The Jews have hijacked all power positions in our nation, and jewish professor Jeffrey Sachs says in UN we need to punish the Jews in power (personal criminal war crimes)

«The destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines constitutes an act of international terrorism and represents a threat to peace», says Jewish professor Jeffrey Sachs.

We agree.

«It is the responsibility of the UN Security Council to address the question of who may have carried out the act in order to bring the perpetrator to justice.»

«Sweden has perhaps the most to tell the world about the [Nord Stream] crime scene, which the divers investigated. But instead of sharing this information globally, Sweden has kept the results of the investigation secret…”

I agree. Perpetrators, not Saviors. The Jews responsible for the terrorism must be punished. The Jews have hijacked all power positions in our nation, and jewish professor Jeffrey Sachs can not mean we the victims of their abuse of power in Norway shall pay for the Jews in power personal criminal war crimes and terrorism for the jewish New World Order agendas, and the abuse of power they do in our nation. We have written about this correct placement of responsibility before;

Jeffrey Sachs at UNSC on Nord Steam Sabotage

Watch «SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS». The PLAN is a certain khazarian «TRIBE» is to set themselves up as saviors of humanity… They make World Wars, and stop wars, in order to be regarded as «Saviours». They set themselves up to oppose and REPLACE CHRIST AS THE WORLDS PEOPLES SAVIOUR. They have taken «Gods Seat», who shall live and who shall die at their whim.

They «expose» this, so the «heroes» can set themselves up as Saviours….. this is all for show; «The World is a stage, and we are the actors» – Sheakspeare.

I agree on punishment of the perpetrators, ask quo bono, who benefits of it, the answer is the Jewish New World Order, Great Reset, benefits the most, nor Norwegians, here are the perperators;

The Norwegian Khazarian Crime-Syndicate

Just a few of the mentioned here. We have them all mapped.

The «sustainable development» «Doctor of Death and Destruction»; Mrs. Gro Harlem Brundt Land

WEF’s man, and Minister of Climate

NATO boss Jens Stoltenberg

Is Jens Stoltenberg Jewish ? Yes, he is.

«Norwegian» more like the Jewish New World Orders prime minister; GAHR Støre

WEF’s President Børge Brende

The International Khazarian Crime-Syndicate

WEF’s askeNAZI Klaus Schwab

Ukraines actor president Volodymyr Zelenskyy

The Actor and professional comedian is used to channel the stolen money from our nations to him, to the most corrupt nation under the sun Ukraine, and he will channel the funds into the warchest of the Jews New World Order

UN’s portugese askeNAZI Guterres

Hungarian/ american George Soros


The one mainly responsible for «poison the wells’ of America; Fauci

His partner and boss in crime; Bill Gates, edomite Jew of course

New World Order

Antichrist world kingdom of the Jews. Their thousands of years wet dream. Burn in Hell. The Bible tells us it will NOT come true. Christ is King, and remains the King of the World (Isaiah 9:6).

The talmudic Beasts wound is healed (Rev. 13:3), and this is the final attempt to grab power from Jesus Christ, by use of the luciferian UN.

The sea in the Bible is out of all the nations: «This beast that had the deadly wound healed came up out of the sea as the dragon (who is identified as Satan in Revelation 20:2) watched from the seashore (Revelation 13:1). Just like the dragon, the beast had ten horns and seven heads. The beast was given the dragon’s authority (Revelation 13:2). The heads and horns represent kings who give their authority to the beast (Revelation 17:9–13).» –

The Jewish utopia; New World Order have been in the makings for a long time. Three -3- World Wars was needed.. we are in the middle of the Third.
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