biddings, IF they are not careful and do what themself wants from a spiritual perspective more than from a political and mindbased perspective. The Piper calls the tune, «seducing everybody in the land«, in his own ways «by a strange melody«, «playing their minds away, dance beneeth the moon for him» (witchcraft).

Abba – The Piper

«Sub Luna Saltamus» for Satan (occult witchcraft).

They need to be able to think with the heart we can say, more than with the mind, and they needs a teaching that challenge the satanic inspirations of their thoughts and first impulses. They need to think again, give all a second thought. Let the Observer think this time, not the doer of the mind.

We must strive to be the best we are, our spiritual Selves, not the lesser, the carnal man. We must remember the Source of that Spirit that might form the best in us; our mindset, our nature. The Spirit of Christ. The Source is God through Christ (The door and the way to the Father). Christianity was originally a movement called The Way. The way to salvation from our carnal animal natures. Nobody is coming to the Father, to the God-spirit, Godmind, without Christ’s Holy Spirit (John 14.16) or with the animal nature. We can not choose all as in Thelemas Law (satanic), we can only choose the good that generations before us described in the Bible have found to be good, and what is leading to doom.

When we align with the Godmind, the Godhead spirit, than we have outgrown our animalistic nature, and become Human, godlikes in His image. Only spiritual persons is welcomed in what we call Heaven, a spiritual exitance beyond this one, it is here and now also, but we tend to think beyond, who in this dimension have learned to think with the heart and distinguish right from wrong. If not they are spiritual speaking dedfunct, and animalistic. Christ hold the keys to this Promised Land in our sagas. The spiritual, and not the physical satanic deception in ‘christian’ zionism in the Middle East.


If we all channel the Spirit of Christ as from out of the Bible studies and are so lucky to recieve the baptism in the Holy Spirit of Christ by good fortune and deeds, by our own free will is doing what He did, that we may not always succeed in, but from the bottom of hearts wants to (righteousness, love good, lovingly, fair, anti-Satan, anti-tyranny, etc), we will have also the Christ spirit, the spirit Jesus Christ had. He promised us, and He deliver what he promised. Proven by experience without doubt in millions of people. Turning their spirit and lives upside down. We will be One in Christ.

Thats how it usually was in Europe and USA/Canada and the World would be One if followed by the majority. Lucifer, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, etc., the World would not be one in unity with them, as they are all exclusive and not inclusive. Now all is to have the spirit of Lucifer «Do What Thou Whilst» (Alistair Crowley), that spirit is of no good, it will be all against all (Mark 13:12) (except those sharing the Spirit of Christ, they will be of One heart and one mind, as Paul says in 1 Corinthians 1:10 and many other places). As Christ was Son of His spiritual Father, God. we will be of God by keeping the Christ Spirit, whatever the world turn out to be. Nothing can do anything about it, no trials and tribulations in a demonic infected world can change it. Ref. Jobs book.

We can choose to be animalistic, impulsdriven or become real human. The Illuminati, in any form, have done their best to undermine peoples ability to rise over their animalistic nature, the animalistic nature, the law of the jungle, is also what Leo Tolstoj in his ‘second period’ warned about how they will try to degenerate our societies, by using ‘sexual independence’ and sexual freedoms to bring in their shangri-la, so it is disintegrating our moral foundations.

Satanic demonpossesed 'christianity'  poster
Satanic demonpossesed ‘christianity’ poster

Tolstoj and Symbolic Castration
«sexual drive threatens the inner integrity of the individual»

One of the questions that tormented Lev Tolstoy most during his lifetime is said to be the dichotomy between flesh and spirit in human nature. «The man of the flesh lives for himself, his own purposes, pleasure and profit, often in the pursiut of sex and food, defines themselves by their body, their animal urges.» (Richard Gustafson).

Tolstoy’s predominate theme in his post-conversion period he heed to respect the body, requirement to subdue the desires of the flesh, to subordinate their physical urges to their spiritual aspirations, and to transcend their base animal natures in order to allow the divine element that lies buried deep within them to emerge. In his later works it became clear that Tolstoy condemns sexual passions and inherently demeaning, degrading, and destructive urge that only impedes people in their quest for moral purity and spiritual self-perfection. In The Kreutzer Sonata (1889) the author goes so far as to condemn sexual intercourse altogether, advocating instead total celibacy, even for married couples who, he advised, should live together in conjugal chastity, like brother and sister. This tension between the animal nature and the spiritual nature of human beeings, most critic would agree, is present in Tolstoy’s work long before his conversion to a radical brand of Christianity in 1880’s.

(Tolstoy Source: Slavic Sins of the Flesh: Food, Sex, and Carnal Appetite in Nineteenth Century, by Ronald D. LeBlanc.)

We must allow us a little egoism, a positive kind of egoism in this instance. The only thing we can do in this time of the World where we are at the brink of the total overtaking of our societies by this satanic anti-Christ people, is to keep our own light burning, pray to God to keep us from the deceptions of the evildoers and the spiritual snakes of the so-called ‘Great White Brotherhood’ and keep on telling our fellow man to be vigilant and not be decieved. In Jesus Christ’s name. That is all we can do, and we should be good, we are free from the spell of the Illiminati/The spiritual Great White Brotherhood to Madam Blavatsky. We are victorious and can triumph; We won over the Illuminati, over the satanists, over the evildoers, we saw what they tried to do, and outplayed them. What a good feeling isn’t that. It might be the biggest victory any human beeing can have, in and outside of this demonic infected satanic world we live in, temporarily.

Jonathan Kleck – Satan is Using People as Puppets

There are armies and myriads of Christs ‘angels’ (spiritual entities) protecting their own, don’t even consider for one moment that this shit ‘Great White Brotherhood’ of Madam Blavatsky has more powers in the spiritual spheres and under the sun than Jesus Christ, his spiritual companions and God himself. They don’t. God gave Man free will, to see who have retained his spiritual essence or not, who will be aquitted to the spiritual spheres among their peers. We give the Serpent People the finger, and triumph; You lost assholes.


I am happy to say, we will not meet again at the time my services here on earth is no longer needed, and I go home. I won. I saved my soul from Your influences and social engineering project, with the help of my great spiritual friend and Saviour Jesus Christ, that one day will bind you to eternal damnation in Hell. The spiritual Hell that is a product of the existence you are presently busy building, as per your limited aspirations. Fully deserved. You have made the bed, you will have your will with how you want to live, what is good and evil for you you have chosen, your Masters and Your (miserable) level of existence and the organization and arrangement of the society you live in you have made a choice how you like it to be by the people you vote for to represent you , now for eternity lay in it. You are building Your own Hell from your limited perspective, and distorted perception of what freedom is, and what good is.

Where people think Satan and his demonic cohorts offers freedom, as the deception of the mind is always based on lies, the opposite is true. Offers only bondage and slavery of the nature of the flesh. Christ, and Christ alone offers real freedom, freedom in a much wider sense. The freedom to choose. A luxury the satanic possessed don’t have.

Good luck.

Ken Hensley – No More (lyric, from the album ‘Free Spirit’)


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