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110 Bibel Referanser Identifiserer de Sanne Israelitter (Kaukasiske Kristenheten) og de Falske (Edomittene, folkene forbannet av Gud)

Mange vil gjerne tro at «Jødene» aka Edomittene er Guds Utvalgte Folk, 100 års politisk sionistisk hjernevask har gjort det mot kristenheten. Men alt er løgn og bedrag. Jødiske edomittene var aldri utvalgt til annet enn å være Jesus Kristus og hans apostlers mordere, verdens største løgnere og bedragere

The Freemasonic Method of Dialectics Shaping Peoples Opinions

The freemasonic lodges connected to the mother lodge B’nai Brith, a pure jewish freemasonic lodge, what is most everyone today, is luciferian in their modus operandi. They promise ‘the People’ ‘heaven’ if they do as they are told, but it will always have the opposite of good as a result, because the luciferian mindset is corrupted, they are not able […]

Jews – Jesus 0 – 1

Hallelujah. He is Risen. The Jews was not able to kill Him. Jesus Christ the Mashiach have beat them before, He will do it again (according to the Bible). I believe in Jesus, and the Bible, not the Jews, so let it be that way. Celebrate Jesus Christs victory over evil and the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2.9 & 3.9) […]

Ursula Haverbeck about «The Greatest Problem of Our Time» ; Holocaust lies

“It becomes clear that the Holocaust is the greatest and most enduring lie in history. It was needed in order to finally complete the centuries-long struggle for world domination by the chosen people – that world domination was once promised to them by their god Yahweh and they believe in that promise firmly, it was their conviction. Whether we call them Zionists, Khazars, oligarchs or globalizers, it is the same. World Wars I and II were merely a preliminary stage for this achievement…»